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Basketball Champion

"Launch 50 Bucks paid". Best basketball game "Basketball Champion". Who enjoy basketball game, Try demonstrate in your skills Exert.. Basketball game that you can enjoy together with people around the world.. It is a simple, realistic physics and fun to enjoy basketball game.. Ranking in the system by registering the best, 1,etc,Try. Dozens of basketball balls, uniforms and coat, select a variety of characters, please try to express their own style.. Please be best to try to raise the level and skills.Features:Versus game: by confrontation of one-to-one in 45 seconds, please try to win to get a higher score than your opponent.Arcade Game: Please try to win to obtain a higher score than the mission score to have three balls.Last ball Game: Please try to challenge the best score to have one ball.Players: men and women 6 players.Ball: variety 30 balls, control time ball , goal area, the Fever time function experience.Uniforms: Please try to experience a variety of fifteen uniforms and coins, level, experience value function.Background: basketball 2 court."Advertisement for the game of upgrade, please understand"

Football World Cup 14 (Soccer)

Experience the most advanced and enjoyable football shootout game.Become a soccer superstar in challenging single player story mode or try to win tournament playing as a striker or goalkeeper. Follow your dreams and replay the most engaging moments in football matches - penalty shoots.Features:- classical tournament, where you can play as a striker or goalkeeper,- challenge mode: shoot the targets and improve your skills,- go through the challenging campaign, promote to the next levels, play on different stadiums and advance in your career,- choose from 64 national country outfits your favorite team,- play on 4 different stadiums: day and night classical stadium, gym hall and ghetto court,Challenge mode features:- 33 difficulty challenges,- single player challenge campaign mode where you can test your skills,- hit the multiple targets within limited amount of time or with limited shoots,- hit the moving target with the football ball,- put the soccer ball into the trash bin,- strike the boxes and achieve highest score,- play on four different stadiums,Tournament mode:- test your skills in the football championships,- shoot goals and save the net as goalkeeper,- play against best national teams on the world,- become a champion of the world, Re-live real and most important moments of all fifa tournaments - shooting goals. Don’t waste your time for running on the field for the ball, forget about defensive dull gameplay, start striking goals right now and start your road to world cup immediately.Mundial is the toughest challenge in the soccer world but also most pleasant emotions - uefa cups or euro tournament isn’t easy to win, that’s why this game offers you opportunity to feel like messi from fc barcelona or cristiano ronaldo from real madrid. It is worth to note that our football game implement unique approach to shooting mechanics - other soccer games prefer really arcade kicking mechanics, but we decided to try simulation approach to sport football game. Even the most famous titles in sport soccer games genre - like fifa 14 or real football - doesn’t offer a chance to strike so precise with simulation twist. Striking strength depends from swype length and the speed, this unique combination allow player to shoot amazing goals and hit the targets with amazing precision. Other words - play like a champion, become the master of world league.Unlock your favorite national team from fifa or uefa federation and play through the game of possibilities: challenges, world cup tournament (multiplayer not included).Replay dynamics of the matches from premier league, creativity of the bbva spanish league, bravery of serie a from italy, originality of french ligue 1 or inevitability of bundesliga, shoot, strike and become the master. Ideal casual game for public transport or line to the cash, non binding experience with beautiful graphics, fine mechanics and with diversity of options to kill some time in very pleasant manner.Leaderboards gives the players opportunity to compete with others and achieve highest ranks through you skill improvement in solo campaign. Attempt to get 3 stars on every challenge by striking moving targets or putting ball in to the trash bins and - legendary achievement - destroy by crazy shootout whole wall of boxes - and become champion of the football champions. Become your own manager and choose which mode you want to play and become expert: - modes which require dexterity and speed, most valuable features for strikers like rooney or ibrahimovic;

Dorsal Quiz 2016 – Football

Dorsal Quiz 2016 - Football is the game where you have to guess which player owns each column.The more numbers you guess will unlock more levels, each level contains 12 lats from the same football team.For each number that correctly predict earn 1 coin that you can not spend it on tracks when you get hit a cord.You also earn one star for every successful dorsal, few have more will unlock more levelsEach level has a different team.Every day you enter will receive a reward "Daily bonus" to pick just have to click on.Which team would you like to appear in future versions? Write it in the assessment and we will consider it for future updatesDorsal Quiz 2016 - Football is available in many languages

Crazy BMX Boy Puzzle

This is a BMX theme of the puzzle game, the game easy to difficult, very exciting. When you get into a difficult relationship, you try to hold down the portion of completed components move observation, can help you smooth clearance. The photo will be cut into 3x3-6x6 disarranged pieces. You must put all puzzle pieces at the correct position. You can press “Hint” to check the whole photo the information. BMX Boy: Support for SD card storage,Share with your friends,A lot of pictures of various BMX Boy,Several complexity levels (easy, normal, hard).If you like game like Touchgrind BMX, MegaRamp Skate & BMX FREE, Fingerbike: BMX, Bike Rivals, Pumped: BMX Free, Crazy BMX Biker, BMX Extreme, SImulator Bmx, Pocket BMX Lite, or Stickman BMX, then you have to try this one.You can use your phone, tablet or computer. Set as wallpaper or send images familiar to his family or friends via email. All our applications are free and ad supported. This explains the permissions. Thank you for understanding.If you'd like my game, don't forget to rate us, thanks very much!Keywords:BMX boy, BMX race, jigsaw puzzle,

Touchdown Hero

The Big Game of 2015 is finally here!Become a true Touchdown Hero in this top-down infinite runner! Choose theright scheme and swiftly rush down the field.Use fakes, pushes and spins to avoid being tackled by aggressive defenders.The unique slow-motion feature will allow you to Spot the Gaps and reach EndZone after End Zone. Get ready to score big!Share your scores and challenge your friends!- Free limitless fun for everyone- Unique slow-motion feature- Loads of teams and characters to unlock- Different types of opponents, fields and weather conditions- Original old school graphics- Great retro-style music and sound effects- Easy to learn controlsFeel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve Touchdown Hero! If you have any issues with the app, just contact us and we will help you!While you’re in the sharing mood, go ahead and throw us a like on Facebook too, THANKS!

