Download Iron Armor 4 Ultra Run apk

Welcome to the new ultra endless runner game, Iron Armor 4 – Ultra Run!

The game is based on a rich and genius man, who build his self a new shiny iron armor with the best man kind technology! The story began when e terrorist cell destroyed the most important bridge from the city! Your hero have to cross over all obstacles on the bridge and complete the run! You can upgrade your armor, from the shop you can buy new technology that provides you more speed and more jump power!

Drones were sent off by an unknown man to attack the bridge. Fortunately, your iron armor has an amazing radar that was able to detect the approximation of strange machines or man interferences and now a few miles away from his beloved and protected city. In order to avoid a mass destruction and keep the the city safe you have to cross the bridge. It won't be an easy task, so you and your iron armor went in their direction with his best equipment, hoping it's not too late. Using his drivers, it will be easy to jump, but don't forget that there will be enemies shooting from the ground too, so your missiles will be really useful to destroy those without making yourself too vulnerable.

This is the most challenging scenarios that no man can pass. You have to across the bridge in serious iron armor and became the hero! You have the Iron Armor with incredible powers to complete the task! You are not longer a simple man, you are a hero, so prove that you are worthy to wear that iron armor!

No man can stand between you and your iron armor! Are you ready?