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Comprehension Therapy Lite

Comprehension Therapy Lite is free sample of a professional speech therapy app that targets auditory and reading comprehension of single words in 5 languages. ***** Enlightening! ***** Superb! ***** A Wonderful Tool! ***** Exceptional App! Designed to help people with aphasia and cognitive deficits from stroke and other brain injuries, Comprehension Therapy s also a valuable tool for older children with special needs including autism. 3 user-friendly modes include Listen, Read, and Listen&Read to target individualized goals. The app automatically adjusts difficulty based on performance, allowing for independent practice. Built-in scoring, hints, and a results summary that can be e-mailed to the therapist in report format make therapy easy! Over 500 nouns, 100 verbs, and 100 adjectives are paired with full-color photographs, recorded voice, and clear text for hours of therapy. You can add your own images too! Features 3 modes: - "Listen": match an auditory stimulus (spoken word) to a picture - "Read": match a written stimulus (printed word) to a picture - "Listen & Read": match an auditory stimulus (spoken word) to a written word Over 700 clear full-color photographs of functional vocabulary selected by a Speech-Language Pathologist. A small subset of these are included in this free version.10 categories of nouns including animals, foods, objects, concepts, places, people, body parts and more; select which categories are targeted. Select from 2, 3, 4, or 6 photos on the screen or use the "Auto" feature to automatically adjust the field size based on performance. 3 levels of difficulty adjust the relatedness of foils (semantic and phonemic) to move from Easy to Hard. Aphasia-friendly interface avoids use of professional jargon and features clear symbols for independent use by children and adults. Child-friendly mode eliminates references to alcohol and violence as well as disables links to outside sites.Real recorded voice provides 5 choices of languages with neutral accent in slow, natural speech for easy comprehension in English (US/Canada), English (UK), Spanish, German, and French. Smooth and automatic transitions to the next set allow for multiple repetitions in far less time than it takes to select and lay out photo flash cards, while still allowing you to move forward and back to review answers or skip ahead. Automatic scoring tracks success and progress on-screen. Results can be e-mailed in table and report-ready format so clients can keep their therapist informed of their progress for telepractice and therapists can send results to themselves for charting later, using the copy-and-paste ready format to decrease documentation time. This app collects NO personal information, has NO in-app purchases, and primary links to outside pages can be deactivated.

Endoscopy in Dogs (Free)

App for mobile devices focused on the digestive anatomy of the dog. Using the endoscope, it will be possible to perform realistic explorations, with a complete 3D model of the gastrointestinal tract and real endoscopy videos, divided in both Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD) and Colonoscopy. We also address the patient preparation for every procedure and an explanation of the endoscope with an interactive tutorial, along with diagnostic procedures such as cytology and biopsy.

Blood pressure prank pro

Scanner Prank blood pressure is an android application for calculating blood pressure, and uses it to prank your family and best friends, because currently there is no Android application able to calculate the pressure blood of a human bodyHow to use this application blood pressure Prank:1- Press start2 - Place your finger on the circle3 - Wait 10 seconds 4 - See the resultSome features:- Free for all Android users.- Realistic looking Scanner- Easy to use and easy to scan.- Works well on mobile phones and tablets AndroidNote: It is not a real application, it is just for entertainment purposes only. Calculation of the blood pressure is not possible with your Android device.

Pregnancy calculator

Pregnancy calculator This pregnancy calculator is not regular - it is like a handy pregnancy book.Use it as a tool during your pregnancy period.It meant to give you a lot of information about your pregnancy like:due day, weeks that passed, remaining weeks and days, pregnancy days, days until the birth, start date for the second trimester , start date for trimester three.Pregnancy information:Common pregnancy tests you should take as relevant to your week.Pictures, what to expect due to your week. estimation for your baby weight, estimation for your baby size, you can see the date for each pregnancy week (future & past), your baby astrology sign.It also good for new the father that want to be a full partner to the pregnancy process.From the 38th week - name test calculator (numerology) will appear at the results screen below. This is another tool that can help you to choose your baby name.Created by Androcalc

Finger blood pressure prank

Prank blood pressure is a fun app that simulates a blood pressure check and diastolic heart beat and using digital scanner is a perfect application for those who want to joke with friends and family.How to use this application:1- Press start2 - Place your finger on the circle3 - Wait 10 seconds 4 - See the resultAmong the features:- Easy and simple to use- Free for all Android users.- Application to collect joke cheering time with your families and your best friends- Scanner Realistic looking.Note : This blood pressure is not a real application, it is just for entertainment purposes only.

DEAS Qcm Module 1

Module 1 accompagnement d'une personne dans les activités de la vie quotidienneExercices entraînements au DEAS module 1+ de 75 Exercices pour réviser et vous auto évaluerExercices avec corrigés interactifs et ludiquesQue vous soyez élève préparant le diplôme d'État d'aide-soignant, candidat à la VAE, formateur en IFAS ou tuteur de stage, cette application vous conduira sur le chemin de la réussite au DEAS

Medication Reminder

The Mediciation Reminder has the simple purpose of reminding you when to take your medication.. De app will remind you on the times set to take your medication.Most important features, you can:- Add medications with an additional image or photo if desired.- Add one or more alarms for every medicine set.- Setup an alarm interval for every medicine set.- Set a time and dose for each alarm.- Setup an SMS (text) service to notify a contact when you forget to take in your medicine.- An overview of all medicines taken in.Short instructions:- To add a medicine, press Add medication in the main menu.- To delete a medicine, go to Overviews and long click on a medicine entry.

Pregnancy Detector Prank

We will give you "Pregnancy Test Detector Prank", elegant, completely free and easy to use, on top of that, this application of pregnancy test can be work without internet connection.This program will allow you to check your pregnancy Detector test without the need for a competent doctor, but you should know that this application is not true, it is a prank application.How can we use "pregnancy test Fingerprint":When you open the application, select any genre you (Woman or Male), then place your finger in the provision for place footprint for a few seconds, then wait almost five seconds until the pregnancy test result is displayed.Some Test characteristics for pregnancy test prank free and blood pressure Prank:* Works well without Internet access* Easy to use* Works in almost all Android systems.* Measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar and gestation Test.* Results may directly change after a few seconds=> Test de grossesse gratuit=> إختبار الحمل بالبصمةNote: The application does not give you accurate results, it is only for the entertainment of friends and family.