Basketball Sniper

"Basketball Sniper" is a basketball shoot game where you can spend a lot of hours!3 different game modes, with bonuses and various features!Become a real sniper and get on the top of leaderboards! You can do it!

Super Soccer Champs FREE

Inspired by legendary titles such as Sensible Soccer, Kick-Off and Dino Dini’s ‘Goal!’, Super Soccer Champs is a fun to pick up and play football game but offers surprising depth, now available in a FREE (video and interstitial) ad-supported version to Play! Player Manager Mode adds simple yet effective squad management; Buy and sell players, manage your squad's fitness levels, and even get job offers from more prestigious clubs if you're getting the results! Featuring League play based in England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Japan and China, and Historic Tournaments; Rewrite the record books, only your result can change the course of history. Replay saving and Replay Viewer to relive those amazing goals.Unlock Google Play Game Services Achievements and complete Quests to earn XP and unlock new leagues and tournaments. Compare your status with friends via the XP Leaderboard. Make someone's day by gifting them a free XP boost, or send them a wish to do the same for you! Save your progress in the cloud to sync it across devices.Now updated with full support for game pad and game controller play, including NVidia Shield and Xperia Play!Download the game for free and play now!

Project Parkour

Project Parkour is a secret organization where scientists are trying to push human physical abilities to the limit by using specially design levels and challenges.First and original Parkour inspired FPS experience on Android devices. Stunning 3D graphics and smart level designs are fun to play for hours.Jump, slide, run and climb - use combos to polish your skills to be the best parkour runner. Smartly developed controller buttons makes gameplay enjoyable and smooth.IMPORTANT:If the game does not start correctly or hangs while loading levels. Please clear game cache via Settings/Applications/Project Parkour and Clear Cache and then restart your device!FEATURES:- Stunning 3D graphics- Comfortable controls- Movement combos- Top-notch designed levels- Ongoing updates to deliver new features and content- Online highscoresFEATURES WE ARE WORKING ON:- Multiplayer- More Levels- Perk Boost Drinks- More tricks and combos

Fishing Hook

- If you pull the button, it gives the fish damage and brings fish to you.- If you push striking pin with tension gauge, you can reduce the great distance between fish.- If you release the challenge fish, you can catch stronger and more expensive challenge fish next time.- You can enjoy playing the game without using data since it uses low capacity and it doesn't require network connection.- Fishing Hook is a fishing game for you to enjoy the feelings of real fishing as it is.Game Features1. 16 multi languages support2. Supports achievement and ranking 3. Supports tablet devicesHomepage:Facebook:

Police Dog Training

After the great success of Police Dog Chase, now Raydiex has arrived with crazy police dog training in to add spark to police dog games having the concept of dog training games with the exciting dog stunts. So, get ready to start the full strangle feat with police dog training in one of the brand new police dog games with dog training adventure to become a gallant dog trainer. 3D POLICE DOG TRAINING 2015 edition is definitely going to blow you away. Believe it! There has never been such a grand 3D dog simulator.It’s a crazy training dog simulator for those looking to have fun as a doggy. The game is all about cop dogs training. All police dogs must become experts at basic obedience training. So, in this game you are the police german shepherd trainee dog. You as a trainee police dog need to run, jump, and pull off insane daring fences without hitting anything within the given time. You goal is to chase and complete all 5 different challenging and breathtaking levels in which you will face a variety of contests. For instance, what does a police dog do while training? Crosses in the ring circles, and catches the balls, jumps from the dangerous hurdles etc. So you have to do the same. You have to run speedily and complete all 5 amazing missions. Fun sounds and exciting real animations are included. This dog animal simulator has been designed for all dog lovers. Just take it now and have fun! Features: Complete enjoyment with german shepherd trainee dog  Realistic jumping and dog stunt animations  Awesome training environment Wonderful feat missions with pedigree dog  Interesting Waoo Waoo sound effects with the stunt action. High quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplayBy now, you must not have experienced this kind of dog training games that is the best of the best police dog training game. So come and start an incredible police dog games voyage with police dog stunts that’s waiting for you. This one of the exclusive police dog games 3D is the newest of dog training games that give you the try to play something else then the regular dog games, dog survival games and dog simulator etc. Don't miss this golden chance to try out the brand newfangled 3D POLICE DOG TRAINING game.

Football Champions

Become a soccer manager and lead your team to victory!Create your own soccer team, train your players, prepare the best strategy and win the championship. Play against your friends or other players in many competitions and show off your management skills!Football Champion's features include:- Exciting competitions: Championship, Cup, Champions League etc.- Advanced individual training of your players- Recruiting new players in a fun live bidding system- Individual strategic instructions for optimal performance of your players- An innovating tool for creating realistic team strategies- Amazing real-time matches!Please note that Football Champions is completely free to play but some in-game items will require payment.

Bowling 3D Extreme

Play the best sport game in amazing realistic 3D graphics. Test your bowling skills in the best bowling game.3 Game Modes:Single PlayerPass n PlayVS. CPUFeatures:- 16 unique custom bowling balls.- 3 Game Modes.- Realistic Physics.- Stunning 3D graphics.- Each Player can choose their own ball.- Stats Screen.Get the latest news, deals, and more at..

