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Kids Piano

Baby Piano is the best piano learning app! This kid piano game is specially designed for kids to play and learn for fun. It will be great for music learning and exploration. Your child or toddler will love this piano game. Kids Piano app is kids favorite. Entertainment for kids with colorful piano while learning piano sounds. This kids piano app is kids game friend, kids music teacher and also it is a mother's helper to keep children quiet.

Cat Sounds

Cat sounds application is a cheerful entertainment for all your home's inhabitantsCat Sounds for you, your family and cat and other animal’s entertainment. You can use the cat sounds application to your dog chases you as if you a cat toy for your dog. Or you can use it to entertain kids, let them play with cat piano using this free cat Sound board app.These Cats Sounds effects are entertaining, you can play match the Cat Sounds for fun. Cat Sounds are entertaining to both kids and adults you can use Cat Sound to have fun with both.Most of the people would agree that cats are very cute and lovely pets. The way they look, the way they behave and talk is one of the most fetching things for cat lovers. For those who wish to have a cat but they cannot because of some reasons there is a possibility to have at least a part of that joy at home. That is an application created for the phone which is able to emit cat Sounds. That is just fantastic application which should be in most of our phones. Let’s find out why.Cat Sounds board include those Sounds for your entertainment. This cat Sounds application is created for an android phone only yet but hopefully it will be possible to have it in any other phones soon. There can be many possibilities of cat Sounds- more than twenty five. It is likely that most of cat owners have not heard all the possible cat’s Sounds in reality. It can be done now by phone. There are simple and unique cat’s mew included. But despite of that your android phone can become even a lovely cat, angry cat or just a hungry cat. It can reflect any cat Sound. It works very simply. You just have to press a button and choose which cat Sound you would like to hear. Actually it is not even needed to touch the screen for that. You can just roll the phone from left to right or to any other side and to hear how cat Sounds are changing. It is possible to control the Sounds and basically everything. Cat Sounds can be a great entertainment for everyone and it can be used in many ways. For example just to have a possibility hear a lovely Sound, to relax, have fun or to teach your pets a good behavior. Cat Sound could be also as your call melody. Then every call will be welcome and positive. Also it is very good way for kids to make them happy.Cat Sounds can be a good entertainment not only for people but also for pets. How cats or dogs would behave hearing for example a lovely cat Sound which they cannot see? They probably would start to search for that cat or would start to do the same or maybe they would respond to the mews in other ways. The best way to find out is to try. Another way to use it is to let your pet to change the Sound by moving the phone. Also it can be useful for pet owners to find out how a pet would react when meeting a real angry cat. Would he become angry as well? If the application will show that yes it is better to try avoid that meeting.All the Cats Sounds the application provides are realistic and cheerful. All you need to do is to download the application, turn it on and have fun anytime you want.Cats Sounds review:"Tom cats sounds"This New Cats sounds includes new cats sounds, it just what I need to entertain my cat with kitten."Dangerous Cats sounds"Be careful with Angry Cat Roar. Some Cats can get mad with Angry Cats Roar"Best free cats sounds"Best cat sounds or cat Games app in plays store I have found till now.

Hero of Rock

You like music ?You want to play guitar on your phone?So hero of rock is the game you must have.This game give you a feeling of playing rock in your hand.FEATURE:- HD Graphic.- Simple but challenge game play.

Face Changer Prank

Face Changer is the ultimate application that allows you to cut and swap faces with each other! Create some funny pictures with your friend’s face on a Monkey or a Giraffe body!Play a prank on friends with Face Changer by swapping one face with another! Pose with the hottest movie stars, the neighbourhood cutie or even your friend’s girl/guy!It’s the best photo editor tool for your photos. No more long drawn processes of Photoshop and other professional photo editing softwares just get Face Changer!It is the perfect application to help you create the perfect custom photo!Add people into photos, choose the perfect background and get that perfect picture! With Face Changer you can cut multiple pictures and merge them together into one fun picture! Miss someone in the family picture just cut them out from another picture and add them to the family picture.Face Changer is simple to use! Select a picture from your photo gallery or click a new picture using the app camera Use your finger to trace out the face you want to cut You can either cut out the face you traced or remove the face and use the rest of the picture Choose a background from your gallery Save and share with any one and on any social network

Trap Cubes 2

Mix your own trap beats with the new ButtonBass Trap Cube 2 beat mixer. This cube also supports multi touch, swipe and keyboard control of the samples.Automatically generate a song with the "Auto Mix" button. This will randomly generate a dynamically changing song. Let it play and the app will add and remove layers from the song as time goes on.The Random Mix button allows you to generate a quick combo. You can change the mix from 2 to 3 or 4 sample mixes.This cube features individual volume controls for each cube with a sound studder option.

“PLL Theme” PianoPlay

*************************FOR MORE SONGS, CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PIANOPLAY GAMES!*************************FanFUN presents PianoPlay! A new way to play your favorite songs in this piano tiles themed game! This edition is inspired by the Pretty Little Liars theme song, "Secret"! The perfect game for true PLL fans!HOW TO PLAY:PianoPlay is addicting and easy to play! Quickly tap on the black piano tiles, and avoid the white tiles to complete the song pattern! Don't forget to enter your name so your high scores can be saved automatically. Check the Leaderboards to compete with other fans! You can either rush through the song for the best score, or you can play at the melody and tempo of the song, so you can sing along with the lyrics!FEEDBACK:Feel free to email us song requests, issues, comments, and suggestions! Also, don't forget to rate and review our games! With your feedback and support, we can add more songs and continue to improve our apps!DISCLAIMER:PLL "Secret" PianoPlay is an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Pretty Little Liars entities. This app does not include any copyrighted material. The piano melodies are arranged with individual piano notes, and the renditions of these songs are original and created by FanFUN. For educational and entertainment purposes only.

