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Kids colors learning

“Kids colors learning” is a simple and exciting learning game for the youngest children. It will introduce the amazing colors of our world to your baby, with the educational process being funny and excessively interesting. With no effort, toddlers will learn to name colors, and to associate them with different objects like fruits and animals. Advantages of the Game:- The game will easily teach your child eleven various colors: red, pink, gray, brown, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, white and black one. Each color comes along with three bright funny pictures matching the shade.- The colors and the pictures are named in four languages: English, French, Russian and Spanish. This allows the kid to learn over 40 foreign words, which will be very useful for the further study of the languages. Each word is pronounced clearly and distinctly. - A fascinating mosaic mini-game behind the Wood door will help to reinforce the newly acquired skills and to train the child's memory. The funny squeaking little mouse peeping out of the hole in the corner of the room every once and while brights up the game.- The game interface is very simple and intuitive. Even the youngest children will be able to play it on their own.How to Play:- Learn your colors. The “Submarine” door is for learning colors. After you open it, you'll be showed a certain color, along with its name being pronounced. Then, one-by-one, the game reveals three illustrative pictures to match the colour. For example, Lemon, Sun, and Chicken illustrate the yellow paint. The child will be amused by the bright cartoonish pictures that make the educational process highly entertaining.- Test your knowledge. The “Wood” door is for the mini-game. Come in to check the color recognition skills of your toddler and to revise the names of the colors. The child has to match each of the three painted windows to the frame of similar color. If the pieces are drawn together correctly, the child will hear a word of praise. - Set all in rockets! Under the plane door is a rocket station with three differently colored spaceships waiting to be filled with passengers and launched. Intending passengers are waiting in the line, the task is to find color matches. - Paint them all! Under the space door is a coloring game with 10 pictures behind illuminators. Choose an illuminator, touch the palette and start to draw your masterpiece. The palette offers red, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown, gray, green and white paints.Small kids often have troubles identifying and naming colors. The game allows the preschooler not only to learn his or her colors, but also to correlate them with different objects. It is very important for children 3 years old and under to notice the visual differences between colors. The best way to help them remember the new information is through playing games and using bright pictures. A great idea for parents would be to speak out the color of the object seen on the screen. For example, say, “Gray, the mouse is gray, can you say gray?” Then later ask, “What color is the mouse?” You can also do this exercise vice versa: ask your child to look at the three pictures and name their color. The game offers three illustrative pictures for each color. But you can add on by asking your kid to name a few more objects of similar color. Such training can contribute to the cognitive development of your child by improving his or her memory and logical thinking. . This frosty December bring to us carol, taste of cinnamon and chocolate. This Xmas holiday call Santa, fairies, elf, reindeer Rudolph, nutcracker, gingerbread man and snowman from Lapland with their miracles and magic. Wait for a good snowfall, take your gloves and go to play with this frosty snow. Make this holiday eve full of wonders for your kids. This winter feast celebration with bells, socks, gifts, toys and fir tree, will make cheer all your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sound Game with Fun Pets Photo

* Awarded with best 'Educational Value' award for kids of age 0-5 by the magazine 'Education' * Number 1 in the Kids-Educational category in more than nine countries. Sound Game Pets Photo is a game developed for children from the age 0 to 10. With Sound Game Pets Photo your child will playfully learn which sounds the pets make.This game, designed for children, has great features which help to improve your child’s sound knowledge in a playful and fun way. Let your child develop and have fun together with their favourite pets.Try Banana Apps Sound Game Pets Photo game now for free!Sound Game Pets Photo is specially recommended for toddlers and young children, offering 40 different levels, all the pets you can depict with loads of fun!With this Sound Game Pets Photo your child learns all the animal names and sounds while they are having fun. Banana Apps designed this game with your child in mind. The interface is clear, interactive and completely suitable for young children. The game is easy to use, even for younger children (from 1 year old). If your kid loves Sound Game Pets Photo Cartoon, make sure you search in the Playstore for more Banana Apps games. Search for Bananaaps (note: no space). There are other games such as jigsaw games, photo games and memory games.Features: • Two levels each with 20 boards • 40 different with 50 different animals • App is completely in (Fill in your language) • Improves sound recognition • Lots of fun • Let your child learn al the pets

Playground for kids

Colorful app for 1-3 year old kids who love playgrounds.Playground is a colorful app for 1 - 3 year old kids. After a fast ride on a Ferris wheel, children can draw with chalks on a blackboard and become a friendly pirate on a big ship. They can build great castles in a sandpit, cook magic potions in a mud kitchen and have fun on a bouncing castle. User interface is tailored for toddlers and preschoolers, so that they can use the app on their own. Two screens are offered for free, the rest can be bought as an in-app purchase. There are no ads in the app.`

Card pairs puzzle ocean animal

This is the perfect animal puzzle app to have a good time with your children!Your kids will just love these amazing hand-drawn animal-pictures while playing and training it's memory!This fun matching game helps improve visual perception & develop fine motor skills by finding pairs of animal pictures. It gives positive and pleasant feedback for the child. Trains your kids brain with this pairs game and improve skills like:Shape recognition, logical thinking, tactile and cognitive skills, problem solving, concentration and memory.GAME PLAY:Choose your level of difficulty by touching one of the card sets. Now start to train your memory -Match pairs of ocean animal cards:The game starts with all memory cards turned face down. Tap on one of the memory card and remember the picture on it. With the next tap try to find and flip the memory card with the same picture as previous one. If the pictures on the both memory cards will be the same they will stay opened and you can continue to search for the next pairs. Otherwise both cards will flip back over and you will get another try to match cards. GAME FEATURES:- Brain activity educational game for kids for preschoolers, toddlers and their parents- Different levels of difficulty, from 4 to 14 pieces- Endless replay possibility- Colorful images to be easily remembered- HD graphic designed for toddlers and preschoolers- Designed for both - mobiles and tablets- Nice sound effects and soundtrack- Visual memory & short term memory training- Concentration & cognition skills improvementIf your kid likes this game please rate the app or write a review and take a look at the other upcoming free memo games and puzzles from pepworks. Ratings and reviews will help us develop more content and more levels and games for your kid! Check out our other family & kids games: Ocean animals puzzle for kids, Dinosaur puzzle 2D puzzle for toddlers, Dinosaur puzzle 3D for teenagers, Dragon & Unicorn for boys and girls, racing cars puzzle for the whole family. And watch out the titles we will release soon: Memo Puzzles Dinosaur, Memo Puzzles Dragon for boys and girls & Memo Puzzles Racing 3D Cars for boys! The game contains In-App Purchase to unlock all card sets and images. The first 2 card sets are open for free. If your child likes this game and you would like to purchase the rest of the card sets and puzzles, you can unlock them by choosing one of the locked card sets.

