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Treasure Theme

Treasure ONE PIECE Theme is a free theme specially designed for CM Launcher users, including dozens of unified icons and artistic wallpapers, which can personalize your device easily.What you can enjoy in CM Launcher Themes:-Here we have the most fabulous themes and wallpapers. No matter what kind of themes you like,system,abstract,pets&animals,tech,cartoon,love,nature,sport,auto&vehicle,festerval&holiday,landscape and so on. Anything you dream of can be put into your phone!-DIY themes function allows you to be your own designer and turn your creative ideas into unique themes right on your phone!-After DIY themes with your own photos or our beautiful wallpapers and delicatedelicat iocns,you can share your art theme work with your friends and give it to them as a gift or submite to us. How to Apply the Theme:`Of course you can also directly go to “Beautify--Mine” to open the theme and apply it to your phone.CONTACT USYour comments help us to make our products great. or contact us directly:Developer

Scarf Fashion Designer Free

Design your style with the best scarf tying guide!FASHIONABLE: Excellent collection of scarf knots for classy outfits! STYLISH: Trendy scarf looks for men and women in a scarf look book! ELEGANT: Make your clothes elegant and look more exciting!This app is an illustrative step-by-step guide on tying a scarf: • each knot is presented in a series of well illustrated steps with big pictures and clear instructive schemes. • descriptions advise which type of the scarf knot fits this or that outwear, say, which scarf knot is good for business and which for casual wear.It is always small details that bring a French chic to an outfit. Scarves can make you look different if you know how to wear them. Make your clothes elegant with our guide. Wherever you go - on a date, to the office or to the beach - you can pick the best style out of the richest collection ever!

My Prayer: Qibla, Athan, Quran

My Prayer is a must have companion for all Muslims over the world. 100% free and without internet.My Prayer is the ultimate tool for getting accurate prayer times and Qibla direction, no matter where you are. Its modern and simple to use interface offers you immense power.Additionally the app comes with more options like reading the Quran, recite Remembrance and Supplication and beautiful widget, which will let view time for the upcoming prayers in your home screen.My Prayer comes to all Muslims with big new features that is needed all the day to all Muslims around the world like :Prayer Times:★ Prayer times for 200.000+ cities in 200+ Countries: Fajr, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha★ Automatic location detection using Network or GPS, or finding the location manually by searching (Without Internet)★ Next prayer time is highlighted and show time remaining for next prayer.★ A Compass to show the Qibla direction.★ Automatic detection of the best Islamic prayer calculation method currently applicable to you.★ Choice your Madhab / Juristic Method (Hanafi, Shafi, Maliki or Hanbali)★ Quick access to all prayer times via a beautiful widgetPrayer Time Settings:★ Changing language of the App★ Changing default settings of prayer calculation method and Juristic Method★ Ability to adjust prayer times manually.★ Turn On/Off sound for each prayer★ Ability to change alarm mode and to select notification tone (Athan) from Makkah, Madina, Al-aqsa, Egypt and more.★ 12/24-hour format★ Activate / Deactivate the Daylight saving timeFind nearest MosqueHave you ever been in new place and want to go to the nearest mosque to you but you don't know how neither where is it.The application "My Prayer" is the answer, It's based on google maps and shows you the nearest mosques to you in a sorted list from the nearest to the furthest from you in a radius that you can selected 3-50 Kilometers.Read The Holy QuranRecite Holy Quran with actual experience, feels just like an actual Quran in your hand.Most of the applications requires 50 mb to 200 mb external data download after installation, but this app doesn’t need any external data download after installation.★ Go To: Allows app consumer to jump to any Ayah of the present Surah.★ Bookmarks: Allows the user to favorite or save a particular part of the recital process in order to continue from the same place where it left.★ Surah details: show information of Surah like, Maki/Madani, Total Ayah etc.★ Translation: Option to Read Quran only in Arabic or with Translation in many language (English , french , Persian, turkish, Urdu, and more).Remembrance and SupplicationMy prayer is an application consisting of Beneficial Islamic Duas divided in 25 major Supplication (duas) and Remembrance (azkar) categories. It will help Muslims of all ages including Muslim kids and adults to know, learn, memorize, and recite different supplications for daily life and other occasions.★ 25 Duas Categories meant for achievement in different instances are available:Morning/Evening, Restroom, Prayer, 40 Rabbanas, Eat/Drink, Dressing, Travelling, Family, Blessings, Protection, Forgiveness, Fasting/Ramadan, Hajj, Funeral/Grave, Rain, Random ....Tasbih - Remember of AllahMy Prayer also provides you with Al-Masbaha "Sobha" which simulates the real one, you can simply choose a tasbeeha and then start using AL-Masbaha★ the app can be used in many languages : Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, Persian, Indonesian, Malay, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali★ Supports phones and tablets

Violeta Diary

Violeta is a personal diary. Keep your secrets and feelings safe with a password.Add multimedia to your notes: pics, videos, songs.

Ted Baker – Watch Face

Match your smartwatch to your ensemble with this superbly stylish Ted Baker-designed watch face. A must for modern ladies and tech-savvy gents, each face boasts a pair of Ted’s beautiful prints, where delightful detail is revealed with each passing moment. To liven things up, simply tap the face to invert the patterns.

L’Officiel des spectacles

Réservez vos places de théâtre à Paris au meilleur prix directement sur votre smartphone, en toute sécurité !L’Officiel des spectacles est l’application de référence pour les sorties culturelles à Paris et en Île-de-France : théâtre, cinéma, expositions, concerts, spectacles enfants et visites guidées. Les points forts de l’application : - La réservation de vos spectacles directement via l’application, avec paiement sécurisé et confirmation immédiate.- Des réductions exceptionnelles sur de nombreux spectacles à l’affiche, jusqu’à quelques heures avant la représentation.- Une navigation simple et rapide, où vous pouvez trier les évènements par lieu, par date et par genre.- Un accès immédiat aux sorties les plus proches de chez vous grâce à la géolocalisation.- Un espace utilisateur où vous pouvez gérer facilement vos réservations, vos évènements favoris et vos informations personnelles.Le guide le plus complet des évènements culturels parisiens : - Théâtre : pièces de théâtre, one man shows, comédies musicales, opéras, ballets et spectacles de danse.- Cinéma : sorties de la semaine et tous les films à l’affiche dans les salles de Paris et d’Île-de-France.- Expositions : beaux-arts, art contemporain, photographie, architecture et design, sciences et techniques, histoire et civilisations, galeries d’art.- Concerts : classique, jazz, gospel, rock, chanson, musiques du monde, groove, rap et musiques électroniques.- Spectacles pour enfants : pièces de théâtre, spectacles musicaux, marionnettes et guignols, ateliers et animations.- Visites guidées de quartiers, de monuments ou de musées parisiens, réalisées par des conférenciers professionnels.