Quiz Guess it’s Soccer Team

NEW GAME!!! 2015 SEASON!!! LAST TRANSFERS!!!!! How many soccer players do you know? In this game you can show us! You will find the best soccer players in the world. The player will show you on the screen and before time ends you will have to discover his team.. As you progress in the game, the player will be more difficult and the image will show you gradually .... You have 300 soccer players and teams to recognize. .You can also discover what position you are in the world ranking

Volleyball Pro Tour 2016

Realistic physics combined with intuitive controls and graphics make this the best game of volleyball on the mobile. Slide your finger to send the ball in game in the direction that you want to, is easy to learn and fun to master.-Intuitive, one-finger controls-Career mode-Roleplay with training mode-Beautiful graphics-Split-screen multiplayer-Online multiplayer-New beach volleyball sandCompete in various tournaments of volleyball and become a champion of volleyball.It competes in the interior or to the beach volleyball Arena, the rules are the same as 2 beach volleyball players

Basketball Tournament

Discover this top free basketball game with endless ranking and tournament modes, great performance, and amazing features!- Intuitive and super precise aiming, feels like realistic basketball, easy and addictive controls, fun gameplay- Multiple basketball locations with awesome 3D graphics- Great sound, visual and haptic touch effects to complement the real basketball feel- Tournament basketball mode with 4 preset tournaments you can play with up to 8 human or computer players to figure out who's the best- Tournament Editor, to make your own customized tournaments!- Endless basketball ranking mode, best the highscores with revolutionary checkpoint endless system- Completely free, fully featured realistic basketball sports game for every age.- Integrated with Immersion tactile effectsIntuitive controls, realistic physics, multiple basketball locations and play modes make this one of the best basketball games on mobile.

football 2016

Total Football 2016 is the new and free game of football of the new season.Your will enjoy the best football players of the world.- It chooses your team.- It plays in a competition.- Live real match.- It scores the best goals.- And much more.Always did you think how it would be to be one of your idols?This is your opportunity to be Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, Neymar, Robben, Gareth Bale and others.With Total Football 2016 you will feel the football.Legal notice:Contains adversitements that ask connection from Internet but do not interfere in the correct functioning of the game. It is not a official game, not backed by any official association.

Gymnastics Training 3D

Gymnastics Training 3D - Sports Arena is an IMPROVED version of gymnastics simulator with new animations, interactions and controls. 10+ UNIQUE EXERCISES:Practise all exercises and show them on the championship2 HQ CHARACTERS:Choose a sportsman or a sportswoman 4 SPORTS EQUIPMENTS:- Pommel horse- Parallel bar- Rings- Practice beam- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Gymnastics Training 3D - Sports ArenaKEY FEATURES:• Realistic 3D GYM with all sports equipments• 2 different REACTIONS on success and fail• 3 amazing EXERCISES for each equipment

Ted Ginn: Kick Return Football

Download this action packed game starring former high school/college All-American and current pro football player Ted Ginn, possibly the most fun & addictive sports game on Android!★ Score touchdowns by hitting holes, tiptoeing the sidelines, and breaking tackles!★ Learn intuitive touch controls in just seconds!★ Compete in dozens of increasingly challenging tournaments!★ Upgrade your returner, blockers, uniforms, and more!★ Practice real football strategy including following blocks!★ Earn points & time bonuses for getting into field goal range!★ Share video replays with your friends!★ Play as Ted Ginn, the electric kickoff returner from the state of Ohio!Good luck and don’t get tackled by the kicker!

Skater Dude 3D Skateboarding

Step up big skater to the game that has you in control of a super powerful skateboarder. Race down the street and crash into other people, cars, and trucks. Score big or go home. Be true to your skills and jump over or smash into as many objects as possible to score big. Features:4 Fun Filled Areas to explore.Real pro skateboarding tricks and stunts.Amazing 3D Skateboard and Dude.Fast paced action for exciting gameplaySkater Dude 3D Skateboarding features both day and night maps. Its free, so you might as well give this simulator a try.

my team world soccer games cup

Bring the world soccer games cup to your mobile device.Play against the best football games teams, and test out how your team performs.This football games brings you 3 difficulty levels. Play against the USA football team (or soccer as it's called in America). Test your mettle against the England football team.Or prepare for defeat against the mighty and legendary Brazil football games team in this highly anticipated world football games cup competition.Game features multiple camera views if you prefer a zoomed out view of the football field, to get bigger views of your goal posts and the opponent player locations.Run through multiple players, dribble your way to football games glory in 2014, whether in Brazil, the US or England, you will find great pleasure in this awesome world football games cup my team!Credits:

Stickman Ice Hockey

Experience pure hockey fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value. Choose your favorite hockey team and rank up while playing various seasons, cups or simple dominate in a quick game or a open air classic mode`Play with or without Icing and Offside rules for real arcade fun. Decide whether you want full control over your players with manual running and shoot timing or use the automatic running mode where you have control over precise pass timing and watch your players body-check your opponents. Choose your favorite hockey team from more than 46 different skilled national and international teams and lead them to glory!FEATURES• Bone-breaking body-checks• Quick Game and Training Mode• Different season modes: Short Season, Long Season, World Cup, Djinnworks Cup
, Westcoast Cup, Eastcoast Cup• Bonus Open Air Classic game• 46 National and International hockey teams to choose from• Various ice rinks and configurable game time
• 4 difficulty levels for longterm motivation (easy, medium, hard, pro)• Choose to play with or without Icing and Offside rules.• Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control• Automatic or Manual Running• Match statistics• Smooth animations with 60 frames per second• Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard• Various achievements to unlock• MOGA and MFI Game Controller support

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Beach Football

Beach Football is a cool game to play. All the Soccer and football fan will love this game. Experience the football and soccer game in a whole new environment. You will have a lot of different teams and clubs to choose from. Choose your favorite football team or football club to compete in different footballs tournaments. Controls are very easy, which makes this game for all the age groups. Anyone, from child to a old age , can play this game easily. Enjoy the football on the beach and feel the heat of the game. Worlds all famous teams and football clubs are available. Compete in different tournaments and be the top player in the world. Compete with all the players from around the globe. Top the leader board and Be the best. Features: 1) Play football on the beach. 2) Compete Globally. 3) Compete in different tournaments. 4) Choose any team you want. 5 ) Totally free.