Dino Baby Puzzles

Free Dino kids puzzles with Dinosaurs and reptiles - games for boys are classified as educational logic games for toddlers up to 7 years. Kids love to collect puzzles with different animals: dogs, horses, reptiles and of course Dinosaurs. And play with them with pleasure not only for boys but also for girls. Your kids will delight in the colorful pictures which depict a variety of Dino, together with a pleasant sound design gameplay funny runs and not by constraint.Educational Dino games for boys, a very important component of modern development. Free funny Dinoland kids puzzles with Dinosaurs and reptiles is a great opportunity for parents and kids to spend time having funny and useful. The solution is simple logic assignments positively affects the development of the baby memory, concentration and perseverance. Control of the Dinoland game is made simple and the child will not be difficult to play with them without the help of parents.Free educational Dino puzzles with funny Dinosaurs and reptiles for baby and toddlers on mobile devices have become a trend in the category of educational games.

Ice Cream Maker Cooking FREE

Get ready to decorate your favorite Ice Cream Dessert treat in Ice Cream Maker Cooking Games!Choose from a variety of cones including waffle, sprinkles, and various colorful and delicious cones!Then select from a medley of colorful flavors of Ice Cream including vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip, strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Blueberry, Coffee and More!!Then top them off with delicious toppings including berries, fruit, chocolate chips, flake bars, cookies, and more!!After you're done, choose a background for your favorite ice cream treat, then tap eat, and gobble it all up!Ice Cream is everyone's favorite treat, & this food maker game is the perfect treat!

Barbara Wedding Design Studio

Have you heard the thrilling news? Barbara and Ben have finally decided to tie the knot! It’s not as if it comes as a surprise to anyone, but still all Barbara’s friends are super excited and happy! And not the last reason for this excitement is that Barbara is not just another pretty bride: she is a gorgeous supermodel with an excellent sense of style, and everyone is dying to see what kind of a wedding gown she will be wearing on her special day. Barbara knows that pictures of her wedding gown will be on all over the magazine covers for weeks and weeks after her wedding, and she wants the headings below those pictures to express nothing but admiration and delight. A true fashionista knows that the one and only way to get an exclusive gown that will perfectly fit your measurements and expectations is to sew this gown on your own. So today Barbie welcomes you back in her design studio to help her create a wedding gown of her dream. Do you accept the challenge? Your task is to find a perfect combination of shapes, colors and textures, sew the dress and finally, decorate it with bows, flowers and gems.

Toddler Games (no ads)

Toddler Games is a collection of free games suitable for children of the age 0 to 3 years old. You will find that the touch motion on the device surface seems very natural even for babies. Children will love to see how the surface responds to their actions with animations and sounds.The collection contains the following 6 GAMES: * Find the Difference: Each screen contains 4 images of animals, 3 of them are the same while 1 is different. The child has to touch the one that is different, the game will advance automatically to the next screen once the correct image is touched. * Trace the Shapes: Trace with the finger following a trail of flowers. Children will discover shapes as they trace. * Trace Cursive Letters and Numbers: Kids can follow with a finger a displayed path to write cursive letters and numbers. This is a useful exercise to start practicing cursive writing the alphabet. This has a time limit, in order to remove the time limit Premium version is needed. * Memory Cards: Basic memory game with flowers covering pairs of animals. * Clean the Ice: The snow flaked ice covers a nice colorful image. The baby can touch the screen to clean the ice and reveal the image. * Changing Colors: A beautiful flower changes through twelve colors as your toddler touches the screen. This fades smoothly while soothing chime sounds play.`And please spread the word to help us add more free games to this collection. Thank you.

Piano Kids Animals

Children will enjoy this colorful piano. With musical notes, fun animal sounds and complete songs.Application designed for children, easy to use and nice graphics.Enjoy!

Dinosaurs Puzzles for Toddlers

A wonderful, cute collection of puzzles and dinosaurs for toddlers and kids.your kid loves puzzles and wants to admire the world of dinosaurs ? This is the app for you!Dinosaurs puzzles for toddlers is an educational and entertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Play with dinosaurs puzzles!A lot of different puzzles and many dinos to keep your kid busy.Easy to learn and to control:-touch the screen and drag the dinosaur on the right place-interact with all the elements on the screen when a puzzle is solved-when a puzzle is completed tap the arrow to change to the next levelAvailable for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours!This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Features:- high quality puzzle game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 7 with very cute dinosaurs- Easy to use and control- fun for children- learn to recognize dinosaurs and their sounds, jump in the jurassic era !- Simple for toddlers and babies with increasing difficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping puzzle pieces- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- A lot of adorable dinosaurs puzzles! 24 in the FULL version- more than 70 dinosaurs in the FULL version: the famous tyrannosaurus rex trex, the gigantic Apatosaurus, the Velociraptor and the big dinosaurs that dominated the earth and the sky!- randomly generated puzzles! this educational game will never get old!This is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL versionwith more puzzles, more dinosaurs and no adsFun and enjoyable to learn and play with great colorful puzzles, this is a must have app!A lot of educational dinosaur puzzles for toddlers and young kids!!Your child will admire every kind of dinosaur and will hear funny sound effects!

Kids Pets Coloring Book Game

Let your child's creative instincts grow through this fun coloring app with multiple brushes, painting tools and inviting images that will surely be a positive source of entertainment for children of all ages. Transform your device into an art easel where your child can create their very own art work and color their favorite pets. All your favorite animals to finger paint and color! We even included a Robot Dog just for fun!Find the pets with Christmas hats and color them for Santa!★ 130+ animals and pets★ Free Ad-supported version.★ Language: US English★ Age Level: 1+★ Title: Happy Pets Coloring Book For Kids

Zoo Explorer. Hug and Dug

A zoo educational activity game that is thoughtfully planned for little kids imagination. It is recommended for children three to six years old.Hug and Dug Preschool academy skill : Problem SolvingZoo Explorer helps little kids with:- Learning activities for preschool kids in a zoo environment- Matching activities & puzzles- Kids match play objects with their matching sites- Pretend play. Educational activities prepared for children cognitive skills.- Learn English words of different food items and other play objects.- Increase child imagination by decorating the zoo.- Teaching kids about the zoo environment by playing a game about it..Let your little child (age 3-6) explore a zoo in a fun to play matching & learning game. We created a clue system that teaches young children about the zoo and its animals by giving them clues on things that happen at a zoo, such as feeding the animals and cleaning up at the zoo. While playing, young children will learn new words and expand their English vocabulary. English words are being pronounced as kids play with different objects.While having fun with Zoo Explorer, kids explore the zoo environment, walk around, and see the sights. They can visit the animals and listen to their sounds. They can ride a buggy or walk around with different characters and explore the hidden spots. Zoo Explorer is an educational matching game. Little kids explore and solve events that happen at a zoo. Our zoo matching game provides toddlers and preschoolers with an interactive free play environment. Little kids can experience things freely, with no rules or restrictions that limit a child’s imagination.In addition, children can visit the animals and listen to their sounds. They can ride a buggy, or walk around with different characters and explore the hidden spots. Zoo Explorer is a “play mat” environment offering a free exploration of the zoo area with all its sights:--Walk around the zoo and meet the different animals-- Explore the hidden spots-- Climb the cool tree house!-- Feed the animals-- Buy an ice cream at the ice cream stand-- Walk around or ride in a buggy-- We created the game as an open environment so kids could experience things freely, with no rules or restrictions that can limit child imagination in his early years--Zoo Explorer is a child safe gameThere is no advertising or personal data collectionWe don’t interfere with game play with marketing or inappropriate advertisingThe Game is free to try with an in-app purchase to unlock all game featuresZoo Explorer was developed with the help of educational psychologistsEach of the game events and elements were created with a consultation of educational psychologist in order to fit the cognitive abilities and motorical skills of young children. The game was created for both individual and shared play.

