Download Professional Drum Kit Real HD apk

PROFESSIONAL DRUM KIT REAL is an application that was developed for you to play many songs battery on your phone or tablet.
To play just press the battery cells as if in front of a real drum.
The application has 3 batteries, on the menu screen you can choose which battery you want to use, according to the positioning and the desired sound.
You do not need to learn to play drums using the app, just a few minutes to get the hang and play drums in your favorite songs.
Make today your mobile real drums.
The application has professional sound quality, and will be improved with each update, if you have tips or suggestions leave us comments, everyone will be read.
See the features of the Professional Real Drum Kit:
More than 14 battery cells
Works on all phones and tablets
Sounds and images in HD
Do not need internet to play the drums
100% Free

Be sure to check the best drumming app for the Google Play, suitable for all ages, for both professionals and music lovers.

Best battery app for the Google Play.