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DroidZebra Reversi

DroidZebra is advanced Reversi program based on Zebra Othello Engine written by Gunnar Andersson. Features:- difficulty levels from beginner (practice mode) to world-class play- opening book with more than 500,000 positions- ability to force specific opening- practice modeReversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8×8 uncheckered board. There are sixty-four identical game pieces called disks (often spelled "discs"), which are light on one side and dark on the other. Players take turns placing disks on the board with their assigned color facing up. During a play, any disks of the opponent's color that are in a straight line and bounded by the disk just placed and another disk of the current player's color are turned over to the current player's color. The object of the game is to have the majority of disks turned to display your color when the last playable empty square is filled.

Domino QiuQiu:Domino99(KiuKiu)

Domino QiuQiu banyak dimainkan dan sangat terkenal di Indonesia. ★ Online dan Profesional★ Gratis semua★ Begitu online sudah dapat penghargaan tinggi, berurutan depan di rangking list APP store dalam banyak Negara★ Hadiah Login Setiap Hari, dan di Kamar Permainan Banyak Hadiah Menunggu★ Fungsi Top
- Chat dimeja dengan teman
- Memberikan alat interaktif yg membuat permainan menjadi asyik
- Membeli hadiah-hadiah seru dan bisa diberikan kepada teman-teman yg lain
- Slot game tentunya
- Emotion lucu
- Full Creen yg ingin bermain lebih fokus dan konsentrasi
- Kegiatan-kegiatan game lainnya yg segera hadir★ Tambah Teman lewat Facebook

Play Magnus – Chess

Want to test your chess skills against the World Champion of Chess? Now you can! Play Magnus offers you the opportunity to play chess against the official Magnus Carlsen "tuned" chess engine and gives you the chance to qualify to play Magnus Carlsen Live at a secret location! Play Magnus on your smartphone - it's free! Play Magnus supports 1 player gameplay, while future versions will offer multiplayer functionality. In the meantime, test your skills against challenging the Magnus Carlsen computer opponent and share with your friends to earn additional points! Play Magnus offers exciting features, including:- Magnus Carlsen tuned chess engine with general functionality - Sharing functions- Chance to qualify to Play Magnus Live at a secret location annually

Hidden Mahjong: Halloween Time

It's Halloween Time! Muster all your courage and explore 20 beautiful yet spooky scenes perfect for the Halloween season!"Halloween Time" features HD graphics, beautiful artwork and music! Solve 20 beautiful, handcrafted boards as difficulty increases. Can you become the mahjong expert?Main features:- New mahjong mechanic and unique power system- 20 handcrafted backgrounds- Beat your best times- Daily rewards- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!

Dr. Memory

Dr. MemoryDo you have a good memory?SUD Inc.

Chinese Checkers Online

[Grand Update, Must Download!] or you will miss the new features here :* Optimize the 5 jumper AIs;* Add Onine Game Hall, you can play it with your friends;* Add Tips, FootSteps;* Add Fast Paced Jump to jump over multiple empty grids.Especially, you can enjoy all above free!The most popular Chinese Checkers on App Store, over 1 000 000 downloads worldwide! The iPhone version is also available now.The most intelligent Chinese Checkers on App Store! With 5 different AI levels, support players from 1 to 6!Chinese checkers is a board game that can be played by two, three, four, or six people, playing individually or with partners. The game is a modern and simplified variation of Halma. The objective is to be first to race one's pieces across the hexagram-shaped game board into "home" – the corner of the star opposite one's starting corner – using single-step moves or moves which jump over other pieces. Others keep playing to establish 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and last place finishers. The game involves some strategy but is popular even among young children.A basic strategy is to find the longest hopping path that leads closest to, or immediately into, "home" – the destination star point at the opposite side of the board. (Multiple-jump moves are obviously faster to relocate pieces than step-by-step moves.) Since either player can make use of any hopping 'ladder' or 'chain' created, more advanced strategy involves hindering an opposing player, in addition to helping oneself find jumps across the board. Of equal importance are the players' strategies for emptying and filling their starting and home corners. Games between experts are rarely decided by more than a couple of moves.Differing numbers of players result in different game layouts. Each layout imposes a different best-game strategy. For example, if a player's "home" or destination corner is empty (not an opponent's starting corner), the player can freely arrange his/her pieces to serve as a 'ladder' or 'bridge' between the two opposite ends. But if a player's opponent occupies the home destination corner, the player might be better advised to play a "waiting game" until all pieces have moved out.Chinese Checkers is also called marble, Halma, hop, across jump.


