Download Summer Milkshake Maker Game apk

Regular ice cream just isn't the same when you can have a tasty, smooth milkshake! Summer is the best time to enjoy a cool ice cream treat and in this fun cooking game, you can make your very own drink! In this Milkshake Maker game, kids choose their favorite ice cream flavor and get to work. Once you mix it up and pour it in a cup, you can decorate it with cute and yummy toppings!

Product Features:
Summer cooking kids game with a milkshake theme.
Easy to use controls perfect for kids games.
Choose a tasty ice cream flavor for the milkshake.
Mix it up and pour the drink in a cup.
Choose cool decorations for your milkshake!

Have you ever made a milkshake before? Summer is the best time to start! Cooking milkshakes is simple and fun, but the best part is getting to drink your tasty ice cream shake when you're done! You can even decorate it to make it your very own special shake!

How to Play:
Use interactive touch screen controls to play.
Choose a ice cream flavor and mix it up.
Decorate your milkshake.
Enjoy your milkshake!