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Reebok CrossFit: Roppongi

This app provides Reebok CrossFit Roppongi members with the latest news, event schedules, box social and communication channels and many other useful features.

Breathing simulator

This app allows you to obtain important skill - managing your own breath, in all its variants and spectra. This very important skill allows you to enhance memory, increase the strength of the will. It’s useful for swimmers, deep divers, yoga, martial arts and other systems, as well as health-building practices, such as for example by Frolov breathing, and is especially useful for pregnant women.Features:1. You can find the description of the parameters for the following breathing techniques in the app:       - Classic square breathing;      - Relaxing breathing;      - Activate breathing;2. Possibility to set the required time frame for each phase of breathing.3. Soundtrack.4. Saving of previously applied settings.5. Metronome.6. Possibility to off pause between inhale and exhale.7. Nice design.8. Program can be used for special breathing exercises - pranayama.Write to us about the desired improvements or found defects/bugs.

Ab & Core Sworkit

Free Ab, Back & Core workouts that fit your schedule and take you through great workouts without the need to think about what to do.This highly focused app aims to deliver quick and effective workouts that fit YOUR life. Abs & Core Sworkit provides 3 unique workouts:Absolutely AwesomeBack StrengthComplete Core StrengthOther workout apps and workout videos are like playing records. Core Sworkit is like an iPod or the evolution of digital music with playlists and personalization at the core.Sworkit routines guide you through video exercises demonstrated by professional personal trainers.For even more great workouts and features, try our FREE version of SWORKIT. Create custom workouts from 4 different categories; Strength, Cardio, Yoga, and Stretching for a full body and holistic approach to quick workouts you can do anywhere. Join the 10 million users who have downloaded Sworkit apps to help achieve your own fitness goals. Sworkit has been featured by Lifehacker, Women's Running, Gizmodo, Mashable, Army Times, Brit+Co, Elle Magazine, TechCrunch and many others.DON'T limit yourself to the 7 Minute Workout's same 12 BORING exercises... DON'T feel guilty... DO Sworkit and see results in as little as 5 minutes a day!If you want even more from your workouts, check out or premier product, SWORKIT.

Assistant Air

Avec l'application « Assistant Air », respirez mieux informé ! La pollution de l'air est un sujet de santé publique qui vous concerne … Plus de 20% de la population française souffre d´allergie respiratoire… Des relations existent entre pollution, pollens, météo et allergie. C'est pourquoi MAAF met gratuitement à votre disposition ASSISTANT AIR pour mieux vous informer sur la qualité de l'air : - Consulter le niveau de pollution des villes en Europe - Consulter les niveaux des pollens en France - Consulter les prévisions météo jusqu'à 3 jours en France - Créer des alertes pour vos villes favorites afin d’être informé dès que la pollution ou les pollens auxquels vous êtes sensibles, dépassent un seuil critique. - Obtenir des conseils selon le niveau de pollution ou de pollen- Découvrir comment mieux agir sur votre santé et votre environnement - Trouver des réponses à vos questions sur la pollution et les pollens

Perte de Poids Rapide!

Vous souhaitez retrouver la forme ? Découvrez des conseils et astuces pour Perte de Poids Rapide!Maigrir vite et bien et si possible sans trop d'efforts! Détails:- Perdre du poids durablement: Points fondamentaux; Manger à sa faim et plus.- Trucs de nutrition les plus importants.- Techniques pour perdre du poids rapidement.- Tisane pour maigrir : une boisson minceur efficace.- Comment perdre le bas du ventre et la graisse abdominale.- Que faut il manger pour maigrir: les secrets d'une alimentation équilibrée.- Comment faire pour maigrir vite : les régimes hyper protéinés, une solution à chaque problème de poids.- Comment couper la faim pour maigrir : les meilleurs compléments alimentaires naturels.- Comment enlever la cellulite : astuces pour éliminer la peau d'orange.La restriction calorique n'est pas la seule solution pour la perte de poids Rapide!Stop aux fausses promesses!

WALK pedometer and calories

WALK lets you track all your fitness stats in one place.*** FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW ***WALK is the easiest, most intuitive pedometer, calorie tracking, and distance tracker app.FEATURES:- Track steps, distance and activities automatically in background. Never miss a step- Track calories used- Track distance by various means of transport- Low battery drain. Very efficient- Beautiful and intuitive design- Simple charts for clearly analysing statistics- No login required, get your data right away for free- Target and reach your weight and health goalsCompatible with native Nexus pedometer data and with other Android mobile devices using gyroscopes and accelerometer.Free download now!

Food Diary

ABOUT THE APP:Keeping track of what you eat has been shown to help prevent and stop over-eating.This app helps you control your diet and eat healthier, by making it easy to track what you eat. The design is optimized to make entry as quick as possible, with 1 click entry, and recent food suggestions. The built in database already has thousands of food items and if yours are not known, adding them is easy.FEATURES:1. A simple and powerful design: The app opens directly on the entry screen, on the most recent meal, because that is what you'll use most. The design makes adding entries as simple and intuitive as possible.2. One tap entry with personalized suggestions: The most common food items can immediately be selected. Starting on the second day, your recent items are suggested because you may eat the same food frequently.3. Logging in is not needed: No personal data or contact information is required.4. Thousands of items already in the database: Most food items have accurate information about common serving sizes, calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. 5. Full off-line support: No need to be connected to the internet. 6. Precise entry is also easy: You can accurately enter the precise amount using a slider.7. Daily reports: Using the menu, you can directly open the diary, which shows a summary of your day. Here you can switch between calories, protein and carbohydrates by pressing on little triangle.8. Personal reminders help you stay on target: They are a convenient way to make sure you fill out your diary, after each meal, or at the end of the day.It is a good idea to verify the information in the database is the same as the information on your food packaging; food nutrition fluctuates with brands and over time.Make sure to discuss your goals with your doctor or nutrition specialist.

Easy Pregnancy – Get Baby

Want to get pregnant? Want to know the gender of your baby?Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby will help the women try to conceive. It will predict which day you maybe have a baby or not. With Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby, you can also track your period, ovulation and fertile days.Easy Pregnancy - Get Baby will help you to predict your future baby gender. Predict which day maybe have a boy or girl.Features:★ Predict which day you maybe have a baby or not★ Predict the baby gender, a boy or girl★ Predict the next period, fertile and ovulation date★ Backup your data if switching phone★ Track and record your period ★ Export data if needed

Abdominal Workout

• Do you want flat abdominal and better core ?• Do you want a flat tummy without Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck ?★ Abdominal Workout ★✓ This app helps you to burn fat, get abs and keep your abdominal.✓ The app contains abs exercises everyone can do.✓ Perform exercises everyday to get 8 pack abdominal. You do a number of ab exercises each day, There are rest days to make sure you get proper recovery time.✓ Take up the Abdominal Workout Challenge with our app for FREE✓ Doing the workout will make you feel stronger, healthier, improve energy and control weight. ✓ You don't need any equipment for the workout.✓ Exercises benefits every part of the body.✓ Complete daily abdominal workout with log.★ Features ★✓ Free and Simple✓ 3 Difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard)✓ Workout Log✓ 10+ Abdominal exercises✓ Set Reminder✓ Daily reminder alarm so that you never miss the challenge.✓ Animation showing how to do each exercise✓ The daily workout routine contains basic crunches, V crunches, bicycle crunches, arm reaching crunches, flutter kicks, leg raises, leg-up crunches, alternate heel touches, vertical leg crunches and plank with leg lift.★ Just install this app and follow the routine daily if you don't train this is the perfect app for you. Get 8 abdominal muscles with this fitness app. Don't cheat! It's as simple as that. Do it everyday to get fast results.★ Do not hesitate to download Abdominal Workout and THANK YOU to everyone who has use it.