Human Anatomy Atlas (Org.)

***** Human Anatomy Atlas for Organizations is exclusively for promotional purposes and may only be accessed with a unique username and password. If you have not been provided with a username and password, you are not eligible to use this app. Access is provided only through special promotional efforts and is not sold separately through Visible Body. A true, totally 3D reference and learning atlas: - Rotate any of the available models. Zoom in or out. - Read definitions and hear pronunciations. - Use preset views to quickly view a region or structure. Create and save your own views. - Create notecards to use in presentations or for studying. - Save and share 3D views with other users of Atlas for iPad/iPhone. - Save and share screenshots and notecards. - Test your knowledge with quizzes.Device Requirements★ 1 GHz processor or higher ★ 512 MB RAM or higher ★ 480 x 800 pixel display or larger

Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding

Baby Nursing / Breastfeeding is a simple and intuitive app to help you keep track of your baby's nursing progress and more! ✭ Our easy-to-use timer lets you track your nursing records real-time. Simply press "Start" and "Stop"! And if you have started a timer and leave the app, you will receive a notification to remind you to stop the timer! ✭ View detailed and useful info of your nursing progress - such as the most recent nursing, daily averages and accumulative totals! We even help you calculate how much in ounces you have fed your baby! Enter how much your baby weighs either before or after feeding or enter an estimate of "ounces per minute" and we will do the calculations for you! ✭ Track your baby's growth progress! Record your baby's height, weight and head-size and we plot all those data onto a growth chart for you! ✭ Use our Diary feature to record and review the daily happenings, milestones and special moments of your baby! ✭ That's not it! By purchasing our in-app purchase features, you can track even more things for your baby!! ✭✭✭ In App Purchases ✭✭✭ ♛ Premium ♛ Our Premium in-app upgrade unlocks EVERYTHING BELOW!! At a discounted price!! ♥ Bottle ♥ Bottle upgrade allows you to track bottle feedings for your baby! Formula, breast milk, juices or anything you want to track! ♥ Diaper ♥ Diaper upgrade allows you to track diaper usage for your baby! Whether it’s dry, wet, BM or both Wet and BM! ♥ Pumping ♥ Pumping upgrade is for moms who'd like to keep track of their breast milk pumping progress! Like Nursing, you can use our simple timer to track your pumping progress in real-time! ♥ Sleeping ♥ Sleeping upgrade keeps track of sleeping times of your baby! Again, use our simple timer to track sleeping in real-time! ♥ Solids ♥ Solids upgrade keeps track of your baby's eating routine! Select from our comprehensive food list! There is also an intelligent "Recent" meal list that lists out recent keywords to speed up the selection process! Stay on top on your baby's progress and have fun!

Connexx Smart Connect

Experience the full potential of your Connexx Smart Connect!The Connexx Smart Connect App allows you to control your Smart Connect & hearing aids and how they interact with all of your favorite audio devices. Whether it is watching TV, listening to music or talking on a Bluetooth phone – control is easy and discreet via the Smart Connect app.The app will only provide all the functions when used with a Smart Connect streaming accessory and configured by your hearing health specialist. The app is only compatible with the latest generation of wireless Rexton 4c and Audio Service G3 hearing aids.App features:• Manually control the focus direction of the hearing aid microphones.• Connect audio sources quickly and easily.• Battery status of your hearing aids and Smart Connect is clearly displayed.• Change hearing programs without the need to touch your Smart Connect.• Change the volume easily and discreetly.• Adjust bass & treble to balance the quality of sound.Intended use:The Smart Connect app is a tool whereby the patient can adjust convenience functions of a hearing aid, within a framework given by a hearing health specialist, e.g., ENT doctor, audiologist or acoustician.Device compatibility: The Smart Connect App is compatible with any Android device running Android 2.3 or higher.Hearing aid compatibility:The Smart Connect App is only compatible with the latest generation of Rexton 4c [80 / 60 / 40] and Audio Service G3 [16 / 12 / 8] hearing aids. Smart Connect and Smart Connect App: The Smart Connect App fully supports the Smart Connect and its audio streaming capabilities. If Smart Connect is not present, access to the most basic features is available by acoustic operation.Functions:The Smart Connect App enables you to adjust the hearing instruments with the following functions if configured by your hearing care professional.Control signals:This app generates short control signals when used in Smart Remote mode which may be audible. To ensure correct operation and for safety reasons: 1. While using the app do not hold the loudspeaker of this device to your ears or the ears of others. 2. While using the app do not use the device with headphones, headsets or other audio playback devices.PLEASE CAREFULY READ THE MANUAL OF THE HEARING AIDS BEFORE USING THIS APP.Connexx is a brand name of Sivantos GmbH, Henri-Dunant-Strasse 100, 91058 Erlangen, GermanyThe Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and any use of such marks by Sivantos GmbH is under licenses. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.


If you’re a doctor practising in the UK, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of maintaining your CPD amid a pressured work schedule. Opportunities for learning happen every day, though we don’t always have time to note them down, never mind reflect on them.The GMC’s My CPD app for doctors lets you keep a record of your learning on the go. As long as you have your phone or tablet close by, you’ll be able to note points of learning and reflections, quickly and easily, there and then.You can maintain as many activities as you wish, and categorise them according to the GMC’s Good medical practice domains, your personal development plan objectives, or however you like.You can also assign CPD credits to activities and keep an eye on how many you’ve recorded during your appraisal year.Of course, ultimately CPD’s about improving the care you provide for patients, and the app can help you chart that too. For any learning activity, you can note a change you plan to make to your practice, and it will prompt you at a future date to consider the effects of the change. Many doctors already have a system for managing their CPD, though not necessarily a portable one. You’ll be able to export any or all of your learning activities from this app to another system as you need to.Gone will be the days of having to store hundreds of certificates from conferences at seminars – you can take a picture with your device and append them to the learning activity on the app.Tips and case studies to help you plan and reflect on your CPD and prepare for appraisal are also provided, plus news highlighting learning opportunities. This app has been designed for all licensed doctors who are registered with the General Medical Council in the UK.To keep your information safe and secure, the GMC’s My CPD app is designed not to run on a rooted device. This is in line with guidance sought from a leading information security partner on the serious information risks associated with running applications on a rooted device.



