Download White Tiles 4 (Piano Tiles 2) apk

You guys made it, thank you very much!

Piano Tiles , DON'T TOUCH ON ANY WHITE TILE! This is the core rule of this addictive game piano master. Sounds easy? Give it a try, and see how well you stack up against your friends.

◈ More than 100+ awesome game modes
◈ Leaderboard of friends support (Facebook/Twitter)
◈ Community support
◈ Charming piano soundtracks
◈ Customizable playlist
◈ Muti-color themes & dozens of color options
◈ Smooth gameplay
◈ Optimised for high resolution screen
◈ Social network sharing

The game is amaze and awesome!
Total 100+ game modes .Piano Tiles, The Best Tile Game and the Most Game modes
Don't touch and tap the White tile,is here !
100+ game modes,include fantasy mode,Ice mode,dizzy,etc
2X2,3X3,5X5,4X2,4X3,4X4,4X5,4X6,4X7,4X8,4X9,4X10 mode is support.
A lot of optional Piano,and drum Sound Effect.
A lot of optional background music.
Colorful Tiles
Game Center Support
Social Share Support

Is it easy? Everyone can handle it, but not everyone can handle it well. What about you?
PS: Don't be addicted with the Piano Tiles White Tiles 4 .