Download Pregnancy Detector Prank apk

We will give you "Pregnancy Test Detector Prank", elegant, completely free and easy to use, on top of that, this application of pregnancy test can be work without internet connection.

This program will allow you to check your pregnancy Detector test without the need for a competent doctor, but you should know that this application is not true, it is a prank application.

How can we use "pregnancy test Fingerprint":

When you open the application, select any genre you (Woman or Male), then place your finger in the provision for place footprint for a few seconds, then wait almost five seconds until the pregnancy test result is displayed.

Some Test characteristics for pregnancy test prank free and blood pressure Prank:

* Works well without Internet access
* Easy to use
* Works in almost all Android systems.
* Measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar and gestation Test.
* Results may directly change after a few seconds

=> Test de grossesse gratuit
=> إختبار الحمل بالبصمة

Note: The application does not give you accurate results, it is only for the entertainment of friends and family.

Download Pregnancy Detector Prank apk

You Want to know you are Pragnant or not or normal?Feeling some early pregnancy symptoms?if your urine or blood contains a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This hormone is produced right after a fertilized egg
attaches to the wall of a woman's uterus.
Pregnancy Detector Prank is a very perfect try for you.
using your finger on your smartphone you have the opportunity to prank your mom, friends, and girlfriend.

* Pregnancy Detector Prank is for Entertainment purposes only, and does not actually scan your finger print for really.
* That would be impossible.

* sharing options to share the detection fun with your pals on Google Plus or Facebook etc.
* For playing prank And Fun or joke on your " Friends, Girl Friends and Family Friends".
* Realistic looking.
* Pregnancy Detector Prank is only for fun and entertainment purposes and a prank application
* And no real "Pregnancy" will Disply from your device.