Mastermind is a classic mind game: a secret code is given, and you must figure it out using guesses and the hints provided on the puzzle.Real Code Breaker is based on the classic board game that is also known as Mastermind, Master Mind, Code Puzzle game and Bulls & Cows.• BOARDS: 480 free puzzles. All boards are free!• DIFFICULTIES: 3 difficulties: Easy, Medium and Hard. The harder the bigger the secret code is - extra challenge!• MODES: on medium you will face repeated colors, while on hard you will face both repeated colors and empty pins.Enjoy another brain puzzle from Rottz Games.Have fun!

Classic Bingo Touch

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world.The objective of Bingo is to mark the numbers which are showed on your bingo card as quickly as possible.The player wins, who first gets five lines,either orthogonally or diagonally.When you get bingo,click the bingo button to win the game.

Snakes and Ladders

☆☆☆☆☆ Good Great for family played.☆☆☆☆☆ Good game even though ancient☆☆☆☆☆ Snakes and ladders I love this game it is fun it helps your children learn.☆☆☆☆☆ Wonderful Wow! Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Board game which is popular till date among kids, Mom, Dad, granny, grandpa and your Friends! Snake and ladder is one of the most popular family board games on Google Play!The Games add fun of arcade on classic board game.Snakes and Ladders is a famous board game and called Ludo in some places, Chutes and ladders, Parcheesi, Parama Patam, Moksha Patam or Vaikuntapaali in various parts of the world.The game play everyone knows about. The game board is easy to understand. It is played between two players and each one throws their dice and move accordingly. If anyone lands on the higher-numbered square of a “snake" (or chute), he must move his token down to the snake’s lower-numbered square. Player who first reaches square 100 is declared as winner. Players move up ladders and fall down from snakes when bitten. Beware of snake as they can bring you down.Game Mode:• Player Vs Android• 2 Player : Enjoy the two player game offline.Game Features:• Its Free!• Stunning graphics• Snake Ladders multiplayer mode• Game play with 2 modes• Dice gamePlease don't forget to leave reviews as there are really helpful in improving the game!

Z First Impact

Enrichissez votre jeu de plateau grâce à l’application Z First Impact.Grace à la technologie innovante de la réalité augmentée, l’application mobile Z First Impact offre aux joueurs la possibilité d’accéder à des contenus interactifs additionnels pour le jeu de plateau Z First Impact. L’application apporte des visuels animés et ajoute des fonctionnalités dans le Game Play du jeu de société.A noter que le contenu de cette application de réalité augmentée n’est disponible que si vous possédez les cartes fournies avec la boite du jeu de société Z First Impact.Arriverez-vous à mener à terme votre expédition en territoire hostile malgré les attaques toxiques des Boobers, la présence des ravageurs sur les toits, ou encore les cris des hurleurs ?Que l’aventure commence…

Alchemists: Lab Equipment

This is a supplementary app for board game Alchemists from Czech Games Edition. It allows players to scan ingredient cards from the board game to find out what potions they can create.---In Alchemists, two to four budding alchemists compete to discover the secrets of their mystical art. Points can be earned in various ways, but most points are earned by publishing theories – correct theories, that is — and therein lies the problem.The game is played in six rounds. At the beginning of the round, players choose their play order. Those who choose to play later get more rewards.Players declare all their actions by placing cubes on the various action spaces, then each action space is evaluated in order. Players gain knowledge by mixing ingredients and testing the results using a smartphone app (iOS, Android, and also Windows) that randomizes the rules of alchemy for each new game. And if the alchemists are longing for something even more special, they can always buy magical artifacts to get an extra push. There are 9 of them (different for each game) and they are not only very powerful, but also very expensive. But money means nothing, when there's academic pride at stake! And the possession of these artifacts will definitely earn you some reputation too. Players can also earn money by selling potions of questionable quality to adventurers, but money is just a means to an end. The alchemists don't want riches, after all. They want respect, and respect usually comes from publishing theories.During play, players' reputations will go up and down. After six rounds and a final exhibition, reputation will be converted into points. Points will also be scored for artifacts and grants. Then the secrets of alchemy are revealed and players score points or lose points based on whether their theories were correct. Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins.

Face Changer – Photo Editor

Do you Want to put your face on the body of another person? Want to get back at your enemy and put your face on the body of an animal?Spend funny jokes to your friends, putting their faces on photos committed to this photo editor. Fool your friends by changing your photos.This application allows you to cut elements of a photo and paste them into another. You can use it as a changing of sides, but has many other uses.HOW DOES IT WORK1. Choose the photo you want to crop. You can make your device or hold her gallery.2. Cut the object you want. If you have not been well cut you can repeat or improve.3. Select the photo where you wilt.4. Paste the object. To be more integrated in the image you can adjust, resize, rotate, move around the screen and change the opacity.In addition:- The items that go cutting faces remain stored so you can use them whenever you want.- You can view your creations anytime, as they are stored in a gallery included in the application.- Share the joke photograph by email, Facebook, whatsapp ...This application is free. It can be used by the whole family.