RxVirtual Vision

RxVirtual Vision is a proprietary, cloud-based, online tool developed by RxPrism Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. This secure and flexible tool combines the benefits of an augmented reality (AR) mobile application (app) at the frontend with a content management system (CMS) at the backend for the pharmaceutical companies to engage consumers and healthcare professionals (HCPs) instantly.RxVirtual Vision App (Frontend)AccessibilityAnyone can download and use the RxVirtual Vision App. However, users can only:View the product information and events that are managed and run through RxVirtual Vision CMS by the pharmaceutical companies.Access such events for which they have an invite.UtilityRxVirtual Vision App can be used in the following ways:Brings to life 3-dimensional AR elements (such as 3D objects), media elements (such as videos and audios), or other assets (such as surveys, specific descriptions, and URLs) when users focus the camera of their smartphone or tablet on the target images available as part of an eventEnables consumers to access product information, such as dosage, usage, side effects, and contraindication, by simply focusing the camera of their smartphone on the product logosAllows HCPs to view educational information on products, such as factual medical data, mechanism of action (MoA), and safety and efficacy data by focusing the camera of their smartphone on the product logosFeaturesRxVirtual Vision App boasts the following features:Geographical location tracker tracks the user’s location and shows only those events that are ongoing or upcoming in his/her city.Therapy area tracker tracks the HCP’s area of interest (from his/her profile) and shows only those events and product information that are relevant to him/her.Share enables users to share the details of specific events or products that are of interest to them with their friends and colleagues.Recommend allows users to recommend specific events or products to their friends and colleagues.Like helps users to ‘Like’ a particular event or a product.Comment enables users to comment on a particular event or a product.Share asset allows users to share specific assets (AR or media elements) with their friends and colleagues.Share experience helps users to share their experience (after attending an event or accessing scientific information on a product) with their friends and colleagues.Survey enables users to participate in a survey or a poll.Download allows users to download specific assets to their device.Poll result helps users to view the result of a poll in which they have participated.RxVirtual Vision CMS (backend)The RxVirtual Vision CMS is a backend platform that the pharmaceutical companies can manage and run. The CMS enables the pharmaceutical companies to:Upload relevant target images and assets (AR and media elements) and map them appropriately.Customize an event or a product and enable/disable specific features for a particular event or a product.Manage users and user profiles and generate event reports.Important Note: This is a 100% free app without any in-app purchases.

Medical Psychiatric Dictionary

Ultimate offline & free Psychiatric Dictionary with complete list of mental disorders, psychiatric diseases and symptoms.Medical Psychiatric Dictionary App Features:- Works Offline. A fully functional offline medical dictionary free without internet requirement after first download.- A pocket hand book for quick reference.- Frequent updates on latest psychiatric diseases, symptoms, new medical acronyms and abbreviations.- Psychiatric nursing book free for nursing practitioners and psychiatric meds.- A medical learning app for self diagnosis and treatment. For use by learners and doctor students while study during various courses/ examination, tests, PG preparation.Uses:* This is a thesaurus and dictionary on psychiatry reference.* Also a general purpose medical term dictionary.* Useful for students for study during medical pg entrance courses and psychiatry quiz.* Can be used by healthcare students, pharmaceuticals, physicians, nursing professionals, pharmacy assistants and students who work in clinical practice & dispensary.This Psychiatry app is for learning, diagnosis and prevention of mental disorders & problems that hinder mental health and well being.DISCLAIMER:This app cannot and should not replace a doctor consultation or a pharmacist. Only for pocket reference & educational purposes. Consult a doctor before actual home usage of any information in this app.

Cabinet Infirmier Ollioules

Cabinet d’infirmiers libéraux diplômés d’Etat, nous sommes conventionnés et exerçons à domicile sur les communes de Ollioules et ses alentours proches.Cabinet infirmier répondant aux obligations sanitaires et légales régissant de l’exercice d’infirmier libéral.Nous réalisons nos soins infirmiers sur rendez-vous et à domicile 7j/7, 24h/24.Notre application mobile vous permet de prendre connaissances sur les soins pratiqués par notre cabinet d'infirmiers et nos informations de contact.L'application renferme d'autres services pratiques comme les gestes de premiers secours en vidéo, une section regroupant les principaux numéros d'appel d'urgence, ainsi que le service "Média Santé" .Média Santé regroupe deux fonctionnalités pratiques : Scan ordonnance et Vidéo Santé.Scan ordonnance permet de nous faire parvenir la copie de votre ordonnance en toute simplicité grâce à l'utilisation de l'appareil photo intégré au smartphone.Vidéo Santé permet de nous faire parvenir une petite vidéo sur une inquiétude au sujet d'une évolution d'un soin qui ne vous semble pas rassurante.Information :Notre application mobile a été créée pour informer les patients sur les soins pratiqués par le Cabinet Infirmier Ollioules.Cette application mobile n’a pas pour vocation la promotion de notre activité.Cette application mobile tient en compte l’article R.4312-37 du Code de la Santé Publique : “la profession d’infirmier ou d’infirmière ne doit pas être pratiquée comme un commerce. Tous les procédés directs ou indirects de réclame ou de publicité sont interdits aux infirmiers ou infirmières […]”.

Santelog SAFE

L’app mobile Santelog Safe permet aux professionnels de santé (IDE et AS) de faire face à près de 40 situations d’urgence.· Exclusivement professionnelle : l’usage de cette application est strictement réservé aux Professionnels de santé.· Elle ne dispense pas d’appeler le médecin présent ou le 15.Conçue par des médecins, elle rappelle aux soignants, après consultation d’une démarche générale, la conduite à tenir dans près de 40 situations d’urgence parmi les plus fréquemment rencontrées, en établissement ou lors des visites à domicileCoordination éditoriale, expertise scientifique: Dr Martine Soudani, gériatre, médecin conseil Centre d'action sociale de la ville de Paris. Rédaction : Dr Soudani, Dr Véronique Villemur, gériatre coordonnateur,Anita Rossi Cadre de sante / directrice d'EHPAD.

