Download Funny voice changer! apk

Do you want to change your voice and apply funny voice effects? You can have voice like after helium! Record your words and use funny voice effect if you want to do a joke! Modify voice for free!

This funny voice modifier contains more than 20 different effects which can give you a lot of fun!

Download Funny Voice Changer apk

Let's have some fun! Have a great time recording and playing crazy sounds by using fantastic free Funny Voice Changer app for Android™. Download this amazing voice modifier and audio editor for free to make your voice unrecognizable and very funny. This sound booth is fantastic for all kinds of pranks, so don't hesitate, do something really funny and laugh all day with this new voice recorder app.

Funny Voice Changer features:

☺ Hilarious funny voice recorder!
☺ Cool voice changing app with cool sound fx!
☺ Fantastic prank soundboard!
☺ Instant play of a modified voice!
☺ The best funny ringtone maker!
☺ Awesome notification sound and alarm sound editor!
☺ Great funny voice changer software free download!
☺ Male to female voice changer!
☺ A wide range of funny voices and scary sounds!
☺ Save and share your new sounds with your friends!

Whenever you want to have a funny deep or a tiny voice, use this funny voice changer free download to play some fantastic sounds. Use this voice recording software to record what you say and then modify the tone and speed of your speech with this fantastic voice modulator. With this special sound effect nobody will recognize your voice, so you can use them to make fun of your friends and family and have the best time of your life.

☺☺☺ Cool ringtone maker! ☺☺☺

Get the best comedy ringtones, funny alerts and sms sounds with funny sound effects. Record your voice and use this male to female voice changer to get something really crazy. These funny sound clips will make you laugh out loud all day long. So get one of the best talking games for free and have fun with your friends.

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Download Funny Voice Changer free download and play with the distortion of your voice. Use this fake voice call changer male and female to make pranks on your friends and family. Customize your voice and sound the way you have always wanted. The prank sound effects are here for you to play with one of the best voice changing games ever! Enjoy!
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Download Funny Voice Changer apk

Do you want to make your voice sound funny or play some sound in the background?
You can do it now easlyi with one klick using this cool app. Just record your voice and modify it in many funny and different ways as you wish and share it with your friends

Change your voice and have fun listening to your modified voice!
Record your voice, apply effects, and share them with your friends.
You can send your changed voices directly from Whatsapp!
Includes following effects:

• Robot
• Drunk
• Mouse
• Cave
• Alien
• Under Fire
• Dolphin
• Thunder
• Battle field
• Helicopter
• Ocean
• Stadium
• Darth Vader
• Alien
• Grand Canyon
• Fan


Download Funny Voice Changer apk

The most funny voice changer in the world!
Record your voice and change it, you can sound like an animal or a different person. Very funny!

Choose to change your voice between the different methods:
– Speed: Back, Fast and slow voice
– Animals: Cat or Squirrel
– People: like a kid, man, or woman.
– Weird: Monster and helius voice added

Imitate your favorite singer, or sing your favorite song with another voice.
You can fool anyone by just recording your voice normally and sending it with another tone.
Send prank recordings to your friend or share them in your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, SMS).

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