Bluelight Filter – Night Mode

Do you feel the light of your mobile screen is too strong?Do you feel your eyes fatigued after watching the phone screen for a long time? Does the glare of the screen make your eyes uncomfortable when you play phone in the bed at night?Do you feel your vision is blurry after long-use phone? All of these problems are caused by the blue light that emitted from the phone screen. Which will bring you eye strain and vision loss if you looked at the screen for a long time without rest. Now, with this application, you can easily get rid of the blue light.We have these advantages:- Heavily reduce the blue light to relieve eye fatigue and protect your eyes;- We have 5 different filter colors for you to choose: nature, red, brown, dark, yellow; - You can dynamically adjust the filter strength;- Easy to use, one one button to switch on/off;- Stable, no force close; - It's Free!

Lose Weight Loss Fast Burn Ab

HOME FITNESS –BODYWEIGHT TRAINING WORKOUT PROGRAMSStop making alibis or faulty reasons why you are not going to the gym. Like a rule of law, health and fitness excuses no one, so stop making excuses for not having time to perform bodyweight training workout programs. Did you know you can get the best shape for your body without necessarily going to the gym? With this type of exercise mobile application, you can now have the body which men and women in Special Forces have achieved. Perform the exercises through this fitness application at home and experience the same techniques used by Special Forces as well as fitness professionals. Use Your Body to Build the Body That You WantYou are your own gym and your body has all the right features to help you tone your muscles. And this application can definitely help you. It is composed of workout plans for your body and the necessary fitness equipment you need which can be found inside your homes. It has accompanying videos which will help you discover that the bodyweight training workout programs in this application are easy and deliver quick results. The application is integrated with a Health kit tool to let you save workouts and routines that can be tracked through the applications. The workouts can be performed in a matter of minutes and requires less than an hour in a day to finish the routine. Thus, you end up having more quality time with your family instead of wasting it travelling to and from the gym. The application has a fitness program embedded that will guide individuals on how to achieve a new body built which is perfect for different kinds of fitness level (novice, intermediate, and expert level). The two minute workouts are specifically designed to fit them in your busy schedule; thus, you do not need a gym to stay fit and sculpt your body. Just follow the guide in this bodyweight training workout programs application and never worry about needing gym equipment. You just need a floor and your motivation to get fit. Other FeaturesThe video is very user friendly as it has a voice prompt and video command to provide you instructions on how to complete the workout properly. It is guaranteed to help every men and women out there whether you are newbies or experts to fitness, travellers or professionals, athletes or just plain fitness enthusiasts. The app will guide you all throughout the exercise and inform you when to start a routines and when to stop. All workouts have accompanying detailed instructions and images. Once you install the application in your gadgets, expect that you will receive updates as they have made several of these since this application was released through different online vendors. So, if you happened to be just starting with a bodyweight training workout programs, or in good shape already but needs to maintain it, or have workout issues like budget, schedule, work, and time constraints, or prefer a guide format, or mixing different types of workout, this application is just perfect for you.

Chrome Zen Therapy

Who says Natural Medicine does not support the technology? Applying Chrome Zen Therapy aims to bring everyone the power of colors on the body and psyche.The Chrome Therapy, photobiology or color science is science in natural medicine to treat various diseases of the body or enhance specific areas of our personality. It can be a perfect complement to conventional medicine that is harmless and has no side effects.Each color is closely linked to a chakra or energy point in our body. We stimulate each of these chakras or energy points, will be able to improve physically and psychologically.Chrome therapies Zen Therapy can be performed in a darkened room, enjoying a nice bath color that need, or more. Or, focusing on color in a specific area of the body.The user specifies the duration of each of the therapies and have access to a track to see its progression in every color / chakra.Then all the features cited Therapy Zen Chromium:- Individual care for each color or chakra- Combination of the colors or chakras in therapies- User can customize their own therapies and how to perform them- History of all the sessions that you make- Store your time accumulated all therapies- Detailed information of the effects of each color in the physical and psychological

Stretching Flexibility Stretch

Top 10 Stretching and Flexibility Exercises for the BodyMany people do not realize the value of stretching to the body and the entire health condition in general. Some individuals have the wrong notion that stretching does not improve muscles but are just preparatory activities prior to performing rigid strength and physical exercises. This is not the case. Several studies have shown that stretching can improve athletic activities, improve flexibility and range of movements to body joints, increase blood flow to the muscle, relieves stress and pressure from the body, and minimize the risk of injuries. All it takes to gain these benefits is to have a regular stretching and flexibility exercises programWhat is it All About?A stretching and flexibility exercises application provides the most convenient way to perform different stretching exercises without going to the gym or buying expensive stretching equipments and machines. This kind of app has exercises which were designed by professionals and is based on simplified various Yoga stances so that it can be performed by everyone regardless if they are experienced with Yoga or not or whether they need it for relaxation or as part of their daily routine to stay physically active every day. The app involves different parts of the body such as the following:Neck and Waist – to relieve body pressure, stiff neck, and body joints pain. The exercises include neck massage, half-moon pose routine, body twist pose, and triangle pose. Shoulder and Back – to relieve back ache and pain, alleviate body joint movement, and prevent arching of the back. Example of stretching exercise in this aspect is hand pulling bend sideways. Body and Limbs – to burn extra fat, add energy to the muscles, and boost immunity.Features That Provide ResultsA good stretching and flexibility exercises application embeds a professional yoga teacher tool to help correct poses and offer a detailed instruction on how to perform stretching properly. The stretching exercises should only need a simple support system such as a chair so that it is easier for the individual to perform the stretching activities and achieve better results. The program is not rigid as one can choose which among the yoga stances can form part of your daily routine. The application should have a slideshow presentation and an instruction window to make it more convenient for the individual to study and imitate the movements.Install a stretching and flexibility exercises application for free now and make stretching a daily habit. Remember that stretching offers head to toe benefits and even intrinsic ones like relaxation and a stable mind. Why enroll in a Yoga class when you can have simplified Yoga lessons for free through this stretching application for mobile devices? Join the multitudes of people now who discovered this amazing mobile application and how it made wonders to their life from top to bottom. So why go for more difficult stances when you can have modified Yoga stances in this stretching and flexibility exercises application? Since it is compatible with all Android operated devices, you can have these at your fingertips right away.

Stress Buster : Stress Relief

From the makers of android's most popular meditation app (OM Meditation) comes a fun way to alleviate stress! It features daily time-tested stress relief tips.Research shows that some stress is good as it helps in increasing our performance. However, if stress is allowed to affect us over a longer term, our performance and health will ultimately decline.Stress causes the brain and nervous systems to over-work. The best way to get stress relief is to do monotonous or repetitive tasks that do not require much conscious mental inputs. Another proven way for Stress Management is to get engaged in some creative activity that causes positive energy to flow.For a long time, Bubble Wraps have helped reduce stress by allowing repeated bursting of air bubbles. But bubble wraps get over and may not be readily available when you want to de-stress. Here is an endless bubble wrap that you can keep bursting whenever and however long you want! It also gives you some interesting statistics of your expertise in bursting bubbles!This Stress Buster app also provides a second way to reduce stress. Create your own drawings and share with friends, just by blowing and bursting bubbles! To add to the fun aspect, it allows you to change the popping sounds, color and shape of the bubbles.The stress tips would help you cope with depression and alleviate stress from your daily life.The app is lightweight and does not require any special permissions.Wishing you good health and a lot of fun...

