Download World War II apk

This is a beautiful picture of the immediate class tower defense game
     Game in which players place towers to resist the enemy through a variety of touch screen, including the machine gun towers, sniper towers, artillery tower, electricity towers, laser tower, the enemy will use different weapons to deal with. For example, to deal with groups of soldier, machine gun towers could not be better effect, but encountered such a large tank weapons, machine gun towers indicates weakness. Conversely cannon used to Fu Xiaobing powerless against tanks is handy. In addition to enemy ground, air and an occasional enemy aircraft appear, requiring specialized anti-aircraft missiles to intercept the column. With increasing difficulty of the game, the enemy's strength and frequency of attacks and defenses are significantly improved, then the player can be upgraded to increase its lethality towers. Of course, the war situation is constantly changing, changing the layout of the towers is the key to winning in a timely manner.