Download Video Poker Diamond apk

Another classic and fun video poker jacks or better with new exciting features launches on the android market now.
If you love video poker casino games, Video Poker Diamond is the one that you must have. It is similar to classic video poker jack or better rule but also bring a completely refreshing six cards fight, adding a sense of exhilaration and intensity not found before.


✓ Maintain a standard Jacks or Better video poker game play
✓ Allow for additional fight / double-up (6 Cards)
✓ Additional winning card combination (for 6 cards: riches payout)
✓ Bonus / Jackpot time: Continuous bonus will give you more and more points.
✓ Up to seven cards combination that can produce bonus round.
✓ Auto hold and fast game play. Hint – Tells you which cards to hold
✓ Icon themes give simple icon cards and super graphics. Not just black and red color.
✓ Super sound effects and music background / live crowd sound ambient.
✓ Saves your game score at any point so you can get right back.
✓ Use your chip / coin to shop for virtual merchandise. Up to 2.3 Million point of virtual merchandise.
✓ 52 cards random on every round (no wild joker)
✓ Choose betting amounts from 100 to top 5000 points / chip.
✓ Online high score

Do you have fortune? Test your luck! Get your first royal flush now!!!
Thanks for downloading it. Have fun!

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