Tabata Workout Timer

Completely ad-free! Perfect timing for all situations of daily (sport) life with this interval timer app! FEATURES:* Create Timer with different phases:* Warm Up* Workout* Pause* Rest time* Cool-Down phase* Google Fit Integration* Heart rate devices support (HRM Bluetooth Smart)* Enter your target heart rate* Select for each phase a separate alarm* Choose your own music as a background during training* Plan your workouts with calendar entries* All completed workouts can be visualized in the calendar* Timer running in the background (screen off), to reduce accu consumption* Real-time alerts for lock screen and status bar* Audio / Vibrations / Voice Feedback: the view of the smartphone is not necessary* Create your own timers, save and use these again and again* Determine sets of workout and pause phases and how often you want to repeat this* Display of total time and remaining time* Speech output of completed sets or to the respective phases of the workout* No ads, no unnecessary permissionsThe Tabata Timer app is more than just a stopwatch. Whether you workout in yoga and meditation exercises or learning: Define multiple timers on your smartphone, store them and use them again and again. Define your time intervals (preparation, workout, pause) itself and showcase your custom workout together.Connect your Bluetooth heart rate monitor with the app and check your pulse (Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth LE). In addition, maximum and average heart rate during the workout will be displayed. Your pulse values during workout are also recorded in the calendar. Optimal Training range per individual pulse zones adjustable. Alerts via sound or speech output for exceeding or falling of the target heart rate.Use this sport timer app in addition for your training in the gym with weights, kettlebells, for spinning, jumping jacks or for many other fitness activities! Perfect for sport like Interval Training, Boxing, Martial Arts, Crossfit, Freeletics, HIIT, MMA, Tabata, Cycling, Running, Weightlifting and much more!Connect with Google Fit and automatically track all your workouts and activities. Choose one of the over one hundred activities to personalize the training and to synchronize with Google Fit.The countdown is running!*** Please note ***Permission "Photos / Media / Files" is necessary to load your own sound files.Permission "Device ID / Call-Info" is necessary to pause your training during a call.Please use Google TTS for an optimal voice experience.

Abs workout

This app is for anyone who wants to have a beautiful and relief press.The application contains sets of exercises that will help remove the stomach, sides and form a welcome cubes!The rules are simple - do not be lazy and take the exercises, and our app will help diversify the training and make them more interesting and productive.- Animation exercise and a detailed description.- Reminders of training- Complete sets of exercises- Flexible timer and count of rounds to training- Keep track of your weight and waist and enjoy the results!

Lullabies for Babies

Lullabies, White Noise, Brain Stimulator - tools that makes baby happy & bright.FEATURES: - Lullabies: Total 14 (6 Classic, 4 Relaxation, 2 Music box, 1 Aquarium & 1 Meditation) high quality soothing lullabies, They will for sure calm and relax your baby.- White Noise: Effective way to calm and put your baby to sleep.- Brain Stimulator: Audio based visualizer designed to help newborn babies develop their vision & hearing brain centers.NOTE: Team member of this app is father of a newborn, and this app has been tested with baby girl for one month to six months.# Lullabies Details: A) Brahms LullabyB) Beethoven’s Romance 2 in F major Op.50C) Twinkle Twinkle Little StarD) Brahms Lullaby v2E) J.S. Bach Prelude 1 - Well Tempered ClavierF) Haydn Symphony 94G) Aquarium style soothing musicH) Meditation music for kidsI) 4 Relaxation musicJ) 2 Music Box lullabies # White Noise Details:White Noise helps babies to sleep. Babies loves low frequency repeating noise. It works on same concepts of “Shushing”. # Brain Stimulator Details:Newborns (1 month+) are only capable of focusing 8 to 12 inches from their face. They also prefer black and white, high contrast images to color graphics. Less than 3 months old newborn's retina lacks the ability to distinguish details and textures. This audio based visualizer is designed help newborn babies develop their vision & hearing brain centers.

Veryfit 2.0

VeryFit2.0 main functions include check exercise, monitoring the sleep quality, intelligent alarm clock wake up, etc. Application of real-time view through physical activity and calorie consumption, monitoring the effect of walking and running. When VeryFit2.0 entered the sleep state monitoring, record the deep and shallow sleep, then sleep time, sleep help users to monitor their sleep quality. Because the application needs to implement the background to remind, so has been running in the background.


This application is perfect to save all the information that a pedometer calculates and more : calories burned, number of steps taken per day .... The smartwatch is connected to your smartphone with the application.You can easily enter your statistics on your smartphone, keep an eye on your progress and share to your friends !

Kwit – stop smoking cigarette

Have you recently quit smoking, or been wanting to quit? Kwit is exactly what you need!Kwit uses game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to encourage people to quit smoking.You reach higher and higher levels and rankings as you try to become the Ultimate Kwitter. You'll have access to useful statistics such as the time passed since you've stopped smoking, the money you've saved and the number of cigarettes you haven't smoked. You can monitor these statistics live.There are also 60 achievements for you to unlock. When you reach some of them you'll even get info about the benefits of stopping smoking for your body and your life.Finally, you'll be able to share your progress with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and by email.Shake your mobile to draw a motivational card (40 different cards available) when you feel craving for a cigarette coming on. You'll get a tip on how to avoid lighting up and feel better.Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself. Get started now and have some fun doing it!

MUJI to Relax

MUJI to RelaxWhenever you want to relax at home, or are in places where it is difficult to sleep, like an airplane or long distance bus or coach,Muji Ryohin will provide support for your sleep and relaxation time whenever and wherever you are.Muji to Sleep includes 6 natural sounds to help you sleep,plus new added functionality that allows you to create your very own relaxation music.Android Wear and watch faces are supported.ー About this App ー This is a sound app that helps you enjoy sleep and relaxation time in way that suits you.Use Muji Ryohin's "sofa that fits to your body" together with the "fitted neck cushion" to enjoy an even better time of sleep and relaxation.ー How to Use the App ー [ 6 Natural Sounds ]Plays 6 natural sounds that will help you sleep.6 stereophonic sounds recorded in various regions of Japan will help you sleep and relax.1. Put on the headphones and start the app2. Swipe the app and select your favorite sound3. Set the timer and go to sleep[ Your Own Unique Relaxation Music ]Creates your own unique sounds from your heart rate and the time of day.Provides your perfect relaxation sound selected from an infinite number of sound combinations.1. Put on the headphones and start the app2. Tap the plus button on the top left3. When the light is on, place your finger over the camera and the light to measure your heart rate4. Once you have taken your measurement, your own original relaxation music will be played.ー Important Notes ーThis app uses special sounds known as binaural beats. Therefore, please do not use this app in the following cases:・If you suffer from epileptic seizures or heart disease (in particular if you have a pacemaker)・If you are feeling unwell or under the weather・If there is a change in your condition or suddenly become unwell when using the app・If you are driving a car or operating a machine・If you are less than 10 years old