Kids Games Learning Math Basic

Maths exercises for kids in KS1 and First Grade (age 5-7 years). Features Addition, Subtraction, Fractions & Splitting, Place value and Time & Clock concepts. Learning numeracy concepts has never been so much fun.List of Quizzes:*Sort it out: Arrange the numbers in Ascending or descending order by dragging them to their relevant circles. Arrange faster to get maximum stars and also beautiful stickers. The numbers are generated dynamically, so your kid will get new questions each time he/she plays the game without getting bored.*Number Names: Help the butterfly reach the right set of flower that consists of exactly the same number of flowers as mentioned in the image in the right side. This will help your child improve their counting skills.*Tens and Ones: This game helps your kindergartener in learning place values like tens and ones by arranging the beads one above the other.*Even Odd: This game teaches even and odd concept in a fun way using an animated cute frog.*Fractional Pizza: Feed the hungry monster with the slices of a delicious pizza. This game helps your son/daughter to learn the fractions and have fun at the same time.*Add Me Up: Add the fishes by touching them and help them reach a bigger aquarium. This really is a fun game to teach addition to the children.*Halves and Doubles: Most of the kindergarteners get confused between halves and doubles. This game helps them to learn with the help of the dots on the lady bug. Hence, making it simpler and avoiding sheer confusion.*Tick Tock: Every child must know the basic skill of reading the time. Tap the clock that shows the correct time.A perfect math workout for your child and you'll be able to relax, knowing that your child is learning while having great fun.** About Greysprings** Privacy 1. 2. We do not collect any personal information about kids

Baby Moving Bubbles

Practice logic reasoning skill with Baby Moving Bubbles by BabyBus. This app asks your children to plan and think before they make a move in the game. See their strategies in play!Fun features:- Animated game pieces and effects;- Move bubbles any way you like;- Lovely tunes and sound!Use the reference on the left, to guide you through the game. There are many levels to play! Challenge yourself!-- -- -- ;Take the baby bus for an unique learning experience!The series introduction:Baby Bus applications are designed and developed specifically for preschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age, the Starter Group for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 and the Prodigy Group for children between the ages of 3 and 6. The educational series in the Prodigy Group combines the main concepts of early childhood education to meet the needs of mastering different learning categories. The applications are aimed at the comprehensive and the analytic development in preschoolers.Tips: In the search bar, enter "BabyBus" to find all of our products.Contact us:

Christmas Games Shape Puzzles

. 270+ Puzzle Pieces for hours of educational fun! ★★★★★Colorful and fun shape puzzles pieces are easily snapped together to make age appropriate educational Christmas puzzles. After the puzzle is completed, a fun Christmas jingle will play! Want to play again? Just shake the phone to restart the puzzle or continue to the next Christmas shape puzzle!★270+ Christmas Puzzles Pieces★40 Christmas Shape Puzzles★Free Ad-supported version.★Language: US English★Age Level: 1+★Title: Christmas Shape Puzzles for Kids

Kids Paint Free

Fun game designed for children. Very easy to use, they can learn to draw, paint and coloring. With this game kids can:- Coloring 40 pages- Save drawings- Change brush size and style- Change background color- Choose colourEnjoy!

Girls Coloring Game

Girls coloring pages games. Free girls coloring book and drawing games. Download this app now and start drawing and painting and share your pictures with family or friends. Free app for girls which love to color and draw. Great games for toddlers off 2 years, 3 years or 4 years but also for older kids and adults. Lots of designs for girls of clothes and fashion, hair and hairdressing salon, princesses and make-up, horses and fairies. Everything completely free.

Mermaids and Fishes for Kids

A wonderful game for toddlers and kids with a cute collection of mermaids and fishes!your kid loves memory games , puzzles and want to play with the mermaids ? This is the app for you!Your child will discover funny fishes and in the meanwhile will exercise his memory!Mermaids and Fishes for Kids and Toddlers is an educational and entertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Play with cute mermaids !A lot of different seabeds and many funny fishes to keep your kid busy.Easy to learn and to control:-touch the screen and try to match the fishes hidden behind the bubbles, find the couple!-interact with all the elements on the screen when a game is solved-when a game is completed tap the arrow to change to the next levelYou can also choose the difficulty level: easy, medium and hard, to suit the needs of each child and exercise your toddler memory.Available for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours !This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Find out all the fishes hiding under the bubbles!Features:- high quality game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 7 with very cute mermaids and fishes- Easy to use and control- fun for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens, designed for preschool boys and girls- Simple for toddlers and babies with different levels of difficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills and improve their memory- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- more than 100 mermaids and fishes in the FULL version: seahorse, dolphin, octopus, sea turtle, sword fish, shark, whale and many others- randomly generated memory games! this educational game will never get old!This is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL versionwith more memory games, more mermaids , fishes and no adsFun and enjoyable to learn and to play, this is a must have app!A lot of educational memory games for toddlers and young kids!!Your child will admire every kind of fishes and will hear funny sound effects!Ideal for children but also fun for adults who want to play with their kids!This app is a memory trainer for all the family ! A fun brain training app for kids!Are you ready to challenge your memory ? Match up the little mermaid pairs!Mermaids and Fishes for Kids and Toddlers is a funny memory game which also helps your kid training his memory ability.A lot of game for children, the best games for kids, apps for babies, games for girls, match game, puzzle, educational games, all from romeLab !

Mika “Boom Boom” Spin for kids

Boom-boom! Our good little destroyer is ready for action. Time to start the engine!This is a bulldozer driver sumulator game for children aged 3-6!A big construction project is about to start in Cube Town but the houses are in the way, and this is the perfect time to take them apart. Our bulldozer will help us do that with its rotating wrecking ball. The bulldozer dashes around, spins happily, and demolishes even the toughest houses with its ball. Just drag it in any direction, press the buttons, and your tractor will move forward on its mission. You will need to drive around town and destroy all buildings and objects along the way.DescriptionSimple controls: touch and pull in any direction and the bulldozer drives.Bulldozer functions: rotate the ball in any direction, blow the horn, turn on the rotating beacon, and rev the engine while blowing the horn.No rules - play however you want.You can ride as much as you want.Simple interface for children.

