Download DS Barometer – Air Pressure apk

Barometer app for Android devices with or without a barometric pressure sensor.

For devices equipped with a barometer, this application uses the Atmospheric Pressure measured by your phone to calculate the Sea Level Adjusted Barometric Pressure at your location. Temperature and Altitude, also used in the calculation, are obtained by matching your position against weather and altitude survey databases. These values are more reliable than the values returned from your GPS chip and your phone's temperature sensor and may result in a more meaningful barometric pressure reading.

Devices without a barometric pressure sensor will show the barometric pressure at your location by using your GPS and internet connection.

★ Now includes an option that allows the application to perform behind-the-scenes atmospheric pressure monitoring with a visual representation of the pressure trends as a line graph.

★ The app contains advertising which is used to offset the costs of developing this high quality tool. If you cannot stand advertising and do not want to purchase the ad-removing feature, please do not download.

★ "DS Barometer. Reliable: Works Great Under Pressure!"

Altimeter and thermometer included.