Download Finger blood pressure prank apk

Prank blood pressure is a fun app that simulates a blood pressure check and diastolic heart beat and using digital scanner is a perfect application for those who want to joke with friends and family.

How to use this application:

1- Press start
2 – Place your finger on the circle
3 – Wait 10 seconds
4 – See the result

Among the features:

– Easy and simple to use
– Free for all Android users.
– Application to collect joke cheering time with your families and your best friends
– Scanner Realistic looking.

Note : This blood pressure is not a real application, it is just for entertainment purposes only.

Download Finger Blood Pressure Prank apk

Finger Blood Pressure Checker is a simulated blood pressure app which measures your blood pressure and pulse heart rate. You can use it to prank you friends that you can scan your fingerprint to take the blood pressure and heart rate using your phone.

Our Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor has realistic UI Graphics and excellent sounds. When you press your finger on the fingerprint scanner, the scanner bar will scan, the display will show the dynamic heart beat diagram. After the scanning, your blood pressure result will show as three professional data, they are SYS, DIA and Pulse.

Finger Blood Pressure is a simulated app for entertainment purposes. In fact it cannot measure your blood pressure or heart rate. It is for you to fool your friends or for kids to play doctor games.

Download Finger Blood Pressure Prank apk

It's An awesome prank! Fingerprint Blood Pressure will provide you the most easiest way of checking out your blood pressure. Fingerprint Blood Pressure will calculates your blood pressure..

This app is just prank scanner to calculate your blood pressure.

Step 1: Select your gender and tap on next,
Step 2: Now place your finger gently on the fingerprint scanning pad and wait for the analysis.
Result: Your Fake blood pressure will be shown automatically after calculation.
Step 3: You can share the result with friends also.

✔ A prank application to collect cheers moment with your friends
✔ HD graphics and beautiful use of scanner animation
✔ Too much user friendly and easy to use
✔ FREE fun for all
✔ Finger Blood Pressure Prank does not require internet connection.
✔ Finger Blood Pressure Prank FREE fun for all.
✔ Finger Blood Pressure Prank is completely free download.

Note : finger print blood pressure calculator is a prank and fake application and it is not capable to measure the blood pressure of a human body, all the reading that are used in this app are fake and randomly generated by app. It is developed for the sake of entertainment and joy.

Download Finger Blood Pressure Prank apk

Finger Blood Pressure Prank is a funny app which simulates a Blood Pressure Checker using finger scanner. Your blood pressure SYS, DIA, and your pulse heart rate even your body temperature will be measured and displayed after the fingerprint scanner scan your finger. It is a dream app for the ones who want to prank friends or for kids who want to play doctor games.

App Features:
★ HD and realistic blood pressure sphygmomanometer model graphic.
★ Stunning fingerprint scanning Panel and scan animation.
★ Simulate blood pressure monitor sounds.

How to Use:
★ Launch the app and select your gender.
★ Place and hold your right thumb on the scanning panel.
★ Hold for a few seconds until the scan is finished…
★ After the Scanning completes. The result will be shown.

Blood Pressure Scanner Prank is for entertainment purposes only. It does not calculate your blood pressure. The displayed results are random numbers. It is the best application for fooling your friends.