Street Soccer 2016

A fast and fun top football game for Android. (Or top soccer games for the American in you). Play a fun game of the best free football game experience on your device. Kick-off from the center of the football field, dribble your way to the opponent's goal, and kick the ball in for a score. From realistic passes to powerful shots, this football game has it all. This game will have you hooked for many matches as you watch your team make it to the winner cup finals! So get ready from the point the whistle blows off for kick off, this is one football game you'll want to be with!With soccer 2016 you can enjoy many types of games training, quick game, knockout and tournament.Silent Features:Top 20 Soccer playing nations are added.Four playing modes that is training, friendly, knockout, tournament are added.Three different stadiums are added.Smoother, realistic and optimized graphics for both players and perfect stadiums.Cool 3d sounds.Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control. Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking leader board Social:To keep yourself update about new features and games join our social pages.Feedback:

Rugby Nations 16

Celebrate the World Cup in style with the most realistic Rugby game on mobile - Rugby Nations 16!Try out this brand new game at no cost and unlock the full game with a great value In App Purchase only after experiencing the best Rugby simulation on the store.Live events and fantastic new gameplay will get you into the celebratory spirit just in time for the biggest Rugby event this year.Brand new TOUCH CONTROLS will allow you to play Rugby like never before on mobile, easy to use for even the newest of players. Optimized Phoenix™ technology drives fantastic 3D visuals, enhanced gameplay and slick animations to deliver the most atmospheric Rugby experience on Google Play. With fully loaded tournaments, new challenges and a captivating career mode it delivers all the authenticity of Rugby Union.WORLD CUP FEVER!Experience the thrill and excitement of the greatest Rugby tournament with all 20 qualified teams, group and knockout stages. Gameplay has never felt so real with enhanced tackle momentum, atmospheric crowds and official licensed content. Authentic pre-match build up and brand new commentary make you feel like you’re a part of the world cup squad.CONTROL EVERY MOVE WITH EASENew TOUCH controls allow you to master every move and try with ease. Whether you are a seasoned Rugby gaming pro or just getting started, a touch is all you need to reign supreme. INTERACTIVE TOURNAMENTS WITH LIVE GAMESDon't miss a moment of the World Cup and play along with LIVE GAMES. Earn points for your team and lead them to victory whilst enjoying much improved celebration and try scoring animations.TAUNT, SUPPORT, SHAREPush your team to the top by rounding up Facebook friends for support or destroy your enemy by sending them taunts. Climb your way to the top of the leaderboard and become a global Top Influencer. Share your success and get the latest Rugby highlights with Twitter integration.Get involved with all things Rugby
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Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong

Play virtual table tennis 3D. A great ping pong game that will make you feel beyond real!If you like to play pingpong or tabletennis, this game is a great racket challenge for you. Improve your handles, enjoy your freetime and have a sensational feeling of playing table tennis 3D.Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong is an addictive Ping Pong game with superb graphics, effects and awesome soundFX. The best part is that you can play it as in real life, against your friends or the AI. Smash, swing or spin the ball to climb your way up in career mode if you take the table tennis challenge. If you're a fan of sport games Table Tennis 3D will captivate you with features such as:● Three Awesome modes1. Quick Match with three levels of difficulty✓ Beginner✓ Intermediate✓ Expert2. Career mode - sharpen your table tennis skills at 5 levels✓ Local Level✓ State Level✓ Country Level✓ Continent Level✓ International Level3. Head To Head✓ Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends (has Facebook/Twitter integration) on the same device● Smart AI competitor programmed based on human behavior (reaction time, strength, skill, speed etc.) ● Play sidespin, corkspin, smash, lob, flick, loop shot etc. similar to real table tennis modes● Powerful physics engine gives realistic effects to the ball and bat for better ping pong experience● Three types of bats/ paddles with configuration available for✓ Speed✓ Spin✓ Control● Select a bat and ball you feel comfortable playing with based on the different power and spin● Zoom In/Out the camera while playing the ping pong to change your viewport● Play table tennis in head-to-head mode with your friends (has Facebook/Twitter integration) on the same deviceTable Tennis 3D is the most realistic ping pong simulator for Android and you'll definitely enjoy not only the physics behind, but also its 3D graphics and effects.Stay updated with Table Tennis 3d Live Ping Pong game news at and `Thank you.Keep playing Live Ping Pong with this awesome Table Tennis 3D game.

WGT : World Golf Tour Game

The #1 top free 3D golf game, as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and Fox Sports. Featuring new Stroke Play on the Front 9 of Pebble Beach, St Andrews of the 2015 Open Championship; Plus Bandon Dunes and Chambers Bay from the PGA Tour. This sports game is a full game simulation built with the best GPS and 3D technology. WGT is a rewarding game that is easy to start and hard to master.WGT Golf Mobile requires a fast internet connection. Game is free to play with option to purchase credits to upgrade equipment or compete in challenges to earn credits. World Golf Tour players can use their existing accounts and virtual golf equipment.FAMOUS GOLF COURSES Unlock over 15 free championship golf courses in realistic HD, including: Pebble Beach (2010 U.S. Open), Chambers Bay (2015 U.S. Open) , Bandon Dunes (ranked #1 golf resort by Golf Digest), Bethpage Black (2019 PGA Championship, 2024 Ryder Cup), Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Congressional Country Club (2011 U.S. Open), Kiawah Island (2012 PGA Championship), Olympic Club (2012 U.S. Open), Pinehurst Resort (2014 U.S. Open), Royal St. George’s (The Open Championship 2011), St Andrews (The Open Championship 2015), Valhalla Golf Club (2014 PGA Championship)MULTIPLE GAME FORMATS★ Multiplayer head-to-head stroke play competition against friends or other players with live chat and competitive leaderboards★ Single-player full 18-hole stroke play and 9-hole closest-to-the hole golf games★ Free and sponsored tournaments: including the Virtual PGA Championship (grand prize trip to the PGA Championship), Virtual U.S. Open (grand prize trip to the U.S. Open Championship), WGT Virtual Tour Championship (covered by the Golf Channel), and many more★ Hole-in-One challengesREALISTIC GOLF SIMULATION★ Choose from a full set of free virtual golf equipment including driver, woods, hybrid, irons, wedges, putter and ball★ Realistic golf swing options including full, punch, pitch, chip, flop, putt★ Challenging golf lies from anywhere on the course including tee, fairway, rough, fescue, bunker, greenVIRTUAL GOLF EQUIPMENT ★ Upgraded virtual golf clubs from Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Odyssey, Ping, TaylorMade, etc.★ Upgraded virtual golf balls from Callaway, Srixon, TaylorMade, Volvik, etc.★ Upgraded game boosts, training tools, golf course notebooks, etc.SOCIAL GOLF FUN★ Invite friends to compete in multiplayer games with live chat★ Join virtual country clubs for private tournaments ★ Share your best golf shots with friends via Facebook or Twitter★ Get your replays and scorecards featured on Facebook, YouTube and Golf Channel TVCONTACT

