Download Crush Cookie apk

Crush Cookie is a very tasty elimination game. In the world of delicious cookie cakes, begin our adventure fantasy and make a lot of tasty cookies.
Task one: eliminate enough cookies to obtain the specified target scores clearance;
Task two: the elimination of the target amount of ice is completed, the cookie cake complete collection;
Task three: delicious cookies appeared, the elimination of a specified number of cookies;
Task four: the ultimate task, when the ice, delicious cookies simultaneously requires chipping ice, collecting cookies, complete the final task.
How to play:
1 three similar cake elimination;
2 four similar cake eliminate, you can give the appropriate cake plus cream, this cake can eliminate an entire row or column of the whole cake
3 five similar cake eliminated, generating a 3 * 3 grid can eliminate effects or eliminate an entire row or an entire column cake effects
4 more than six similar cake eliminate generate an entire underground city can eliminate all kind of cake special effects, this effect is simply fantastic.
1 two cookies side by side effects can be eliminated more cake
2 cookies and cakes together can eliminate
3 two cakes together, they can refresh the entire screen
The more effects, more the number of cookies and cakes can be eliminated, and the higher the score, we refuel, moving it along!