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Celebrity Logo Quiz

Are you a celebrity guru? Find out with Celebrity Logo Quiz. Celebrity Logo Quiz features some of the hottest celebrities today. Celebrity Logo Quiz is fun and simple to use. Go ahead and download Celebrity Logo Quiz today!Features of Celebrity Logo QuizEasy to useSimple and fun!Great interfaceThe best celebritiesFREE!

Logo Basketball Quiz

Identify a maximum of logo basketball in 60 seconds, compare your score with all other players around the world!Good Logo Basketball Quiz!Logo Basketball Quiz : - After each question, the correct answer appears in green. - Training mode - Look at the top ranking players - Report a bug or a mistake - Change your nameThanks for your comments, I hope enhance this Quiz Logo Basketball!

Answers for 94%

★ Free to Use★ Friendly Navigation and SearchDisclaimer :This is NOT an Official App. The application name is the property of their respective owners. We made this App only as a FREE FAN APP . If there is any trademark or copyright violation that does not follow within the Fair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take action on it.

Fun For Jeopardy

if you wanna test your knowledge with thousands of multiple choice trivia questions and 14 categories (TV, History, Movies, General Knowledge, Celebrities, Horror, Sports, Science, Games, Geography, Literature, Music, Movies, Art and Religion ), this trivia game for you. If you wanna win, you have to correctly answer multiple choice trivia questions from various categories, ability to use one of this jokers: Double Chance or Fifty Fifty..Fun For Jeopardy is available in English and Turkish for now.. ★ Tousands funny multiple choice trivia questions..★ 14 categories of knowledge including TV, History, Movies, General Knowledge, Celebrities, Horror, Sports, Science, Games, Geography, Literature, Music, Movies ,Art and Religion★ Many levels each level has multiple choice trivia questions 30 questions..★ Offline playable..★ Always up-to-date: regular updates with fresh multiple choice trivia questionsSocial networking: Like quite a few games and apps, Fun For Jeopardy has recently added the option to connect with a Google+ and Facebook. Signing up for this network gives you access to leader boards, and some other extra options. Like invite your friends and family members..With Facebook connection, you can get help from your friends.. Invite your friends and win some good prize.. Answer more question, gain more money and be a Millionaire.. Play your way up the virtual Money & use your jokers strategically to win the virtual Million! Play against the clock and virtual smart opponents.. Share scores with friends on Facebook/Twitter or post a score on the leader board.If you love watching and playing along with the TV show, now’s your chance to get in on the action! Join in all the fun on Google Play!Thanks for playing and enjoy this fantastic multiple choice trivia game! Don't forget to rate us 5 stars here as well!Please feel free to e-mail us with any bug reports, requests, or questions!

Car Quiz

Car Quiz is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge of cars, we show you photos of the most influential cars in grouped by category and you have to indicate the manufacturer and model.CategoryCompact car (20)Mid-size car (20)Full-size car (20)Full-size luxury car (20)Mid/Full-size luxury SUV (20)Supercar (20)20th century supercar (20)Each correct answer increases your score by 10 points. If you log into your Google+ account you will get achievements and be part of global leaderboards.The photos are downloaded from the Internet to reduce the size occupied by the application. You can download and delete the downloaded photos of every category of cars when you want, your progress will not be lost.Now you can share the photos by Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram and Gmail, so your friends can help you.Upcoming improvements- Hints- More cars- Additional categoriesHint: hyphens, slashes, question marks, accents, colons and other special characters are ignored.Hint: the cars are ordered by manufacturer.

Good Dog

What is that dog's breed? You probably won't have a problem recognizing a Golden Retriever or a Poodle, but what about a Lhasa Apso or a Bedlington Terrier? Play the interactive quiz, look up any dog's breed information and save any picture or set it as your Wallpaper!★ Quiz: 10 categories of dog breeds recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI):- Group 1: Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs)- Group 2: Pinscher and Schnauzer - Molossoid Breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs and Other Breeds- Group 3: Terriers- Group 4: Dachshunds- Group 5: Spitz and Primitive Types- Group 6: Scenthounds and Related Breeds- Group 7: Pointers and Setters- Group 8: Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs- Group 9: Companion and Toy Dogs- Group 10: Sighthounds- Other dogs: Dog breeds not recognized by the FCI but common to the U.S., U.K. and other countries★ Information about each type of dog with links to Wikipedia★ Save any picture to your phone / tablet or set it as your Wallpaper★ Earn achievements and compare your score to other Google players!Enjoy the game!