7MinGym Chromecast-AndroidTV

Winner of The Google Fit Developer ChallengeThe 7 Minutes Workout Gym is a workout program that has become an international hit! It is very simple but extremely effective. If you want to lose weight and strengthen your muscles but don't have an hour for a daily workout you might just need 7MinGym! The workout consists of 12 scientifically selected exercises each done for 30 seconds with a 10 seconds break in between.Exercises are Jumping jacks, Wall sit, Push-up, Abdominal crunch, Step-up onto chair , Squat , Triceps dip on chair, Plank , High knees/running in place , Lunge, Push-up and rotation, Side plank.Few additional equipment are needed : a chair and a wall.This is a high intensity circuit training workout which can be done at home, office, or a hotel room.Easy and simple UI.Compatible with your Chromecast and AndroidTV devices, it now also supports Google Fit. Play music from Deezer or Spotify on your mobile phone or on your Chromecast device.ON YOUR CHROMECAST- by clicking the Chromecast icon on the top bar, you can connect to your Chromecast device- select your session on your phone- START your sessionThe Chromecast can also PLAY your selected MUSIC.WITH YOUR FAVORITE MUSICYou can choose your own music.- You can login to Deezer or Spotify services and then perform your workout with your own Playlist or Album.- NO need to be a Deezer or Spotify premium user- Music will play on your phone or on the Chromecast device if you are connected.- IMPORTANT : you need a network connection to use Deezer or Spotify.GOOGLE FITYou can keep track of your efforts with Google Fit- On the left panel, click the "Google Fit" entry.SAVEYou can create and save your own sessions.- create a new session, it is automatically saved on your phone- if you registered with email/password or with Facebook, your sessions are saved on the cloud so you can retrieve them on any phones ( just press "Reload" to download your sessions from the cloud ).NO MORE EXCUSES and good luck !Dear browser our users are searching for sport, workouts, 7 minutes, 7 minutes gym or even gym to find usI am also looking for ios developers and designers to help me improve this application, I have a lot of ideas but limited time !If some spanish users are ready to help me with the translation just send me an email.

Unique Heart Rate Monitor

This Heart Rate Monitor measure your pulse rate by analyzing the blood flow information from your finger tip.★It is very EASY to use and the result is remarkably ACCURATE. ★Now it is offered FREE and allows UNLIMITED number of records and Unlimited number of heart rate measurement.Just talked to my friend, he used to do pulse rate measurement using pulse meter and keep log by writing done for some reason. But now using this app, he can take his heartbeat any time and have a nice log to present.Feeling enough with the limitation from other free heart rate app? Now get this heart rate application to measure your heart pulse rate. How accurate it is? Watch the video, it shows how close are the reading of the heat rate app and that of a pulse meter.All the heartbeat data are saved and NICELY displayed to you. They are well organized in categories "REST","EXERCISE" or "POST EXERCISE" or you can simply use the state "GENERAL"★This heart rate monitor are suitable for people who are care a lot of their health condition or in need to monitor theirheart rate regularly. It can suggests you fitness level information. Recent studies shows a higher heart beat rate in rest mode maybe link to a higher risk of heart diseases e.g heart attack. And the better shape you are, the slower your heart beat rate (but not extremely low) will be in rest mode.Please be noted irregular heartbeat information cannot be identified because it may only only be fault trigger due to the poor steadiness of the finger putting on the camera. ★It is also very suitable for people would like to measure their workout intensity. It is perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or Cardio.HR Monitor shows your exercise intensity level calculated based on your personalized maximum heart rate zone. And shows you which heart rate zone you are in -"Recovery Zone", "Fat-Burning Zone", "Target Heart Rate Zone" and the "High Intensity Zone".Target Heart Rate Zone is perfect for Cardio Exercise.Recognition AlgorithmThe heart rate monitor app detects your pulse by using the camera of your phone. When your heart beats, the volume of the blood flowing through your finger tip be changed. This application use the camera to capture the image and use algorithms to recognize the heart beat. Please ensure the environment is well-lit for the best performance of the camera.Instruction:`(Make sure that your hand is not cold).Note: This is not a medical device.This is Ad supported application for it's free functionalities

Ghostracer – GPS Run & Cycle

Make every run and ride your best, train against virtual competitors in real time on your phone & Android Wear.•Race against Strava segments in real time. Beat your personal best or challenge the top of the leader board•Race against or navigate with gpx files •Ghosts Start and Stop automatically keeping you free to ride/run.•Receive live feedback with audio updates of split times and distance•Customise your display to show information you want to know •Segments and routes are displayed on Google maps keeping you going in the right direction •Upload your activity straight to Strava or export to a gpx file.•Ant+ and Bluetooth Low Energy (btle) sensors supported: speed, cadence, speed/cadence combined, power and heart rate monitors*Peripherals:•Sony Smartwatch 2 - see your stats on your wrist, low power mode supported to always keep the info on display all the time•Wahoo rflkt - Beta only. Only 2 screens shown with a segment complete page•Android wear: full support for the Sony Smartwatch 3's inbuilt GPS. Supports all other watches also when paired to a phone. The SW3 supports features such as: Bluetooth heart rate compatible, ambient mode and full customization of the display making it one of the best SW3 tracking apps. Note there is an issue with the sw3 where sweat can make the watch lose GPS signal. People have used sweatbands or other things under the watch to keep it away from sweat, resulting in much improved performance.Ghost racer*Sensors support where available.Bluetooth Low Energy requires Android 4.3 and up.Ant+ requires a phone with the Ant+ capabilities or a Ant+ dongle / usb stickGhostracer supports Smart Connect extension for SmartWatch 2 (SW2)

Wiggle – Cycle, Run, Swim

Introducing the Wiggle App!Now you can browse and shop the latest cycle, run and swim products with the brand that loves sport as much as you do!- Browse and shop our superb range of sporting products- Receive exclusive promotions and offers- Access your wishlist to keep track of all your favourite items- Easy links to our wider Wiggle services including Insurance, Claims and our helpful Buyers’ Guides- Join fantastic Wiggle events around the country- Started shopping on our website? Simply log in and continue on the App- Available in multiple locations including UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and France- English language version now available to download worldwide- Plus, lots more exciting features coming soon!Ready. Set. Go download the Wiggle App now.

Abdominal Abs Ab Tummy Workout

Many women got it wrong when they think that achieving bikini ready abs is very difficult. While it is true that it involves so much work like doing exercises, diet, and lifestyle change, chances are some of these women might be following a diet or exercise regimen which is not ideal for them or in most cases, spend idle time doing unnecessary things instead of tinkering with Google play and follow apps like Ab Work–Outs Belly Exercises. If you are one of such women, you still have time to achieve a bikini proud body and abs. Let belly workout programs help you achieve this.What Is It All AboutIt is not true that women need to perform very rigid exercises and use physical fitness machines extensively to achieve bikini ready body and abs. Through belly workout programs applications or videos, you will learn simple exercises that are easy to perform and does not require individuals to use special kind of fitness equipment and machines to sculpt the abs. These abs exercises guarantee that you do not only achieve bikini friendly abs which is a flat stomach and slim tummy but you will stay in good health all the time also. Women who want to their tummy to stay in shape 365 days will definitely love these exercises. The RoutinesAchieve that bikini ready abs and tummy with these workouts and you will definitely get results as the routines were certified by personal trainers. You and your belly will really love these routines. What you will find in belly workout programs applications are:Easy to perform exercises – no complicated routines. The routines involved are sit-ups, squats, bending, leg and arm raise, lifting of the body, stretching, and belly twisting for example. These are ideal exercise to enhance your buttocks. No equipments and machines needed – no need to exert additional pressure lifting weights and dumbbells. No need for you to dig into your pockets to buy butt machines which do not work actually. No membership requirement and no need to buy books and pills to enhance your buttocks.Exercise all the time – you can perform the routines found in belly workout programs any time you want for as long as you feel that your butt still needs some toning. You can do these things even in the office while relieving some stress and pressure from your work. You can even try it before going to bed to help you get tired quickly and sleep peacefully. Features of BIKINI ABS – ABDOMONINAL – BELLY WORKOUT PROGRAMSThe abs workouts are free; no necessary purchase or lock in promotional offers compliance and is available for all types of devices such as tablets and smart phones. With these free abs routines, you can exercise to your heart’s delight whenever and wherever you want to. Just check the operating system and version requirements for your gadget first before you download and install to see if the application and your device complement each other. You may also need to connect to the Internet to make the apps work.