Depression Test

This Depression Test is designed to help you evaluate the severity of your depression with just nine simple questions. This app uses the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9), an empirically-based, self-test questionnaire. Clinical depression is a mood disorder in which feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for weeks or longer. Clinical depression generally responds positively to treatment, so it is important to seek treatment if you are concerned about your mental health. DISCLAIMER: This self-test is not meant to be a diagnosis for your depression. Remember that this app should not be used as a replacement for professional treatment or guidance.[1] Kroenke, K., Spitzer, R. L., & Williams, J. B. W. (2001). The PHQ-9: Validity of a brief depression severity measure. J Gen Intern Med, 16, 606-613.--Want more? Depression Test is one of six components of an application suite called MoodTools. MoodTools aims to create a free, convenient, and easy-to-use Android smartphone application suite that provides empirically-supported tools to combat clinical depression on a large scale.

Bariatric IQ

"Bariatric IQ is a specially designed app for patients preparing for or after weight loss surgeries such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric band, and gastric plication. Bariatric IQ lets you:- Track your weight- Create beautiful before after pictures- Read our specially selected bariatric recipes- Know if you are getting enough of each essential nutrient- Find places to eat nearby which are suitable for bariatric patients- Track your diet and get useful feedback on it- Add the same products to your menu list and shopping list- Know which particular product belongs to which bariatric nutrition pyramid level- Get in touch with a respectable bariatric dietitian, bariatric or plastic surgeon- Get useful motivational and educational messages- Join communities and participate in forums with other people before or after obesity surgery- Read dozens of useful articles related to obesity surgeryYou’ll be able to do this and much more, our app is constantly updated with new featuresBariatric IQ team consists of professionals working in this field for more than a decade and is determined to make this app the most comprehensive and useful tool for all pre and post bariatric patients around the world."

Acupressure Tips

This app provides you all acupressure treatment for all diseases and shows the information about reflexology points, acupressure points, hand acupressure, neck acupressure and leg acupressure. acupressure to help you get better when you pain.acupressure tips app feature:- How to Use Acupressure Points for Foot Pain- Acupressure Points for Colds and Flu- How to Use Acupressure Points for Migraine Headaches- Most Popular Acupressure Points- Acupressure Points for Relieving Stomachaches, Indigestion, and Heartburn- Best Acupressure Points for Weight Loss- Insomnia & Sleep Disorders Acupressure Points & Tips- 5 Simple Acupressure Points for Diabetes.- 5 Simple acupressure points for headache- 5 Easy Acupressure Points For Back Pain and Lower Backachesand much more!*** Please Do Rate the APP and leave a reply on your valuable suggestions and improvements ***

Medical Abbreviations

The Medical Abbreviations contains over 3000 medical abbreviations for you. The abbreviations are listed along with their full forms. You can easy search and find your abbreviation, or just watch the list. This application is ideal for medical transcriptionists, students, and health professionals at all stages of their careers.

Medical Thermometer (Prank).

What is Thermometer? It is the most common question asked by many persons. So actually thermometer is a medical apparatus which is used to calculate Fever. Doctors use this apparatus to calculate patient's fever. This is a very common medical apparatus.But now users of this application can easily calculate their body temperature without any real medical apparatus or without visiting doctor. This is a very easy way to find out human body temperature. This is a prank application but it looks like a real digital thermometer which is used to find out fever of a human.If you are a prankster then this is the perfect application for you because this app is specially developed for those who wants to play prank with friends and family. This is not a very unique or special prank application this is just a normal prank app like all other prank application. Through this application you can calculate yours and your friend's or family's fake body temperature through this prank application. Their is a important feature in this application that you can share your fake fever level with friends or family or with your doctor.This a very nice way to entertain your self, this is a very unique way to make people smile, now a days every one is busy in his work their is no time to smile, so this is a very nice and small way to spread smiles to others. Spreading smiles might be the best way to gift someone, so you can spread smiles on Christmas eve. This might be the best Christmas best for others.This application is very easy to use just place your finger on scanning pad, and application will detect your body temperature within 15 to 20 seconds.How to Use:Select temperature from main menu.Place your finger on scan pad.Don't disturb scanning process.Share your fake body temperature with others to make them smile.Features:Scan fake body temperature(fever).Scan through finger or thumb print.HD graphics.User friendly.Sharing option.Free of cost.Even works without internet connection.Note:Medical Thermometer is a prank application and it is only use for fun and entertainment purposes. So just download this application for entertainment purposes and if you really feel fever then visit your doctor.

Cardiax Mobile ECG

Cardiax Mobile is a companion application for Cardiax Windows full-scale, 12-Channel PC ECG system running on Android tablets and phones.Cardiax Mobile app and the Cardiax WiFi ECG device together makes a lightweight ECG system which can be used on the go.The continuous data stream from the wireless device can be monitored in the app, and 32 sec recordings can be saved.It's possible to send recordings to remote e-mail, Google Drive, Dopbox, etc. addresses.You can synchronize databases of the Windows PC application and Cardiax Mobile by USB connection.Parameters of the ECG device: 130 x 75 x 25 mm, 160 gram, USB/WiFi connection to host.Main features:- 12 leads full function ECG with 2000 Hz / 24 bit sampling- lead combinations: Standard, Unipolar, Extremal, Precordial, Precordial 1-3, Precordial 4-6, 12 Leads, Cabrera, Cabrera + Precordial- continuous streaming and monitoring on Windows and Android- save 32 sec recordings- automatic diagnosis- WiFi wireless connection to the device- up/download of recordings by USB connection- patient and recording database- recordings made by the PC application can be downloaded and viewed in the appFor further information or to purchase the device please write to:

Medical Thermometer Prank

Medical Thermometer is a new and exciting way to calculate your body temperature. This is one of the most easiest way to find out the temperature of the human body. Medical Thermometer Prank is a real looking digital thermometer which is used to find the fever of any human. This really looks like a real temperature finder application. This app is specially developed for those who wants to prank other people. This prank is just like other prank application which calculates body temperature with your thumb or finger print. But this application is slightly different from all other prank applications, all other prank applications just calculates your fake body temperature on the other side this app will calculate your body temperature and your fake age limit. This is not enough you can now share your Age or Body Temperature report with your friends, family or doctor through message option or through any social media.This app is specially developed for entertainment purpose and this application is totally free of cost and it is reliable for those who want to play prank with others.You can know calculates your body temperature and your age without any medical instrument or without any real thermometer.How to use:First select what you want to scan first: Body Temperature or Age..Then place your finger or thumb on scanning pad.Don't disturb the scanning process.Press share button to share your report with others.Features:HD graphics.Calculate fake body temperature.Calculate fake age limit.Calculates through finger or thumb tip.User friendly.Free of cost.Free for fun.Doesn't require any internet connection.Sharing option.Note:Medical Thermometer is a prank app for fun and entertainment, this app is not applicable to calculate any temperature, it always give random readings. It is not possible to calculate body temperature will finger or thumb tip or print, result given after scanning is not real these are all random readings, so just download this app for fun.