Flags of All World Countries

Do you know how the Mexican flag looks like? Do you remember the order of colors on the Irish flag? This app will refresh your memory of national flags and you'll learn beautiful flags of such exotic countries as Sri Lanka or Dominica.Why do I prefer this app to many other apps about flags? Because it has all flags of all 197 independent countries of the World! It is extremely user-friendly. You will always get a hint whether you're right or wrong. Thus, you'll never get stuck by the question for which you don't know the answer. Give 50 correct answers in the first easy level to get an access to the second level with the flags of more exotic countries. Choose the game mode and find the state flag of your country: * Spelling quizzes (easy and hard)* Multiple-choice quizzes - "challenges" (also easy and hard)* Time game (give as many answers as you can 1 minute)* The app is translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, and Dutch languages.Guess the National Flag of Your State!

I Know the Movie

See the pictures: They give tips that inspire each answer. And use your imagination!Movie Quiz – professional trivia quiz created for movie lovers! Learn by guessing, discovering trivia and answering♥ science fiction♥ Oscar movies♥ Disney and cartoons♥ love films and horrors♥ biography and books♥ Superheroes and war movies♥ TV shows♥ famous characters♥ and much more

Guess The Band — Music Quiz

Can you guess which band sang the song being played? Put your music-guessing skills to the test as you attempt to recall who sang that song. Guess the band - it's the music artist quiz game.


Fan du club de football de LyonViens tester tes connaissances sur l'Olympique Lyonnais !Plein de questions de l'histoire du club, des resultats, en passant par les meilleurs joueurs et les recordsRéalise les missions de la carrière, pour gagner des points supplémentaires !Sera tu être sur le podium du classement ?

Shades Puzzle

Shades puzzle is one of puzzle game which is based on a very addictive game.Game features:- Easy to play, a good stuff to kill time- Simple rules,Difficult to master- Easy, Normal, Hard mode - Global Leaderboard, so you can compare your scores to that of your friendsHow to Play:- Move the falling blocks to combine blocks.- Create a row of blocks with same color to clear the row.- Don't let the block hit the top.Hope this game can make you having fun.Thanks for downloading the game and enjoy it. :-)

Find difference: Animals

Find difference: Animals is an absorbing game that's also known as "search for the differences." The classic rules for the game are: You have to find ten differences in the two pictures. At a difficult moment, a hint will help that will show the area where a difference is located. The game will appeal to both adults and children!Why this is the best game:1) the 50 levels will draw you in;2) there are no annoying time limits: Find the differences without rushing;3) you can zoom in on a picture to discern all the tiny differences;4) the game is optimized for smartphones, as well as for tablets;5) a simple and colorful interface, and pleasant sound accompaniment;6) global rating of players.Find difference: Animals is a game for the whole family

Quiz Character For Slug

Fan of Slugterra ? How many characters do you know ?Download and Play this games. This application is very interesting to test your knowledge about Slug it out. The application also comes with a wide variety of images brave and evil characters that you can choose in accordance with the existing problems in the quiz. This application is intended as an educational fans slugterra. Test yourself with this funny game for Android.You have to guess the name of all the characters of Slug it out. You will see images of the characters and you will have to write correctly their name. If you need help, you can unblock a letter by clicking the light bulb at the top of the screen. Everytime you hit a character you will have 2 extra hints.Features:- Hints to avoid blocking.- More than 48 images.- Awesome images.Disclaimer:App is unofficial. If the owners want the picture removed in this application please contact us.

Find the Emoji – Guess Emoji

Find the Emoji ! is amazing and addictive guessing game! See the Words and guess through Emojis ! A Unique game on Android! You use Emojis? You will love this! Convert Words to EmojisTest yourself! Do you know all the Emojis and their meaning?Play, Learn and Discover! Questions can be movies, comic characters or phrases!Use Emojis to solve them and Win!Some questions are hard to guess but we provides you with FREE hints to solve! Just play and WIN!if you cant remember solve any of the quiz questions Do not worry! The game has hints for you!1) Place it Hint: Place a correct Alphabet in the correct position!2) Skip a levelNearly 150 levels! More to come in the coming updates!The best things is that all the hints are FREE! just play the game and win! get bonus HINTS! FREE!