Turn your Android device into your personal coach with Elite’s myETraining (my E-Training) App, a great, new and exciting way to manage all your Elite hometrainers and training session from your favourite device! myETraining (my E-Training) is FREE for the first 10 minutes per day. If you want to use it endlessly, you have to pay 9.99€ for the annual subscription.  Many important features of myETraining (my E-Training):- Training with RealVideos and myRealVideos. You can purchase and download Elite RealVideos or ride for free the many myRealVideos created by the users. The video playing speed is synchronized to the speed you are pedaling on your bike, offering a real-road riding experience. - Bluetooth Smart sensors compatibility (depending on the Android device). - Elite Misuro Blu and Misuro + compatibility. These Elite sensors are applied directly to the trainer simplifying the setup and removal procedures. - Cloud Data. Now your data is in the cloud, and synchronized between your devices. - Multiusers. Now it’s possible to use the app myETraining (my E-Training) with up to 3 different riders, each with their own data.- New and easy procedure to create new training programs. - Video or music play-list. You’ll manage power, cadence, heart rate, speed, time and distance data directly from your smartphone or tablet. `The annual subscription of myETraining (my E-Training)is not renewed automatically. At the end of the year you can choose to renew or to stay in FREE mode. All the myETraining (my E-Training)features are available to both subscribed and unsubscribed users. All the features can be tested for 10 minutes a day (FREE mode). To benefit fully from the training and strengthening programs offered by the algorithms, an annual subscription must be purchased. APP FEATURES Base Training: choose your own training mode - constant power*, training levels, pre-set programs. Conconi Test: calculate your anaerobic threshold. Training test: create monthly indoor training programs based on your test results. Maps races: create races from all over the world with Maps. Save, share and export all training data to evaluate your performance level and improvements `* only on electronic rollers and hometrainersmyETraining (my E-Training) has been tested on the following devices:- HTC One- LG Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy Nexus- Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S4 Active- Samsung Galaxy S3- Samsung Galaxy S5- Samsung Galaxy Tab 3- Samsung Galaxy Tab 4


To combat the sub-health, we need WristbandApp + Health bracelet. Health bracelet is equipped with a motion sensor, Bluetooth 4.0 chip. By wearingHealth bracelet can record your daily exercise consumption, sleep quality and other parameters. Parameters via Bluetooth 4.0 can be reached on WristbandApp, the user can Check your daily sports consumption and quality of sleep at any time by phone , you can make better rest and exercise plan. WristbandApp focus on a better user experience, adding a lot of interesting features (remote camera ,Remote flashlight, Bluetooth anti-lost, etc.), and there will be a lot of somatosensory games, to help users get rid of sitting motionless playing phone sub-health habits. Let's get rid of sub-health, more scientific "Play! "


Set a healthy and realistic goal, if you’re looking to lose or gain a few pounds could be challenging. With this app, you can track your weight periodically and monitor your progress. Statistics and graphs will give you more insights, helping to reach your goals! You can set them by yourself, or ask for an advice to the app. In this case, it will take the suggested Body Mass Index (BMI), and then it will compute a possible weight and achievable date to reach it (Note: this does not substitute a professional medical advice). If you are on diet, the app could help you to collect data for your nutritionist or your dietitian.You can associate your blood pressure and a note to each measured weight. You may also track multiple profiles, or use different profiles for different goals.The app offers:•  Weight tracking •  Support for multiple separate profiles•  Custom color for different profiles•  Backup on Google Drive™•  Storage and modification of the measures and dates•  Metric (meters an kilograms) and imperial (pounds, feet and inches) measurement units•  Computed Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) using different formulas•  Statistics about weight variations and progressThis app is not meant to serve as a source of clinical guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. If you are on diet, consulting a nutrition specialist may help you to define achievable and healthy goals.

Pedometer Step Meter Tracker

Looking to step counting to Better health and fitness? walking 10,000 steps a day is one of the easiest ways to achieve weight loss and high fitness. Our application allows you to read content of the benefit of pedometer step meter that work!!! If you want to improve your knowledge about how to use Pedometer Step Meter Tracker.Some contents that Pedometer Step Meter Tracker offers:- Pedometer - Step Counting To Better Health And Fitness- How to Be a Successful Pedometer Step Walker- How to Calculate Pedometer Steps in Weight Watchers- Using a Pedometer Will Motivate You to Pump Up Calories Burned With Every Step- How to Use a PedometerApp is 100% free. Thanks for download Pedometer Step Meter Tracker.It is also now available.

Gym Fitness Body Bodybuilding

As we developed this application for women, it focuses on areas that affect them the most. These areas can include toning muscles, defining the abs, losing weight or burning fat. Our application has over 100 exercises movements, as well as five specialized workouts to help you realize your fitness goals. Our exercises cover all the major muscle groups including legs, arms, back, butt, abdominals, shoulders, and chest muscles. Whether you are looking for a whole body home workout or just to hone in on one body part, such as legs, to workout at the gym, then this is the total fitness app for you! A video comes with each exercise to show you the appropriate form for the exercise. So, when at the gym, you will know how to use the dumbbell, barbell, or any other equipment the right way! These measures ensure you are getting the most from your workouts and not injuring yourself. One such measure includes stretching activities because we know that stretching prior to a workout can reduce the potential for injury significantly. When you’re not injured you can tone muscles, burn fat, and lose weight.In addition, you can customize your workout to tailor it to your environment with our app. You have no more excuses to start achieving your fitness goals right now! You can download our app and get started with a few simple steps, working towards that perfect beach body or bikini body you want. Your imagination and not that of the gym or fitness club you may be a member of only limit you. We worked alongside fitness experts to design this application. That means that the exercises and fitness programs you are receiving are the cream of the crop. We tailored our programs to help you get the most out of our app at the gym, fitness club, home, or on the road. We offer exercises that are suitable for every need. For example, we have exercises for legs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, abdominals, and butt, which will build muscle mass, in turn burning fat. Besides these, we also have activities that use different equipment such as a dumbbell or barbell as well as specific stretches for those looking to gain flexibility. You can start at your own comfort level or work with what is in your gym, fitness club or workout environment. So, it does not matter what type of equipment you have available to you, as we will help you meet your needs and get the fitness results you desire.Our exercises cover the gamete of the equipment you can use for legs, chest, arms, back, shoulders, abs, or your butt. From a dumbbell to a barbell, you can choose your weapon of choice. Whether you want to work your abdominals or chest, you can do it in the manner that is best for you. This high level of customization means you will have every opportunity to lose weight, tone muscles, or burn fat with no barriers. The custom exercise programs will help women target areas of importance. The programs are well designed, comprehensive and use bodyweight, dumbbells, barbells, and other equipment. They help with weight loss, toning muscles, and burning fat. Also, they will contribute to strengthening muscles and help you with stretching to become flexible. Using Women's Gym - Exercises and Workout Routines is like having your own personal trainer! Our wide range of exercises and their potential uses will help you lose weight, time muscles, or burn fat. Also, we cater to the particular needs of women, so we have different workout programs available for every female fitness need. Moreover, our application is flexible in when and how you use it and was created with the help of industry experts. We will be your go-to fitness companion for all of your workout needs as your fitness needs grow and change. Bikini body, beach body, or just to tone muscles, burn fat, or lose weight.

