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Ultimate Logo Quiz

NEW ULTIMATE LOGO QUIZ! Guess at logos of popular companies from all over the world!More than 800 logos to solve, divided into 22 CATEGORIES!♥ More than 10 000 000 downloads around the world! Thank you! ♥We can see various company logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walking along the street, in magazines.. simply everywhere! How many of them are we able to recognize? FEATURES★ More than 800 logos and a small size of the application!★ 22 categories!★ 19 languages support!★ Helpful hints! Each logo has 5 hints!★ New hints are granted for correct logo quiz answers.★ Swipe screen to switch between logos!★ Detailed statistics!★ Leaderboard! Compare your scores with your friends!★ Cloud Save! Start game on your phone and continue where you left off on your tablet!★ Learn more about the car company after correct logo guess!★ Frequent application updates! 22 CATEGORIES!- web,- watches,- tv,- tech,- sports,- shops,- petrol,- organizations,- music,- media, - kids,- industry,- health,- food,- fashion, - electronics,- drinks,- cosmetics,- cars,- banks,- airlines,- others.Taking part in the “Logo Quiz”, you will find out how many logos and products of different brands you are able to recognize!Check how many brands logos can you guess! New logos coming soon! Check for the updates! Enjoy for Free and Have Fun!-----------------------Logo Quiz Facebook Page:Copyright © Bubble

Category Quiz (Trivia)

The "Category Quiz" is a quiz where the questions must be answered by category. The "playing field" looks a little bit on Jeopardy! Currently there are over 4,500 questions in German and English available!The questions are frequently updated! At the moment the questions are divided into the following categories:- Sports- Entertainment- Food- Geography- Science- History- Art & Literature- People- Music- Religion- Technology- Animals- Economy- PoliticsIf all questions in a category are answered correctly you get 100 extra points. If the second category is completed, you get 200 extra points, for the 3rd Category 300 extra points, etc.If a question is answered incorrectly the category gets "locked" and no more questions can be answered in this category.If the question timer is used (can be enabled/disabled using the game options) the user has 30 seconds to answer the question. The faster the question is answered the more points you get (3 points for every remaining second). In addition the user has the possibility to get help using the 3 Jokers (50:50, stop timer, new question).If you decide to start a "quick game" 6 categories are chosen automatically.In a "normal game" you can choose your favorite 6 categories.! IMPORTANT!You have the possibilty to enable/disable if the correct answer is shown in the case that you answer a question incorrectly in the "options".The available high score list shows the top 15 results.Example Questions:1) Which famous brazilian model was a Victoria's Secret Angel from 2000 until mid 2007? a) Gisele Bündchen b) Alessandra Ambrosio c) Izabel Goulart d) Flavia De Oliveira 2) Who had a big hit with the song "Gangnam Style" which was recognized by Guinness World Records as the most "liked" video in YouTube history in September 2012? a) Psy b) 2Pac c) Jay-Z d) 50 Cent 3) Which NFL team represents the city of Pittsburgh? a) Steelers b) Patriots c) Giants d) CowboysTags: quiz questions answers Jeopardy category bonus millionaire empire intelligence test knowledge lucky nature Celebrity Soccer Tennis Basketball Biology Chemistry Cinema TV beer Pizzaland city state image fairy painter radio tree flower Islam Christian Church Dog Trivia