Quiz for Teen Wolf fans

Anglais:This is the perfect app to have a good time with your family.Prove that you are a big fan of the série. If you are a big fan of this tv series,you will easily find the characters.Note:This is an UNOFFICIAL of Teen Wolf, only game fans which creating, inspiring by the television series. If you want to request removal of any image by reason of copyright, please contact us.

Cars Quiz

Are you passionate about cars? Show that you know all makes and models in this fun game for Android. On each screen is displayed a picture of a car. With the letters that appear below you have to write the name of the brand is. For each correct answer you get 2 coins. If you have difficulties to find any of the names you can use a hint by pressing the lightbulb in the top of the screen. The cost of each hint is 5 coins. Challenge your friends to see who is able to complete 55 levels in less time.

Room Escape 3

"Room Escape 3" - the latest Android puzzle game closet, can you stop your fingers?! The latest Room Escape fun game, richer scenes, more thrilling soundtrack, harder fans, so you addicted, so you crazy! And it's free! Your aim is to solve all the problems, use items and use your mind all the possible open doors, fled the chamber as soon as possible to escape 100. Like the elevator to escape and 100 you must not miss this free game. Features: - Rich props and addictive puzzle; - Unique rooms designed and constantly updated room; - The ability to use a variety of devices, such as tilt, shake, swipe, tap, push, to solve the problem; - All the puzzles are free;

Fun Ways to Think

Are you ready to play the most ENTERTAINING and CRAZIEST and the most dumb riddle game ever?Fun ways to think will make you think in ways you have never ever thought! Get ready to have your mind-blown and answer some of the most amazing picture stump riddles ever. Get it NOW! Its FREE to play! There are so many fun, challenging and dumb riddles. They are funny, adventurous, quirky, mouth-watering, jaw-dropping and amazingly fun to solve. You will shocked at the dumb ways that this game will make you think in!Game features:- Free to play and a lot of fun- Brain-twisting puzzles- Smart, hard, kids, word, picture,impossible etc. We have all sorts of stump riddles!- No this game is not for babies- Many picture combos to solve, that will leave you guessing. Strain your brain, guess the answer or there is no way out! Just kidding, we always have a clue for you. So you can guess the word using our clues. There are also other features that can help you solve the riddles like hints and letter elimination. Sharpen your mind by playing this for hours and hours. Patrol your brain while doing so though! 101 riddles book is not going to help you. This is all ORIGINAL! If you love free riddle quiz games, this is definitely for you.Play and live the riddles! Try and unriddle these mind-boggling pictures. There is only a dumb way to play this! But make sure you don't die thinking!We have upto 8000 riddles in the pipeline! Credit for the brain-twisting riddles - Pujan ChhedaLike us on Facebook:Follow us on Twitter:

The Twins Liv y Maddie Trivia

Let's play our game "The Twins Liv y Maddie Trivia" prove that you are a big fan of Liv y Maddie, if you are a big fan of this tv series specially Dove Cameron, you will easily guess the answer of the question in this game.During the game, you will be presented with lots of challenging levels. There is also a help button at the top of the screen to the left to reveal the words of guidance. Note that these coins assistance needed to win by answering correctly.DISCLAIMERThis is an UNOFFICIAL of Liv and Maddie, only game fans which creating, inspiring by the television series. If you want to request removal of any image by reason of copyright, please contact us.

Guess Football Players Quiz

Are you football lovers ? prove your ability to guess the football player with this game ! so you can measure the knowledge of famous football players with this football game quiz. GUESS FOOTBALL PLAYERS QUIZ fun games about football players, but you will not easy to answers each level because in this game you should guess football player with 2 word that are First Name and Last Name of football players :) If you stuck in some some level you can click HELP in top left corner .★ FEATURES HELP - Hide 3 Letters It mean 3 false word in this game will be hide, so you can more easily to answer football player name but you must pay cost 40 coins for use this help - Discover Any Letter it mean 1 word correct answer will show in your box answer , so you can more easily to answer football player name but you must pay cost 25 coins for use this help - Discover 1st Letter it mean first correct word will show in your box answer , so you can more easily to answer football player name but you must pay cost 10 coins for use this help★ HOW TO PLAY GUESS FOOTBALL PLAYER - Look Football Player pictures in your screen - Guess the footballer name with available word in this game - If you success Guess football players name you will get coins reward - If you fail to answer football player names you will lost 5 coins ★ TIPS TO PLAY THIS FOOTBALL GAME - You must have good knowledge About Football Players - Make sure correct spelling of footballer name - You Must Know First name and last name football playersNOTE:Every images/pictures in this game use wikipedia picture with Creative Common License (can Re-use again for comercial purpose)

