Download Dressage Lite for horse riders apk

Dressage Lite from MogSoft lets you design dressage diagrams on your Android phone or tablet which means that wherever you ride your horse or pony you can have your tests available.

Tests can be created for short or long arenas and consist of one or more steps containing movements which include:

Zigzags (Half-passes)
Changes of leg
Give and retake reins

Movements are colour coded into walk, trot and canter types with linestyles (dotted, dashed etc) used to indicate varieties such as collected, extended etc. The diagram displays the horse outline in leg yield, shoulder in, travers, renvers or half pass as specified.

The arena can be viewed from A, B, C or E as appropriate for a rider or judge's perspective.

All of the standard arena letters are available and if required a further set inbetween these can be enabled for designing freestyle tests.

Settings permits a wide range of customisations such as changing colours, animations, arena styles etc.

In addition to using the graphical representation of the test you can also view it as a callsheet. The descriptions are automatically created and a user supplied comment can be added.

All tests are stored on your device and no internet connection is necessary when editing or viewing tests, nor is any other form of registration.

When you've completed designing your test you can share it with friends if they have the app installed. Sharing is done by using existing apps on your device which could include Gmail, Google Drive etc.

A comprehensive set of help pages is always available.

Dressage Lite is ADVERTISMENT supported. It is also RESTRICTED to storing three tests at any one time (you must delete a test to permit a new one to be created). An unrestricted, advert-free paid version of the app, Dressage Pro is available.