Annonce Recupe

Grâce à cette application, postez facilement vos annonces de don en quelques secondes.En quelques touches, saisissez le lieu de votre don, une description, ajoutez-y une photo (récupérée de la galerie ou prise en temps réel) et envoyez-la sur Recupe !`

Bouncing Isaac: Watch Face

Bouncing Isaac is an Android Experiment that uses the built-in sensors on your watch to display playful, interactive, geometric patterns and colors that change throughout the day. The more you move your watch, the more the color patterns and forms emerge. The background color changes every hour throughout the day, and the triangles are based on a sliding spectrum of highly saturated colors. The colors overlap one another as the leading point of the triangle hits one of the walls of your watch face.The watch design pays tribute to Isaac Newton’s laws of motion and his experiments using a prism to refract white light to create a spectrum of color. Bouncing Isaac is a simple watch face that showcases the wonder of light and physics.See Fathom’s full collection of watch facesThis project is open source, and the code is available here:

Nail Manicure Art Designs

Well manicured and well groomed nails are always a strong indication of a person's personality and also reflect their style. Today the nail fashion trend is greatly inclined towards nail arts that is not only unique in every aspect but also gives a stunning look to the otherwise dull looking nails. Toe Nail DesignsEasy nail art design - A lot of young and fashion conscious women are taking on to nails art as the best way to get rid of dull looking plain nails. From just wearing a color on your nails, nail art enhances the beauty of nails with its innovation in the form of small motifs, danglers, stones, glitters, ceramic flowers, etc which will make your nails stand out for any occasion.nail art Design for women - Creating decorative designs on nails is not always easy and requires a lot of professionalism and creativity especially if you are planning on some intricate designs. A well done art can brighten up your overall appearance and complement your outfit to a great extent. Nail arts designing can vary from subtle and delicate designs to bold and funky designs.Nail DesignsNail art for kids - Once you've decided to create your own nail art, and you've got all the tools you need to do so, you'll need to decide on a design. The range of options available to you is huge and with time you'll become more familiar with different accessories that can be used to improve or enhance your nail designs. Some of the more common designs are:FlowersGlitterBowsDots/spotsHoliday Themed e.g. Easter bunnies.Animal PrintsTwo TonesFrench ManicureThose are just a few of many designs you could go for. The choices are endless and almost any picture or pattern can be recreated on your nails.Creative Nails art requires certain basic steps to be followed to get the application perfectly. Before you start with nail designing, make sure you clean and shape up your nails properly. Trimming your nails and filing them is necessary to get the best result. Even the best of the artists cannot create beautiful designs on your nails if they are in a bad shape and not well kept. You can also consider using acrylic nails if your nails are in a real bad shape and beyond repair. The nail art design can then be painted over these artificial acrylics.Once your nails are painted with a base coat, you can create your designs using the nail arts brushes that are available in different sizes based on the design you want to draw. Intricate designs will require more thin tipped and finer nail brushes to get the design right and visible. The use of toothpicks is also not uncommon especially if you are a beginner and want to improve your designs. acrylic nail designs - For any nail polish application mistakes, you can use cotton swabs to remove the excess color. Make sure you do it quick as nail polish dries very fast. It is also good to use a different brush for each nail polish color so that you can save time.Simple Nail designs - can be created using different methods. Novices mostly prefer to create their designs by copying them from nail art books or seeing them on the Internet. One can also learn nail arts through courses offered by some professional nail salons. However, even if you possess minimal artistic capability, you can create simple easy floral designs or geometric shapes which do not require high end training.


Welcome to the new MANGO app for Android smartphones and tablets.A renewed app especially adapted to your device to offer you a mobile experience that is simple, intuitive and fast. Available in 20languages.SHOP FROM YOUR MOBILE/TABLET A totally redesigned store to make your shopping experience simpler and more secure than ever. Includes the “Notify me” feature which will send you an e-mail once the garment you are after becomes available.ALL OUR BRANDS IN ONE SINGLE APPMANGO, MANGO Man*, MANGO Kids* and Violeta by MANGO* included on the same app to simplify your browsing and shopping experience.SCAN & SHOPThanks to image recognition, scan any page of our catalogues or adverts and directly obtain full details of the garments featured in the images via augmented reality. You can add them to your Wishlist, locate them at your nearest store or purchase them directly from the app.BARCODE SCANNERUsing our barcode scanner, you will immediately obtain full details of the garment.EXCLUSIVE INFORMATIONYou’ll receive all our latest news, launches, special offers, promotions and exclusive benefits.

Best Voice Changer

Best Voice Changer Conquer the top of the humor by using this amazing free application Create funny sounds by applying special effects on your recorded voices on the phone Lots of cool combinations of sounds to impress your friends Modify your sound with Best Voice Changer effects and share it on Twitter,Facebook or e-mailFeatures:Many voices to choose and funny voice effects
Ambient sounds
Change speech speed
Instant play of the modified voiceRecord sound, save, listen and shareFunny voice changerSet as ringtonesFunny ringtone free Set your voice as notificationPrank recordsThe program is overall very simple and can also be fun to play around with. In addition to using it with audio recorders, it is also possible to create a fake voice . Available voice and sounds effects: normal, balloon,barking dog,bathroom,broken glass,crunch,goat,jumper,kids,laser,little boy,monster,sleepy,trembling,trumpet,turkey. Voice changing include mimic voice, change voices in songs for kids and children. Interesting audio application which can play prank calls online on your friends. Have fun changing your voice dozens of different ways. Select from many voices from list and choose your favorite effects. Audio files can be set as ringtones. Apply echo effect and sound like you are speaking from a well. Like talking games and apps this Best Voice Changer will make you laugh.Best Voice Changer is a voice changing program for mobile phones that lets you create chains of effects to manipulate recorded vocals or apply to your voice in real time. Make your own free ringtones for Android TM phone. Echo sounds: you can use this function to create single echoes, as well as a number of other effects. Delays will be perceived as discrete echoes, while those falling within the 35-15 ms range can be used to create a simple chorus or flanging effect. These effects will not be as effective as the actual chorus or flanging effects, as the delay settings will be fixed and will not change over time. The fade out and trim option is a combined function which fades out over the selection then marks the end of the selection as the end of the file. This is frequently used at the end of music tracks. Normal speed changes changes the pitch in proportion to the speed. If you want to change the speed but keep the pitch the same use this function.

DIY Bedroom Decor Ideas

There are more people are turning to DIY bedroom decor ideas in order to curb spending and save money wherever possible. The bedroom is one particular room that can immediately benefit from both subtle changes as well as bold decorating statements. Sure, you may not have as steep of a budget as you'd like, but as long as you take time to plan and research your bedroom decorating decisions, then you'll be rewarded with a stunning outcome.Use the vast palette of available style options to provide you with a starting point for visualizing and conceptualizing the new look of DIY bedroom decor. There are a variety of unique styles to incorporate within the space of your bedroom. Scour thrift stores, yard sales, and affordable online retailer sites for practical deals. You never know where you may find a furniture piece or accent that perfectly complements your vision, so remain alert and pay close attention to what each and every unique outlet has to offer.Infuse affordable accents like area rugs, table lamps, and wall art into your bedroom to incorporate various elements of style into your sanctuary. Simply add accents piece by piece, as you can afford to indulge in decorations, in order to gradually achieve your complete vision. You, and maybe a significant other, are the only people that will have the privilege of relaxing in this haven, so take your time in completing your decorating dreams. For a splash of color, paint your walls with dramatic brush strokes or incorporate meaningful pieces of wall art into your décor to deliver statements that are personally significant to you and to your life.In addition to DIY Bedroom decor ideas, find a comforter set that will help you to successfully achieve nights of uninterrupted sleep. Sure, your mattress has a hand in defining your ultimate comfort, but the sheets and comforter set that you choose to use in your quest to create your ideal bed also play a major part in shaping your night's rest. From duck down comforter sets to goose down comforter sets, there are a number of affordable options to consider when searching for proper bedding solutions. And more importantly, you don't need to call in the assistance of a qualified home decorator to select a comforter that works for you!DIY Bedroom ideas can encompass both simple and dramatic changes depending upon the goal of your project. If you're hoping to entirely transform the look and atmosphere of your room, then plan on spending more time, energy, and possibly, more money as you prepare an outline. If your goal is to infuse simple changes into your bedroom piece by piece to weigh the power or individual impact that accents can bring to your atmosphere, then minimal planning is required. Despite your goal, it's always recommended that you have a general idea of the look that you hope to eventually achieve.DIY bedroom decor is very trendy to use wallpaper panels to create a tall, virtual 'bedhead'. You can also be adventurous and use three different wallpaper patterns - either complementary or contrasting - for an eclectic or funky look. The downside of using wallpaper is that it is permanent, so you have to be very sure you like the effect and the pattern before you put it up. In addition, you wouldn't be able to take it with you if you move out.A more flexible option to bedroom wall decoration is to hang fabric panels, which can be taken down for cleaning or changed when you get tired of the color scheme. This idea also has the benefit of being a great DIY bedroom decorating project you can complete in just one weekend.