My Pet: Puppy

Wanna adopt a puppy? Take care of your virtual cute little pug first! “My Pet: Puppy” features several minigames which allow children to learn more about daily routine of having a dog.FeedTo grow up in a happy dog puppy needs a lot of food and water every day. It waits for you in the kitchen!TrainIt’s important to get your puppy out for a walk and training. Healthy dog loves running and playing with its master!Bath timeAfter a really great walk puppy gets a little bit dirty, so let’s take it to the bathroom.Daily carePuppies are cute and fun! But sometimes they make a mess of your room. But don’t worry, let’s clean it all together!Visit a vetEvery dog should visit a vet from time to time - it’s a matter of health!Dress upMake your dog stylish with a dress up game!WHAT’S INSIDE - adorable puppy to take care of- 6 super fun activities and cleanup games- 50 clothes and accessories for your pet - make your puppy unique!- 8 collectible photos of your puppy- Beautiful graphics- Catchy sounds and music- Easy to play even for small kidsDiscover more fun with TutoTOONS!

Sweet Baby Girl Twin Sisters

Sweet Baby Girl’s Mommy is near to give a birth to adorable twin babies. Help pregnant Mommy prepare for the arrival of her cute newborn twin girls and visit her doctor together. When twin baby sisters are born, play and take care of them! Feed twin babies with delicious baby food, change diapers, bathe baby girls in a bubbly bath, dress them with fashionable clothes, decorate twin baby stroller, take twin sisters for a walk in the park, and much more!Sweet Baby Girl Twin Sisters Care is full of exciting features that will entertain and educate!Mommy CareVery soon pregnant Mommy will give a birth to twins. Be her littler helper and visit doctor together. Use the ultrasound to find out if the twins are girls or boys. Check Mommy’s temperature, blood pressure and listen to her and babies heartbeat. Before you go back home, gently rub some lotion on pregnant Mommy’s belly to protect her skin!FoodTwin sisters are hungry. Prepare them a delicious fruit puree from apples and banana. Make them a drink too! Mix baby formula powder with water, shake the bottle and give baby formula milk to the newborn twin girls. Don't forget to clean them up after delicious food!Stroller FunBuild baby twins a stylish stroller and decorate it with beautiful flower garlands! Design your own baby carriage: paint it with your favorite color and add the cutest decorations. Capture the moment and take a picture of your twin baby carriage!BathtimeTwin girls could spend hours in a warm bubble bath! Wash little twin babies with gentle baby shampoo and shower gel, then wipe them with a soft towel. Dry and comb their hair, then carefully clip their nails to finish the bath time fun!Dress UpTwin babies love to dress up in very fashionable clothes! Baby leggings, pajamas, t-shirts, socks, hair bands, winter snowsuits, shoes, mittens, hats, baby pacifiers and toys - you will find everything you need to dress a baby in style. Don’t forget to take a photo of the new twins outfit!Change DiaperPrepare twin babies for bedtime. Clean them up and change their diapers. Put little twin sisters in their crib, cover with a soft blanket and give a Mommy kiss on their cheeks. Shh.. Stay quiet and turn off the light so newborn twin girls could sleep.Sticker BoardEvery time you reach a new level, you’ll get an adorable baby sticker! Collect your rewards on a special pregnancy sticker board and create a cute composition of them!MoviesWatch movies together with Mommy and get 200 coins!WHAT’S INSIDE- Now you can take care of twin girls! Take care of two babies at once!- Play 8 Mommy and baby care mini games!- Choose from fashionable baby clothes and accessories in 8 categories!- Decorate twin baby stroller by mixing and matching the cutest accessories!- Collect 8 cute baby stickers!- Realistic and educational ways to take care of Mommy and her twin girls after their birth!- Enjoy beautiful graphics, interactions and animations with both Mommy and twin girls!Educational valueSweet Baby Girl Twin Sisters Care game introduces kids to pregnancy and helps them learn how to take care of others. If your child has (or will have) younger sisters or brothers, this game will help your kid understand how to take care of pregnant Mommy, learn about child's birth and baby care (like making food or changing diapers). Realistic and educational activities follow the order as in real life and will develop kids’ cognitive skills and foster their imagination with creative tasks. The game is designed for girls ages 4 to 10. During product development, kids playtested the game helping us craft the best sensory experience for young minds.Discover more fun with TutoTOONS!

Puzzle Toy for kids

The game "Puzzle toys for kids — learn the colours" will help your child to learn quickly the colours, collecting bright and cheerful toys of details! A pleasant speaker voice will tell your small child the colour of each part, and the simple interface and management is very easy even for the youngest kids.Just turn on the game "Puzzle toys for kids — learn the colours," for your child and he will get playfully the new knowledge and skills.Game features:- Easy development.- 16 favourite toys.- Voiced by professional speakers in three languages.- Cheerful mini-game at the end of each level.- Suitable for children from 1 year.- Gradual complication of the puzzle with each level.No advertizing!

Well-fed farm 2.

Our exciting educational game with funny animals and their babies: - Expand your child's representation of the outside world, he learns how to talk to different animals that they love to eat and be able to feed the little animals their favorite delicacies. - Develop the logic and intelligence. - Will help train your memory, attentiveness and motility of fingers. - The game gradually develop a child's ability to think and reason on their own, which is so important for the future development. And do not forget that in addition to the obvious benefits along with it, he will hold a great time. Features: - Completely free and without in-game purchases. - Simple operation enables the child to play independently. With our game your child a fun and exciting time to conduct, because it is illustrated with colorful pictures, pleasant music and good will he an easy relaxed atmosphere. Parents will receive a reward of their baby a happy smile.

