Download Kids Christmas Scratch & Color apk

If you like the christmas spirit and everything else about the christmas this is the game for you! This game includes many christmas related things, everything from santa claus to snowflakes to rudolf the reindeer.

Kids Christmas Scratch reveal and color is a classic scratch off game where a layer of some kind is scratched off to reveal a hidden image behind. It's suitable for children to learn about colors, shapes, winter and christmas.

* 16 levels, 8 free and 8 unlockable (childproof in-app purchase).
* 8 different types of layers to scratch off; solid colour, black and white, twisted, blurred, frosted, tiled, crystallized and inverted colours. On old devices only a subset of layers are supported.
* Colorful HD graphics
* This adorable kids scratch & learning game is suitable for toddlers and preschool kids (both boys and girls).
* The game contains everything associated with christmas – Reindeers, santa claus, snow, songs & music, even some gnomes.

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