Free Billiards Snooker Pool

free billiards snooker poolThis is a free 3d billiards sport game.Game Features: Realistic 3D ball movement. Touch control for moving the cue.You can adjust the cue distance There are 2 modes8 Ball Pool and 9 Ball Pooland You can play against computer , human or single player.

Stunt Bike 3D Free

Stunt bike is a free trial bike game that takes you deep into the city to face brand new exciting trials and challenges. 20 extreme levels await your trails rider skills with extreme obstacles ranging from huge gaps, to riding on the rooftops as well as dodging traffic on these busy streets.You will have to use your trail bike and expertly use your trial bike to navigate your way through the city. Take caution on the water obstacles, watch out for the objects that you can push aside with the front of your trials bike and even take a ride on a moving train as you ride to the finish line!Become the top trial bike rider by tackling the most dangerous city in the universe!- 5* Trial Bike Physics- 5* Challenging Levels- Packed with interactive objects, push boxes and barrels out of the way!

Soccer Frenzy 2016

soccer frenzy 2016What a chance to score .. you take it, shoot... GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!What are you waiting for? Everyone else is already playing Soccer Frenzy 2016! Don’t miss out on this chance to have tons of fun! Do you have what it takes to be the Soccer Superstar? Play Soccer Kicks, the most intense free-kick soccer game to practice your free-kick skills on Android. This game will give you the highest level of complete control and pinpoint accuracy.We hope you enjoy playing Score! this title wouldn’t be possible without valued fan feedback★ Improved graphics and playability★ Realistic goal keeper animations and physics engine★ Realistic kick and swerve controls★ Highscore for each game mode Play a fun game of the best free football game experience on your device.

Red Card Rampage

This is your chance to vent your anger at the referees! Red Card Rampage is a fun physics puzzle game for everyone, whether you love or hate soccer!

Ultimate Tennis

Ultimate Tennis is an action-packed tennis arcade game that combines tennis with RPG making it the most complete mobile tennis game ever! Enjoy thrilling gameplay, beautiful graphics, and extensive RPG on your way to becoming the best in the world!Ultimate Tennis offers you a tweaked version of the familiar finger-swipe tennis gameplay combined with a detailed RPG element that gives you near to unlimited options for improving and customizing your character(s). To provide a more action-packed experience the tennis rules have been adjusted slightly, resulting in fast-paced gameplay and shorter but much more exciting matches!On top of that the game offers great graphics and visualizations to give you one of the most visually realistic tennis experiences to date.- Experience different game modes, such as World Tour, League, and Online.- Master up to four different special moves to surprise your opponents.- Play with various different players, both men and women, each with their own unique playing style. - Challenge your friends or face random players in real-time.- Enjoy the most realistic graphics seen in a mobile tennis game so far.- Tweak and customize your player’s equipment and skills to the smallest detail.- Play the game either with one or two-handed controls.This is the first tennis game that offers great gameplay combined with great RPG elements. Face AI or human opponents and outplay them using the game’s natural controls and a set of special skill shots. Put together a team of different players and beat increasingly difficult opponents for valuable rewards. Use Gold and Coins to purchase and upgrade items, and use points to improve your characters’ skills and abilities.Experience the most immersive and complete tennis game in the world and download Ultimate Tennis now!

Big Win Football 2015

A BRAND NEW GAME FROM BIG WIN SPORTS!Take on the role of GM as you build and boost your football dream team! Your team. Your choices. Your win.NEW FOR 2015: NEW PLAYER CARDS AND A NEW LOOK TO TAKE YOUR TEAM TO THE NEXT LEVELHIGHLIGHTS * IMPROVE your dream team with new ALL-STAR, SUPERSTAR and LEGEND players!* CUSTOMIZE your team across the board with full team and player customization! * WATCH your team battle for victory, and lead them to victory with powerful BIG IMPACT cards!* COMPETE against teams from all over the world!* BOOST player skills with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum skill boost cards!GAME MODES* BIG BOWLS – Battle your way to the top of the standings in daily Big Bowl challenges!* TOURNAMENTS – Take on the world in limited time tournaments for a chance to win HUGE prizes!* QUICK PLAY – Keep it quick and test your skills, one game at a time!* FRIENDS – Connect to Facebook and challenge your friends! Trade team codes and challenge new Big Win players anytime, anywhere!© 2014 Hothead Games Inc., Hothead, Big Win and Big Win Sports are registered trademarks of Hothead Games Inc., all rights reserved.

Bowling XMas

Ready to roll your bowling ball like a pro ?With Bowling XMas, you will find a super realistic stunning HD graphics bowling game. The goal of the game is very simple: Knock over as many pins as possible. Set in a beautiful 3D environment, you will either have the opportunity to train yourself to become a Bowling master or challenge your friends to reach the highest score. This free game provides leaderboards so you can easily track your progress. Hours of Bowling fun ahead of you ! How many consecutive strikes will you get ? Can you score a perfect 300 ?