Quiz Superbuzzer 2

An even more fun version of Superbuzzer, the LIVE MULTIPLAYER QUIZ with 3.5 million players, featuring live THEMED QUIZZES and fab NEW GRAPHICS!-> Play against 5 real players in real-time! Smash the buzzer before the others do and win the game! -> Speed, strategy, excitement – there’s no end to the challenges that await you here!-> Five levels of difficulty to suit all levels of general knowledge, from "Classic" to "All Stars"!-> Play against friends or random opponents on iPhone or iPad! WHAT'S NEW ON SUPERBUZZER 2?* QUIZ OF THE DAY! Each day of the week is assigned a particular area of general knowledge - History and Geography, Media and Entertainment, Movies, Art and Literature, Sport, Music, or Science and Nature - so you can shine in quizzes focusing on your special subject. In no time at all, you'll be joining the All Stars!* THEMED QUIZZES! Choose a topic that grabs you from a selection of 80 including Football, Asian Countries, Cookery, Video Games, Ancient History, Sci-fi, Maths, Celebrities and many more. Then invite friends or strangers to join you for a live trivia in your specialist subject.* DIFFERENT VISUALS for each level, so your environment changes as you move up through the grades.* BETTER AVATARS. Improved graphics and an avatar editor so you can customize every aspect of your avatar.Other features:CROSS-PLATFORM EXPERIENCEPlay in real-time against friends and random opponents, regardless of whether they play SUPERBUZZER Trivia Quiz Game on Android, Facebook, iPhone or iPad. This is multiplayer game experience at it’s best. WEEKLY COMPETITIONS & HIGH-SCORE LISTS New competitions start every Monday. Compete against your friends and take the lead in the high-score lists. Free games are the reward for the best quizzers! Compare yourself with your friends and SUPERBUZZER players all over the world in our high-score lists. Become the BUZZER CHAMPION!UNLOCK A VARIETY OF TROPHIES/BADGESThere are over 100 trophies waiting to be unlocked. The more you win, the more you can decorate your profile with new titles, buzzers, gloves, and themes.Are you a member of our Facebook community? If you are having technical issues or if you have any questions, we're here to help. Please Note: SUPERBUZZER is completely free to play, however you can buy credits for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.

My Violeta Quiz Game

Unofficial application.Are you really clever? Prove it and test yourself with My Violeta Quiz Game!Try this game to find it out yourself.Get free My Violeta quiz game with your favorite characters galleries, this game very simple and easy to play to finish the level.This is a quiz game for Violetta Fans as the actors in this game. Get this games for free and enjoy the beautiful picture. Enjoy the best quiz games for your android.Violetta is a tween-oriented telenovela developed by Disney Channel and Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Pol-ka producer, first debuted in Latin America and in Italy on May 14, 2012.Join the quiz game is a highly-addictive game!!!DISCLAIMER:All names, trademarks and images are copyright of their respective owners. All contents are taken from various sources. The use of any names, copyrights, trademarks or photographs are used for descriptive purposes only and not show the endorsement or approval of use. Thank You!

Trivia Word for Victorious Fan

This is the perfect app to have a good time with your family. Prove that you are a big fan of Victoria. If you are a big fan of this tv series, you will easily guess the answer of the question in this game.The rules of Trivia Word for Victorious Fan are quite simple. You will be presented with lots of challenging levels, and you must guess the answer of the questions. There is also a help button at the top of the screen to the left to find the correct word in the game.Note:This is an UNOFFICIAL of Victorious, only game fans which creating, inspiring by the television series. If you want to request removal of any image by reason of copyright, please contact us.

Kansas Challenge

Vous pensez connaître l'Alsace ? Kansas vous défie, hopla !Dans ce jeu 100% gratuit, vous pourrez tester vos connaissances sur la région Alsace avec diverses questions culturelles (cuisine, culture, géographie, histoire, dialecte, médias, sport, vie pratique) et d'autres complètement déjantées écrites par Kansas en personne !Alors apprenez en vous amusant, ah yo !