Liqui Watchface Android Wear

Liqui Watchface is very simple.Display only time and Material Design style background.Due to Liquid Animation watch looks very fashionable and fascinating.You'll want to check the time more often!

Interior Decorations

Whether you need is simple, small space or house interior, modern design, room, house interior design, We've got the photos that will help you find the inspiration you need!Interior Decorations, remodeling projects, bath design inspiration, bedroom designs, living room designs and more interior design collection, all in a simple app.This app is the very best in interior design and home improvement.Browse photos and find ideas for remodeling your home.- Interior Decorations can pictures wallpaper on your phone or tablet.- Interior Decorations pictures can send to your friends to, you can share in a social environment.

Image Faker

★★★ Top Photo Fun App ★★★Get the funniest tool ever :-))Take a photo of a friend and let the photo fun tool generate funny pictures.It's easy:1. Choose picture2. Position it in the frame. Resize the picture with finger(s).3. See the funny results4. Save, email and share pictures or upload them to facebook ;-)With this app it is very easy to fake photos.Features:✔ A lot of predefined pictures✔ Save, email, share (MMS, Facebook, etc.) pictures✔ Create wallpapers and backgrounds✔ Create photomontages, illusions, cool image effects, photo art and fun pictures✔ Photo edit / editor✔ etc.With this fantastic tool you will be able to create fake pictures to send per mail, share with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or simply upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Turn yourself or your friend into a lion, a monkey, a sheep, a terminator, a hero, a scarecrow, a bodybuilder or a toilet. Appear into a truth teller ball, in a TV on an open air cinema screen, on billboards placed on a bridge at the top of many buildings or even on a truck trailer. You could also decide to prank your mates by using their faces for signs as vote for president, today’s idiot, see you soon, a military target, next, stop, wanted, you are dead, I love you etc. Become a macho man by putting your photo between two girls or get some hart frames around the pictures of your girlfriend to make her feel happy and important. It is a really fun app to have when you want to add something special and unique to your pictures.You will find over 60 different scenes to play with.Newly added: StickersGive your pictures an even more personal touch as you used to do until now with this fantastic update. Select either a photo from your gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selected pic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. It contains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs (hairstyles), crowns, sunglasses, eyes, mouth expressions like kisses, scary objects with blood, etc. Let your pictures communicate something or create some comics by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.You can show this app on a party and have fun with your friends :-)Fool your friends with this cool and funny app.Fun for teens, young people and adults (girls, boys, men, women)!

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)- alarm

■ "World's Most Annoying Alarm App, featured by Cnet, Gizmodo,Huffington post etc." ■ #1 in the category in 78 countries, including Germany, France, and South Korea. (Appstore)■ Features "Photo Mode" (Get out of bed and take a picture of registered place to turn off alarm) ■ Also support "Shake Mode" (To turn off alarm, shake your phone) and "Math problem mode" (To turn off alarm, solve the math problem)■ No more late mornings for you■ How to turn off the alarm ? (Picture dismiss mode)- Register a place where you want to turn off the alarm. - When alarm starts ringing, you will have to go to the registered place and take a picture.e.g.) If bathroom is the registered place, wake up and take a picture of the bathroom.■ Tip- good place to register : bathroom sink, front door, shelf, desk, specific object, far from bed- bad place to register : brightness changes frequently, close to your bed, cealing, floor- If the currently registered alarm picture is too easy or too difficult to turn off, please register a new place :)Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is the innovative solution for those who just can’t seem to get up on time, even with an alarm clock. This app has been cleverly designed to force you to get out of bed. You set it up by registering a photo of an area or room in your house. Then once the alarm is set, the ONLY way to make it stop ringing is to get out of bed and go take a photo of the registered area. The World’s Most Annoying Alarm Dubbed as “the world’s most annoying alarm”, Alarmy has quickly become a favorite mobile app among users. It has been featured in Gizmodo, Cnet, and at Huffington Post, and is currently Number One in its category in 70 countries, including France, Germany, and South Korea. Users are truly enjoying this app and many have devised their own unique methods around the alarm’s requirements. For instance, you could register the foot of the bed as your location, then you would only need to wake up enough to take a pic of the foot of your bed and then go right back to sleep. Of course, this totally circumvents the whole purpose of the app but has become a fun pastime for many users. Works Better Than Other Alarm Clocks Other creative locations that users have come up with include the ceiling of their room, a nightstand, or the floor. If you’re more serious about really getting up on time, then how about registering the bathroom sink or an item in the kitchen? Though the app has sparked lots of interest and has proven to be really entertaining, it will definitely get you out of bed. If you absolutely MUST get up on time for an important appointment or job interview, then this would be the perfect solution.

Rotating Watch Face

Like to wear your watch on the inside of your wrist? Annoyed that you have to twist your arm in a funny direction to read it?Like minimalist design?Then this is the watch face for you.


The most popular models of eye makeup on you'll be able to easily anymore. You will learn how to easily make up're home. why not ? whether to spend tons of money to a beauty salon is now an easy way to structure your own make-up ..Features:- Quality pictures- Free download.- Easy to use- Preparation explaining step by step and gives you the unique beauty of the wonders in this application.- 40 different eye model- Step by step construction of each model are shownGreen eyes, blue eyes and brown eyes. There is also in the eye and lip makeup styles.In eye makeup makeup eyelash hair make-up is equipped with hand and nail make-up styles. You give new impetus to the photos in HD quality.Download and enjoy.

Just DIY

This application contain collection of simple DIY.You can choose selected DIY amd open picture with step by step instructions how to do it.Also you can save or share this picture.

Wedding Dress Maker Game

★★★ Absolutely magnificent wedding dress design games!★★★ Start learning about becoming a successful “fashion designer” in engaging and easy-to-play “fashion games”!★★★ Fully release your passion for fashion while getting a bride ready for her wedding – totally FREE in ♥ Wedding Dress Maker Game ♥!Even though still very young, every girl creates her own fashion story while planning her wedding day – the most important day in her life. As the main highlight of the day is a wedding dress, it must have a perfect dress design. That’s why it’s never too early to start imagining the wedding dress of your dreams, and if you’ve got a chance to design it yourself, the better it gets! Our innovative fashion designer games offer you this very opportunity to design your wedding dress and become a famous fashion stylist along the way! Download ♥ Wedding Dress Maker Game ♥ and start with fashion designing now to become a fancy “dress designer” while having fun in one of the top trending “dress up games” for girls!★ Design the most fabulous dresses only in these astonishing fashion games for girls!★ Choose from a number of materials, patterns, colors and accessories.★ Combine various designs to make the dress of your dreams: a-line gowns, ball gown, sheath dress, mermaid and trumpet cut, empire cut, beaded wedding dress, dress with ruffled skirt, etc.★ Add elegant accessories: bridal veils, tiaras and many headpieces.★ Share your phenomenal fashion dresses on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!★ Make your own dress in ♥ Wedding Dress Maker Game ♥ free of charge!★ Develop your skills for clothes design with this fashion designer game!Create elegant dresses and bridal gowns in one of the most impressive fashion design games, which are the coolest dressup and makeup games at the same time! These fashion games for girls are coming to you with many new options you can use to design your own clothes and with great improvements as compared to other similar fashion designing games. Apart from creating various different clothing items, you can dress models into real fashion superstar outfits or opt for virtual hairstyle makeover. Your choices are numerous and the combinations limitless in our new makeover games for girls, so get your ♥ Wedding Dress Maker Game ♥ this instant and set off for your place among the most famous fashion designers on the planet!Girls are never too young to start planning their fashion looks for their wedding day. ♥ Wedding Dress Maker Game ♥ will help you achieve whatever wedding looks you can think of while having loads of fun playing around with dresses design, beautiful gowns, original makeup, the most popular hairstyles and numerous trendy accessories. Live out your fashion stylist dreams in these free girl games and join the fashion mania sweeping the world. If you like fun games for girls, then these “wedding games” are perfect for you, and they’re completely FREE!You like “fashion makeover” or fashion show games? Want to have your own makeup studio and play dress designing games? All of this is more than possible with our newest free app. Our cutest makeover games for girls are here to provide you with the latest beauty tips teaching you all you should know about the current trend style, outstanding dress design and extravagant designer dresses. Design your own clothes games are really popular nowadays, which explains why there’s so many of them on the market, so you should consider yourself extremely lucky to have found one of the best dress designing games there is! Therefore, install these cool games for girls to prepare yourself to become the top fashion designer of the year, compete with your friends to check whether the future best fashion designer is among you and have fun!