Rugby Super Kicks

Experience the pure flick-kick action of your favourite Rugby game.Kick the ball to Goalpost from different positions on grounds with the flick of your finger! Keep an eye on distance & wind factor; the ball may swing a lot distorting your goal angle. The most intense free-kick Rugby super kicks game to practice your flick-kick skills on Android.Game Features:1- Complete 3D Flick-Kick Power Action2- Real Game Physics3- User friendly navigation4- Realistic 3D Game Graphics5- Excellent Sounds6- Beautiful Stadium with lush green ground7- Crowd will cheer at every successful goal8- 3 Game Play ModesGame Play Modes:There are three game Play Modes.. which are:BEAT THE CLOCK:The Player will have 60 seconds to kick as many shots as he wantsThere would be a clock target displaying randomlyHiting the clock target will increase 10 seconds in current running timeKeep an eye on the distance and wind factor alsoBALL & ALL: The player will have option to earn extra livesAt start of game no (extra) life will be givenThe game will continue if the player hits successful goals onlyThe extra life can be earned by hitting ball sucessfull to bar displaying from bottom to top vertically with in the goal postSo If the player hits the vertical bar successfully then can earn an extra lifeOnly 3 extra lives can be earned in one play Arcade Mode:Flip to kick the ball towards goal postThe arcade mode will have 6 levelsAll levels will continue in one single playEach level will have 5 balls to playTo continue to next level .. the player must kick 3 successful goals At the end of the game a score card will display How to play:Flick your finger through the football in the direction you want to kick but keep your eye on the swing, it will change in strength and direction with each kick and can effect your accuracy.Visit our website for more info:Absologix Technology Limited - A Gaming StudioFollow us by email or on Twitter and FacebookNote: This free game is supported by advertisement Ads within the App only as per Google Policy.

Skiing Yeti Mountain

Carve your way through hundreds of levels as you search for the elusive Yeti in Skiing Yeti Mountain. Weave through trees, skid over ice, jump off cliffs and get to know a cast of bizarre locals in this extreme skiing adventure.All handcrafted for your phone to create the ultimate skiing experience.Features:- Touch controls specifically designed for intuitive & precise skiing- Hundreds of bite sized slalom tracks to complete- A mountain of challenge tracks to master- A cast of bizzare characters to meet- A Yeti to find?-----------------------------------------"This is a top-notch video game" ~ AppSpy"Outstanding level design and touch controls! I love the feeling of nailing the flow on each level." ~ Adam Atomic (Hundreds & Canabalt)

Euro 2016 game: Logo Puzzle

European Championship 2016 edition of Logo puzzle quiz! Try to complete the logos of the 53 countries. These countries are all in the Euro 2016 Qualifying Competitions.Do you like puzzles, soccer & logo quiz games? Then you will enjoy our Euro 2016 game. It's a very relaxing puzzle game with all the countries that are trying to qualify for Euro 2016 in France. The 53 logos are their national soccer team badges. Drag the puzzle pieces to the right place in order to complete the logo. It is easier if you first can guess which logo it is. The further you go, the harder the puzzle! Collect all the logos.------------------------Also check out our other fun jigsaw puzzle games!Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and please keep emailing us with any questions or feedback!Copyright © MadRabbit Studio

FootQuiz – Football Quiz Game

Look at the picture and try to recognize the football star that appears in it. Have fun identifying tons of football stars!√ Hundreds of players to recognize!FootQuiz has over 300 incredible levels with stunning designs that will allow you to show your expert knowledge of modern football! √ Addictive, super fun!Thanks to multiple options you will always be able to get you out of a deadlock: simply sharing to your friends on Facebook and request some help or adds detail on an image to help you to identify the football player!√ A continuous updates always more fun!We add hundreds of new players every month as well as visual quiz event with contests at fixed times. For example, the quiz of the week will be added each Wednesday evening at 19:30!√ Exceed your friends, show them who's the boss !With tons of leaderboards show your friends and the world that football has no secrets for you and overpass them in a QuizUp style !√ Dynamic Levels !We add new quizes or levels every week for an almost endless gaming experience! Because passion of football never stops!√ Club's LogosIn addition to the players more than 100 clubs are present in FootQuiz! You can identify them by recognizing the logos of the respective clubs which are designed in minimalist form!

First Touch Soccer 2015

REALISTIC, IMMERSIVE, ADDICTIVE. First Touch Soccer 2015 is here, and it’s better than ever! Crammed full of amazing features, modes, stunning graphics and fluid gameplay, this year’s edition is not to be missed. FIRST TOUCH SOCCER IS YOUR GAME!* Includes Tablet Support! ****************************************** LEAD YOUR CLUB TO THE TOPTake control of your team on and off the field in Manager Mode. Sign new players, negotiate contracts & fully customise your club’s stadium with our unique stadium editor. Manager mode is more refined to YOUR needs. Can you rise to the challenge?BREATH-TAKING VISUALS & SMOOTH ANIMATIONSFTS 15 is the definitive mobile soccer experience, featuring hundreds of unique animations, with stunning player and stadium graphics! Prepare to feel every goal, tackle & save from wherever you are! With our dynamic lighting system, you’ll be even more immersed in what truly is the best mobile soccer experience.MASTERFUL AI & RAPID GAMEPLAYWatch your game come to life as you pass and dribble around your opponents. Intelligent AI makes for the most realistic experience of First Touch Soccer ever. Score thunderbolts from outside the box, or tiki-taka your way to goal. The possibilities are endless…DAILY MATCH CHALLENGETest your skills every day with our Match Challenge. Whether you’re the underdogs, or clear favourites these matches provide a reason for you to come back again and again. Soccer fans, this is a game for you.#firsttouchsoccer***************************************** Exclusive soundtrack provided by Bastille, Imagine Dragons & Black Kids.This game requires an Internet connection to download initial content.Please note: This game is free to play, but additional content and in-game items may be purchased for real money. Credits can be earned during gameplay or gained by watching videos, but can also be bought in packs ranging from $1.99 - $35.99.This app contains third party advertising. Advertising is disabled if you purchase in game currency from the shop.