30 Day Butt Challenge

The butt is one of the only components of our body that we can’t see with our eyes but it doesn’t mean that nobody can see your butt. Most of the women in the bikinis seem unhappy about their booty as some cries because it is fat or saggy while some because that their butt is small. The right butt lift workouts and butt exercises will make your butt firm according to the body type and genetics. The key to get fit backside is the introduction of new exercises that has the capability to tone every inch of your rear by burning fat and shaping it to become firm.This workout will 1. Tone and shape your body2. Reduce extra-fats of the buttThe 30 Days butt lift workout contains such brilliant workouts that are made under the supervision of Brazilian gymnastics that are very well aware of the ways which can tone your butt in 30 days. Are you ready to take the 30 days Brazilian butt lift challenge? Toning and shaping your body to make the butt firm is what a women desires and now this desire is no longer an unfulfilled desire. Download this app for free!Feel free to join our other 30 day FREE health regime as well:30 Day Ab Challenge30 Day Push Up Challenge30 Day Squat Challenge30 Day Cardio ChallengePlease seek medical advice prior to commencement.

Butt Fitness Videos

See the fitness videos today. There is one video for each day – so you will get that fit look for all year long. Practice regularly and enjoy the guidance.7 days guidance – you can always repeat the videos – so you can get the exact result you wish for.Thank you :)

Enceinte: que puis-je manger ?

Puis-je manger cet aliment ? Ou celui-ci ? Alors que je suis enceinte..."Enceinte : que puis-je manger ?" Une application simple et efficace pour savoir quels aliments sont autorisés ou déconseillés pendant la grossesse.- Une base de plus de 1300 aliments- Un affichage des informations nutritionnelles des aliments- Une interface simple mais efficaceLes conseils dispensés sur cet outil sont donnés à titre strictement indicatif et ne peuvent en aucun cas remplacer un diagnostic médical. Vous pouvez faire des suggestions d'aliments en nous contactant!


L’application mobile baloo a été conçue de façon à ce que ce service soit le plus complet et le plus facile d’utilisation possible.Vous pourrez ainsi : - Consulter et Modifier les informations personnelles liées à votre compte.Le plus baloo : Consulter et exporter les données de votre contrat et votre résumé de garanties.- Rechercher et consulter vos remboursements par : Bénéficiaire Nature de soins Type de règlementLe plus baloo : Consulter en toute simplicité et rapidité vos 5 derniers remboursements en cliquant sur « mes derniers remboursements ».- Consulter vos décomptes mensuels.Le plus baloo : Télécharger et exporter vos décomptes mensuels.- Editer votre carte de tiers payant par voie postale ou par e-mail.Le plus baloo : Votre carte de tiers payant est toujours sur vous ! Vous pouvez la présenter aux professionnels de santé par le biais de votre mobile.- Selon votre réseau de santé, vous pouvez rechercher et contacter un professionnel de santé. Une fois la recherche effectuée et le professionnel trouvé, rendez-vous chez ce dernier grâce à l’itinéraire proposé directement par l’application baloo.Le plus baloo : Effectuer votre recherche par la géolocalisation.- Contactez-nous, tous les moyens sont bons ! Appel, mail, fax, en un seul clic, vous pouvez entrer en contact avec nos gestionnaires qualifiés.Le plus baloo : Lancer l’itinéraire mis à disposition sur votre application et rencontrez nous sans aucune difficulté.- Grace à notre rubrique Questions / Réponses vous retrouvez les questions les plus fréquentes et les réponses élaborées par nos gestionnaires.Le plus baloo : Ces questions qui composent cette rubrique évolueront et seront mises à jour régulièrement.- Gérer en toute liberté et toute autonomie la fréquence et le mode de réception de vos décomptes.Le plus baloo : Recevez via les notifications push ou par e-mail vos informations de remboursements.

ASUS ZenWatch Wellness

ZenWatch Wellness = pedometer + heart rate monitor + sleep tracker, a smart tracker to effortlessly keep you fit and healthy! Only for ASUS ZenWatch users: Track your DAILY and WEEKLY activity with simple charts, including: - steps and estimated calories burned- exercise intensity- relaxation index- numbers of push-up and sit-up- lengths of deep sleep, light sleep, and toss-and-turnSuggest a daily step goal and easy to review your achievement everyday.Use "Idle alert" to set a reminder in case you forget to take a walk or do exercise.* ZenWatch 1 (WI500Q) users can enjoy following functions:- Record your exercise intensity and heart rate- Examine your relaxation index and provide useful short tips to reduce stress* ZenWatch 2 (WI501Q, WI502Q) users can enjoy following functions:- Track your sleep at night to know how well you slept- Start a workout as Running, Push-up, or Sit-up with goalsNote: Please turn on the sleep/workout tracking function of Wellness from ZenWatch2.ASUS Wellness is designed by ASUS ZenUI.More information please find below:

5 Min Relaxation & Meditation

5 Minute Relaxation - Voice guided meditations to give you a relaxed feeling of peace and calm fast - perfect for stress relief and insomnia.Do you feel stressed and anxious? Do you crave a moment of peace and relaxation? Then download this app and feel calmer and more relaxed in just 5 minutes Features: A combination of vocal guidance, soothing music and relaxing sounds to create a calm journey into peace and tranquility. Don't think you have time to relax? Every session takes just 5 minutes from start to finish - ideal for short breaks in the working day. Want to relax before you drift off to sleep? Set the app to automatically guide you to sleep . Beautiful imagery helps you feel calmer from the moment you open the app. The easy way to escape the stresses of modern life - download now!

Makeup Tips And Ideas

Makeup Tips And Ideas YouCam Makeup is the best makeover and hairstyle studio with lipstick eye makeup blush and more for your digital makeover! Create makeup looks hairstyles and change hair color instantly. Professional Makeup Tutorials: Get a flawless face in a flash with these makeup tutorials. Makeup artist Patricia Longo shows you the correct way to apply mascara put on eyeliner create a smokey eye use a foundation brush shape your eyebrows apply blush cover up acne put on lipstick and much more. It's the next best thing to having a professional makeup artist do your makeup for tutorial apps for freeTry on makeup in realtime with the live Makeup Cam. Get an instant makeover with hundreds of makeup & beauty looks that you can apply in real life! This instant makeover is just like a magic mirror! Love to play dress up like a barbie? Try the onetouch Fashion Week runway supermodel and wedding makeover looks! Makeup Tips And Ideas

5 Minute Home Workouts

Don't have the time or the will power to workout? Then try 5 Minute Home Workouts: Quick routines with timed rest and exercise periods to ensure workouts take no more than 5 minutes.Feel you are a fitness novice? All workouts feature detailed instructions and clear 3D animations.Get bored of the same routines? 12 sessions and 42 different exercises means enough variety for everyone.Need motivating? EVERY exercise in EVERY session has a target to challenge you depending on your previous progress.5 minutes seems too fast? Combine different sessions to create a longer workout programme.Training sessions are divided onto 6 groups:Abs - routines to tone your stomach and core for a flat trim lookFat Loss - full body programme to get a trim figureChest and Arms - exercises to target your upper body for a strong powerful lookButt and Legs - helps create slender legs and a pert buttYoga - great for improved flexibility and peace of mindPilates- improve your core strength and postureThe easy way to the body you want: Download 5 Minute Home Workouts now!