Surface – Your Photo Watchface

Took lots of photos but never look at them again?Use Surface as your watch face to show all photos on your phone as watch face.You can also use photos from Instagram as watch face, too. Either from those photos that you took, or your news feed![NEW] Facebook is now added as another choice of sourcePhotos will be processed (blur and darken) so that you will able to see time clearly

love photo lockscreen

lock screenlock screen passwordThis is best lock screen with heart photoThis screen locker protects your phone.We also support many types of lock screen:- Lock screen pattern- Lock screen password- Lock screen keypad- Lock screen slider- Lock screen like IphoneNow we want to introduce our lock screen application: love lock screen with beautiful inteface.It has a keypad with a heart shape. The keypad is a customized keypad, you can add your lovely images in buttons on keypad. You can change color and size of time, date. You can change background of lock screen. You will have your own attractive lock screen.main features:- support keypad with a heart shape- set password with numbers- high security, prevent accessing your phone without password- user can change background with wallpapers- user can customize color and size of date/time- easy to add your lovely images into buttons- you can add your name, your words or your idiom on lock screen- support over 60 languages- work well on phone, tablet device

Stylect – Find amazing shoes

DescriptionStylect is an app to find your perfect shoes and discover amazing discounts!350,000 shoes, 10,000 brands, hundreds of retailers make Stylect the world's best and largest shoe shop.Downloaded more than 1 million times, Stylect showcases shoes from retailers and brands such as Louboutin, Prada, Asos, Nike, Topshop, Zara, Jimmy Choo and many more.Based on your likes and dislikes (gathered through a gathered through a ‘hot-or-not’ interface), Stylect recommends you better and better shoes. The shoes you love are saved into your wishlist and we send you a notification whenever they go on sale.Press coverage:Featured on some of the best fashion magazines such as Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, Io Donna, Fashionista, The Business of Fashion, as well as Forbes with the article "Could Stylect Be One Of The Most Successful Female-Only Shopping Apps Of All Time?", Techcrunch and many more!Achievements:* Downloaded more than one million times * Featured on the Google Play Home PageHow does it work?Discover: Swipe through more than 350,000 shoes from 10,000+ brands all in one place!Wishlist: Keep track of your likes and buy your favourite shoesShop: Look for a specific brand or product Magazine: Get daily fashion inspiration

Draw Tattoo Tribal

Draw Tattoo Tribal - Right, lets get started here, I know many tribal tattoo's have specific meaning behind them, but if you are looking for a complete one-off design, one that cannot be accessed by the millions then designing your own or indeed getting an artist to design one is definitely the way to go.Personally, as an avid drawer of many things, I have designed all of my own tattoo's and subsequently, I have never seen them on anyone else's body.Body art and tattooing is an extension of a persons personality, so I personally believe that it should reflect that in the work they have on their body. Obviously everybody has different reasons and ideas for their own body art, so in my opinion the best way to get the most individual design, which reflects your own personality is to do the designing yourself!The sketch I have here on the right is showing the steps I would take in order to come up with a simple yet very effective and professional looking tattoo.First of all I have drawn two curved lines which I feel have a nice flow to them, they cross over just above half way which gives me the 'heart' of the tattoo. If the design is going on a part of the body such as the lower leg or the upper arm, you can re-arrange the heart of the tattoo to accentuate the curves and shape of the body to get the most out of the desgn and this then would 'fit' the body area needed.The next step is to decide on the thickness of the tribal design. You do this by doubling up the lines as seen opposite, things to bear in mind are: If the tattoo is going to be solid black, the area between the two lines will be the bit coloured in, so you have to be happy about the thickness of the lines, of course, everyone has their own preferences and each to their own, but the overall look of the tattoo is ultimately your choice, as you will be the one wearing it for many years.Once the thickness of the lines has been decided, the next stage I have drawn is what I call 'spikes' attached to the curves of the tattoo. The one's I have put on this particular design have a more 'masculine' look about them but there is obviously nothing stopping you making the 'spikes' maybe more feminine or to give the tattoo a better flow, maybe along the lines of flowery if desired, there are so many options here and this is why I think its better to design your own stuff because you, and only you know what the images in your head look like, so there is no better person to transfer those images onto paper than you.Once you have the main structure of the design, there isn't much left to do as far as construction is concerned, all that is needed is that, as you can see here, where the lines overlap other lines, the sketched lines inside the main body of the design will need to be erased, leaving a 'clean' tattoo design. It is very helpful to keep a totally clean copy aside, this is to allow you to experiment with the filling of the tattoo.Most tribal tattoo's are solid black but that by no means pigeon hole's you into having your own design in black. You could leave it as a simple outline, or have the tips solid and gradually fading into the flesh of your body or into another colour, you can put an inner line of red inside the black outline giving it a shadow effect, the choice and possibilities are endless and it is totally down to your own ideas.The main thing to remember is that you have to be happy with it as it will be you wearing the artwork so make sure it is 100% what you was looking for.

LV Grand Palais

The LV Grand Palais app, available December 4, 2015 to February 21, 2016, is the official application of the Louis Vuitton Volez, Voguez, Voyagez exhibition at the Grand Palais. It serves as a tour guide through the exhibition and provides immersive experiences in the world of Louis Vuitton.The app is free, and available in English, French, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.LV Grand Palais provides various services:• THE EXHIBITION: A presentation of the exhibition.• THE TOUR: An interactive map of the exhibition including descriptions of each room and a selection of exhibits. A location function available during the visit offers visitors a smoother experience.Visitor experience will also be enhanced throughout their entire visit by the possibility to delve deep into the world of Louis Vuitton—for instance, entering the Asnières workshops, customizing their own trunk, or flipping through Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s sketchbook.An audioguide• VISITOR INFORMATION: Detailed access to the exhibition’s opening days and times as well as the online ticketing service for time slot or guided tour reservations.

