Download Prince and Princess Spa Salon apk

Hi girls. Do you like spa salon games? Now you can start play this new couple spa salon with a sweet princess and a handsome prince who love each other very much. The princess is beautiful but now she need a spa treatment because the wedding is comming and she must be more beautiful than ever. It is a special facial game because the prince will take part at the spa salon treatment with her future wife. Now your job is to follow the instruction and make the princess look great. First she must take a bath with flowers and a lot of relaxing soaps that will make her skin very smooth. After it you must apply a mask on her face to remove all the impurities and then take care of her hair to look healty and shiny. Our princess is very nervous about the wedding and now she must be relaxed and calm so try to do all thing right. After the spa salon treatment you must know that here in this new girl game you have the opportunity to choose also the outfits for this couple. They are about to visit their family to talk about the wedding and as you know the both must look awesome. Take a look in their wardrobe and choose the most beautiful clothes and accesories. Don't forget about the hairstyle and shoes. Hope you will love this game which has many stages you must complete like Steam bath for Princess, hair wash and dry, dressup prince and princess and makeup the couple.
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