Download Police Dog Airport Crime City apk

Time to secure the airport from crime and criminals. You have been trained as a professional cop dog to chase criminals and control crime at airport. Sniff around and look for trouble at the lobby and cargo clearance area. Some people might try to get in with weapons, illegal items or extra luggage. Just when you try to catch them, they will try to run way so be the police k9 dog to chase criminals at the airport. Be the best partner of a police cop. Hunt down criminals and show your skills as the trained German shepherd. Those who have played some dog simulators and dog chase games before will also love playing as the police airport dog to chase crime.

Town crime rate has increased and playing as the cop dog is even more interesting. Sniffing around, searching for criminals, find illegal items and much more. Don’t let the criminals get away with crime. The security of the airport is in your hands now. The thrill of chasing criminals and catching them is awesome. Bring down the crime rate and help police officials secure the airport from criminals. Police Dog Airport Crime City is an action packed game. Assist the police officer and other cop individuals to trace suspects.


• Real German Shepherd Simulator
• Airport Crime Scenes with Various Missions
• Run and Chase Criminals
• Assist Police Officials to Catch Criminals
• Sniff Around and Complete Gameplay Objectives

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