Sworkit Kids – Workout Trainer

Turn Fitness into a game with your children with customizable workouts for Strength, Agility, and Flexibility! No matter where you are, every moment is an opportunity to get active and have fun getting fit.With 10 million downloads of our Sworkit apps, we noticed that schools and parents were using the app regularly. We have taken it upon ourselves to provide an even better, personalized experience for them! Staying active as a child is so important to our development and now Sworkit Kids makes it fun and easy.Calling all kids age 7 to 14. Do you think you can crab crawl for 30 seconds or do 10 squats? How long can you hop on one foot or Tightrope? Test out your skills with Sworkit Kids!Sworkit guides you through fun exercise routines demonstrated by possible future personal trainers (or future doctors).  Sworkit Kids uses kids for the videos to make it easy to follow along and is completely ad-free!If you are a Phys Ed specialist or just a teacher looking to give your students a little time to stretch those legs after sitting for so long, let Sworkit Kids lead the class with a full stretch and some fun exercises to get the blood flowing to those smart brains.Share your customized workouts with your friends and family to see who has what it takes to get fit!Sworkit Kids uses a scientifically proven technique of combining interval training with randomized exercises so you can never get bored of the same old routines. You can do a workout for 5 minutes or 30+ minutes.Where can you use Sworkit?- Phys Ed Class- Classrooms- Dance Class- At home- Outside- While watching TV- In the car (maybe not)Haven’t heard of Sworkit?Our workout apps leading the way for fitness workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime. Sworkit has been featured in Lifehacker, Women's Running, Gizmodo, Mashable, Army Times, Brit+Co, Elle Magazine, TechCrunch and many others. Sworkit features over 200 different exercises and can be customized to target any area of your body for any amount of time at any time of the day.

Salter MiBody

If you are an existing user of MiBody and you are updating to the new App to transfer your data you must download the App and Follow the “Setup a new user” sequence. You must use the same email address. The email address identifies the data from the old app and transfers it to the new one.If your previous data is not shown after completing the “Setup a new user” then tap on your profile picture to enter “Settings”. Select the drop down menu from the top right hand corner of the screen. Select “Import Data”. A list of all previous users on your device by email address is shown. Select your email address and select “Import Data”To add new data to the App you will need to repair the devices. Select the drop down menu from the top right hand corner of the App home screen. Select “Add Device”. Press and hold the “UNIT” button on the base of the scale or “START/STOP” button on the blood pressure monitor. In the App select your user number and select “OK”. If pairing is successful [] will be displayed on the device.MiBody should be used in addition with and not as a substitute to professional medical guidance. If you are concerned about any aspect of your health please seek professional medical guidance.We are aware that a small number of users are experiencing difficulty with pairing devices after the update. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Your feedback will help us identify and fix issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and apologies for any inconvenience caused during this transition.Please do not delete the app if you intend to reinstall it.Deleting the app will permanently delete measurements from the old version of the app, making them irretrievable.

Period Tracker – Woman Diary

Period Tracker is a simple and yet very stylish application that offers the chance to any girl or woman to be in control of their period, ovulation, fertility days and even birth control/contraceptive. We offer you a calendar which helps you predict your next menstrual cycles, fertile and ovulation days. It was designed for those who can’t remember the last period days but also for women who want to know and calculate when they have the greatest chance in getting pregnant. Very discreet and elegant with lots of features specially designed so that you don't miss another important day of your life. Track daily details by filling your menstrual flow details, symptoms, moods, temperature & weight, intercourse details, medication or even secret diary entries. Intuitive and very womanly you can use this app as your own private secret diary in which you can store securely under a password all your intimate notes and also all your menstrual related data. You can always backup or delete your data so that you don't lose any precious information.Features: - period, ovulation, fertile & pill notification reminders - daily details about moods, symptoms, temperature, weight, ovulation, flow, intercourse, medication, cervical observation - timeline - visualize summarized data as it was filled - beautiful main screen with vital summarized information - password/PIN to protect your secret entries - preview calendar - see coming period days and track fertile days - abstinent feature - hide intercourse,fertility and ovulation data - backup and restore feature - adjustable and intelligent cycle prediction - adjustable luteal length - intuitive and stylish - menstrual prediction calculator and calendar - main screen calendar with summarized daily details - adjust first day of week - adjustable units of measurement - menstrual cycles list - add & adjust past or current cycles and visualize lengths. Track irregularities in your periods. Available in : English, Deutsch, Español, Eλληνικά, Français, Magyar, Italiano, Nederlands, Norsk, Português, Romana, Svenska, Türkçe, Pусский, 中文(简体), 한국어, 日本語, हिन्दीA period calendar that will help you be in control of your menstrual cycles, fertile and ovulation days.Enjoy your amazing life!More about us on:

Weight Watchers Smart Scale

The Weight Watchers Smart Scale app is designed to help you easily get the SmartPoints values of your favorite foods. * requires a reflex smart food scale** please contact your local Weight Watchers leaders for special offersSmartPoints and FitPoints are trademark of Weight Watchers International, Inc.WEIGHT WATCHERS is a registered trademark of Weight Watchers International, Inc.reflex is a trademark of ReFleX Wireless Inc.


Centre de Gestion Règlement MaladieRéservée aux adhérents de CGRM , cette application gratuite vous permet à tout moment :• de consulter vos remboursements• de nous faire une demande de prise en charge hospitalière• de consulter et modifier vos informations personnelles• d'appeler un numéro d’urgenceVous désirez utiliser cette application ?

RockMyRun – Best Workout Music

Get more motivation from your workout music. RockMyRun works with the world’s best DJs to craft mixes and playlists that react to your body. You’ll enjoy every workout more because your music moves you! As featured in the New York Times, LA Times, TIME Magazine, Rachael Ray Show and The Today Show (twice!), RockMyRun is PROVEN to increase motivation and enjoyment by up to 35%. Leave your workout music behind and experience the best fitness music, curated by experts.WHY ROCKMYRUN ROCKS► Talented DJ's like David Guetta, Zedd, Afrojack, Major Lazer and more create running music and workout music mixes to give you the best exercise music with consistent energy & tempo during your workout (no more hitting skip!)► Mixes build in BPM (beats per minute) during your workout to help keep you going!► Different from Songza, Spotify and Pandora Radio because all songs are specially selected and seamlessly blended together, creating a unique workout experience► Body Driven Music™ adjusts music tempo of mixes and playlists to match your steps or goal cadence► New suggested mixes feature tailors mixes and playlists based on your listening preferences. It’s music that listens to you!► Choose any genre: Pop, Rock, Hip-hop/Rap, House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, 80’s, 90’s, Oldies, Christian, R&B, Latin, Reggae, Seasonal, Country, Bmore, Classical.► Use it for a gym playlist, 10k run, marathon training, couch to 5k, Crossfit class, bootcamp class or cycling.► Works seamlessly with running apps and tracking apps like Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Runtastic and Endomondo. They’ll do the tracking and we'll do the rocking while you do the training!ROCKMYRUN LOVENew York Times: “Music can be a great help to runners, but sometimes putting together a playlist can be a chore. Leave the running song selection up to RockMyRun.”LA Times: “Great variety; it's easy to find something to your tastes. Choose from oldies, dub step, hip-hop, country and a dozen other genres, then personalize it via preferred beats per minute, clean or explicit lyrics.”Glamour: “These Pre-Made Music Mixes Will Change Everything”Natalie Morales, Today Show Co-Anchor: “I am totally am downloading this.”BACKED BY SCIENCERockMyRun was tested by EPARC, a leading exercise research lab, comparing the motivation people feel listening to RockMyRun vs. standard workout playlists. "The emotional/motivational appeal of the RockMyRun product was clear. The main evidence for this can be seen when examining the IMI, a measurement device intended to assess the subjective experience of running, and the degree to which participant’s enjoyed and felt engaged in the experience. Given that all of the positive subscales of the IMI were statistically significant it seems reasonable to conclude that music that has been mixed together to maintain an optimized beat encourages the listener to experience and internalize more positive feelings about the experience and the outcomes."HOW IT WORKSJust for registering, you get a free trial and unlimited, 100% FREE access to the 1000’s of workout music mixes that react to your body. Once the trial ends, you’ll have limited access.Get more motivation to boost your training with a ROCKSTAR upgrade that gives you unlimited workout music that matches your body, uninterrupted listening to the best running songs and workout music in the world and freedom from ads! DON'T LET ANOTHER WORKOUT GO UN-ROCKED! Questions? Love RockMyRun? Connect with us!