Candy Planet Factory Chef

Candy Planet needs a new Chef for cupcake and chocolate factory! Play in the sugary world with ice-creamy mountains and show your candy maker talent. Work in a Chocolate Factory, bake cupcakes, decorate Cake Castle, and more!Made of sugar and spice, Candy Planet citizens are super fun and friendly! If you love all kinds of sweet things, Candy Planet is perfect for you! One of the most delicious games for sweet little girls and boys!Game features:Chocolate FactoryPlay Choco Chef and make a delightful box of chocolate bears!Cupcake WorldPlay cupcake maker and bake enough cupcakes for the whole Candy Planet!Gummy Bear RunRun across the Bubble Gum Valley with Mr. Gummy Bear and collect as many sweets as you can!Cake Castle DecorationCake Castle is the center of the Candy Planet. Use your creativity and decorate the castle with your favorite candies!Cookie Dress UpMr. Gingerbread man is famous for his exclusive sense of style. Play cookie dress up and help him find a perfect outfit!Candy SortingFill the boxes with gourmet assorted chocolate candies!Crazy JellybeanUh-oh, looks like jelly bean machine needs cleaning! Save the candies and collect them all!Fortune LollipopVisit this magical sugar candy and you‘ll be rewarded with extra coins!Bubble Gum FlightFly over the Candy Planet in a hot air bubble gum balloon!Mouse ChaseTry to catch the mouse in the candy box as fast as you can!Candy CollectionPlay in the Candy Planet every day and get a different candy reward as you level up!WHAT’S INSIDE11 super tasty candy games35 Mr. Gingerbread fashion items36 Cake Castle decorationsYummy looking charactersDelicious game world and catchy musicEasy gameplay even for small kidsDiscover more fun with TutoTOONS!

Seasons Fairies – Beauty Salon

- Help pretty little fairy girls get ready for the fashion show!- Dress each one up in beautiful outfits, makeup, hairstyles and more.- Choose from fashions in all four seasons of the year! Something magical is happening in fairy town this season. It happens every season, too, from winter to spring, summer and even autumn. It's the fairy town fashion show! Every beautiful fairy in the world tries to fly in for the seasonal beauty pageant, each one wearing her best dress, makeup and accessories. The fairy girls and kids want to look their best for the fashion show, and this year they need your help. Good thing Magical Four Seasons Fairies gives you your very own dress up and makeup salon! This amazing makeover salon game for girls puts you right in the middle of fairy town in all four seasons: spring, winter, summer and autumn. Help the fairy kids fly in and dress themselves up to look like true beauty queens. Start with gorgeous fairy makeup on their cute little faces, then pick out an adorable fairy dress they can fly around town wearing! The winter, spring, summer and autumn makeovers don't stop with makeup and outfits for girls, either! Each dress needs the right accessories that turn each fairy girl into a fairy princess. Clean the kids up in your spa, then dress them up so they can make a good impression at the beauty show in town! Features: - Help flying fairy girl kids get ready for the big fashion show in town. - Design makeup, hairstyles, dress outfits, accessories and lots more! - Pick fashions from all four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn How to Play: - Choose a fairy beauty to give a makeover to. - Pick out cute outfits, add makeup and select hairstyles. - Dress each girl up and send her to the fairy fashion show!We want to hear your voice!

Baby Panda’s Bath Time

Tick tack, Tick tack! It’s Bath Time! Welcome to this new part of the Panda’s Universe! Thanks to this educational game, children will learn about personal hygiene in a fun way. Momo, the cute rabbit, and Kiki, the little panda, are waiting for you to help them! Fun features:- Amazing audio effects and attractive animations.- 2 super cute animals, bath toys, bubbles and much more!- Kid friendly interface Toddlers can sometimes be careless when it comes to personal hygiene. Let’s teach children the importance of being clean. Let's fight germs! Take a shower and play with the little panda and his friend!__________▶Design concepts:We focus on inspiration, not just learning.We focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition.We focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching.Take the baby bus, which is loaded with a happy childhood!___________▶The series introduction:Baby Bus is the first trusted brand in early childhood educational software. The mobile applications are designed and developed specifically for preschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age, the Starter Group for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 and the Prodigy Group for children between the ages of 3 and 6. The educational series in the Starter Group pursuits early learning by introducing games and songs tailored to your tots. The applications are aimed at improving their hand-eye coordination and nurturing their creativity from an early age.___________▶Tips: In the search bar, enter "BabyBus" to find all of our products.Feel free to tell us your thoughts on our games and services using the contact methods listed below:

Kids farm animals puzzle

Does your child like animals such as a horse, cow, cat or dog? Then try our puzzle for kids with animals on the farm. A fun and educational game for learning about animals and animal sounds. The game contains animals such as sheep, rooster, chickens and many more. The jigsaw puzzle is made for kids in the age of 1 to 4.This puzzle game for children features:- Real animal sounds- Cute graphics- 2 different kids of puzzle game modes with many different puzzles. Drag and drop the single pieces in the right places in the same way as wooden peg puzzles or connect the pieces to complete the puzzle. When the puzzle is completed will your child be rewarded with funny mini games or cute animations. - Parental gate to ensure that your child can use the app without accessing the content, which is only relevant for parents. - The game contains animals such as horse, cow, cat, dog, sheep or pig. A great way for you toddler, 2 or 3 year old to learn about the life on a farm.Contact usIf you experience any problems with the app or have a comment on how we can improve it. News about our apps

Baby Hazel Learn Animals

Play and learn more about farm animals, pet animals and wild animals with Baby Hazel.Baby Hazel Learn Animals is an educational game, where your kids will learn about animal kingdom in most interactive way. Let your kids explore the amazing world of animals and learn about their habitat, eating habits and products. Today, teacher is going to introduce a new concept to kids and it's about “Animals and Birds”. Baby Hazel and friends will learn about animals and birds through fun-filled games, activities and assignments. Moreover, teacher is taking kids for jungle safari. So let's join kids and help them in completing different activities and solve puzzles and quiz related to animals and birds. Enjoy fun-filled animals and birds learning session with Baby Hazel! Learn about animal habitat – Learn the names of animals and their habitat by playing with Animal Toy Train along with HazelDifferentiate between pet, wild and farm animals - Learn to differentiate between pet, wild and farm animals by assisting kids in completing assignments, activities and solving quiz related to animal kingdom.Thrill with jungle safari – Join Baby Hazel and friends to enjoy jungle safari and learn interesting facts related to animals and birds. Feed them, play with them and capture memorable moments in camera!!So, download Baby Hazel Learn Animals to teach your kids about animals and birds while having fun!Play Baby Hazel Learn Animals game online on Topbabygames at : Play Baby Hazel Learn Animals online on Babyhazelgames at : Please subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos :

Brincando com Palavras

BRINCANDO COM PALAVRAS É O PRIMEIRO APLICATIVO DE CLIPES E JOGOS EDUCATIVOS DA PALAVRA CANTADA!Agora ficou ainda mais fácil levar a Palavra Cantada para onde quiser! O PRIMEIRO APLICATIVO da dupla, “Brincando com Palavras”, une a diversão e o aprendizado em um único lugar.Além de ver os seus vídeos favoritos da Palavra Cantada, você também pode se divertir com o JOGO das LETRAS. Para jogar é fácil! Toque nas letras e forme as palavras ao som da sua música preferida!As crianças mais novas também vão poder se divertir com um modo exclusivo, tornando tudo ainda mais fácil e divertido. Assim, mesmo que não estejam alfabetizados a diversão está garantida!***********DESTAQUES DO APLICATIVO************» Músicas premiadas» Conteúdo desenvolvido para crianças de todas idades» Aplicativo compatível com smartphones e tablets» Jogos que estimulam a inteligência e a coordenação motora» Ideal para a interação entre pais e filhos***********SOBRE A PALAVRA CANTADA************A Palavra Cantada existe desde 1994, quando os músicos Sandra Peres e Paulo Tatit propuseram criar novas canções para as crianças brasileiras.Aclamada pelo público e pela crítica do país, devido ao seu trabalho caracterizado por canções infantis de linhas marcantes, que prezam pela elaboração das letras, arranjos e gravações, com uma poética sensível e respeito à inteligência das crianças.***********************************************Powered by: Sioux***********************************************Este é um aplicativo que você pode baixar e jogar de graça. Para adquirir novas músicas é necessário efetuar a compra.*A conexão à internet é NECESSÁRIA para baixar novos clipes. Conexão Wi-Fi rápida é recomendado!*Compatível com Android 4.2 ou superior.» Caso tenha dúvidas ou sugestões, não deixe de compartilhar conosco!