Toddler Sing and Play 3

Your kids will love singing along with these games:• Wheels on the Bus• Ants Go Marching• Five Little Monkeys• The Alphabet SongDesigned for ages 2 and up, these games help your children learn popular songs while interacting in a fun and creative way. ***Wheels on the Bus***Sing with a happy bus and its passengers as it travels around the town! This bus has it all: wipers, horn, people, and even a hidden monkey! To start the music, tap a bus object after each verse (12 verses total). Hint: to change the bus color, try popping the balloons.***Ants Go Marching***Hurrah! Ten busy ants make their way down the road to get out of the rain! The little ant leads the way and performs the action of each verse. Your children will love tapping on the ants and hearing what they have to say! ***Five Little Monkeys***This counting song features five unique monkeys that love to jump! When the lights turn on, sing along as the monkeys do their tricks! Each time a monkey bumps his head, mom calls the doctor until there are no monkeys left. Time to go back to bed!***The Alphabet Song***Sing it forwards, backwards, and with objects! This song is not your ordinary ABC song. Each letter turns into an objects when tapped, and each object does silly tricks! Your children will love singing along with this fun game.

Professional Drum Kit Real HD

PROFESSIONAL DRUM KIT REAL is an application that was developed for you to play many songs battery on your phone or tablet.To play just press the battery cells as if in front of a real drum.The application has 3 batteries, on the menu screen you can choose which battery you want to use, according to the positioning and the desired sound.You do not need to learn to play drums using the app, just a few minutes to get the hang and play drums in your favorite songs.Make today your mobile real drums.The application has professional sound quality, and will be improved with each update, if you have tips or suggestions leave us comments, everyone will be read.See the features of the Professional Real Drum Kit:multitouchMore than 14 battery cellsWorks on all phones and tabletsSounds and images in HDDo not need internet to play the drums100% FreeBe sure to check the best drumming app for the Google Play, suitable for all ages, for both professionals and music lovers.Best battery app for the Google Play.

Guitar Sound Effect Plugin

================================================= Notice:= This is Steel String Guitar Sound Plugin for App: Perfect Piano and Walk Band` It can't run alone!= Please search and install Perfect Piano first from Google Play to use this plugin. ================================================Usage: 1. Enter Keyboard Screen.2. Select switch instrument icon. 3. Cello icon will automatic show. Select it and load the new sound.Notice: 1. Suggest changes the sustain time through app Settings to make the sound more comfortable.Thank you for using this app by Rev Soft Inc ( Also known as Revontulet Soft Inc, Revontulet Studio ). Thanks!

Mega Piano tiles

Mega Piano is an exciting music game available for the Android operating system. It is a fairly simple, yet addictive and fun game to play. No special skills needed, everyone can play this game. You have to tap the black keys as fast as you can to be able to play the sound as long as you can. Your objective is to keep tapping the black keys as fast as you can while trying to avoid tapping the white keys. With Mega Piano you can even Challenge your friends with the build in special social share option. If you ever challenge a friend whoever get the higher score will be shown in first place in the high score section. With this game you can creates even more challenges and excitement within the game. Some people will find this a whole new level of challenges because the mission is and will always be to remain in the game as much as you can but remember, never stop tapping the black keys so you better concentrate hard in order to get a high score! Features-4 Categories with different games and sound-4 Different leader Board -Smooth Gameplay-Build in rate app-Turn On and Off the volume-Share with your friends(facebook, twitter, MMS, Whats app etc)Mega Piano is constantly being updated with additional challenges and advancements that get added to the game. This is the fastest way to get updates on our games, which can go right to your Smartphone if you have the free Twitter app. If you have enjoyed our games then please click “Like Us” on the fan page and help support our team in keeping up the great work we have already been doing. Then we can continue to create and release great games like Mega Piano in the future.

Piano Tiles

Do you get bored of playing simple music piano apps? So you have to download and try Piano Tiles game.Piano tiles is a tapping music - puzzle game. Nothing could be more addictive!The goal of the Piano Tiles game is to keep moving forward and tap only on the black piano tiles.Watch out and don't tap on the white piano tiles! When you tap white tile - you lose.The more you play, the faster and better you become. So train your fingers by hitting the piano tiles and play the popular songs and classical music.Choose how you want to play! There are 5 different game modes to choose from.[classic mode] hit 50 tiles as fast as you can and reach your destination.[arcade mode] the tiles just keep on coming. They scroll down faster and faster. Hit them before they fly off the screen![relay mode] hit 50 tiles to add more time[zen mode] How many tiles you can tap in 30 seconds?[free play mode] Play as long as you want without touching a white tile. Remember in each mode you can't miss the black tile. That's the only one rule. But the road to success is not that easy as it sounds!In Piano Tiles you will find very popular music. You can play classical music of many classical geniuses and artists like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach and well-known melodies like happy birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and many more!So don't forget to play all the songs and classical music! You will like them for sure!How to play Piano Tiles:Choose game mode.Just tap the black tile and run your fingers over the piano tiles, play live music and avoid white keys!Hold the keys for longer notes.Features:-addictive tapping music piano game-high quality sounds-tile pressed animations-global high score list-5 different game modes-compete with family and friends-plenty of songs on the songs list, many classical music songs and different genres-a lot of sample songs to play of popular artists and classical geniuses like Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart.-easy enough for children