Grave Pas Grave ? – SMI

Cette application est réservée aux adhérents SMI. Son utilisation nécessite une identification (N° adhérent SMI et code postal)---S’il y a une application qui peut vous sauver la vie, c’est bien celle-ci ! Entièrement conçue avec le concours du SAMU de Paris, « Grave Pas Grave ? » vous aide à détecter les situations médicales d’urgence et à réagir efficacement en toutes circonstances. L’application permet d’analyser plus de 100 symptômes potentiellement graves. Elle s’adresse à toute la famille grâce à 4 catégories :- Homme- Femme- Enfant- BébéUn symptôme anormal ? Un doute ? Que ce soit pour vous-même ou l’un de vos proches, vous savez en un instant quelle attitude adopter. Il vous suffit de sélectionner le symptôme, puis de répondre aux questions que l’application vous pose. Si une prise en charge urgente est nécessaire, vous êtes géolocalisé et immédiatement mis en relation avec le SAMU d’une simple pression sur le bouton correspondant.Sinon, « Grave Pas Grave ? » vous indique s’il faut ou non consulter un médecin, et dans quels délais. Vous êtes loin de chez vous et vous ne savez pas à quel médecin vous adresser ? L’application vous fournit les coordonnées des praticiens les plus proches de votre position.« Grave Pas Grave ? » vous permet également de porter secours à une victime, qu’il s’agisse d’un adulte, d’un enfant ou d’un nourrisson. Arrêt cardiaque, perte de connaissance, hémorragie… l’application ne se contente pas de vous expliquer comment réaliser les gestes de premiers secours, elle « dialogue » avec vous grâce à des instructions vocales adaptées à la situation réelle de la victime et vous guide pas à pas à l’aide d’animations en 3D uniques à ce jour.Et comme un problème médical ne prévient pas et peut survenir n’importe où et n’importe quand, les principales fonctionnalités de « Grave Pas Grave ? » sont utilisables hors connexion !


Are you a doctor keen on Dermoscopy? in that case you can't do without YouDermoscopy, the first App divided in training levels that will give you the opportunity to have fun and in the same time improve your ability in the diagnostic identification of dermatoscopic lesions."YouDermoscopy" doesn't replace the typical forms of scientific updating, but it supports them because it is a chance to practice at any time, when you are waiting for a train, a plane or while you are drinking coffee with a colleague.The App has been developed by Meeter in cooperation with YouDermoscopy, Prof. Giuseppe Argenziano and the Skin Cancer Unit, and through the exclusive contribution of Eau Thermale Avène.--------------------------------------------------------------------A captivating graphics, easy to use and absolutely innovative!What are you waiting for?Download it now, sign up and start your training with 300 cases of lesions!Don't waste a minute, it's time to challenge your colleagues and reach the first places in the ranking list!- try now level 1! there are 8 sessions, if your answer is correct in 75% of the presented cases you will reach the next level.-if your score will not be sufficiently high after 64 cases at level 1, you will have the chance to repeat the sessions you haven't pass, your score will be updated only if it will improve. However, a penalty will be imposed in relation to the numbers of time you have repeated that same session. On the other side, if you will pass the session at the first try (minimum 120 points) you will get a bonus of 40 points.-In each session you will find 8 cases and you will have 8 seconds to see the dermoscopic image (also zooming in) and 8 seconds to identify which of the 8 diagnoses is correct.

-If you give the right answer the button will become green. If the answer is wrong the button will be red while the right diagnosis will be highlighted in green.

The score is expressed in points, 20 for each right answer.

Feel free to get some training: the ranking is anonymous and specifies only your position.

--------------------YouDermoscopy is a project created and developed by Meeter.

Malodo : Stop au mal de dos

L’application « Malodo : stop au mal de dos » vous permet de géolocaliser et trouver un chiropracteur par départements, de connaitre les indications thérapeutiques de la chiropraxie et avoir accès à des exercices simples de renforcements et étirements pour le dos.Cette application gratuite vous permettra d’accéder rapidement au chiropracteur que vous recherchez. Vous pourrez mémoriser ses coordonnées dans le répertoire de votre téléphone, visualiser l’itinéraire pour vous rendre à son cabinet et l’appeler en quelques clics.Médecine manuelle de référence pour les soins du dos et des articulations, la chiropraxie a pour objet la détection, le traitement et la prévention des dysfonctionnements du squelette et de ses conséquences, notamment au niveau de la colonne vertébrale et des membres.Ces dysfonctionnements se traduisent notamment par des douleurs ou une limitation du mouvement. Elle repose principalement sur les actes de manipulation vertébrale, de manœuvre d’ajustement vertébral et de mobilisation des articulations.Le chiropracteur est un thérapeute de première intention. Vous pouvez le consulter sans prescription préalable de votre médecin traitant. La chiropraxie est donc une réponse naturelle, non-médicamenteuse, préventive autant que curative. Le titre de chiropracteur est réservé aux professionnels justifiant d’un diplôme agréé par le ministère de la santé.Chaque chiropracteur est enregistré à l’Agence Régionale de Santé et se doit d’avoir un N°ADELI.Tous les chiropracteurs sont couverts par une assurance en responsabilité professionnelle.De nombreuses mutuelles prennent en charge la chiropraxie.

Drug dictionary – FREE

Drug Dictionary is a free medical dictionary that provides all information about drugs: usages, dosage, how to take, side effects, precautions, drug interactions, missed dose and storage.App Highlights:- Completely offline and free to download.- Full list of drug name (including generic and trade name) and uses.- Detailed drug guide including the drug terms, brands and generics.- Medication prescription for various diseases.- The best free drug dictionary for nurses/doctors with facts, doses and overdose information.- Great details describing the impacts of a missed dose and necessary measures.App Features:- Auto complete search feature to lookup the drugs.- Drug classifications computations and calculations.- Very friendly and beautiful interface which can be customized.- Drugs with complete information regarding their use and abuse, side effects and pill identification.- Bookmark feature that give you fast access to your favorite ones.- History of looked up drug list.

