Download Hero Saga – Anime Melee Game apk

Have you ever imagined Anime Character Battle?
《Hero Saga》makes your second element dream come true!

Special Event For Special You
Time: Dec. 22~ Dec. 29
1. Christmas Stage: during the Christmas, you can challenge the Snowmob for 2 times and then acquire Christmas Sock Pack, based on damage you made on boss. And you may get Christmas character or pet from the Sock Pack;
2. Christmas Gift: during the Christmas, you can redeem a gift daily for 7 days in total, including Christmas character and pet stone;
3. Christmas Card: during the Christmas, you can present the Christmas card to other players, and the card you received will be shown on the Blessing Wall;
4. Footmark System: with wearing footmark, your footmark will be showing when you walk in the main city. Footmarks can be acquired from Christmas Event.
5. Christmas Wish:
①During the Christmas, Christmas Tree opens to you. Gift will drop from the tree, so does the rare gift as the tree grows up (You can make Christmas wish to upgrade tree);
②You can make one free wish daily to Christmas tree, and may get mysterious character and other rare materials. Besides, you can make a wish with diamond to claim Christmas score. After this event ends, the top 10 players will be awarded based on the score.

This is a brand new action card battle game,
with hundreds of classical anime characters rushing in a brawl,
pushing the game to its climax .
Too interesting to stop playing it!
With rich game scenes and hectic battle pace,

《Hero Saga》gets you right into the action.
What’s more, classical characters have updated with our new design;
Triggering action can be interacted instantly;
Rich choices of formations offer you strategy making time! First-ever combination skill,
recombine a great new warrior with your buddy!
Initiative co-attacking and cool stacking effect, enjoy the pleasure of legendary!

1. Classic Role
Hundreds of roles well-designed by top team.
Classic & Cute Heroes waiting for you.

2. Map Instance
Layer tech enables switching anytime;
Photo restored in precise details.

3. Fierce fighting
Aroused by combination of gorgeous
skills & team speed!
Various states,
desktop optimized & smooth screen!

4. Lineup Title
Skill Strike Direction: Single,
horizontal, vertical, cross, whole, etc.
Ninja Strategy
Title Info: Swordsman, sailor, snipe, tank,
Death, MU, MT, DPS, assist, heal, control, etc.
Fetter System: 360°Hundred
killed, Evil Cheetah, Heavy Storm
Perfect match for
video and anime!

Couple in lineup can fusion with full anger.

Friend chatting system enables you to share game news & tips with your friends!

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8. Online Activity
1st charge returns diamond for 100%!
2k15 games and diamond gift!

9. Off-line Activity
COSER (Cosplay) & player meeting
(in Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan) are ready!
Mspace Cosplay brings you into real world!
Four mysterious Cos players.
Girl Cosplay live show!

Popular anime roles!

(Hero Saga sponsors the activity and reserves the right of final explanation.)

More activities
Diamonds, stones, raid tickets,

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The story of Hero Saga is purely fictional.
All similarities with others are coincident.