“For The First Time” PianoPlay

*************************FOR MORE SONGS, CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PIANOPLAY GAMES!*************************FanFUN presents PianoPlay! A new way to play your favorite songs! This edition is inspired by Frozen's hit song, "For The First Time In Forever"!HOW TO PLAY:PianoPlay is addicting and easy to play! Simply tap on the black tiles, and avoid the white tiles. There are two game modes, timed and score. High scores are saved, so keep trying to improve your score! You can either rush through the song for the best score, or you can play at the melody and tempo of "For The First Time In Forever", so you can sing along with Anna and Elsa from Frozen!FEATURES:• Timed Mode - Quickly tap the black tiles to complete the song pattern!• Score Mode - Tap as many black tiles as you can, as the speed increases!• Lyrics - Now you can sing along while you play the piano melody!• Leaderboards - Compete with other players to get the best score!• Rate/Share - With your feedback and support, we can continue to improve our apps!DISCLAIMER:"For The First Time" PianoPlay is an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by the makers of Frozen. This app does not include any copyrighted material. The piano melody is arranged with individual piano notes, and the rendition of this song is original and created by FanFUN. For entertainment purposes only.

Kids Piano

"Kids Piano" - a funny musical training game for children. With which children develop an ear for music. 10 tunes that you can play 10 different music instruments and sounds of 10 animals. Plus karaoke mode. Musical instruments: guitar, bells, trumpet, and others. Pets and wild animals: birds, cow, dog, cat, chicken, tiger and others.Three game modes1. Classic - just play the piano by choosing any of 10 musical instruments or 10 animals2. Training - see how to play every melody3. Karaoke - try to learn to play music, and falling notes to help you in thisColorful pictures, a variety of musical instruments, pets and wild animals and game mode "karaoke" - all in one app - Kids Piano!Music develops the child's ability, makes his life more fun and interesting. That's why we teach a child to music since early childhood, with the first lullaby over the crib.Piano for kids. This children's game belongs to the category of games for baby aged 2 years and older. Educational children's game - a very important component of modern development. Educational games for kids on the mobile device to become a trend in the category of games for baby.Take the first steps to the music together with the game "Kids Piano"!

3 Pianos In 1

Best music app in stores with several other games to learn how to play piano with realistic instrument sounds! Let your creative and expressive music come out from your finger, as well as you own notes, rhythm and tempo.Features:- Full Keyboards of Piano (88 key keyboard midi keyboard YAMAHA P105 Roland F-120 Xkey )- Free virtual instruments - HQ instrument sounds: piano HQ, Banjo, Toy Piano- Key width adjustment- Midi effect and note velocity aftertouch pitch bend- Settings for the number of displayed keysApp fully tested in these all genres popular songs:- Amazing Grace- Alouette- Bad Romance- Hallelujah- Just Give Me a Reason- Numb- Let Her Go- Try- On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons- Safe and Sound - Capital Cities- Counting Stars - One Republic- Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke, ft. T.I. & Pharrell Williams- Wake Me Up - Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc- Treasure - Bruno Mars- Cups - Anna Kendrick- Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko- Bubbly - Colbie Caillat- What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction- Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5- Eye of the Tiger - Survivor- Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions- More Than Words - Extreme- The Final Countdown - Europe- Bring Me to Life - Evanescence- The Magic Flute - Mozart- Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven- Phantom of the Opera- Jurassic Park Theme- Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks- Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood- I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly- Hero - Mariah Carey- Respect - Aretha Franklin

Hip Hop Pads

The HIP HOP PADS is a free Drum Pads style app. Lightweight application, fun and easy to play. With it you can create Rap and Hip Hop beats. There are 90 realistic sounds recorded with studio audio quality. Ideal for DJs make quality beats. Because it is easy to play and come with lessons, the HIP HOP PADS is also ideal for amateurs trying the beats.An APP lot of fun! A real experience of making HIP HOP! Try it now!Check out the details of Hip Hop Pads:* Multi Touch* 6 complete Kits of samples of Rap music* 90 realistic sounds* Studio audio quality* Like a Drum Pads* Easy to play* For DJs and amateurs* 3 Examples* Recording Mode* Export your records to mp3* Works on all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD Images)* FreeThe app is free. But you can remove all advertisements buying a license! The best Hip Hop Music app on Google Play! Ideal for DJs, Musicians, producers and artists!

My Piano

Learn from piano songs and fun with My Piano style!Unlike all other piano apps, you do not have to follow the instructions programmed into the application. My Piano - Pianist HD is specially designed so that you can play at full speed.You can play your song slow or fast, depending on your mood.My Piano is one of the best piano effortlessly applications and games to your Android tablet and mobile phone! Please try to play your favorite tunes on the piano without any practice.To begin your journey with My Piano, just choose a sweet song in the song and learn to play in 1 minute. You can choose from three keyboard beautiful themes and a wide range of keyboard modes. It is possible for you to share the fun with your friend in double manual selection mode. Other features like recording, social exchange and key size sharing are designed to enhance your experience.If you like this app, or review a positive note it would be a great way for us.thank you a lot

