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Learn from piano songs and fun with My Piano style!

Unlike all other piano apps, you do not have to follow the instructions programmed into the application. My Piano – Pianist HD is specially designed so that you can play at full speed.
You can play your song slow or fast, depending on your mood.

My Piano is one of the best piano effortlessly applications and games to your Android tablet and mobile phone! Please try to play your favorite tunes on the piano without any practice.

To begin your journey with My Piano, just choose a sweet song in the song and learn to play in 1 minute. You can choose from three keyboard beautiful themes and a wide range of keyboard modes. It is possible for you to share the fun with your friend in double manual selection mode. Other features like recording, social exchange and key size sharing are designed to enhance your experience.

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Download My Piano apk

_▍▍♪♬ My Piano ♬♩ ▍▍
The best virtual Piano for Android™

■ Studio quality sound
■ 11 instruments
■ 8 sound effects
■ multi-touch
■ note velocity
■ note aftertouch
■ note pitch bend
■ integrated sampler
■ integrated recorder
■ sensor pitch bend
■ sensor volume change
■ sample recording
■ sample load & save
■ tracks load & save
■ MIDI load & save
■ MIDI over WiFi
■ MIDI note velocity
■ MIDI note aftertouch
■ MIDI volume control
■ MIDI pitch bend
■ 1.5 or 2 octaves
■ 16 notes polyphony
■ 16 piano skins
■ 8 window themes
■ 7 key types
■ key name labels
■ looped playback
■ window animations
■ hardware acceleration
■ tablet support
■ multi window support
■ pen window support
■ haptic feedback
(provided by Immersion®)
■ fullscreen on 4.4 KitKat
■ free