Download Pororo Talk apk

Now, you can make special memories with Pororo outside of TV.
Present your children with special experience to interact with Pororo, now available outside of TV!

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Ring-ring~ Find out what is available through Pororo Talk!

★Enhance your children's language ability by taking conversations in various place, situation, and special days.
– From conversation in restaurant, restroom, and kindergarten to daily routines including having breakfast, going to bed, and brushing teeth. Grow your children's language skills naturally by talking with Pororo about daily routines!

★Set a time to receive Pororo video calls.
– Have Pororo call you directly by setting prefered time and setting. Choose a theme for conversation to receive a call!

★Play musical instrument with keypads
Fun sounding keypads allow children to interact and familiarize with numbers. Explore your children's curiosity!