Blood Sugar Test Converter

Blood Sugar Test Converter is used to convert mg/dl or mmol/l.Blood Sugar Test Converter Features:-Nice Graphics-Easy to Use-Simple Application-Free Application-mg/dl or mmol/lmg/dl milligram per deciliter, the unit utilized as a part of pharmaceutical to quantify the centralization of substances in the blood. 1 mg/dl measures up to 0.01 grams for every liter (g/L). mmol/l or mmol/L millimole per liter, the SI unit in prescription for measuring centralization of substances in the blood This transformation is for data purposes just. You ought to never utilize something from the web or application stores as a swap for your Doctor or Pharmacists' recommendation.

My Health – Medical Utilities

My Health - Medical Utilities helps you track your health with 6 pocket medical utilities: Health diary, cardiograph, body mass index calculator, hearing aid, vision test and hearing test. With health diary you can save numerous medical parameters on a daily basis. It includes: Heart rate, blood pressure, weight, height, sleep, calories, glucose, temperature and period. It can also be used as a period tracker. All medical data can be displayed on a time chart. Cardiograph lets you measure your heart beat rate. Body mass index calculator lets you calculate your ideal weight. Hearing aid is a simple medical utility that helps you hear better. Vision and hearing test let you estimate the health of your vision and hearing. This is a free version with ads.

Skin Cancer App – MySkinPal

This app provides the easiest way to perform self-examinations. Self-examinations are key to help detect early skin cancer and melanoma."By checking your skin every month for irregularities that might be early cancer, and bringing those changes to your doctor's attention, you can play a key role in protecting your life." - WebMD"App is easy to use. I've been measuring and describing a skin growth to my doctor for a while, and this is way more accurate. Doc is impressed." - ★★★★★"Just scanned in some moles, then check in 30 days to see if they've changed! Cool app! Check it out" - ★★★★★"Really useful app, don't forget to check your moles!" - ★★★★★How It Works==========1. We Make Mole Tracking EasyYou take pictures of your moles and we store them on your device along with dates and other information. We never upload or save your information anywhere else. It's your health data, and only you should own it.2. We Help You AnalyzeYou can playback your pictures to see how moles are evolving over time . You can also add color filters to help you identify malignant patterns.3. We Send You RemindersWhen a mole hasn't been scanned in a while, we remind you of it. At intervals of your choosing.4. Easily Share Your Data With a DoctorIf you find a mole that concerns you, you can quickly share your mole history with a dermatologist near you.5. Keep Your Family HealthyCheck your moles and those of your family members directly from the same app.This app does *NOT* provide automated diagnoses. Automated diagnoses are inaccurate and can be very dangerous because of the possibility of false negatives. If you are concerned about a mole, go see a doctor immediately! Start tracking and stay healthy.

PubMed Search App

PubMed includes more than 23 million citations for biomedical literature primarily from MEDLINE and contains references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics.PubMed Search App by Sloft allows to search from PubMed online search. This app provides an easy user interface to search and view the documents. Title, abstracts , author information and web link to PubMed document.

Fetal Kick Count

The Fetal Kick Count is a simple and effective way for mothers to monitor the well being of their babies in pregnancy.It is recommended by most Obstetricians. Mothers are encouraged to monitor the kicks of their babies after 28 weeks of pregnancy on a daily basis till delivery. At least 10 fetal kicks should be felt within a maximum duration of 12 hours. This generally indicates that the baby is well. This easy to use Android Fetal Kick Count Application provides many advantages over the conventional way of recording the fetal kicks, one of which is the ability to record the movements wherever you are e.g. at work, in the supermarket, at home.

smart Histology Lite

Smart Histology is a novel and revolutionary application for learning histology! It emulates a real microscope, with which you can view over 100 high-resolution histology slides with expert comments in all zoom levels. With this LITE version of the app you can try out the full functionality on 5 free histological slides before you buy the full version of the app!You need an internet connection to work with smart Histology from anywhere and with any mobile or stationary computer device.The app contains 4 languages: English, Spanish, German, French.

Articulation Speech Therapy

Used by Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) for speech therapy of Speech Delayed Kids helping them with Articulation Apraxia Aphasia phonology stuttering Naming therapy and Autism. These can be used by parents and teachers for practicing at home for Autism, apraxia and articulation. Now Presenting : 5 New Games along with flashcardsNo Ads for premium users, Word repetition game,Naming therapy Game, Memory game, Rhyming Nonsense Words, Simple Sentence Structure If you need more information SLP professional and general speech therapy please visit website of american speech-language hearing association (asha) or general resources games and free material for laryngectomy. This app also can be used for :1. Toddlers first words 2. Naming therapy for Children with Special Needs3. babies who enjoys looking at everyday objects with sound4. and autism flash cards5. Apraxia cards6. Articulation picture tool These speech therapy practice word cards are for SLP professionals, parents and teachers to help with articulation. These cards used to improve articulation apraxia language phonology or stuttering even for autism.:The key features of speech therapy articulation cards include1. Over 1200 words and picture for Speech therapy practice2. Real life images to keep your kids entertained with articulation activity3. Only 1 syllable words4. contains no phrases, sentences or reading story stories.5. Real time voice recognition6. Easy to practice speech therapy at home Your suggestion comments and feedback are appreciated.

ECNi – BeADoctor

ECNi - BeADoctor est une application adaptée au nouveau format des ECNi (Examen Classant National Informatisé) et conforme au programme de 2016. Conçue par un étudiant en médecine, l'application fonctionne sur un système collaboratif entre externes et anciens étudiants en médecine :(1) les étudiants ayant récemment passé le concours upload des dossiers progressifs et des questions isolées propres à leur spécialité : la base de données est enrichie régulièrement (2) les étudiants préparant l'ECNi s’entraînent sur ces cas, profitant ainsi de l'expérience et des connaissances des anciens étudiants pour une préparation optimale aux ECNi. L'application, une fois téléchargée, fonctionne hors ligne. Vous pourrez profiter de tous vos moments disponibles (même les plus insolites) pour réviser le concours de médecine ECNi. Toutes les questions offrent une note individuelle et une correction détaillée. Les questions isolées et les dossiers progressifs sont conformes à la réglementation en vigueur des ECNi. En connaissance de cause, je vous souhaite à tous bon courage !