Guess That – LoL 2

The League of Legends visual trivia game is back and it's better than ever.We have all 126 champions in the popular video game League of Legends for you to guess from and a whole new layout in place this application provides champion trivia awesomeness.Feature List:> Champions guessing trivia mode.> Skins guessing trivia mode.> Abilities guessing trivia mode.> Items guessing trivia mode.> Share guess for help feature.> Solve feature.> Full offline functionality*.* - After respective pack has been downloaded once.

Baby Hazel Makeover Games

Fashion! Makeup! Glamour! And our darling Baby Hazel! Baby Hazel makeover games pack is packed with 5 fun and interactive makeover games that will keep your kid entertained and happy. Here you get a chance to style up Hazel and give her stunning looks for different occasions. Game features:• 5 Baby Hazel makeover games inside one pack• No pop ups and intruding Ads• Requires less space on your device for installation • Easy to access 5 fun-packed games from a single AppFun factors in makeover games: • Good looking outfits to dress up Baby Hazel• Awesome accessory collection to complete her pretty look• Finest range of makeup shades to apply to Hazel• Watch Hazel as flower girl, Ballerina dance performer, super model and many more Sneak peek into makeover games:• Baby Hazel spa makeoverHelp Baby Hazel to look stunning at Kayla’s birthday party. Prepare flavored face pack and give facial to see her face glowing and soft. Pick trendy party outfit and accessories for her. Style up Hazel with attractive makeup and nail art and accessories for her hands and feet.• Baby Hazel winter fashionIt’s time for Baby Hazel to rock the ramp at Preschool Winter Fashion show. Help her to pick trendiest outfits and accessories. Get her ready for different rounds of show. Watch Hazel and friends walks the ramp gracefully! • Baby Hazel fancy dress“Birds and Animals” themed fancy dress is organized at Baby Hazel’s preschool. Dress her up in peacock costume and accessories. Apply suitable makeup to give her a perfect peacock look. • Baby Hazel Ballerina danceDress up Baby Hazel in flower girl costume and accessories. Pick an elegant gown and matching pair of accessories to dress her up. Create an amazing hairdo using beautiful hair accessories. • Baby Hazel flower girl Baby Hazel is enrolled to Ballerina dance class. Pamper little princess with refreshing shower. Dress her up in graceful Ballerina costumes and accessories. Convince little princess to learn dance without getting nervous.

Yummy Heroes: Sweet Farm Mania

Save the Gummy Food Kingdom and crush the evil plan. The Gummy Food Kingdom is now plagued by evil dark forces. The Yummy Hero needs your help to step on every corner of the kingdom and beat the evil strength back. However, to travel through vast jungles, islands and castles, you need to switch and match the collectible foods and beat hundreds of challenging puzzles. Only those smartest are able to finish the sweet adventure!FEATURES:● Perfectly designed graphics of yummy food and kingdom environment● Magic boosters to help you through tough levels● Free & easy to play, yet challenging to master● Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors

Inteligent – Cultura generala

Inteligent este o aplicatie foarte interactiva care iti ofera sansa te joci, sa faci quiz-uri dar in acelasi timp sa si inveti diferite lucruri noi si interesante de cultura generala. Mii de intrebari in limba romana din numeroase domenii care iti testeaza cunostintele dobandite dealungul vietii, poate din carti poate din sutele de emisiuni televizate gen vrei sa fii milionar difuzate in Romania pe care le-ai urmarit cu atata pasiune si interes.Facilitati: - mii de intrebari captivante cu cate patru variante de raspuns. Fiecare intrebare cu un singur raspuns corect. - design atractiv - 15 categorii de intrebari din care tu poti sa alegi : sport, film, muzica,stiinta, istorie, biologie,etc. - optiunea de a face teste contra cronometru - 4 nivele de dificultate in functie de calibrul si increderea in cunostintele personale - clasament cu scorurile de top - variante/optiuni ajutatoare - nivele bonus Demonstreaza prietenilor cat esti de destept si pune-i la incercare.Mult succes!

Magic Ball

The magic ball can guess the mysteries that hide behind a question and can be a great ally when you need to make a decision difficult to predict.Are you ready to discover the mysteries of your life?Download the magic ball now!

Little Babysitter Slacking

This cute girl needs to work as a babysitter today. But she feels like doing something funny instead. She makes the nursery room her playground! Help her with the shenanigans!