Telling Time Games For Kids

Is it time for kids to learn how to read the clock? Then, Telling Time for Kids – Games is the ideal collection of learning games for kids! Teach your kid to make a distinction between “analog and digital” clocks. Movable hour and minute hand and cute animal themed clock will keep the child's attention and make telling time fun and interesting. With Telling Time for Kids – Games your preschooler will learn to read clock in no time. Helpful learner centered kids games for 7 year olds are not so easy to find. Download Telling Time for Kids – Games and you won't regret it! It's “time for kids”, time for learning! ►We appreciate your opinion, if you like our game please comment and rate, give us feedback for further upgrades. Thank you! 4 clocks to choose, 2 are animated 2 games: Set the Time or Stop the Clock5 levels of difficulty in each gameChoose to set hours or minutesLearn concepts such as half past and quarter past Choose the speed of the clock Aquarium with collectable animated sea animals Give 3 correct answers and get a star Collect 5 stars and get a collectable, a cute sea animal or decoration for your virtual aquariumLearn to tell the time and read clockCheerful and child-friendly graphics “Telling Time for Kids – Games” offers new and creative ways to learn telling time. Your kid will love it, and what is more important your kid will successfully learn to read clock and make a distinction between analog and digital clocks. Playing “interactive telling time games” is the best and easiest way to “learn to tell the time”. This collection of “fun educational games for kids” will be your savior. It will save you from hours and hours of trying to teach your kid to read clock and tell time. Interactive telling time games provide an excellent tool to teach your kid better. This is an excellent app for preschoolers and kindergarteners. A great brain gym for a young mind!It is very important to learn how to tell time and read clock before your kid enters school, and what better way than “interactive telling time activities” and interactive telling time games. Make the right choice, choose the best application to make a learning foundation for your child. Learning to count, that is learning the concept of notation before school is the most important aspect and component of preschool education. Use Telling Time for Kids – Games in the most creative way you can use kids educational games. Teach your kid the difference between hour and minute hand and how they move. Creative apps for toddlers can help you with that. Once the kid has learned the difference, you can start testing him. Choose a particular time, as the minute hand moves encourage your kid to press the stop button when the clock reaches the desired time. If the answer is correct you move on to the next task, if not, you try again. Or position the hands to set the correct time. Give three correct answers and you get a star as a reward. Collect five stars and you get a sea animal or a decoration for your virtual aquarium. The cheerful animated sea animals will keep the child's attention and make the game more interesting. At the same time the aquarium with sea animals will provide the motivation to collect all rewards. The more time your child spends collecting sea animals and aquarium decoration the more it will learn. It is well known that “learning games for kids” provide the quickest results. “Learn through play” with your favorite “time telling games”!Download Telling Time for Kids – Games and enjoy your new interactive game for kids. Your kid will learn to tell the time and read clock in no time. “Telling time for kindergarteners” has never been more fun! Follow us on:

Cars and Trucks for Toddlers!

A fun application for toddlers to learn to recognize vehicles and their sounds.Cars and trucks for toddlers is an educational and entertaining game.Your child will admire every kind of vehicle and will hear realistic sound effects!tap on the vehicles to make them to go faster!Listen to the sounds! A Lot's of fun for your toddler!Easy to learn and to control:tap the moving vehicles to listen the sound Available for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device as kindle and samsung !Simple and intuitive!Cars and trucks for toddlers is a nice game for toddlers and kids from ages 0-6. Features include:- Easy to learn and control- More than 50 vehicles: truck, tractor, excavator, bus, train, airplane, boat, ships, helicopter, cars, trucklift, bike (FULL version)- big images- Tap the image for a realistic sound effectThis is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL versionwith more vehicles and NO ads

Realistic Make Up

You can achieve this great app with thousands of beautiful faces from different each other , the different faces of sheet metal paint color also you get , you can set the lipstick color for the lips and the style of your dreams by trying different eye color from each other for your model you can experiment with this application and get different ideas and preview for your own makeup you can . Which hairstyle how eye color lip nose should be how you can find the answers to these questions in our applications according to this model.

Learn Shapes 2 – Hug and Dug

Learn more advanced shapes with Hug and Dug! Amazing easy puzzles with a surprise at the end of each board. Play shapes 2 now, or even get more practice by downloading HugDug Shapes 1!Hug and Dug Preschool academy skill : Early Math, ShapesOn every game board there is a little surprise to encourage the child to play and become familiar with these primary shapes.By matching shapes and colors, kids create real animated puzzles. Fly the air balloon, take a journey underwater with the submarine or build a house for Hug and Dug.Your child will learn to recognize shapes in their real-life context. Shapes like trapezoid, ellipse and diamond in addition to the shapes learned on HugDug shapes 1.With the HugDug Animated Shapes puzzles 2, toddlers and older kids are encouraged to learn about shapes and colors by interacting with and solving easy shape-based puzzles of different subjects that stimulate the child's imagination. Designed for the cognitive skills of toddlers and young children. The game does not overload kids with too many audio and visual stimuli. There are no failures or time pressure, so kids can explore the world of shapes without stress or pressure.Features: 12 beautiful scenes each with its own assortment of shapes and colorsEnglish Pronunciations of shape namesEach level ends with a surprising animation that encourages kids to interact with more game boards and repeat the game to initiate the animations.Teaches shapes, colors, matching and sortingFun animations on every page Learn all the basic shapes and colors Play with shapes and puzzles to improve motor skills and the ability to concentrate.