TapTube – Video Rhythm Game

Are you OKay?? Still not play??? Be Quiet!!!!▶▶ You can be Real Nice Finger with TapTube. ◀◀Get away game such a bored like robot. The video started!!! If you do not have any MP3 or music file, don’t worry!! You can play! Just Enjoy!!Play rhythm game with famous music video.Your fingers dance like music video.Now you are national member.Compete with users from all around the world with fantastic note.■ Play with youtube music video ■After search numerous videos uploaded on youtube, you can play the game with your favorite video fully.■ Real time streaming game note ■Even a new music video, we serve you game note with real time streaming note.Every new music video could be a game stage. Search and Running!!■ Recommendation, Favorite list ■Always challenge new game in the newest popular music video list.Make my own game list using favorite list. Compete with other user's favorite popular list.■ Free level setting ■From 3 lines to 6 lines setting5 speed levels4 difficulty levelsEasy to everyone!!!Users who want to go high rank can enjoy the game.■ Hidden Function ■ During play video game or replay, there is a operation of the video size and brightness control through gestures in upper area.(Pinch Zoom : video size control, up & down swipe : brightness control)※ This application can only play videos that are licensed by YouTube API.(only streaming) ※ Available OS : After more than Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)※ We recommend Wifi environment due to heavy traffic generation. Commodity cancellation is not possible for the billing information generated by the user's choice.

Tebak Lagu Indonesia

Featuring today's indonesia pop hits and 300+ available indonesia song clips, you're must try this game if you fans who love indonesia music and quiz games.

The Vamps – Songs Quiz

★☆★Extremely amusing app based on The Vamps songs★☆★The aim is simple: Try to find missing words and to fill the blanks with the right words. This new karaoke game of The Vamps, you can play in different three levels easy, medium and hard for the same song and you should get best score to show their huge fan.

Argentine Songs

You like to sing?It came the app you've been waiting!With Argentine Songs, you'll be able to sing your favorite songs of Rock Nacional Argentino.We have different varieties of items so you can enjoy the best of our native rock.This version includes topics:- Soda Stereo- Patricio Rey y sus redonditos de ricota- Los Piojos- La Renga- La Mancha de Rolando- Divididos- Almafuerte- Babasónicos- Las Pelotas- Los Auténticos Decadentes- Andres Calamaro- Gustavo Cerati- Catupecu Machu- Attaque 77- IntoxicadosBesides that you can share your songs on Facebook with your friends!

Tap Challenge: Melody at hand

***Are you a fan of Tap Tap Revenge or Guitar Hero? ***Are you thrilled with great music?***Do you like music of multiple genres such as ballad, pop, rock, jazz, blue, alternative? ***Do you want to become a music hero?If so, Tap Challenge is where you find yourself ;)As a fan of music game especially Tap Tap Revenge and Guitar hero, we spent thousands of hours playing those games and it was awesome, we have to say. Therefore, we want to share this experience with you by developing Tap Challenge: Melody at hand which, in a way, simulates the Tap Tap Revenge or Guitar Hero experience with your finger dance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This guitar hero like game lets you touch the melody of your songs and immerged in the magical world of music. Tap Challenge: Melody at hand lets you- Feel the beat / melody with your fingers: tap the notes as it passes scoring areas- Have an updated list of songs of different genres. The list of songs is chosen and updated continuously ranging from Jazz, Pop, Rock, Ballad, Epic, to Classic- Challenge your limits and be the top with leaderboard. Are you ready to revenge and become the next music hero with Tap Challenge: Melody at hand?P/S: - We are committed to provide the best experience with Tap Challenge: Melody at hand, so please feel free to reach us for any recommendations if any.- More songs of different genres such as ballad and rock are about to roll out in the next version. Stay tuned and enjoy!So that's it! Have a great time with Tap Challenge ;)

5 Seconds Of Summer Guess Song

This 5 Seconds Of Summer Guess Song is a guessing game to guess the title of the song and the lyrics. It's nice if you can win every level, because the game is made very simple so easy to understand displays. By the time you start the game you will certainly show the initial face a very simple but very elegant. In every game has been made by Categori already set so that you can choose between two games in one application.In the first category you will play the game to guess the title of the song, in which almost all the song titles are in the category. You simply press the alphabet letters are available under the column question. If you've correctly answer each question and you get a value of one, and so on.Then for the second category are games or guess the lyrics, here you will find some of the lyrics and of course your job is to complete every song that will appear on the screen. If you can answer correctly then you will get the value of coins and if you're wrong answer then you will decrease the value of the coin.Disclaimer: This app is easy and games for entertainment. In this application aims to help you give your entertainment. All existing content must own the copyright of their respective owners.

Ultra Beat

Touch the screen to the beat to earn points !-------------------------------------------- RYTHM GAME -----------------------------------------------------Play a rythm game perfectly following the music !Test your skills with 10 musics and 30 levels !Can you reach the top of the leaderboards ?Exceed your limits with 3 difficulty !Adjust the game to your gameplay !

Kendji Girac Guess Song

This Kendji Girac Guess Song is a guessing game to guess the title of the song and the lyrics. It's nice if you can win every level, because the game is made very simple so easy to understand displays. By the time you start the game you will certainly show the initial face a very simple but very elegant. In every game has been made by Categori already set so that you can choose between two games in one application.In the first category you will play the game to guess the title of the song, in which almost all the song titles are in the category. You simply press the alphabet letters are available under the column question. If you've correctly answer each question and you get a value of one, and so on.Then for the second category are games or guess the lyrics, here you will find some of the lyrics and of course your job is to complete every song that will appear on the screen. If you can answer correctly then you will get the value of coins and if you're wrong answer then you will decrease the value of the coin.Disclaimer: This app is easy and games for entertainment. In this application aims to help you give your entertainment. All existing content must own the copyright of their respective owners

Drums of Ramadan

Drums of Ramadan and Ramadan has never been so much fun.* It is the nearest drum sounds.* Synchronization with stroke.* Easy to use.