Freekick Battle2

Exciting Freekick experience of football once again! Freekick Battle2!Official sequel of Freekick Battle, hit 3000000 downloads!Kicker, Striker and Goalie! Make your own dream team to compete with other worldwide players!Splendid 3D graphic makes it irresistible!Physical engine shows off realistic and scientific kicking arc!Hundreds kinds of set pieces you never guess what’s coming!Real-time auto-matchup multiplay with competitive Division League!100+ of training stages and unlimited multi-play mode!100+ of footballers and more to come!Multi language support: English, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean (Soon to be updated: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Cantonese)[Developed by Cocosoft]Punch HeroFreekick BattleColosseum HeroesColosseum DefenseFreekick Battle2 may allow you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third party advertisements that may redirect you to a third party site.© COCOSOFT Corp. All rights reserved.

Stickman Football – The Bowl

American Football, Bowl 2016 Edition!, designed in a way you never played it before. Be part of the action, be the Quaterback, control your player directly`Tired of just choosing moves from the playbook? Meet Stickman Football, play and directly control your favorite hero in every detail, tackle, pass, run or trick the defenders while going for your first touchdown!Play and replay the 2016 Bowl Playoffs and Final yourself! Choose you favorite team and win the Bowl!Stickman Football finally joins the well known Stickman Sports game collection consisting of Stickman Volleyball, Stickman Soccer, Stickman Soccer 2014, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Tennis 2015, Stickman Basketball and Stickman Ice Hockey.Experience pure football fun with fast paced gameplay, an astonishing atmosphere, stunning smooth animations, simple controls, insane action and tons of replay value. • Stickman Football supports MOGA and other iOS 7 MFi game controllers• From the makers of various top hits like Stickman Soccer, Stickman Basketball, Stickman Downhill, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Tennis, Stickman Cliff Diving, Stickman Base Jumper, Rope'n'Fly and more..
Features• Bone-breaking tackling action• Selectable tactics: short or long passes, running, punt, field goals, …• Play the Bowl 2016 Final• Play the Bowl 2016 Playoffs• Simple yet powerful touch controls with timing control• Match statistics• Smooth animations with 60 frames per second• Compete with your friends with the integrated world ranking leaderboard• Various achievements to unlock• MOGA and MFI Game Controller support• Pure football action!
Feel free to post your ideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
Thank you very much for all your support and interest in our games! We would love to hear your suggestions!

8 Ball King – Pool Billiards

8 Ball King offer you amazing 3D Billiards experience with brand new design!Now to play 8 Ball, be a profession billiards player in everywhere. Will you be a champion in world-class billiards game? This is the totally new Pool game in Android and it's totally Free.Enjoy billiards ball colliding!8 Ball King Billiards features:- Real Billiards graphics- Simulate 3D Pool Shot effects- Play 8 Ball Billiards in all around the world, like Berlin, London, Bangkok, Riga, Bendigo- Multiple Billiards modes including Mission, 1-vs-1 Battle, Practice- Various billiards cue and pool table style!Thanks for player support! Later, we'll release a totally new 9 Ball Pool and Snooker game!

Real Boxing

Real Boxing is the best FREE fighting experience on the Google Play, with jaw-dropping graphics, full-blown career, multiplayer with real prizes and intuitive controls. ________________________________________________ TOUCH ARCADE - "It’s called Real Boxing for a very good reason, and it lives up to its name impeccably well." 4.5/5 IGN - “Real Boxing is an Unreal Engine-powered beauty“ 148 APPS - "Real Boxing offers a console quality boxing experience. It plays as great as it looks." 4.5/5 ________________________________________________ AMAZING GRAPHICS & SOUNDImmerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of boxing action thanks to jaw-dropping Unreal Engine-powered graphics, realistic motion captured animations and spot-on sound design.KNOCKOUT GAMEPLAYFight using a variety of devastating punches and combos. Tip the odds in your favor with game changing power-ups. Feel every jab, hook and uppercut thanks to intuitive and responsive controls.REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER Become a challenger and enjoy hundreds of hours more gameplay in the feature-packed Real Boxing multiplayer mode.WEEKLY TOURNAMENTSFeel the adrenaline rush in Weekly Tournaments, featuring original and challenging rules, with a chance to win in-game and real prizes.EXHILARATING ARCADE MODE AND UNDERGROUND TOURNAMENTPut your boxing to the test and fight otherworldly bosses in Real Boxing’s Arcade Mode, or take your skills to the street in the Underground Tournament and unlock brand new gear for your boxer!COMPREHENSIVE CAREERFight over 30 unique boxers with their own adaptive boxing styles in a full-blown career mode to become world champion.YOUR REAL BOXERCreate and customize your own fighter with dozens of unlockable hairstyles, tattoos, and gear. Train via a variety of mini games and maintain condition as you fight challenger after challenger on your way to the top.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURESCome back daily and win amazing prizes with Daily Rewards the Daily Spin. Use the Social Panel to compare scores, challenge friends and become ultimate rivals.MORE FREE CONTENTEnjoy regular content updates introducing new features, challengers and more – for free!

