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Visionbooks by Visionborne Inc, is the perfect medium that brings together traditional comic content and enhanced animation. Comic Books' fans will be able to keep the unique reading experience of standard comics, but in a new, visionary way.
Visionbooks offers a wide variety of titles, many of which free of charges and all enhanced in this new futuristic format:

– Street Fighter Origins: Akuma by Udon;
– Wrath of The Eternal Warrior by Valiant;
– Psycho Bonkers by Aspen;
– Divinity by Valiant;
– Aphrodite IX by Top Cow;
– Ninjak by Valiant;
– Vampirella Feary Tales by Dynamite;
– Bloodshot by Valiant;
– X-O Manowar by Valiant;
– Tell by Virtual Graphic;
– Justice For Hire by Creative Impulse Entertainment;
– The Gifted by Creative Mind Energy;
– The Intrinsic by Arcana;
– Kade, Original Sun by Arcana;
– Kade, Sun of Perdition by Arcana;
– The Steam Engines of Oz, The Geared Leviathan by Arcana;
– The Steam Engines of Oz by Arcana;
– Telikos Protokol by Vanquish Interactive;
– New Dawn by A.P.N.G. Enterprises;
– New Gen by A.P.N.G. Enterprises;
– Pandora: End of Days by Real Interface Studios;
– Farmhouse by Asylum Press;
– Fearless Dawn by Asylum Press;
– Zombie Terrors by Asylum Press;
– Falafel Man;
– Stadium
– Termite Bianca;
– Upon the cross.

The Visonbooks' reader maintains an original comic reading experience, but, at the same time, brings content to life in a full-screen mode.
With our reader you will be able to:

* Browse among different pages.

* Show the index page with a simple double-tap.

* Zoom the balloons for an easy reading.

* Access international content in several languages.

Press Room:

"Visionborne's technology will certainly change how some people read and enjoy comic books!" – Fictionfield

"Visionbooks created a completely new experience for comic fans" – ComicBuzz

"We are very excited to be part of Visionbooks — their technology makes Asylum Press' comics jump off the page with all sorts of effects. A new dimension for comics has been opened and its name is Visionbooks!” offered partner Frank Forte, Asylum Press.

“Visionbooks' creates a cinematic reading experience that engages the next generation of new comic book fans,” said Chris Matonti, A.P.N.G. Enterprises.

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