Baby Hazel Cooking Time

Baby Hazel plans to prepare food of her choice today. Oh! But no ingredients are available in kitchen which she needs. Can you go along with Hazel to shop and purchase required ingredients and kitchen tools? Then assist Hazel in preparing tasty mini quiches and fruit wand. Finally, serve the meal and enjoy feasting on it. Make sure you feed her pets too! Game features: • Go along with Hazel to mall for shopping ingredients and kitchen tools• Pick food for little pets; they are also hungry• Help Hazel in preparing mini quiches • Watch Hazel preparing fruit wand using juicy fruits• Assist Baby Hazel in setting up the dining table• Enjoy pampering your taste bud with delicious mini quiches and fruit wand• Offer pets their favorite food and make sure their belly is fullDownload now and enjoy preparing great recipes in few easy steps! Have fun!!!Play Baby Hazel Cooking Time game at:Watch Baby Hazel Cooking Time Video on YouTube at:

Fruit Link Blast

Fruit Link Blast is the best match 3 amazing fruits puzzle game and a very addictive with fresh fruit inthe farm star frenzygame.If hungry juice just touch and slide your finger to splash the legend fruit to clear in line heroes by matching three or more same fruits! Just pub and play funnygames match and connect to blitz fruit and break fruit before bunny mania eat fruit devil to empty deluxe farm and fruit words.`Bubb the fruits brak like the fruit bubble splash mania.Fruit Link Blast features- More than 95 challenging levels and more in the future.- The Ice ability can unfreeze the frozen fruits.- The Fire ability can clear fruits in one row.- The Water ability can destroy all fruits around.- Sweet and delicious graphic and cool animation effects.How to play- Link three same fruits or more to score points.- Make more than target points to complete level.- Get extra bonus scores by eliminate the more fruits and quickly .- Play amazing Fruits Link Splash and tasty Fruits world.Ask everyone make smile to play fruit link splash story legend and enjoy the deluxe game and fun with the fruit dash in the all of dizzy fruit.Games free fruit. This can download and play free .Playing games together in the family or group of friends to make the game more fun.Thank you for help to play our game and score a lot of stars of our game. And the recommended us to develop in the next version, and fun.


QuizUp is completely free to try! Just tap the download button and start playing!

Guess the Wrestlers Quiz

Guess the Wrestlers Quiz is new fun wrestling trivia casual quizzes game about guess the wrestling legends heroes from wwe, ufc, tna. You will see many pop art of the wrestler that you like. Many pop art of famous fighter USA ultimate wrestling revolution wwe immortals like John Cena, Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, Jeff Hardy, The Rock, Kelly Kelly and etc.Wrestler Quiz is fun we know. You are right place.- Look at the wrestler wwe superstar in each level and guess the wrestler name.- Each level can tap the tiles to reveal only 2 times.- Random choice and picture, so this is heard game!- You have 3 heart to play. if the heart is equal to 0 it will be lost.- 1 diamond can bring you to current level.- Coins are very important for exchange heart and diamond.- Simple to start but heard to play, tons of fun!- Free, no registration required. Very easy to get started. - Very addictive wrestling quiz game.- Continuously updated! - Lots of puzzles to guess the wwe superstar.Wrestling games free for kids wwe is front of you. Not only adult, kid can play this game too. We use the concept of famous quiz game for creating new casual trivia guessing game. If you love icontrivia wrestlers, you will love this game too! Hope you enjoy with Guess the Wrestlers Quiz.

Quiz Character of Dragon BallZ

Do you think that you are the greatest D B fan? Test yourself with this funny game for Android.You have to guess the name of all the characters of Dragon Ball Z. You will see images of the characters and you will have to write correctly their name. If you need help, you can unblock a letter by clicking the light bulb at the top of the screen. Everytime you hit a character you will have 2 extra hints.There are two different levels: normal end expert. Try to finish both levels faster than your friends to prove that you are number 1 fan.Features:- Two different levels: Normal and Expert.- Hints to avoid blocking.- More than 100 characters.- Awesome images.

Pastry Legend

Crunch your pastry and hop in your traveling bakery to set sail on this new puzzle adventure! Sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging. How to Play:★ Switch and match pastry in group of three!Game Features:★ A sweet and addictive match-3 adventure challenged with pastry elf.★ Hundreds of well-designed free levels!★ Fun and easy game to learn, but a rewarding challenge to master★ Leaderboards to watch your ranking and friends.