Acoustic Guitar Pro

Acoustic Guitar Pro is Professional music instrument in which you can play this Guitar and feel like playing Real Guitar.Features-Guitar with Professional sound.-Play, Record,Save & Share your creativity.-You have access to all the octaves.-Drum Loop Pack available to use in the Game.-Very easy to use this Guitar.-This App is fully tested on Android Phones and Tablets.

Mine Pads

Play your favorite Minecraft note block sounds in a dubstep style launchpad format! Note block sounds with corresponding images on buttons Easy alternative to loading Minecraft game to work on songs or just play around Note Block icon provides 2 full octaves of notes to choose from Jukebox function plays a brief musical phrase to demo note block sounds Free and easy to use *This app is not affiliated with Minecraft or Mojang.This is an unofficial free fan / parody app. Any content not owned by this developer belongs to their respective owners.

Kaboom Metal Drums

This is a special metal edition of my Kaboom app. This one comes with great metal drum samples sound, special heavy selection of preloaded beats from all Metal styles and a dark color theme.Kaboom Metal Drums is a drum sequencer created for metal fans with lots of preload special metal drum beats that will help heavy players to practice without a drummer but with their phone connected to the loud speakers. Kaboom Metal Drums comes with high quality drum samples compressed to sound good with noisy distored guitars.Every drum beat can have an intro and a loop-able part that will play until you stop it. In the sequencer part you can create new drum beats or edit the existing ones and then save them on the device SD card. The drum beats are saved in a text files in a form very similar to that of a drum tabs so they can be read or even edited in any text editor app.Kaboom Metal Drums will let you adjust the BPM from 60 to 220 and that will change smoothly even while a drum beat is playing. You can select the tempo or just tap it like in a good metronome app.Kaboom Metal Drums Features:- 7 preloaded drum beats in various metal music styles- Tempo settings from 60 to 220 bpm- 4/4 and 3/4 metrics- Sequencer with 5 tracks: kick drum, snare drum, ride, hi-hat, crush- 2 to 3 levels of dynamics in the sequencer- add / remove bar- create new drum beat- delete drum beat- copy and paste bar- smooth and nice user interface

Maroon 5 – Songs Quiz

★☆★ Maroon 5 – Songs Quiz is an extremely amusing app.★☆★★☆★ It is a new version of karaoke that is based on texts.★☆★ Your aim is to find the missing words in the lyrics of Maroon 5 songs. This application is the new generation of trivia games. Forget about boring geography puzzles and enjoy doing your best by just filling the blanks in the tracks of the your favourite artist. Find the correct words and finish the same test on three different difficulty levels easy medium hard. Every track has a unique point and try now to collect all points by solving all quizzes.

Trap Cubes

With much excitement I would like to introduce the ButtonBass Trap Cube! I have been having allot of fun developing this new cube. The beats are true to Trap music with 808's, pitched vocals, and that Harlem Shake feel! This app features the auto mix options and also a random mix option. You can also control this cube with your android keyboad. This app does not have a recording feature built in. The best option is to connect your device's audio output to your your computer and record with your favorite digital audio workstation. Thank you very much for all of the positive feedback on our apps. I really enjoy making these for you!Jason

GOT7 Shake

The best music game is back with brand new style!◆ Shake is not just a game anymore. It's a complete music app!◆ Listen to the songs while doing other things you love!◆ All of GOT7 's best songs in one app! More songs will be added regularly.◆ Want to know how much you love GOT7 ? Challenge yourself to become the No.1 fan!◆ New Rank Up feature allows you to upgrade your cards! Collect all of GOT7 cards from debut to today.◆ Earn Awards and receive game items and coins.◆ Your Fan Level will increase as you earn those Awards.Official Shake Community- Warning -This app requires internet connection to download music and images. We recommend pre-donwloading game files from the account option menu with WiFi connection to save 3G or LTE data.

Music Tiles 2 : White Piano

We always have a dream of music, now the dream is coming true.Music Tiles 2 is a really simple game about music. All you need to do is just TAP TAP and TAP, the amazing sounds will come out.[How to play]When Tiles coming, just tap it.-Single Tile: TAP ONCE-Long Tile: LONG TAP ( TAP & HOLD )-Double Tiles: MULTI TAP-Big Tile: KEEP TAPWe hope you love this cool music game. Thanks.