Seaside Wedding Salon Girl SPA

! Imagine feeling the sand between your toes as your stand on the beach, as you and your best friends all stand at the altar, wanting to look your best for your soon-to-be husbands! Don’t worry, you’ll all look gorgeous thanks to the beautiful clothes and makeup you’ll find when you play Seaside Wedding! Seaside Wedding allows you to have the salon experience of your dreams! First, you and your girlfriends will get your hair and makeup done to make sure you’re ready on the big day! Choose the options that best suit you! Next, you and the other brides-to-be will select your perfect wedding dresses! Make sure you all look stunning for all the friends and family! Then it’s up to you to get your men looking handsome as can be! Dress them up in expensive tuxedos! Now you’re ready! Enjoy the surf, the sun and the dolphins as you experience your perfect Seaside Wedding! FEATURES - You’re getting married on the beach!- Get made up and dressed up with your three girlfriends!- Enjoy the special day with your gorgeous husbands HOW TO PLAY - Select your favorite makeup for you and the girls!- Use the options provided to design your perfect wedding dress!- Choose your favorite combinations for your husband’s tux!Download this free educational game! It's super fun! Girls free games. We want to hear your voice!Check out our Facebook!

Christmas Activity Book

FREE for you! Get into the holiday spirit with this virtual playground packed full of matching games, classic Christmas tales, puzzles, counting activities and more! Babies and toddlers can “turn” each page all by themselves as they discover festive new things to do like: -Build a snowman-Play matching games-Sing along to Jingle Bells-Put together puzzles of Christmas scenes-And more! This adorable app features the lovable characters from the hit TV network, BabyFirst – all set to joyous music and beautiful animation. Download it today for lots and lots of Yuletide fun!About BabyFirst:BabyFirst is a global TV network made just for babies, toddlers and parents. Developed by educational experts, all BabyFirst content is designed to introduce babies to basic building blocks from numbers and language to music and art. Look for BabyFirst in the U.S. on Comcast, DIRECTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse, and more. To find more trusted applications from the BabyFirst family of apps, search "BF123" in Google Play

Working car Boo Boo [Free]

There are a variety of tricks to be able to enjoy even a small child with a simple operation of only tap the various things that icon and appearance.Excavators working in the construction site, dump truck, mixer trucks, bulldozers, cars and a police car work such as a power loader, ambulance, emergency vehicles such as fire engines, are various car, such as bus and light truck appeared.It will change the type of car that runs to the center of the screen when you tap an icon.You can see the action and of its car-specific tap the car.Since it appeared the car passing each other in the other also you can see some sort of action when you tap.Please try to tap so you may occasionally such as dinosaurs and UFO to work we will continue to add at any time.We would like to add preferentially if you request.※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※※Ads.

Summer Milkshake Maker Game

Regular ice cream just isn't the same when you can have a tasty, smooth milkshake! Summer is the best time to enjoy a cool ice cream treat and in this fun cooking game, you can make your very own drink! In this Milkshake Maker game, kids choose their favorite ice cream flavor and get to work. Once you mix it up and pour it in a cup, you can decorate it with cute and yummy toppings! Product Features:Summer cooking kids game with a milkshake theme.Easy to use controls perfect for kids games.Choose a tasty ice cream flavor for the milkshake.Mix it up and pour the drink in a cup.Choose cool decorations for your milkshake!Have you ever made a milkshake before? Summer is the best time to start! Cooking milkshakes is simple and fun, but the best part is getting to drink your tasty ice cream shake when you're done! You can even decorate it to make it your very own special shake!How to Play:Use interactive touch screen controls to play.Choose a ice cream flavor and mix it up.Decorate your milkshake.Enjoy your milkshake!

Learn To Draw Animal For Kids

Learn to draw animal is a complete drawing tutorial of many different kinds and breeds of animals in a very easy way. You donít need to have any drawing skills to use this kidís activity game. This game is specially made with the features and tasks which the kids will surely love and enjoy.Just follow the guidance and start drawing following the line till the animal is totally complete. Also paint the animals with your favorite colors and make them look very original. This game is very simple to play and also very interesting.With the help of this game you will be able to draw any animals very beautifully and completely without any help. Save the drawing or the painting that you have drawn to the gallery to share it with your friends and show them your drawing skills.Features:1) This game has many kind of animals cartoons which you can use to draw beautiful paintings.2) Also draw animals on a plain slate with the help of the guidance.3) A number of steps to follow while drawing which will help you learn slowly concentrating on it.4) Many different colors and painting tools add to the fun and enjoyment of the game.5) This game will be the best for some amazing drawing tips and practice.About GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google play and get more of educational games.We will be glad with your response.

Boats and Ships for Toddlers

A wonderful game for toddlers and kids with a stunning collection of boats and ships !your kid loves vehicle games, puzzles and want to play with the pirate ship ? This is the app for you!Your child will discover each type of boat, will recognize the sounds of the sea and in the meanwhile will exercise his memory!Boats and Ships for Toddlers is an educational and entertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlers and kids! Play with vehicles games !A lot of different seascapes and many cool boats to keep your kid busy.Easy to learn and to control:-drag and drop the boats on the screen, play with galleon, have fun and match the couples!-interact with all the elements on the screen when a game is solved-when a game is completed tap the arrow to change to the next levelYou can also choose the difficulty level: easy, medium and hard, to suit the needs of each child and exercise your toddler fine motor skills.Available for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablet device as Kindle and Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours !This educational game will help your toddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentration and memory.Match up all ships and boats pairs and honk the ship horn !A lot of boats in the harbor ready to sail at sea !Features:- high quality game for toddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 6 years old with very cute boats- Easy to use and control- fun for children of all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens, designed for preschool boys and girls- Simple for toddlers and babies with different levels of difficulty- Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging and dropping the boats and improve their memory- Play with your child or let them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddler occupied- more than 90 boats in the FULL version: motorboat, sailboat, yatch, galleon, pirate ship, Viking Ship, aircraft carrier, rowing boat, watercraft, jetsky, speedboat, the Titanic !- randomly generated match games! this educational game will never get old!This is the FREE version (Ads supported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy the FULL versionwith more match games, more boats and no adsFun and enjoyable to learn and to play, this is a must have app!A lot of educational ship games for toddlers and young kids!!Your child will admire every kind of boat vehicle and will hear realistic sound effects!Ideal for children but also fun for adults who want to play with their kids!Are you ready to challenge your memory ? Match up the boat pairs in the harbour !Boats and Ships for Toddlers is a funny game which also helps your toddler improving his abilities.Go through the waves of the sea by ferry boatA lot of game for children, the best games for kids, apps for babies, games for girls, match game, puzzle for 3 year old, educational games, all from romeLab !