Trivia Quiz Game Free

An amazing quiz game for testing your knowledge.Come have fun and learn with this game and show everyone that you have a brilliant memory.☆☆☆ Features ☆☆☆◉ Local ranking with the history of their scores.◉ Help fifth fifth - Removes two incorrect answers.◉ Help call a person - Ask a brilliant virtual person about his opinion. ◉ Help ask the audience - You will see the statistics of answers of the virtual classroom.◉ Help refresh the question - Don't know the correct answer? No problem. Just reload the question and try to answer another one.

Motus, le jeu officiel France2

L'application officielle Motus est enfin disponible ! Découvrez l’application Motus, adaptation du célèbre jeu de lettres présenté et animé par Thierry Beccaro sur France 2. Entraînez-vous en mode solo pour vous échauffer puis défiez vos amis Facebook en lançant ou en relevant des duels. Tentez de battre vos adversaires et prenez la tête du classement afin de devenir le champion Motus ! L’application Motus reprend les principes de l’émission. Le but du jeu est de retrouver un mot composé d’un nombre de lettres fixe. Les lettres bien placées sont marquées par un carré rouge, les lettres existantes mais mal placées sont marquées par un rond jaune.Enchaînez le plus de grilles de mots possibles en mode solo.En mode multi-joueurs, vous remportez le duel si vous réussissez à retrouver tous les mots en moins de temps que votre adversaire. Téléchargez gratuitement l’application Motus disponible sur smartphones et tablettes Android. 5 parties vous sont offertes chaque jour ! Accessible à tous, l’application fera la joie des amoureux des mots, de la langue française et du respect des règles orthographiques !

Ultimate James Bond Fan Quiz

Now pay attention…Think you’re the world’s ultimate James Bond fan? Answer questions against the clock based on the James Bond film series and compete with players around the world to top the leaderboard.Be warned, this is no easy quiz. With some tough questions to test your knowledge to the limit, you can be sure of a challenge!Have you got what it takes to be The Ultimate James Bond Fan?Features: Over 1000 questions (and counting!) based on EON Production’s James Bond Film series – you can be sure to have a changing set of questions each time you play.Two difficulty settings - 'Fan Quiz' is the standard setting, 'SuperFan Quiz' will throw in even tougher questions. Online leaderboard – submit your scores to the server and compete with players around the world.No Internet connection required to play the quiz* – play on the move whilst travelling to your next mission, from inside a volcano lair or in the depths of an underwater base!Includes James Bond trivia – correctly answering certain questions will reveal related trivia.*Internet connection required if you choose to submit scores to the high score server, retrieve high scores, login, create an account or edit your account.

Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter is a free HD ball shoot game!Free bubble shooter is a classic shooting ball buster game. This free deluxe version is another match-three game to phone and tabletshoot them to make combinations of 3 or more balls to make them burst. Clear all the balls to make bubble shooter level up.How to play: Just tap on the game board where you specifically want the shoot, the ball will shoot. There is a ghost in this game which shoot the ball. Stick to the game with patience.Game Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000 fun levels of free puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The balls will go down gradually so you need to shoot quickly to avoid death3. Cool sound effect and background mp3 music.4. You can change the waiting with the ready one in our bubble shooter.5. Waves that can push they back.6. All HD imagesNotes: In bubble shooter, The first 100 levels of the puzzle mode are derived from frozen bubble

World Map Quiz

Do you know where Monaco lies? Yes? Great! Take the challenge and find other countries. You don't know them? No worries! Learn geography with us!With World Map Quiz you can enjoy learning locations of all countries around the World.Discover new challenges during playing in flag and capital mode. Try to prove yourself in extraordinary elimination mode. Just download it and have fun!

Trivia Games for Jessie Fans

Prove that you are a big fan of Jessie. If you are a big fan of this tv series, you will easily guess the answer of the question in this game.The rules of Trivia Game for Jessie Fans are quite simple. You will be presented with lots of challenging levels, and you must guess the answer of the questions. There is also a help button at the top of the screen to the left to find the correct word in the game. if you can answer the question, you will get extra points. So respond correctly, because if your answer is wrong then your points will be reducedNote:This is an UNOFFICIAL of Jessie, only game fans which creating, inspiring by the television series. If you want to request removal of any image by reason of copyright, please contact us.

Michael Jackson Trivia

#1 Michael Jackson Trivia!!! You Think You Know Michael Jackson? Are you really a fan or a faker? How well do you really know him? Are you his #1 fan? If you are clear all 50 questions!!! Compare your results with others who claim to be his #1 fan!!!

