Download Slow Motion Video FX Camera apk

If you are a photography enthusiast who loves to explore new ways of capturing snaps and videos from your smartphone or tablet, there are several technologies facilitating it. To click slow motion videos, there are a plethora of applications that can turn your device into a tool for capturing such clips. As far as the Android devices are concerned, there is no such default feature in them, but their competent – iPhone 5S comes with a slow-motion camera feature. Hence, here we have listed out some of the slow motion camera apps for you to download and try them.
Key Features Slow Motion Camera:

– Both your voice is also slowing down
– Video slow to pour a glass of water, leaving spoon … will be very interesting with slow motion effects
– Supports slow motion video capture
– Simple interface easy to use as a filming delay
– Ideas: You tossed and turned water slowly, your cat from the bed down and fly in slow motion.
– Many other interesting ideas to create interesting video.
'Slow Motion Camera' is an information app.