The Ugly Duckling

Try before buying. If you like this app, please consider purchasing the full version.You know the fairy tale. Now experience the magic on your digital devices! Created in HD for iPhone, Ipad, Nook, Kindle Fire and Android phones and tablets.The Ugly Duckling app lets you play inside the story. Beautiful illustrations, exciting animations, and original music and sounds make this a picture book app at its best. We guarantee your kids will love it.Designed for children ages 3 and up, but adults will love it, too. We are sure this interactive story book will keep your kids entertained for hours .READ THE STORY AND GET INVOLVED:Tap the egg to help it hatch.Collect the food for the “Ugly” duckling.When the woman chases the duck, flick the duck to help him avoid obstacles.While it is snowing, cover the duck with a leaf to keep him warm.Help put the wood into the fireplace in the farmer’s house.Use your finger to paint a beautiful swan.Help the boy fish.Choose a reading mode:- ‘Read & Play’ mode: Read and interact with the characters in the story- ‘Read To Me’ mode: Have the story read to your children automatically page by page.- ‘Read by myself’ mode: There is no audio to allow your children to read the story on their own.

Preschool IQ Test For Kids

Preschool IQ Test for Kids is new puzzle games for kids fully packed with creative puzzle and answer which you will have never imagine. Each puzzle is unique and shows off your creative thinking. The solutions will be simple but are never obvious. Your stars will be based on number of time taken to solve the quiz so let's get started with this intense, mind blowing game!Features:Different cunning puzzle questionsFun for all agesBest game for all fans of puzzles and riddles with answers!Simple yet addictiveAbout GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google play and get more of educational games.We will be glad with your response.

Hide and seek – Game for kids

Dear parents! The game "Hide and seek" is a new educational free game for kids from 2 y.o. This game ain't just interesting, but also useful for your kid. Because each level exists about 15 different hidden objects and animals that you need to find. This game develops memory and attention. And the variety of artistic styles on each level promotes imagination. There is nothing extra - no commercials, no complicated menu, no other distracting attention items. It's just enough to run the game and choose the appropriate level. So simple!This game is going to be the perfect way of spending time with your kid! All your feedbacks and suggestions are welcome !

Lola’s ABC Party-Learn to Read

Join the Party! Lola Panda™ invites you and all of her friends to party! Lola’s ABC Party FREE is another engaging educational game from the Lola Panda™ game series. It begins with simple word recognition, and graduates to more challenging tasks when the child is ready. Great and fun reading practice for preschoolers!WHAT DO PROFESSIONALS SAY ABOUT THE FULL VERSION OF LOLA'S ABC PARTY:Key Features of the game:- Educational game: Teaching the alphabet and word building to children ages 3-6- Meaningful learning: Upper and lower case letters, word recognition and construction - Customized to the child’s learning pace - Voice Over feature: easy to understand spoken instructions- Child friendly usage experience: No in-app purchases or third party advertisingLearning the alphabet is fun on Lola’s ABC Party! This educational game teaches the alphabet to children while they are celebrating! Throwing a party is something that every kid enjoys. Children can make their own ice cream creations and in the end, party with Lola and her friends! This game encourages the learning progress by rewarding children with fun surprises when they achieve success, which engages them in the learning process. The fun they’re having motivates them to continue, and to learn even more! If you enjoy this game, download the upgraded full version for more letters and words to learn, and more fun-filled tasks to enjoy.

Ocean Animals Coloring Book

Get ready to dive into the fun! With more than 100 ocean creatures to color! Art time and finger painting for kids take a new turn with our fun and simple coloring apps!Come set sail on an underwater voyage with our Ocean Animals Coloring Book. Allow children to explore a variety of sea life with fun and inviting illustrations. Easy to use adjustable paintbrush sizes and image selections your child is bound to experience hours of ocean fun. No need to pack crayons and markers; this app contains a color pallet beyond your child's imagination bringing a paperless coloring experience. Apps share feature allows your children to share their adventure with family and friends. Coloring FUN for kids of all ages!★ 100+ Ocean and Sea Animals★ Free Ad-supported version.★ Language: US English★ Age Level: 1+★ Title: Ocean Animals Coloring Book For Kids

Paint the cat

Your child should be kept constant supervision? He is full of energy and you don’t have time to keep an eye on him? In this case «Coloring book: Cat’s adventures» is your rescue! Let your fidget color our cute kittens and enjoy long-expected peace and quiet! 20 funny pictures, contained in the app, will go a long way. Unlike other colorings, images in this app are gradient, which makes them more colorful and intense and the process of painting – more captivating. That’s why both children and adults will like the app.

Who Built The Ark?

Fun Sing-Along with animals and sounds!Who built the ark is a Multi-Touch Toddler Entertainment Application.*No skills needed.*No objectives.*No Goals to meet. Simply start the app and give it to your little one! Children singing The classic tune "Who Built The Ark!"and animals "POP UP" & animal sounds with every touch. Loads of fun from baby On The FRITZ!

Shaun learning games for kids

The game that will help children learn and enhance their skills.- Games to learn math with Shaun.- Fun educational direction and position games.- 3 difficulty levels.- Different exercises in each round. - Fun and varied games like Paint and Color, Jigsaw Puzzles, Memory, ..- Available in 6 languages: English GB, English US, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and Russian.- For preschool and early education children (3 to 8 years of age).- Supervised by early childhood education experts.- No third-party advertising. - Parental control.EDUCATIONAL GAMES CONTENTS:MATH- Counting.- Addition.- Geometric shapes.- Domino.- Subtraction.- Series.- Ordering numbers.- Measures.- Pairs.- Counting and enumerating.DIRECTION AND POSITION- Mazes.- Find the difference.- Symmetry.- Opposites.- Ordering images.- Visual skills.- Coordinates.PAINT, CREATE, AND COLOR.- Drawing studio with colors, markers, brushes and paint cans.- Over 30 sheets to paint with all the characters.- A variety of Shaun the Sheep backgrounds to add to your creations.- Over 40 stickers with all the characters to choose from.- Make and decorate your own picture. and make a picture you can decorate.- Save your picture and share it with your friends.PUZZLES- 35 different puzzles with all the Shaun characters.- Choose the number of pieces in your jigsaw puzzle between 4 and 35.- Convert your pictures into fun jigsaw puzzles.MEMORY - Train your memory with this game.- Advance through the 4 levels.- Choose between 8, 12, 16, 20 cards.Shaun: play and learn, the most famous sheep in film and television encourages young children to learn (broadcasted by reknown channels like Clan TV).NOTICE: Downloading this app is free and gives access to a selection of each of the contents. It contains an in-app purchases option.In Tap Tap Tales we care about your opinion. Twitter: @taptaptales

Preschool Toddler Learning

Toddler Preschool Learning Games for Kids by Gameiva is a free amazing easy learning games full set of educational games for kids and kindergarten to teach them sorting, counting, matching patterns and much more. Features:All-in-one educational app for your toddlerDifferent unique logic learning gamesMemory: Flip and match cardsShape puzzlesMatch the completeSimple & intuitive child-friendly interfacePerfect games for kids and students who need a fun and entertaining educational game to play.About GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most loved categories of games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We are entirely devoted to build user friendly games related to fun and learning for better educational familiarities and enjoyment for kids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google play and get more of educational games.We will be glad with your response.