Ceva Pet Care

L'application Ceva Pet care est un outil permettant de planifier l'ensemble des évènements concernant un animal - date d'anniversaire, traitement antipuces/tiques, vermifugation, vaccination, rendez-vous chez le vétérinaire... L'application permet également de vérifier que l'anti-puces/tiques utilisé est compatible avec l'espèce et le poids de l'animal de compagnie. Elle permet aussi de connaître le niveau d'infestation parasitaire d'une région et même de localiser un vétérinaire pour une urgence par exemple.


WebDia vous apporte une aide et vous accompagne dans la gestion de votre diabète. Cette application vous permet de calculer les injections d'insuline à réaliser en fonction de la composition de votre repas et de votre glycémie.Cette application comprend une liste complète d'aliments. Il vous est possible d'ajouter vos propres aliments ainsi que de composer des repas favoris.Toutes les données saisies ou calculées sont automatiquement transférées sur un serveur et ainsi, tout autre smartphone connecté avec ce compte sur WebDia aura accès à ces données. Il est ainsi possible de suivre les glycémies de son enfant ou de son patient à distance.Une rubrique d'aide est accessible sur la version mobile où vous trouverez toutes les vidéos vous présentant toutes les fonctions disponibles.

Laboratoires Labazur

Consultez et téléchargez vos résultats d’analyses en toute sécurité.Ce service vous est proposé par les laboratoires LabazurLes identifiants de connexion vous seront remis lors de votre visite au laboratoire.

Ear Acupuncture

This app is designed to help theoretically trained but practically inexperienced users of ear acupuncture, to gain an overview of ear acupuncture in investigated treatment. It provides illustrated suggestions for points and combinations with a focus on the treatment of investigated disorders.Also for general complaints, there are proposals for points or combinations that can be engraved.Important: All items / combinations are illustrated!Also you can order materials for ear acupuncture over a link. There is also a small download section, which should be strengthened, for example, to download a consent form.Since the list of points and combinations infinitely expandable , I 'd appreciate opinions and suggestions very ! You can reach me at contact.§ DisclaimerThe author reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the information provided in the app. Liability claims against the author which refer to damages of material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the presented information or by the use of faulty and incomplete information are basically excluded.All offers are not-binding and without obligation. The author reserves itself it expressly to change parts of the app or the entire offer without separate announcement to supplement to delete or the publication temporarily or permanently.Here the link for the german version:Keywords: ear acupuncture, acupuncture, needles, ear points , addictions pressure , relaxation, addiction treatment .

My Victories

Destiné aux personnes atteintes de maladies chroniques comme aux bien portants qui souhaitent prendre en main leur santé, MyVictories est un journal de bord sur lequel vous pouvez : - suivre vos indicateurs de santé (forme, humeur, stress, symptômes,…) et d’activité (marche, vélo, natation …) - vous fixer des défis pour vivre en meilleure santé,- vous encourager pour vous aider à relever ces défis, - partager votre expérience quotidienne de vie, avec vos bons comme vos mauvais moments, ou votre vécu de la maladie afin de trouver des conseils. L’objectif de MyVictories est de vous aider à vivre en meilleure santé, à vous sentir moins seuls et à prévenir des complications de santé. L’inscription est gratuite et anonyme. Aucune revente des données, même anonymisées n’est réalisée. MyVictories est lauréat des Trophées de la e-santé 2015 dans la catégorie « Réseaux sociaux de patients et d’acteurs de santé ».Venez rejoindre les 5000 membres déjà inscrits sur MyVictories !

Color Blindness Test

Are you color blind? Did you know that there are actually three distinct types of color blindness? Unlike other freely available tests which are simple pass-fail screening tests, the EnChroma test uses the principles of color vision science to measure the type and extent of color vision deficiency.This test was created by the EnChroma team to assist in the correct recommendation of color enhancing eyewear products. EnChroma, Inc. is a Berkeley, CA company that makes innovative eyewear products for medical, industrial and lifestyle markets. EnChroma eyewear products are based on an advanced multi-band spectral filtering technology that is computer-optimized for use with specific types of color vision.On completion of the test, the type and extent of color vision deficiency will be reported, along with a recommendation for which EnChroma eyewear products are best optimized for use with your vision. A copy of your result can be sent by email from this app.

Pregnancy test

Go pregnancy test and find out what is the probability that you in an interesting position.Some days you listen to your body and feel the change? Perhaps all these symptoms of pregnancy. The fastest way to understand this is a pregnancy test in your smartphone. Go through it and you will know whether or not you worried?Our pregnancy test has many advantages:1) A pregnancy test is completely in Russian.2) Accuracy Test - 80%3) Beautiful design4) Fully free version.To determine the pregnancy, you need to answer questions. All questions were chosen in accordance with the early symptoms of pregnancy. In our test, the questions only have 3 Answer: Yes, No and Skip. In answering the question "Yes" or "No" our algorithm calculates the probability of your pregnancy. If you miss a question, he will not be considered.     This application is in any case can not substitute for a hike to the gynecologist.     The advantage of this test is that you can estimate the probability of pregnancy, without leaving home.

JESFC 2016

L'application officielle des 26èmes Journées Européennes de la Société Française de Cardiologie (13 au 16 janvier 2016 – Palais des Congrès de Paris).

E Numbers (Free)

Among health fanatics, E numbers have gained a reputation for being worse than Frankenstein’s monster. Critics claim they trigger everything from hyperactivity and mood disorders to life-threatening diseases. Main Features:1. Offline – It wok offline, no active internet connection is required;2. Equipped with quick dynamic search function – The dictionary will start searching for the words while you type;3. Voice search;4. Easy way to share with your friends;5. Bookmark – you are able to bookmark the Dreams Terms to your favorites list by clicking on the “star” icon;6. Managing Bookmark Lists – you are able edit your bookmark lists or clear them;7. Settings - Easy way to change font.About E-Numbers: Lets you search by E-number or by additive name to get the information you need.