Talking 3 Friends Cats & Bunny

Talk to the 3 Friends Cats & Bunny. They answer with her funny voices and react to what you say or your touch. With 8 exciting inside games with many levels to play! Spend some time with these three little friends and their great play activities.★★★ Features: ★★★✔ High quality 3D graphics✔ Voice interaction/animations✔ Exciting touch game with 20 levels inside. Help our friends in catching some of the spinning objects. Do not touch the red objects! ✔ Great numbers game - check now the IQ and your brains memory✔ 1to60 game incl. 1 to 60, A to Z, 2 4 6…, 1 3 5 …, hex, roman numerals, periodic table, octal, etc.✔ House game. Try to pop as quickly as possible on the cat and avoid touching all the other figures appearing on the screen, such as a lion, a child, an alien, an ogre etc. Check your high score!✔ Cat, dog, baby, donkey and bunny and paow swipe animations✔ Special sound effectsExtra Content:★ Comics & Cartoons: We have comics involving different subjects as for example: holidays, accidents, family, fish, bears and many more.★ Jokes Collection: Funny jokes divided in different categories. You will find funny jokes about: weather, jobs, man and woman, teachers, military, etc.★ General knowledge: Do you know all the things about history, machines, geology, geography, biology, environment, science etc.?★ Photo Fun Functionality: Create funny and fake images/pictures and send per mail, share pictures with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, another Messenger Tool or upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc. Upload your pics and turn yourself or your friend into a penguin, a dancing smiley, a sweet baby, a donkey, a giraffe, an ostrich, a mouse, etc.★ Great and wonderful images out of the space. You will see the space shuttle, the moon, burning rockets, turning satellites, astronauts on a spacewalk, the first men walking on the moon, and many more...★ Online shop with toys, electronic gadgets, stylish fashion, etc.★ Video Trailers: Video section with different trailers of hot apps.★ StickersGive your pictures a personal touch. Select either a photo from your gallery or an image which is already faked. Take the selected pic and start personalizing by choosing between numerous stickers. You will be spoiled for choice in selecting the coolest sticker. It contains stickers with various subjects like, hats, wigs (hairstyles), skulls, sunglasses, mouth expressions like kisses, scary objects with blood, etc. Let your pictures communicate something or create some comics by writing some fun stuff into bubbles.★ Kids paint: Super entertaining tool to try and draw a picture with your fingertip. There are also a lot of predefined cartoon pictures that can be colored such as a mighty tiger, a panda bear, a long snake, a rabbit, a smart fox, cars, tracks, a space shuttle, fast rockets and many more. Discover the artist in you!★ Pairs: Find the same looking images on the board and train your memory with this cool match-2 game. ★ Sliding puzzle: Touch and slide the pieces of the puzzle where they belong to recreate the original image.★ Pair Up: Match up the pictures that belong together (that have something in common).★ Two Players Super Duel: Challenge your friends and discover who has got the faster reflexes.★ Quiz: Put your general knowledge to test.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with this funny app! It is especially fun for children of all ages.This is a free app - enjoy it!

Terminator Genisys Watch Face

Glitch-up your smartwatch with awesome graphics and animations based on the latest movie in the Terminator series. See the iconic Terminator skull crumble to dust as the day progresses. As day becomes night, the Terminator fades into the shadows while its iconic red eye remains shining. Digits glitch out of focus when they update and a message of the future is hidden in an easter egg — see if you can discover it.

Watchface for Tron Fans

Digital Watchface is a modern digital watch face inspired from the Tron movie. It offers futuristic design inspired from the famous movie franchise Tron.It brings together design ideas from both the original Tron movie and Tron: Legacy.It works well on both round and square devices.With the Digital Watchface app you can have 4 state of the art watchfaces - 2 round and 2 rectangular with smooth animations, battery display, day, ambient mode for low battery consumption.Notice: all settings are accessible via Android Wear Application on the phone, select Digital Watchface and click a "gear icon" on it.Features - 4 presets (2 round, 2 rectangular)- State of the art design- Smooth animations- Battery indicator- Day of the week indicator- Ambient mode - dimmed b&w colors- Low battery consumption- Transparent information cardsTo install:1. After install run 'Resync app' on Android Wear App.2. Select the watch face using the Android Wear app.Compatible with Moto360, LG G Watch R, LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Sony Smartwatch 3 & Asus ZenWatch and other smart watches.!! Please contact us if you have any trouble installing the app !!

lock screen photo pattern

lock screen photo with pattern or lock screen pattern with photosphoto pattern lock screen is a very useful application. It was designed to protect your phone.You can do many things to have your own lock screen: set background for lock screen from wallpapers in app or from your collection, set photos on buttons (for example: your wife, your husband, your flowers, your pets..), easy to set color and size of date/time; you also can add your names or idiom on screen, and you can change size and color of that sentences.So, this application give these features:- easy to customize your lock screen- very smooth and beatiful- pattern password- lock your phone avoid unintentional access- change background of lock screen- set your photos into buttons- change color and size of date/time- add your name our your love sentence to lock screen- change color and size of your sentence- support your languages- support almost phones and tablet devices- prevent someone (not you) uninstall normally- consume less memory and batteryWe also support many other types of lock screen:- lock screen pattern- lock screen password with number- lock screen slider- lock screen like Iphone- photo Lock screenHow to use:Open application, You will see some items to choose:1. activate lock2. change wallpaper3. change password4. change photo, color5. deactivate to uninstallwe tested on following devices:* Galaxy S3,Galaxy S4,Galaxy S5, Galaxy tabs* HTC One,HTC Explorer,HTC M8, HTC One, HTC M8.* LG2,LG3, LG Optimus G.* Xperia Z1,Xperia Z2,Xperia Z3.* Nexus 4,Nexus 5,Nexus 7.If you love our pattern lock screen please write review to encourage developers

Women Shoes

For lovers of shoes we bring an App full of designs, colors and shapes of women's footwear. High heels, sandals, casual shoes, boots and more.

Nicole Miller Watch Face

Nicole Miller’s playful design aesthetic is captured in this animated design for Android Wear. Watch the colorful word bubbles for upcoming agenda, weather updates, and fun pop art messages.


Wishibam est là pour vous permettre de trouver les produits que vous désirez en vous faisant gagner du temps – Mode, Lifestyle, Déco… Un subtil mélange entre technologie de pointe et service personnalisé gratuit.Sur l’appli- Plus de 500 000 produits mode et beauté au meilleur prix !- Les produits recommandés par les plus grandes rédactrices mode des magazines !- Un service personnalisé d’assistants shopping gratuits !Chez Wishibam, nous croyons que le monde qui vous entoure est une source permanente d’inspirations. Nous croyons que vos envies émergent n’importe où, n’importe quand. Nous croyons qu’il n’y a rien de plus satisfaisant que d'obtenir LA pièce qu’il fallait. Parce que vos désirs doivent être compris pour être satisfaits nous avons mis en place un service de personal shoppers avec qui vous pourrez échanger. Ils trouvent tout : vêtements, crèmes, accessoires, … de marques connues ou de créateurs en devenir.Notre promesse : Vous apporter le meilleur niveau de service imaginable. Notre équipe est composée de passionnés de mode et de technologie, elle prendra autant de temps qu’il faudra pour répondre à vos besoins.A quoi sert l’Assistant Shopping- Vous ne trouvez nulle part le produit de beauté que vous cherchez ? L’accessoire qu’il vous faut absolument est en rupture de stock partout. Demandez-le et vos assistants shopping chercheront pour vous le produit tendance qui vous plait tant.- Vous avez besoin d’une tenue pour une occasion particulière ? Vous voulez être plus belle que la mariée ou au top pour un rendez-vous ? Dîtes-nous tout, nous trouverons les tenues adaptées à l’occasion, toujours sans frais.- Vous voyez un produit qui vous plait dans un magazine partenaire, flashez le, notre algorithme le reconnaitra et vous pourrez l’acheter.Les possibilités sont infinies. Dès que vous avez besoin d’aide, appuyez sur la sonnette, vos assistants shopping mettront tout en œuvre pour vous satisfaire.Pour résumer :Trois cas de figure sur l’application Wishibam :1. Vous savez déjà ce que vous voulez et souhaitez le trouver tout seul sur Wishibam :- Utilisez le premier mode de notre application et accédez directement à notre market place et son catalogue de plus de 500 000 produits,- La livraison et le retour sont gratuits,- Vous êtes satisfaits ou remboursés pendant les 14 premiers jours suivant l’achat.2. Vous avez repéré un produit qui vous correspond mais ne savez pas où le trouver :- Vous le flashez sur un de nos magazines partenaires (Grazia, Biba, Paulette, Black Beauty, Question de femmes, Paroles de femmes, Men’s Health, Mum Fatale, Maxi, Modzik, Public, Vital, Glamour, Prima, Femme Actuelle, Gala, Elle, VSD et Voici), la technologie le reconnaît et vous êtes redirigé directement sur sa fiche produit détaillé,- Vous le flashez dans « le monde réel », que ce soit sur un ami, dans la rue, etc., et nos assistants shopping mettront tout en œuvre pour retrouver votre produit coup de cœur. - Vous adorez un produit mais celui-ci est hors budget, appuyez sur la cloche, vos assistants shopping vous proposeront un produit similaire au prix mini.3. Vous avez besoin d’inspiration, de conseils, de discuter ou tout simplement une question précise à poser. Faîtes alors appel à Charles et Charlotte, vos assistants shopping !- Cliquez sur l’icône dédié à cet espace Assistants shopping sur l’application,- Contactez-les par téléphone ou par email,- Ils vous répondront dans la journée et le service est 100% gratuit !SUIVEZ-NOUS :