Leonetta & Friends Game Quiz

If you are a fan or martina violetta Stoessel . Collect all the correct answers and get points as much , then you will be the best in this game.As for Violettas on television. Have you seen Martina Stoessel , Jorge Blanco, Thomas ? Would you like to play "The quiz Guess the Word " or "Chiquititas Novos Jogos "? That certainly enjoy playing " Leonetta and Friends Questionnaire " .Application displays an image of Violet and have to guess the correct answers. Sounds simple , but in reality is not so easy.Disclaimer : All right , content and trademarks are the property of their respective owners . This is just a fun application dedicated to fans of " Violetta " worldwide .

Dizzy Run

Take on the most challenging running game of all! Test your limits in this fast-paced and dizzying running game! Avoid getting devoured by a sinister saber-toothed tiger by dashing, dodging, sliding, and gliding around obstacles while the camera spins around to throw you off your track!Tilt your device to steer left/rightSwipe up to jumpSwipe down to slide under obstaclesSwipe left or right to make a turn (timing is important!)To make it more challenging and keep you on your toes, the game features a spinning camera, so timing your leaps, slides, and turns perfectly is essential. Don't fall prey to confusion! Escape the predator while dashing through treacherous yet spectacular landscapes!Steel yourself for the challenge of a lifetime!Features:- A spinning camera view makes the game truly challenging!- Play as a cute and adorable mysterious bird-like creature!- Escape the wrath of a fearsome saber-toothed cat!- Collect coins to purchase power-ups!

Guess The Cartoons Quiz

◈◈◈◈◈ GUESS THE Cartoons Quiz ! ◈◈◈◈◈Each puzzle contains a picture of a celebrity of famous Cartoons, can you figure out who it is? - Try it OUT!Find out why million of users just LOVE this game!This is PURE, INSTANT and lots of FUN - Just download and play!Do you think you can guess them all? - Give it a try!If you grew up watching Cartoon, then GUESS THE Cartoons Quiz is the picture trivia game for you. Cartoons Quiz is the perfect way for yo to prove you animation knowledge. You will need to correctly name characters from a variety of different eras. Do you think you can handle of that animes madness? If not, simply check back in with us for all of your Quiz answers.◈ SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY ◈This is not like anything else - this is even more fun!Try to make it till the end of the game to unlock the newlevels!How well do you know your favorite Cartoons ?!----------------
-----------------★ A visual Trivia game for you, your family and friendswith all your favorite Character.★ Stunning graphics and rich sound effects makes itirresistible.
★ Unlimited Fun: 200+ Cartoons to guess and more to come.★ Small size of the application!
★ Very efficient free coins distribution system - WE NEVER ASK FOR IN-APP PURCHASE OF COINS :)
★ Lots of Help Options:
- Show one letter.- Show the anime title.- Hide all the wrong letters. - Show a clue of sentance of the answer.★ Reset the game anytime if you want to start afresh.All logos and brands shown or represented in this application are copyrights and/or trademarks of their respective owners. This App is designed for entertainment and educational purposes.

Guess that Emoji

Guess that Emoji is an Emoji puzzle solving game with 600 totally new levels to try.The Emoji pops onto the screen and you have to guess the emoji. Simple, addictive and fun picture trivia quiz game for all the family.Use Hints if you get stuck:Ask your friends and family on Facebook by sending a screenshot.Compete the Puzzle: Will solve the puzzle for you allowing you to progress.Expose a Letter: Will show a random letter which helps you on the right path.Remove Letters: Will remove all unused letters for that puzzle to make things easier.High Definition for enabled devices.Let the fun begin. Download Now!Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter for the latest Guess that Emoji news.

Guess Brand Logos – Logo Quiz

You come across these world brand logos every day but how many of them will you recognize?Let's see if you can guess them all!• SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE •Countless world brand logos are waiting for you!Guess Brand Logos starts off easily but becomes more challenging as you progress through the game and recognize more international logos that crop up aspects of our everyday lives.• INSTANT FUN •-▸ Guess the logo displayed on screen by filling in available letters-▸ Ask friends for help on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram-▸ If you get stuck you can use the following hints: - Reveal a letter - Remove letters (all which are not part of the solution) - Skip to next level-▸ Out of coins? Buy more in the shop or earn free coins easily in gameWe constantly improve the game based on your reviews, please let us know anything you like, don't like or what you would like us to add into the game!• CONTINUOUS UPDATES •Over 450 levels with professionally edited logos to guess with more coming soon! Download and have fun!