Piano Beethoven

Piano Beethoven - learn to play the piano, using your mobile device!Do you want to learn the piano and have a lot of fun? Now it's possible with Piano Beethoven application. This music app is simple to use - even for children. You can choose from 9 different songs!How to play the Piano Beethoven?Click Game, choose game mode:1) Learning: Learn how o play the piano.2) Career: Get points and gain achievements.3) Free Style: Play whatever you want.In Career Mode you have to choose a song from the list and click the play button. Click on the highlighted blue keys and play the whole song! The application will rate your performance. Become a champion and get 100% for each played Piano Beethoven!Examples of songs in our application:♫ For Elise♫ Symphony No. 7 - Allegretto♫ Symphony No. 5♫ Violin Concerto in D major♫ Sonata Pathétique♫ Minuet in G major♫ Symphony No. 9 - Ode to Joy♫ Symphony No. 3 - Allegro con brio♫ Rondo e capriccio op. 129The application can also be used as a piano without learning mode. You can set the amount of visible piano keys from 8 to 16. If it is more comfortable for you, set the key signature. You can also turn on the metronome.Piano Beethoven is the best solution for both beginners and the masters of the piano. So it’s a perfect piano both for kids and adults. This magic keyboard piano will be like your virtual teacher. Features:** learn mode** career mode** free style mode** 3 difficulty levels** multitouch** tablet support** piano keys from 8 to 16** HD graphics** works with all screen resolutions** perfect for musicians** worldwide ranking** metronomeDownload this free music instrument and learn to play the piano.Play, learn, compose, have fun.If you have any questions about Piano Beethoven, write to us!


Berimbau is a fun game to play berimbau with the fingers on your smartphone, we have 3 types of this game sounds different to where you can be trained how to play the berimbau, you can even go to the menu of your smartphone and record your music, just by pressing RECORD button first, then the STOP button and then the PLAY button.About berimbau:The berimbau is a stringed instrument of Angolan origin, which was brought to Brazil.Description:It consists of a rod arched, wood or wicker, with a length of approximately 1.50 meters to 1.70 meters and a steel wire (wire) attached at the ends of the stick. At its base is a gourd tied with the bottom cut that works as a sounding board. Hungo The player uses the left hand to sustain the set and practices a movement back and forth from the belly, using a stone or coin (doubloon), to press the wire. The right hand, with a stick, then hits the rope. It is also used Caxixi, which is a small rattle stuck to the fingers of the player.Is very common in Brazil capoeira was developed mainly by descendants of African slaves, is characterized by coups and agile movements and complex, primarily using kicks and sweeps, and head butting, kneeing, elbowing, ground or aerial acrobatics.A good capoeirista never waiver musical instruments for a good fight, including the berimbau.

Guitar Star

Si te gusta el Rock Nacional este es tu juego! Juego de guitarra donde deberas rockear con los mejores temas de bandas de rock nacional que dan sus primeros pasos. Hace combos y suma puntos con el multiplicador para romper todos los records!Disfruta de 2 niveles de dificultad donde vas a tener para divertirte demasiado!Compartí tu record y competí con tus amigos!SÍ TENÉS TU BANDA DE ROCK Y QUERÉS APARECER EN EL JUEGO, buscá dentro de la sección de contacto del juego que te contamos más detalles de como ser parte de Guitar Star!Las bandas del juego son:- Enfermera- Gran Raíz Rock- Lemkin- Pablo Bles- Vuelta en Falso- y Proximamente... Tu banda!Energgy Onapps TeamDisclaimer: El tema del menú es perteneciente a Lost in Scores y se llama Freestyle Metal Rap Instrumental. El tema del trailer es de Machinimasound y se llama Dustsucker, no son de nuestra propiedad.

Real Piano Games

Real Piano GamesCreated by a music teacher for all!!Experience more fun to play the Piano in Android.The Real Piano Games is elegant, portable and functional, suitable for students, for those who want to play, to have fun with friends.Real Piano has all notes!!

Classic Piano Lesson Beethoven

Have you ever had real piano lessons? Now you don't need to attend them, if you want to learn to play piano! Piano Lessons application gives you an opportunity to learn to play piano (and other instruments) at home using your mobile device. The more you play Piano Lessons, the better you will be!Now you can master all Beethoven's songs!Piano Lessons has everything you need to learn to play classical music pieces on piano. We think learning to play piano on your smartphone will be much more flexible than attending traditional learning classes.You can start learning how to play the pieces of classical music - composed by Beethoven - anywhere using this piano application.Learn how to play one of the most popular Beethoven's song "For Elise" and his other pieces of classical music like piano concerts, symphonies, sonatas.Become a real musical maestro by playing classical music written especially by Beethoven and other classical composers - Chopin, Bach, Vivaldi.To play choose a song from our Beethoven's classical music list and run your fingers over the piano keyboard by following the highlighted piano tiles. Play live classical music, record your works and feel like a real musician!You can play with or without any help - in learn or play game mode. Don't miss any of the Beethoven's songs!Play top Beethoven's greatest works and get as many points as possible for playing his classical music. Features:-a lot of Beethoven's music available-great sound of piano-very entertaining music application-easy to use game controls-2 game modes : Learn how to play piano and Play mode-a lot of sample songs to play of different artists and classical composers like Chopin, Mozart, Verdi.-Piano Lessons app includes option to record your music-adjustable piano keyboard width-many instruments to choose i.e. classic piano, guitar, violin and many more!-multi touch playing-touch pressure detecting