Snowboard Party Lite

Snowboard Party brings the thrill of snowboarding to your mobile device! Get ready to ride down the slopes at extreme speed and catch some big air to perform the craziest tricks in 21 completely unique adrenaline-filled locations. Jump on your board, learn new moves and improve your snowboarding skills to land sick combos and rack high scores! Play with your friends using the new online multiplayer mode or challenge riders from all over the world using the online leaderboards. Complete over 105 level objectives, 32 achievements, gain experience and upgrade your favorite snowboarder attributes to perform better and achieve higher scores. Customize your outfit and upgrade your board to give you an extra edge over the competition. HIGH DEFINITION Snowboard Party includes next generation 3D graphics specially optimized for your mobile hardware to provide you with the best snowboarding experience.FREESTYLE Freestyle is all about the tricks! The rider uses natural and man-made features such as rails, jumps, boxes, logs, rocks and innumerable other objects to perform the sickest tricks! BIG AIR Go big or go home! Big air competitions are contests where riders perform tricks on massive jumps while going down the slope at high speed. HALFPIPE Perform a wide range of tricks while going down some of the world’s biggest halfpipes. Chain multiple tricks in a row to gain more points and achieve a better score. MULTIPLAYER Challenge your friends to a snowboard battle and let’s see who can land the baddest tricks! Share and brag your results with your friends on Twitter. MASSIVE SELECTION Select between 15 snowboarders and customize each of them to your preference choosing your favorite gear. A massive collection of boards ranging from different sizes and designs are available allowing you to complement your rider’s skills and abilities. LEARN TO SNOWBOARDOver 50 unique tricks to master and hundreds of combinations. Follow the tutorial to get started and progress as you go. Execute the craziest combos and trick sequences to rack up some impressive high scores, gain experience and make a name for yourself. GAME CONTROLLERCompatible with most game controllers available. CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS New fully customizable control system to configure your own button layout. Use the right or left handed control mode, select a control preset or create your own. Use the analog stick or accelerometer option as you wish. LOADED WITH FEATURES • Supports all the latest generation devices and optimized for high resolution displays.• Online multiplayer mode to play against your friends or other riders online.• New fully customizable control system. You can adjust everything! • Learn over 50 unique tricks and create hundreds of combinations. • Massive locations to ride including 21 courses located in the Rockies, Alps and Japan. • Customize your outfit in style!• Upgrade your board to improve your rider’s stats.• Play often to gain experience and upgrade your favorite snowboarder’s attributes. • Share your results with your friends on Twitter. • Compatible with Android-based phones and tablets.• Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.• Extended soundtrack featuring songs from Closer, Jack Counteract, Minds Without Purpose, Mr. TaBoo Timmons, No Blitz, Paul Spencer and the Maxines, Pear, The Pinz and We Outspoken. Courtesy of Pulse Records/White Knight Music Group, Inc.• Ability to purchase experience points or special items using in-app purchases. • Available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Chinese.

Mini Golf: Halloween

Our mini golf series continues with this special edition Halloween version. Can you deal with all the scary ghost, ghouls and strange creatures as you try to pot the golf ball on this crazy putt course? Can you make it to the end of the hole without the ball ending up in a pot of slime or Zombies grave?As you work your way through the holes you will need to hit the ball through loops, skeletons, around pumpkins and all other sorts of creepy interactive objects and obstacles.There's a ball shop where you can but custom balls with credits you earn from playing levels. You can get slime balls and even eyes to use throughout the courses!If you're a fan of crazy golf or you're just looking for a nice spooky sports ball game for Halloween then this is for you!Happy Halloween and happy Golfing!

Bilboquet Ce Que C’est ?

2 modes de jeu proposés:***LE BILBOQUET NUMERIQUE***Aficionados du "Reverse Kenobi" et du "Schmorbluck" ou simple néophyte, vous allez pouvoir vous amuser avec cette petite appli simple de bilboquet: un mât, une boule et c'est parti. 1 minute de bonheur pour vous améliorer et augmenter votre score !***LE BILBOSCOPE***Un doute sur la réussite de vos examens, une question sur votre vie sentimentale ? Le Bilboscope est là pour vous aider à prendre vos décisions et répondre à vos questions existentielles !! Note de notre avocat: les réponses ont été pré-écrites pour les besoins de l'application et sont affichées de manière aléatoire. Nous déclinons toute responsabilité dans l'usage que vous pourriez faire du Bilboscope. ***LA THEORIE DES BALLS***"La Théorie des balls" est une web-série humoristique française créée, écrite et réalisée par Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, débutée en 2015. La série est produite sous l'égide du groupe Frenchnerd et est diffusée sur la chaîne Frenchball.VOUS ÊTES DES MILLIONS À AVOIR SUIVI LA THÉORIE DES BALLS, MERCI !Et aussi:Merci à Christophe Barberon et Florent Dorin pour leurs voix dans la série et réutilisées au sein de l'application. Vous souhaitez nous faire part de vos suggestions ou de vos remarques, vous avez besoin d'aide pour mettre la boule sur la tige ? Nous sommes à votre écoute ! La théorie des balls © Endemol Beyond / Frenchnerd Productions


Welcome to the best 3D Snowboard Freeride simulator.Welcome to the free world of the mountain slopes. Ride anywhere you want, perform incredible tricks and maneuvers on your own by using a variety of boards designed for speed and control. Earn money and spend them on new equipment and training.Game features:* Physics – absolutely realistically, based on mass, speed, mountain’s slope, snow friction, etc.* Immense Scale - take any route you want on the largest possible slopes which mobile devices can handle.* Outstanding Visuals – hi-end visuals with graphical settings to satisfy high and low-end devices. The unique animation system shows dozens of animations which working simultaneously to portray accurate character movements.* Intuitive Controls - jumps, turns and tricks were made with simple controls (please choose one of the three controls)* Your Goals - choose from six existing goals like time trials or set your own! Compare your results with players all around the world via leaderboard system.Pick your mountain slope, loadout and good luck out in the mountains!

Ronaldinho Super Dash 2016

Ronaldinho Super Dash 2016 brings an incredible possibility: to be Ronaldinho and make his dribbling, his speed, and all his magic. An exciting game, where every second can make a difference, Try to dribble fullbacks, complete great missions, take special balls and go through difficult obstacles and test your ability to get important items and earn more points. The time has come to BE your idol and live all the joys that only football can give us. Challenge your friends and have fun right now!!

Punch Boxing 3D

Champions aren't born, they are made! Punch Boxing is the world's #1 combat sports game available on Android.Punch Boxing offers fighting game fans an adrenaline pumping world of boxing action. Polished animation and stunning 3D graphics bring the real boxing experience to your hand, while intuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun. Go toe-to-toe against 30+ bone crushing boxers from Bangkok, Las Vegas, London, Montreal and Washington. Use quick reflexes and special moves, unleash fierce punches and combos, beat all opponents and become the king of boxing now!Game Features:- Console quality realistic fighting experience- 120+ uniforms and equipment for you to choose- Level up in gyms and prove your skills