FitWell Fitness, Health, Diet

FitWell is an easy-to-use fitness & wellness coaching app to get and maintain simply a "fit", slim, toned body; healthy weight loss, body building, muscle build-up, muscle shape-up, healthy diet plans, nutrition guide.★The Only Health & Fitness Coach You'll Ever Need★✔ Set your fitness goal: Guided by free, comprehensive "body evaluation" and "Fit Test"* Strength training, 6pack, abs (stomach) training, circuit training, crossfit workouts, full body workout, intensive & HIIT workouts* Get lean, get flexible, core workouts, weight loss✔ Personal Workout Plan: Lose weight or build fat burning muscles: Goal-specific training with pro athletes, master trainers. FitWell is suitable for every fitness level.✔ Personal Meal and Diet Plan: Daily menu of 3 main meals & 2 snacks is prepared by FitWell, tailored to your personal preferences, all supervised by a dietitian.✔ Smart Coach: Constantly tracks your progress and adapts the intensity and difficulty of the program accordingly as your personal trainer✔ Smart reminders, analysis, reports: Get insight on you how you're performing and how close you are to achieving your goal✔ Activity tracking (logging):Workout log keeps you motivated and food log helps you stay on track. FitWell counts your steps throughout the day using your phone's pedometer or Google Fit, which also reports total calories burned whilst walking✔ Daily Targets WATER+CALORIE+STEPS: Hit your targets everyday and reach your goal;drink the right amount of water, eat healthy, be active, feel good`Easy Daily Fitness Targets tracking with widget on Android home screen“Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced athlete, you’ll get there with FitWell’s personal workout programs. They're individually designed for you and constantly adapting to your progress.. So if you're serious about achieving your goals, let’s get started!”-Murat Can Üner (Turkish National Football Team Performance Trainer & FitWell Coach)“Meal planning is as important as calorie count. We design nutrition plans tailored to your tastes, goals and habits. And we understand that it can be a hassle to decide what to eat, especially when you're trying to get in shape. But don't worry - we'll help you with a delicious, healthy diet.”-Cenk Özyılmaz (Turkish National Football Team Dietician & FitWell Nutritionist)Getting "Fit"; fun, healthy, simple* 330+ moves, infinite training combinations. Plus; 7 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), zone specific and seasonal workouts.* Enjoy your own "Home Gym"; train at home, or, work out anywhere, no sports equipment required* Change your challenge & fitness plan anytime, no limits applied* Watch HD workout videos on TV with Chromecast* Connect FitWell's music player to your favourite music app and work out with your favourite tunes FitWell plans are compatible with all sport and fitness activities;* Most popular; yoga, pilates, running, jogging, walking, crossfit, cycling* Mountain & winter sports; skiing, snowboarding, hiking, trekking"* Beach & water sports; swimming, kitesurf, sailing"★ Make Fitness last for a lifetime with FitWell ★Free features to get you moving immediately; fitness tracker, calorie counter, pedometer (step counter), food journal, daily reminders, active body, workouts for neck pain, back pain, low back pain.With FitWell Premium, get personal meal planning and workout plans specially designed for you as well as unlimited access to many Premium workouts; zone specific and seasonal workouts.
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Perdez du poids et retrouver la forme avec Fitnext !1 - Des menus personnalisés2 - Un programme d'entrainement sur mesure3 - Séances de relaxation4 - Un suivi quotidien grâce à une équipe de coachs5 - Tableaux de bord et analyse personnalisés6 - Conseils pratiques signés Erwann Menthéour7 - Des centaines de recettes healthyReprenez le contrôle de votre corps avec Fitnext, le programme de coaching évolutif créé par l'ancien sportif professionnel Erwann Menthéour.Un programme unique au monde, efficace et dont les résultats seront durables.Le seul programme qui propose un pack complet sport et nutrition conçu par des anciens sportifs et experts de renommée dans leur domaine.Choisissez votre programme pour vous aider à mincir, à vous tonifier ou à vous renforcer au niveau musculaire. Sélectionnez vos entraînements sportifs, découvrez votre régime alimentaire personnalisé à suivre, ainsi qu'une liste de courses le tout mis à jour une fois par semaine grâce à vos retours. Observez les résultats sur votre tableau de bord, choisissez la durée des séances et ajoutez-en jusqu'à 5 par semaine pour optimiser vos résultats.Fitnext en quelques lignes :• Des entraînements en vidéos de 45 à 90 minutes à effectuer quand vous voulez, où vous voulez • Des séances de relaxation en vidéos de 15 mn pour évacuer le stress • Un large choix de menus simples et variés• Des démonstrations en vidéos faites par Erwann Menthéour pour vous aider à réaliser chaque séance à la perfection et rester motivé pendant vos entraînements ! • Vos progressions et historiques accessibles à chaque connexion.Et oui dès maintenant prenez le contrôle et révélez votre Fit'attitude avec Fitnext !

Gymnastics For Beginners

Gymnastics For Beginners This fantastic application collects the best video tutorials to learn how to apply gymnastics tips tricksgymnastics training free for kidsThis is free and lite version of application. Your child will be happy to sing with us. Our App consists of popular collection of gymnastics tutorialEverybody knows that stretching is important not only for your overall fitness level but also for your state of mind – stretching makes you feel good and that is a known fact! The 7 Min Stretching App is a well-designed application that features a lot of useful information along with tips and hints that will help you make the best of your stretching experience.american girl gymnasticsThe next step would be to thoroughly take off every assisting surfacesgymnastics training all protective surfaces all coaching all things so now we'll note alyssa endeavor all by herself. Nice. A tip that i would bestow to anyone carrying out a back flip would be to remember to utilize a actually huge arm swing.Although stretching your muscles may sound like an easy thing to dogymnastics girls the last thing you want is to put too much stress or pressure on one muscle as that may result in a strain or a sprain that will keep you on the bench for several weeks! The 7 Min Stretching App will help you stretch correctly before and after each workout so you will prevent muscle pain along with all the bothersome yet frequent cramps that often appear at the end of an intense workout. Gymnastics For Beginners