Drums Lessons

Drums Lessons has everything you need to learn to play rock music pieces on drums kit!Drums Lessons is drumming application with great beats! If you are a music lover you should try it out. You can start learning how to play the pieces of rock music on drum set - anywhere using this drums application.If you like making music, you will love this virtual percussion. It lets you create your own drum beats or play songs built in.Play around with your pocket drum kit! Music creation and playing drums have never been so easy!This virtual drum kit is great app to play or learn to play the drums on your device.Drums Lessons comes with great drums set and cymbals. App includes variety of drums and cymbals (snare drum, tom toms, floor drum, close & open hi hats, splash, crash, ring).How to play Drums Lessons:-To play drums choose a song from our music list-Use your fingers as drum sticks and have fun creating drum beats in Drum Lessons application. Just run Drums and make music! -Tap the highlighted drums and cymbals on your screen to play the drums.-Choose between 4 difficulty levels-3 game modes to choose from : play mode, learn mode and listen mode (PLAY with or without any help)-Choose the song, follow highlighted drums or cymbals and make beautiful drum beats.-Record your beats-You can pick different parts of drum set like cowbell, tambourine.-get as many points as possibleFeatures of Drums Lessons:-Simple music game-a lot of sample songs to play- classic drums kit sound-easy to learn drums music application-free virtual drums simulator -easy to use game controls-drums game tutorial-4 difficulty levels of drums lessons-high quality sound-record, listen and share your best beats-multi touch playing-drums animations-drums app includes option to record and playback your music-includes many tracks to learn and play-Perfect online drum set simulator for everyone : kids, adults, experienced drummers and beginners

Piano Tiles Magic

Piano Tiles Magic is the most fun and addictive music game that you can play, a very simple game in which you'll have to play the piano and fun songs.Play for all audiences to show your skills and agility, play only the black keys, don't touch the the white because they will make you lose.Will you be able to achieve all levels?How to play:You just have to press the black keys, do not touch the white keys or you'll lose.Play different modes:- Classic- Arcade- Zen- Bomb

The Piano Memory Game

Learn to remember piano notes while having fun playing a game!The game is designed to exercise your memory by playing random sequences of piano notes for you to repeat and to try to beat your own high score. This will help you learn the notes and expand your piano memory.Directions:Repeat the randomly generated pattern the piano plays. The piano will play one note, then you should repeat that note. The piano will then play the first note and a second note. Then you should play both of those notes in the same order. The piano will continue to add one note to the sequence each time you repeat the pattern successfully.Press the options button if you would like to have the piano speak the notes to you or remove the speed increase.We cares about our users!★ No trackers!★ Absolutely free app!★ No special permissions!★ No pop ups!★ No stealing data!★ 100% honest trustworthy app! ★ Does what is says and does it well!

Bass Guitar Solo

Bass Guitar Solo is the best electric bass simulator on Android. Ideal for training and easy to use, it includes 9 excellent pack sounds (4 fingered and 4 picked + 1 Slap) and all the features you can expect from the best free musical simulator (awesome sound, transposition, multi touch, different skins, recording, loop play, examples, scales..). An app made by musicians for musicians and for all the people who want to learn to play bass guitar, from beginners to experts. Bass Guitar Solo is as an intuitive and useful tool to learn accompaniment patterns, play with your friends, make your jam sessions just using your cell phone or tablet. With its great design, you will feel like a genuine bass player. Experience the most advanced techniques in bass with this virtual instrument.Features:- Incredible audio samples sets recorded with studio quality: 4 real picked sound banks and 4 fingered sound banks (8 sound banks in total, including acoustic, electric, distorted, etc), plus 1 Slapped Bass Sound.- You can do transposition to pitch up or down the tone to be tuned with your favorite songs (transpose up to 2 semitones up and down from standard EADG key). This way, you can use it like a tuner- Record, play and repeat your session tracks and show it to your friends later. You can loop your basslines and play while playback- Learn to play bass with the bassline songs and the scales included (pentatonic, harmonic minor, major and minor)- Tap all the frets you want on the fretboard to play notes (absolutely multitouch, you can do chords)- Interface in HD. You can choose between different neck skin layouts.- 10 frets available for each string, so you can improvise all the scales- Perfect for jamming on whatever style: rock, heavy metal, pop, jazz, etc. Choose the sound pack that best suites your musical style.- Short delay (note: depending on your device memory and speed)- Available in English, Spanish and PortugueseJoin us on Facebook:

Power Guitar HD

Be a guitar legend by playing your licks on this realistic rock and heavy metal electric guitar. Suitable for experts and beginners. You will find Power Guitar HD simulator as an intuitive and useful tool to learn accompaniment chords, play with your friends, make your jam sessions just using your cell phone or tablet. With its great design, you will feel like a genuine guitar player only with your fingers, as it was a guitar pick. Experience the most advanced techniques in Heavy Metal, such as palm mute, vibrate, slide or harmonics without the need of an amp.It can be the ideal complement for Drum Solo HD, to improvise an small band full of rhythm.Features:- A lot of songs to learn to play the electric guitar- Record your session tracks and show it to your friends later.- Tap frets on the fretboard to play power chords.- Interface in HD.- Pack of real distorted sounds recorded with studio quality and some multi effect units, using thrash, heavy metal and blues sounds, with reverb, compression/sustain and delay effects. The output of the multi effect units have then passed through a high gain valve amplifier.- Hold down the Palm Mute pedal to apply the effect on the notes you play.- Hold down the Solo pedal, playing on any fret of a string, and that note will sound with a slight vibrato- Tap the pick to play a pick slide.- Tap the Tremolo Vibrato bar to play an artificial harmonic.- 8 frets for 5th and 6th string (you have available all the chords).- Perfect for jamming.- Visual labeling of the notes, so that beginners can easily learn to play tabs.- Short delay (note: depending on your device memory and speed).

