Download The Tower apk

Build the tallest tower in the world to reach the sky with a power of one-tap gameplay!

Beat your friends, unlock new towers, discover all locations.

Download The Tower apk

In this game, you can build the tower to touch the sky.

Only need one finger touches the screen to build a tower of your own.

How beautiful towers can you build,let's to try it.

You can share the game to your friends.

Why are you waiting , join game right now!

Download The Tower apk

The Tower is a highly addictive fast paced game where you have to build your tower using the blocks.

"Build your own Qutub Minar"

**Touch at the right time to let the blocks fall on the place correctly.
**If the placement is wrong, the blocks will cut off, making the game challenging.
**Make tower as high as possible and challenge your friends.

Enjoy and share with your friends. Comment and rate for suggestions.