Download Chat to Learn Korean – Eggbun apk

Yes, the best way to improve your Korean is to live in Korea.

Unfortunately, you couldn’t live there? Don’t worry. Here is the best alternative.
Korean is the most context-based language in the world. Of course, sentence structure is also as important as English. However, without context, without a certain situation, the grammatical knowledge doesn’t help in Korean.

The Eggbun promises to be your Korean conversation partner. Just install this Korean learning app, follow the curriculum and chat with Lanny in Korean.

The real Korean based on a wide variety of context and situation.

✔ Communicate like a native Korean speaker with Lanny (라니)
✔ From the Korean alphabet 'Hangeul' to real-life Korean conversation

✔ Guided Conversation to unguided communication
✔ Strictly organized curriculum by the Korean language expert

✔ Know what to say in the unexpected future situation.
✔ More than words, culture notes

✔ Authentic Korean materials and cultural content
✔ Korean listening trainer
✔ Real-person audio