Code Breaker

Code Breaker is a classic code breaking game. Can you break the secret code. You guess the secret code by placing colored peg in a row. After each guess you will get one black peg for each correct color in the right place and one white peg for each correct color in the wrong place.FeaturesPlayers can set the code for each other. In effect a two or more player game.Easy, Medium and Hard modes.Play with Pegs, Shapes, Letter or Numbers.Custom peg colors and single color mode.Game automatically saved to device. Resume playing game on app restart.Three different backgrounds.Set empty holes. on/off.Set repeat colors on/off.Set enter code on/off.Set sounds on/off.Reset statistics options.Statistics displayed in numbers or percentages.Ability to remove pegs.Simple sounds effects when pegs, holes and buttons are pressed.Portrait and Portrait Upside-down.Press reset in game to reveal code and resign game.Please note.The position of the black and white pins are random.They don't correspondent to the peg positions in any way.Easy, Medium or Hard mode can now be selected in the settings page.

Pet Match 2016

Looking for New Pet Matching game? Try Pet Match 2016, you will love it! FEATURES ★ FREE: now and forever!★ Fit every screen sizes: supports up to 10 inches tablets.★ HD quality.★ 15 levels to play (more is coming).★ Clean UI.★ Easy to play.★ Smallest APK sizes: it means you spend less bandwidth and time to install it. HOW TO PLAY ? ★ Find 2 cards with the same kind that can be connected in 3 or less than 3 lines to remove them out of board.★ Remove all cards in time to clear level.★ If there's no move, game will re-arrange cards automatically.Enjoy!

Gomoku Free

★ Google Play Top Developer (2013 / 2015) ★Gomoku Free brings you 9x9, 11x11 and 15x15 classic games from the Gomoku/Renju/five in a row family, all in one app! You have 12 animated opponents to choose from with 3 new stronger opponents over our sister product Tic Tac Toe Universe. See if you can take the #1 slots in the Gomoku game ladders!Completely free! This is not a demo, and has no locked options.Featuring:★ 3 Go-moku/Gomoku games in one app★ 12 animated opponents to choose from★ 2 Player Gomoku mode★ Climb up the Gomoku ladder to be the #1 player!★ Choose from 10 piece+boards! Cute new pieces!★ Watch out! Your opponent will daydream if you take too long!★ Gomoku supports mobile and tabletGomoku Free is supported by 3rd party ads. Ads may use internet connectivity, and therefore subsequent data charges may apply. The photos/media/files permission is required to allow the game to save game data to external storage, and is sometimes used to cache ads.

Yatzy Ultimate

The most addictive dice game you can ever play! Refresh your childhood memories with this all-time classic game and customize it the way you want. Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy and American Yatzy modes will give you hours of fun playing alone or against opponents from around the world.No matter if you’re a beginner or master of the game, we added hints and 3 difficulty levels to suit your skills and let you advance the game. You can choose to practice your skills in training mode, or play against real opponents, Head-2-Head with the best from around the world. Yatzy Ultimate is one of the most popular and addictive Yatzy games with over 4.000.000 downloads. Every single review you wrote was carefully read and analyzed. Now, we completely reinvented for you and made it even more exciting by adding new and unique game features.Start the journey as a Newbie on Noob Alley, and advance to higher levels with little luck and using your skills. Build your own buddy list by adding your friends and family, or meet new friends from all over the world. Your buddies will always be there when you’re in the mood for rolling the dice and winning!Yatzy is free to download, and all levels can be completed without spending any money. The game offers optional in-app purchases from 0.99 USD to 49.99 USD.Supports:• 7 levels and ranks which will provide you constant challenge playing with higher stakes• Select your favourite game configuration: Yatzy (Scandinavian - 5 dice), Maxi Yatzy (6 dice) & American Yatzy (5 dice)• Invite your buddies and play with them Online• Online - play against the best opponents from around the world• Bet - take risks and win more• Play offline: alone, against Computer or with your friends - Pass n’ Play• Progressive daily bonus• Global Leaderboards - beat high scores and climb straight to the top• History of your games• Share your results on your favourie social network• Server connectivity indicator to keep track of your connection for playing Online and Bet games• Crisp graphics and sounds effects• Available in 3 languages: English, French, German

Whoz Who?