Same Size taille vetements

Trouvez des utilisateurs qui font la même taille de vetements que vous !Mémorisez vos tailles dans la partie "mon dressing" pour retenir vos tailles dans les marques que vous connaissez. Ensuite lorsque vous recherchez votre taille avec "trouver ma taille" l'application recherche les autres utilisateurs de l'application Same Size qui ont des tailles en commun avec vous pour vous conseiller la taille qui vous ira le mieux dans la marque recherchée.IMPORTANT: Pour que la recherche fonctionne il est recommandé d'ajouter au moins 2 produits par type dans votre dressing.

Baby Monitor by Annie 3G/WiFi

A stunningly reliable baby monitoring app with an unlimited range working via WiFi, 3G or LTE. Now with high-quality video and lullaby player. Use it to monitor up to 4 children from a limitless number of parent units. Annie Baby Monitor turns any two cellphones or tablets into the perfect babysitting assistant.Annie Baby Monitor always keeps you in touch with your babies.”If you have little ones and are using a baby monitor, you have to download this to give it a try. I think it is the best baby monitor app out there, and I think you will agree””With the Annie Baby Monitor you can monitor up to four children at the same time. You can even track their sleep stats with the handy activity log, which is so different than other baby monitors.”FEATURESLIVE VIDEOYou can see your baby anywhere and anytime thanks to full screen video in five different quality levels. Feel free to use back or front camera of your device and also the Night Light feature.RELIABILITYThe Annie Baby Monitor works via WiFi, 3G or LTE networks. It reconnects automatically and quickly in the case of WiFi outage! EASY TO USEWith just one glance at your phone‘s display.TOP QUALITY AUDIOYou can hear every noise, every breath and sigh of your child.MULTIPARENT & MULTICHILD & MULTIPLATFORMMonitor up to 4 children sleeping in different rooms. The number of parent units is limitless! You can connect to devices on different software platforms.PLAYLIST OF FAVOURITE LULLABIES OR WHITE NOISEPlay fairy tales, songs and lullabies to your baby. Remotely controlled from Parent Unit device.SOOTHE YOUR CHILDTake care from wherever you are. Talk to your child any time by pressing the mike button. The Annie Baby Monitor never lets your baby feel alone. FAST CONFIGURATIONFast and secure configuration over local WiFi with automatic device lookup or over QR invitation code takes less than 30 seconds.UNLIMITED RANGEA wide range of supported mobile networks brings you limitless connectivity. Thanks to the Annie Baby Monitor you stay connected wherever you go, even where there is a weak WiFi signal.SECURE CONNECTIONAll communication between the child and the parent device is securely encrypted via cloud solution. Industry standard encryption is used to ensure that only parents have access to their baby audio stream.BATTERY ALERTStay informed about the battery status on the child device. Always be alerted when the battery level drops below 10 % or an individually set value.ONE LICENCE PER FAMILYWith the Annie Baby Monitor you only pay once and you are then free to use the application in several devices.WIDE SET OF OPTIONSWant to personalize some surveillance features? With the Annie Baby Monitor you decide when your baby should be considered asleep or how you wish to be notified that your little angel has woken up. Do you love using Annie Baby Monitor? It would be nice if you could leave a positive and honest review on the Play Store.Thank you for using and supporting the Annie Baby Monitor.

Bon Anniversaire SMS

"Joyeux Anniversaire SMS" est une application qui met à votre disposition une très belle collection des messages d'anniversaire, pour partager à travers de Facebook, WhatsApp, email and SMS.

Home Decor

This is a gallery app dedicated to home decor. As much as we can, we tried to gather the best images of home decor for you. Our app is really very easy to use. You can view the home decor pictures by swiping the pictures. By using this app you can remodel your bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. In short, your home all over again. We know that home decor is an essential part of home decor and interior design. That's why we designed this application in order to help the people who need inspirations about home decorating. In this app you can find any idea that you will need for your home.Disclaimer: If you are the copyright owner of one of the images in our home decor app, please contact us for removal, before reporting the app.

Cute Girls Hairstyles

Enjoy 5-minute hairstyles that are super cute and easy to do! Whether you are looking for Simple Braids, French Braids, Dutch Braids, Waterfall Braids, Fishtail Braids, twists, buns, updos, or something with a little edge... you can find it all here! {We even have Daddy Do's - styles so easy a dad can do them!} Are you a mom looking for a great way to bond with your young daughters? Feel free to let them pick out their own hairstyles and you will find them much more invested, as well as keep them sitting still while you style as they watch video after video. Are you looking for a fun activity with your friends at a sleepover? Free free to use the app to have a team style-off competition! Since 2009, Mindy and her five daughters have filmed over 240+ hairstyle video tutorials, with a new one added every Sunday night! Be sure to download this CGH app to be one of the first among your friends to wear the latest hairstyle! There are enough hairdos here for you to wear a different style every day of the school year! Prepare for compliments! Basic {free} version includes: - Gain access to the 10 most-recent video tutorials from Cute Girls Hairstyles. - Easily, tweet, share, comment on individual videos. - View latest Cute Girls Hairstyles tweets. - Ad supported. Premium features {unlocked via an easy in-app purchase} include: - Obtain exclusive, early access to new CGH videos before they are made public! - View all 300+ Cute Girls Hairstyles video tutorials! - Easily search Cute Girls Hairstyles video tutorials by category or keyword! - Browse the most-popular hairstyle recreations from the CGH Community! - Engage in the community by uploading your own hairstyle photos of CGH recreations! - Have a chance to be highlighted in the app as our "Featured Cute Girls Hairstyles Member" for an entire week! - Ad free* * Purchasing the premium version eliminates in-app ads only. Any pre-roll or in-stream video ads are a feature of YouTube's API, and are not built into the app.

Aerobics workout

Do you want to do free music aerobics workout at home? Do you want to weight loss without diet?In this Android app you will find tones of aerobic exercises and fat loss routines. Weigh loss dancing with our aerobics dance workout.If you want to weigh loss fast our aerobics workout are the best women routines.You will also have all kind of fitness workout to do exercise at home and gym / cardio workout.Our Aerobics workout are chosen by experts.Don't doubt, take care and be a healthy man. Think on fitness and do aerobic exercise. You can fat loss with our aerobic classes.