Estheticon – Plastic Surgery

The best way to find information about aesthetic treatments and the right doctor to perform them. Search for doctors by treatment and location. Read reviews from real patients like you and ask them directly about their experience. Follow doctors to see their results, answers and reviews. Follow a treatment you want to know more about. The latest news about doctors and treatments you follow will show up whenever you open the app.BENEFITSEstheticon app is an Ideal instant messenger for communication between patients, doctors, and patient coordinators.Save time - your patient coordinator can respond instead of youConvenient communication - patients can write whenever and you answer when you can Line of communication - less formal and intrusive than phone or email. Patients feel more comfortable shooting out a quick message whenever and wherever they are.Keep an eye on your staff - know how your staff responds to patient leads. Join the conversation when you choose.More testimonials - patients can upload reviews with pics straight onto the appAnswer questions in forums on the goBetter experience for your patientsMore patient leads - More patient will write you since they see you are availableFEATURESMedical instant messenger Patient - Assistant - Doctor It’s just like group messaging. Your patients can write you directly. Your assistant can answer on your behalf, you have access to this communication and can join in whenever you like. You can see when and how your assistant responded to a patient lead.Content feed One stone. Plenty of birds.Patients can follow treatments, doctors and other patients. Post an answer about liposuction and other patients can read it as well. Get a new testimonial and other patients interested in the treatment can read it as well. Upload new Before/After photos to your profile and they get channeled via content feed to those interested in that treatment. Your contributions get a wider audience.List of doctorsFinding the right doctor in the right place.It’s hard to find the right doctor for a specific treatment from a specific area. The in-app list of doctors fills this need. Concisely and simply.Online statusAvailability with no hassle.It’s the standard these days. When you are logged on to the Estheticon website or application you will be displayed as online. And the best part: when your assistant is online, the app shows you as the doctor online – whether you yourself are logged in or not. As a result more prospective patients will write to you and you will get more patient leads.NotificationsKeep up with what’s going on.Find out when anything relevant to you or about you is posted, like when your patients post a new testimonial about you or when you get a new response to your answer.Publish your before/after photosShow patients what you can do.Upload the results of your work from your iPhone. Quick, easy and effective. 82% of patients prefer doctors with visible before/after photos. (Estheticon survey 2015)More testimonialsMore buzz about you.The Estheticon app makes it easy for your patients to post reviews and photos straight from their phone. Once they post the review they can continue to answer questions from others.Stay logged inOnce and done.Once logged into the application, you don’t have to enter your login and password again. The same goes for your assistants and patients.Improved teamworkA patient coordinator’s best friend.Assistants and patient coordinators can also have profiles and respond to inquiries that your prospective patients send to you as well as continue the communication with your patients from first contact to publishing the post-treatment review.

Objectif ECNi

« Objectif ECNi » c’est LA nouvelle application d’entraînement ESTEM pour le concours ECNi. Cette application permet de s’entrainer dans des conditions similaires au nouveau concours, en proposant des QCM et un système de notation efficace pour vous évaluer comme en situation d’examen.« Objectif ECNi » c’est :- plus de 1400 questions d’entraînement ;- des dossiers progressifs et des questions isolées ;- des corrigés détaillés et commentés ;- des conseils et des astuces ;- une application intuitive et agréable ;- une iconographie de qualité, variée et que l’on peut agrandir ;- et bien sûr aucune publicité et un accès illimité aux spécialités !L’application se divise en 13 spécialités (cardiologie, dermatologie, gynéco-obstétrique, hématologie, hépato-gastro-entérologie, néphrologie, neurologie, ORL-ophtalmologie, orthopédie, pédiatrie, pneumologie, psychiatrie et urologie) contenant chacune 10 dossiers progressifs complets et 10 questions isolées.Une application pour s’entraîner, pour mettre ses connaissances en pratique et surtout pour s’assurer la meilleure place au classement des ECNi !Bon entraînement !

Lybrate – Consult a Doctor

✯ Most Promising Start Up of the Year at VCCircle Healthcare Awards 2015 ✯✪ Innovative Start Up of the Year at Entrepreneur India Awards 2015 ✪★ Lybrate is Indian Medical Association's Digital Partner ★Lybrate has revolutionized the way people in India take care of their health. We have more than 90,000 doctors registered with us from all over the country to help you lead a healthy and happy life. Be it about managing diabetes of your parents living in a different city, or finding solutions to various pediatric problems of your kids, or dealing with your own stress, or any lifestyle or infectious disease, now you have a doctor for everything just a tap away. Chat with top doctors of India, find valuable health tips from them, get opinions from multiple trusted doctors, reach out to the top doctors from different cities, and find and book appointments with the best doctors in your own city.Features: Find Doctors: Find and book appointments online with doctors. Find doctor online in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, and other major cities of India. Ask Health Questions: Ask doctor your health-related questions anonymously in an open forum or privately to the trusted doctor of your choice. Get answers to your ask doctor your health queries from qualified doctors. Get Multiple Opinions: Post your health-related questions in an open forum and get many trusted doctors from the concerned specialty answer those. Virtual Consultation: Discuss your health issues privately with the doctor of your choice. You can also add your doctor here and do routine stuff like showing medical reports, asking for diet plans, and other consultation right from the cozy comfort of your home. You can pay from here and get the right consultation whenever you need it. Daily Health Tips: Get precious health tips and suggestions on a wide range of health issues from trusted doctors. Know About Trends: Learn about the prevalent diseases and endemics in your area and the world over and ways of avoiding those from doctors. Personalized Plans from Doctors: Get disease-specific healing tips from your doctor to heal better at home. A feature extremely useful for pregnant women, people undergone some kind of surgery, physiotherapy patients, and the likes in which every day care is critical. Manage Medical Records: You don’t need to manage those messy paper records anymore. Click a photo and upload your documents on the cloud to access those anytime anywhere. Connect with Doctors: Connect with top doctors from all over India on various issues. Learn about diseases and conditions, and ask your health-related queries. Do this all for FREE.DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP NOW Find Doctors in the following Specialties:Ear Nose and TongueAyurvedaGeneral PhysicianPediatricianDentistPhysiotherapistGastroenterologistCardiologistDietitian-NutritionistEndocrinologistOpthalmologistDermatologistGynaecologistSexologistAnd MoreTestimonies From Our Users:★★★★★ “Helpful in health problems It is a better app for cunsulting your health problems” - Prduyumna Kumar ★★★★★ “Great app! I got my doubts solved in half a day. I got clear answer from a good doctor. I am satisfied.” – Nagaraj bhat We’d love to hear from you. Questions, comments or ideas on how to improve the app? Lybrate doctor discovery service is currently only available for doctors in India. We’re growing quickly – so if we’re not in your country yet, check back soon!