“Break Free” PianoPlay

*************************FOR MORE SONGS, CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PIANOPLAY GAMES!*************************FanFUN presents PianoPlay! A new way to play your favorite songs! This edition is inspired by Ariana Grande's hit song, "Break Free"!HOW TO PLAY:PianoPlay is addicting and easy to play! Simply tap on the black tiles, and avoid the white tiles. There are two game modes, timed and score. High scores are saved, so keep trying to improve your score! You can either rush through the song for the best score, or you can play at the melody and tempo of "Break Free", so you can sing along with Ariana Grande!FEATURES:• Timed Mode - Quickly tap the black tiles to complete the song pattern!• Score Mode - Tap as many black tiles as you can, as the speed increases!• Lyrics - Now you can sing along while you play the piano melody!• High Scores - Scores are saved locally! Leaderboards coming soon!• Support Chat - Post questions, comments, and song requests to our support chat!• Rate/Share - With your feedback and support, we can continue to improve our apps!DISCLAIMER:"Break Free" PianoPlay is an unofficial fan application. It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Ariana Grande, or her record label.. This app does not include any copyrighted material. The piano melody is arranged with individual piano notes, and the rendition of this song is original and created by FanFUN. For entertainment purposes only.

Neon Tiles

Press the start button to start and then tap the GREEN neon blocks to follow the steps toward the goal.The faster you tap, faster and better advance the way the songs sounded.There are many different game modes implemented presenting different ways to challenge players and have to compete with your friends for the highest scores.Play in 5 different modes:* Classic* Arcade* Relay* Zen* Free PlayInternet & network state permission is asked for ads.

BeatX: Music Rhythm Game

Hit the arrows in the rhythm of the music to achieve the best score!☆ Features ☆- More than 100.000 levels/songs in download section- Loads all (.sm), (.smzip) and(.dwi) files supporting Stops, BPM Changes, Mines, Fakes and negative BPM gimmicks!- Single, Double and Versus mode (Splitscreen multiplayer - dance mat / game pad recomended)- Compete with your friends on 11 Leader boards and get 22 Achievements!- Supports DDRMax3 and ITG % Scoring- Play on touch screen or using your dance mat, keyboard or joystick via USB OTG cable or Bluetooth- Full HD support in Landscape and Portrait orientation- Supports announcer packs and background videos and custom note skins!- Runs Great on Android TV (Nexus Player or the ADT-1) and NVIDIA ShieldFAQKnown issuesDo you have any Questions,Suggestions or file that is not working?

Hot star Piano Tiles

Looking for some new music game? Hot star Piano Tiles game is made for every music and puzzle lover!On this music application you can practice both - playing songs and music of many artists and train your reflexes!Play one of the most popular puzzle and music game. Hotstar Piano Tiles provides hours of entertainment and fun for you and your whole family.Play music from anywhere using this very addictive music application.The goal of its Hot star Piano Tiles game is to tap the piano keyboard in the places where the black piano tiles appear. Don't tap the white tiles!Miss a black hotstar piano tile or tap a white tile and your game is over! So be careful and avoid the white piano keys and don't touch them.The faster you are, the quicker you move forward. Challenge yourself and compete with your friends!Choose how you want to play this Hot star piano music game. There is classic mode, arcade mode, relay mode, zen mode and free play mode.Then run your fingers over a piano keys and let the music come-out from you mobile device!Tap as many of the black piano tiles as you can without missing a single one.Don't touch white piano tile, because if you do, then you lose.Beat your own record!Features of Hot star Piano Tiles:-high score list-very addictive music and puzzle game-many classical songs and popular melodies build in Hotstar Piano Tiles game -play songs and music written by popular artist, bands or classical music geniuses-global ranking-tile animations-great way to kill boredom-5 different game modes -bomb mode or normal game mode1) classic - tap 50 tiles as fast as you can2) arcade - the tiles are moving faster compare to other game modes, so you need to be much quicker 3) relay - Tap as many tiles before time runs out; tap 50 black tiles and gain 10 seconds extra time.4) zen - tap tiles in limited time.5) free play - Play as long as you possibly can without tapping a white tile.

Noah’s Bottle

《Noah's Bottle》- An automatic note-generating rhythm game for mobile devices. There was a beautiful island surrounded by the azure ocean and various creatures lived happily in that fecund place. However, because of scrambling for power and profit by human being, the land was eventually doomed to destruction. A girl playing Shamisen named Sakura showed up. She was forced to be separated from her homeland by the disaster. And she has been drifting alone in the sea until she met the Genies of Bottle. Every time when she plays the music well, the Genie would be able to collect the music energy and use it to lead her back home. Top Features:1. Music notes generated from the music in your device.2. Gorgeous watercolor illustrations 3. Each Genies of Bottle brings different music patterns and game levels.4. Self-edit game pattern function helps to create unique game play.5. A Variety of sound effects and note-speed to choose from. PLEASE NOTE:1. Music file used in the game needs to be wav or mp3 formatted; length needs to be longer than 45 secs.2. When playing with the music file from your device, if the original file is deleted or changed location, the corresponding score will be deleted as well.

Music Monsters

Totally New Combination of Arcade Action and Rhythm Gameplay. Play hundreds of songs FREE from your favorite indie artist and Pump Up Your Playlist with SKILLET, FLO RIDA, LADY GAGA, FALL OUT BOY, RIHANNA, HUNTER HAYES, and more. Play 50 Levels of Lyric Rhythm and Arcade Action Catch, Tap, and Slice Lyrics In Time With The Beat AND… - Dodge Flaming and Killer Asteroids - Shoot Bombs and Buzzsaws That Kill Your Lyrics - Battle It Out With Sniper Drones Play With Nine Magical Music Monsters Build Your Monsters’ Mystical Powers To Help You Pass Levels