Cette application vous accompagne dans tous les moments de vie avec votre bébé de l’alimentation aux conseils nutrition, en passant par les événements, bon plan et nouveautés de la marque, jusqu’aux fonctions qui vous permettent d’activer votre garantie et de suivre l’ensemble de vos démarches avec notre service client.Avec « BEABA & MOI » vous pouvez : * Activer la garantie de votre produit en quelques clics. Vous avez également la possibilité de lancer une procédure SAV sur votre produit et de suivre son traitement. * Retrouvez une large sélection de recettes pour femmes enceintes et des recettes adaptées à l’âge de votre bébé et à la saison. Vous pouvez aussi consultez des conseils nutritionnels en vidéo qui accompagnent ces recettes. * Vous avez envie de gagner du temps ? Nous vous proposons également de générer des menus pour la semaine adaptés à votre bébé. Vous pouvez les ajouter en favoris et laisser un petit mémo avec les impressions de bébé dans chaque recette. * Vous pouvez partager ces mémos et les impressions de bébé par email, par sms et via les réseaux sociaux! * Vous pouvez vous inscrire à notre programme « BEABA NUTRITION » et ainsi recevoir des emails de recettes et bénéficier d’un accompagnement adapté à votre bébé. * Suivre les actualités de la marque : notre actualité Facebook en direct, nos jeux concours et évènements.* Gérez vos préférences de communication, pour contrôler ce que vous recevez.* Avec l’application vous pouvez localiser le magasin le plus proche pour vos courses BEABA


De Croix-Rousse à Confluence, vos commerçants préparent chaque jour leurs meilleures offres du moment et les diffusent instantanément sur Shoops.Avec Shoops :- Vous ne manquez aucune promo pendant vos moments shopping ! (lancez Shoops et laissez vous guider !)- Vous ne passerez plus à coté des meilleures soirées de Lyon !- Vous profitez des happy-hours, activités sportives, restos, spectacles et réductions de dernière minute jusqu’à 500m autour de vous (pas plus, après c’est loin quand même) !Activité, animation, soirée étudiante, diffusion de match, quizz, rencontre, soldes, dégustation, vernissage, etc… Découvrez tous les bons plans disponibles en ce moment autour de vous.Shoops c’est aussi :*** Les thématiques Shoops ***Des événements réguliers organisés par notre équipe en collaboration des commerçants Lyonnais ! *** Suivre vos commerçants préférés ***Votre bar préféré ou votre magasin fétiche est sur Shoops ? Restez alerté de toutes leurs activités en les ajoutant à vos favoris !*** Made In Lyon ***Une Application faite par des Lyonnais pour des Lyonnais. N’hésitez pas à nous donner votre avis par mail ou en commentaire ! On reste en contact, ok ? :)Ok, on vous retient pas plus et on vous laisse télécharger Shoops.On espère que vous aimerez ! (nous en tout cas on vous aime déjà)————Quelques chiffres : + de 4.000 événements+ de 700 commerçants lyonnais(novembre 2015)————Ils nous aiment déjà :« Avec l’application Shoops, au gré de ses pas, l’utilisateur est instantanément averti d’une foultitude d’informations qui se déroulent dans un rayon de 500 mètres. » LE PROGRES« Le truc assez cool, c’est que l’appli vous fait aussi remonter les promos ou offres que font les boutiques, les bars et les restos aux alentours. » Lyon City Crunch————Appareils compatibles :Compatible Android 4.1+Smartphones uniquement————Plus d’information :

Shoe Designer Fashion Games 3D

❦ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to design your own shoes and become a real shoe designer famous in the entire world? If you think you have talent for fashion design and passion for women's shoes, now you have the perfect opportunity to show off your designing skills in one of the top shoe maker games on the market! Download ❦Shoe Designer Fashion Games 3D❦ completely free of charge and have tons of fun making trendy shoe designs that will gain popularity on all social networks! For true fans of fashion designing “games for girls”!★ ❤‿❤ ★Enjoy the never ending fun in one of the most popular fashion shoe designer games for girls! ★ ❤‿❤ ★❦ Start creating fabulous shoe designs in one of the top trending “fashion games” for girls!❦ Choose the type of shoes that you'd like to design and decorate: sandals, pumps or boots.❦ Choose the height of heels for your brand new designer shoes!❦ Edit parts of the shoe - the vamp, the heel, the back quarter and the sole in order to create a perfectly designed piece of footwear!❦ Play with decorative shoe clips in all styles and colors and place them on your fancy shoes to achieve a unique modern look!❦ Pick the color and the material of all parts of the shoe - upper, sole, insole, lining, and create beautiful designs that will amaze everyone in your vicinity!❦ Share your breathtaking shoe designs on major social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!❦ Create the most amazing designs that will be the inspiration for all famous shoe designers worldwide!❦ Make your own shoes in ❦Shoe Designer Fashion Games❦ for girls free! ❦ Fashion girls, wouldn't it be great to design your own shoes? High heels, platform shoes, pumps, prom shoes – pick whatever type you want and let your imagination run wild. Download this extremely exciting “shoe maker” game for girls and show off your sense of style and fashion in creating some cool custom shoes. Feel free to choose any type you like: pumps, sandals or boots, determine the height of your heels, and edit all parts of the shoe the way you want. Learn how to become a professional high heels designer who will be famous for her majestic creations worldwide. When you take your clothes and shoe designing skills to a higher level you will be able to open your own shoe boutique full of amazing collections. ❦ Designing your own shoes? A dream of every woman! All girls who've enjoyed playing our dress up games for girls will now have the chance to try out designing fashionable shoes and improving their fashion stylist skills even more. If you have passion for designing clothes and shoes, you will find this makeover game so much fun. Edit each part of the shoe the way you like, combine various colors and patterns, add stylish accessories and ornaments and create footwear for any occasion: party shoes, glitter shoes, fashion high heels, summer shoes, winter boots, prom shoes, wedges... The choice is all yours. Keep experimenting and see if you can come up with the perfect fashion shoes in this amazing design game. Covet fashion? If yes, get ❦“Shoe Designer” Fashion Games 3D❦ – a unique beauty game for every girl's taste!❦ "Fashion designer" games for girls only for free! Designing your own clothes and shoes has never been more popular and more interesting. Dress designer games, fashion stylist games, even shoe maker games for boys – everybody loves to customize clothes and footwear on their own. Imagine you have a virtual shoe boutique where you could sell all your amazing creations. Engage your imagination in creating all sorts of trendy high heels, jordan shoes or nike shoes. Our new shoe maker games will offer you the opportunity to design all kinds of footwear for boys and girls and you will have such a great time playing them. Keep playing them and you will stop wondering how to become a real shoe designer.

Gesture Lock Screen

Gesture Lock ScreenDraw letters, numbers, shapes, signatures and contextual gestures to unlock your phone.Top features🏆 Draw letters, numbers as your lock screen password 💯🔤🏆 Draw shapes as your lock screen password ♈♉♑∅♡⚝🏆 Sign signatures to unlock your phone🏆 Draw contextual gestures to unlock: Draw something based on locker wallpaperDraw anything as lock screen password, your imagination is the only limitation.Gesture features🌟 Add gesture🌟 Change gesture🌟 Delete gesture🌟 Custom gesture colors🌟 Stealth mode: hide gesture strokes when drawing on lock screen🌟 Supports both single stroke (one touch drawing) and multiple strokesSecurity features🌠 Draw gesture to unlock🌠 Enter recovery password or backup password to unlock (keypad lock screen)🌠 Enter password to change gesture🌠 Draw gesture to change password🌠 Custom recovery password length (4~8-digit passwords supported)Customization & DIY features✨ Wallpaper5 HD theme wallpapersPick locker wallpaper from your local gallery✨ SoundsSupports lock, unlock and error soundsUses stock locker sounds initiallySet local ringtones as lock & unlock & error sounds✨ 3 unlock animations✨ Date3 date formatDisplay date in your local languageCustom date color, date size✨ Time2 time format: 24-hour clock (military time), 12-hour clockCustom time color, time size✨ Slider messageCustom slider message - set your name as slier message, my name lock screen - set your lover's name as slider message, love lock screenCustom slider message color and sizeGesture Lock Screen is a highly customizable DIY lock screenFAQ❓ Why does Gesture Lock Screen not work on my XIAOMI or MI phone?Please follow the steps below to make the app work:Go to the app's info page (phone settings > apps > downloaded > Gesture Lock Screen)Scroll down to the bottom, click Permission managerEnable "Display pop-up window"Applies to the following phones, Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 2, Redmi Note and other phones with permission manager.❓ How to boost security with 6-digit password or change password length?Open the app > Change/add recovery password > Settings > Password length > 6 digit passwordGesture Lock Screen supports 4~8-digit password now.Custom password length applies to the next new password, your current active password is not affected.❐ TranslateGesture Lock Screen is available in English, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Spanish and French.Many thanks to the following users: Revenger Edits, Sergey Kevlich, Devis Pasquato, M. Grey Sánchez, Fredo Ah.Gesture Lock Screen supports both one touch drawing and multiple strokes, please draw anything as your gesture password and unlock your phone.

DIY Fashion Clothes Ideas

The inspiration of DIY fashion clothes idea. In this application will get some pictures about how to make your old cloth became more beautiful. There are some step by step tutorials to make DIY refashion. So, it's tme to check and make it right.Bored of your old clothes? Think their 'out of fashion', dull and boring? But don't want to spend all your cash on clothes? An easy way to transform them old out-of-date items is by giving them a new look by using trims.How important fashion is to someone is personal to each of us. Our reasons for wearing clothes, ranges from necessity to down right competition with your peers. All the designer labels can make your head swim, and yet for some of us, it defines who we are. No matter what your reason for wearing clothes, you can create your own wardrobe by DIY fashion clothes idea.So what happens when you cannot afford to buy a silk blouse you love in the boutique you pass on your way to work? You do the very best thing and sew that blouse yourself.A trim is a DIY fashion cloth item used on garments by top designers, high street brands and blossoming DIY fashion designers (such as you) to give the piece of clothing a more ornate and interesting look. You may have seen them on tops, skirts and dresses as a long decorative strip of material or beads on the end seams of a dress or skirt or on cuff links. They can, however, be placed anywhere on a garment.Each material can be used to create a particular fashionable effect in DIY refashion clothing, depending on what you are looking for. For instance, chunky beads carefully placed on the collar of a garment exude that boho chic look, whilst a lace trim on the bottom of a dress or skirt will ooze of class. So when looking for a trim, opt for a trim that suits your taste, style and garment. Finding trims should not be hard as a venture to your local haberdashery or crafts store, should show up with some results. However, if you do want a massive choice, go online and find Trim factories, who supply trims to the entire fashion industry and private clients.After finding your trims, it's time to attach them to your garment. Usually, the best method is to pin them to the garment precisely and then hand sew them on using small stitches. Opt for a small needle and similar colored thread for the best results. So, this is one of the ideas in DIY fashion clothing. You can find more design about refashion clothes in this application


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MANGO Watch Face

Elegance is all about keeping it minimal. Make the most out of your time with the MANGO watch face ready-to-wear in black or white, the timeless and essential monochrome palette that will add an instant chic to your daily outfits. Run your time, run your style.

Home’n’go – Immobilier

Home'n'go vous permet de trouver votre logement simplement et rapidement parmi plus d'un million d'annonces immobilières en achat ou en location. L'immobilier devient enfin simple.Trouvez un appartement, une maison, un parking ou un local commercial rapidement.Cherchez parmi plus d'un million d'annonces immobilièresHome'n'go vous propose la plus grande sélection immobilière du marché avec plus d'un million d'annonces en vente ou en location. Que vous cherchiez à louer ou acheter un appartement, une maison, un parking ou un local commercial vous trouverez votre bonheur. Faites le bon choixSur chaque annonce immobilière d'appartement ou de maison découvrez le prix au mètre carré des environs de l'annonce, les transports à proximité et bien d'autres informations pour trouver l'annonce qui correspond à votre mode de vie. Quand on cherche son futur logement, on cherche aussi un quartier dans lequel on aimera vivre et où l’on se sentira bien, avec des commodités suffisamment proches. C’est pour cette raison que Home’n’go vous fournit des informations détaillées et qualifiées sur tous les points intéressants à proximité : commerces, lycées, transports en commun, bâtiments administratifs … De quoi prévoir votre future vie avant d’y être ! Visitez utileContactez et dialoguez directement avec les propriétaires. Envoyez votre dossier et ne visitez qu'une fois ce dernier pré-accepté. Fini les pertes de temps.Recherchez organiséTriez et classez vos annonces immobilières pour toujours savoir où vous en êtes et gagner en rapidité et efficacité.Parce qu’il est souvent compliqué de se rappeler où l’on en est dans nos démarches, vous pouvez également ajouter un statut entièrement personnalisable à chacune des annonces pour indiquer à quelle étape vous en êtes : propriétaire contacté, rendez-vous pris, logement visité …A propos de Home'n'goHome’n’go est un service de recherche d'immobilier entièrement gratuit qui vous permet, grâce à des données privées et publiques, d’obtenir des informations détaillées et pertinentes concernant la vie autour du logement qui vous intéresse.Précisez vos critères en quelques clics pour faire le tri parmi nos annonces et utilisez votre espace privé pour gérer celles qui vous plaisent, y inviter vos amis ou votre famille pour vous faire aider dans votre recherche, accéder aux informations relatives à la zone du logement et faire le bon choix !

Opera Girl by Vivienne Tam

“Opera Girl” is inspired by Chinese Opera. Extending from its operatic theme, Vivienne Tam created “Opera Girl” for the modern generation through the magical world of Fashion. “Opera Girl” is festive, dramatic and romantic. “Opera Girl” turns on the spot so she is always facing the current time.

Wine Price and Wine News

FIND THE PRICE OF A WINE Looking for the price of a wine? iDealwine’s App provides free access to a wine price database based on millions of auction results. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you won’t need an internet connection to access it, except for the weekly price updates.FIND INFORMATION ABOUT A SPECIFIC WINE This app will also give you access to a complete database of information on top wines: history, ratings, ideal drinking period, vintage description per region.. A valuable tool while shopping or picking a wine in a restaurant!GET THE LATEST WINE NEWS AND MARKET ANALYSIS Are you passionate about wine? Or want to learn more? Stay connected to the world of wine – iDealwine’s app broadcasts the latest information about market trends, wine investment and other news. A must for wine lovers.WHAT IS IDEALWINEiDealwine is an international fine wine e-merchant specialising in Online Auctions & Fixed-Price Sales. Wine is sourced from top European cellars and directly from the wineries, with a large range that includes extremely rare bottles and vintages.Launched in France in 2000, iDealwine is now the online auction leader in Europe, supplying to 45 different countries across Europe, Asia and the US.Note that your registration to iDealwine’s App is not linked to your mobile, so you can use it on any device, simply connecting with your login details.A NEW VERSION This new version is faster, more complete, with an improved design and offers you direct access to iDealwine sales. `This unique account will be for both the app and the website.