Have fun while making your friends or family guess what is written on cards!ALL the players play on ONE SINGLE DEVICE (phone or tablet) for more fun!No network connection is needed to play! You can play wherever you want with no constraints!Whoz Who? is a team game which goal is to make your mates guess what is written on cards.Each round of the game brings fun and very delirious situations!The card themes can be:• Cinema• Sport• Celebrities• Music• Art and literature• Geekand even more!Card packs are regularly added like the latest one on Star Wars!You can bring even more fun by creating your own card packs!_______________Whoz Who? is available on smartphones and tablets._______________No advertising in the application._______________


Mahjong Titan is a free tiles matching game made by Kungfu Mahjong™. this deluxe version is like a solitaire game. This free board game is also known as Shanghai Mahjong. matching pairs of identical mahjong tiles is a enjoy. this free game need strategy luck and patience, but relaxing.Game Features:# Beautiful 3D game backgrounds.# free hint Function# HD high quality mahjong tile sets.# Optimized for portrait mode.# Unlimited undo# 800+ board layouts keep your mind active# MP3 background music and sound effectHope you like our free mahjong deluxe version


Plumber is a logic puzzle game with HD graphics. `After making the path click on the valve to turn on the water. Plumber is fun and challenging game . There are 100 unique levels to pass through. Nice animation and sound effects will help you to enjoy this nice puzzle game.- 100 unique levels- Nice animation- Great sound- Colorful HD graphicsThis game will help you and your kid to improve logical thinking and problem solving ability.So do it now, download and play Plumber for FREE.


Versión 1.0. * Disfruta de este juego de mesa clásico con tus amigos y familiares en su versión de idioma español mexicano. * Demuestra que eres una persona inteligente para los negocios de una manera divertida en este fantástico juego.* En este juego podrás comprar fondos de tablero, personajes, propiedades y casas, todo con la moneda virtual que son dados de oro los cuales podrás ganar al finalizar una partida o comprándolos directamente en el banco.


Sudoku fruit is a classic board game. Sudoku free have more than 1000 levels. You can change number skin in sudoku style fruit. The goal of sudoku is to fill a 9 × 9 grid with digits, each grid in sudoku should have 1-9. Now right Download our fruit sudoku.

Domino play free dominoes game

Dominoes (or dominos) is a board game played with rectangular "domino" tiles.Features:- ten different domino games (classic dominoes, draw game, block game, mexican train, muggins (All fives), naval kozel, jackass, human-human-wolf, kozel, bergen ,cross), more games will be added in next update (Chicken foot, blitz)- three different online multiplayer games (draw game, block game, muggins (All fives))- daily bonus- 2-4 players- friendly UI- tough AI- global cloud leaderboard- comprehensive singleplayer stats- mexican train will be available for multiplayer in next updateThe dominos gaming pieces make up a domino set, sometimes called a deck or pack. The traditional Sino-European domino set consists of 28 dominoes, colloquially nicknamed bones, cards, tiles, tickets, stones, or spinners. Each domino is a rectangular tile with a line dividing its faceinto two square ends. Each end is marked with a number of spots or is blank. A domino set is a generic gaming device, similar to playing cards or dice, in that a variety of games can be played with a set. There are some extended domino sets (double 9 and double 12). They are used for Mexican train, Chicken Foot and similar games. Each country has it’s own set of dominoes games: England - muggins (All fives), scandinavian countries - Bergen, Mexico - Mexican train, Spain - Matador.The earliest mention of dominos is from Song Dynasty China. Dominoes first appeared in Italy during the 18th century, and although it is unknown how Chinese dominos developed into the modern game.General rules of dominoes:Blocking gameThe most basic dominos variant is for two players and requires a double six set. The 28 domino tiles are shuffled face down and form the stock or boneyard. Each player draws seven tiles; the remainder are not used. Once the players begin drawing tiles, they are typically placed on-edge before the players, so that each player can see his own domino tiles, but none can see the value of other players' tiles. Every player can thus see how many tiles remain in the other players' hands at all times during gameplay. One player begins by downing (playing the first tile) one of their tiles. In different games first tiles are also different. In Muggins player should start with the highest double (6-6), in Bergen the first move should be 0-0, in Mexican train each round starts with the next lower double. This tile starts the line of play, a series of tiles in which adjacent tiles touch with matching, i.e. equal, values. The players alternately extend the line of play with one tile at one of its two ends. The game ends when one player wins by playing their last tile, or when the game is blocked because neither player can play. If that occurs, whoever caused the block gets all of the remaining player points not counting their own.Scoring gamePlayers accrue points during game play for certain configurations, moves, or emptying one's hand. Most scoring games use variations of the draw game. In Muggins (All fives) player must make the open ends of the layout add up to 5s or a multiple of five (5s, 10, 15, 20, etc.) In bergen player scores when numbers on the open ends are equal. If a player does not call "domino" before the tile is laid on the table, and another player says 'domino' after the tile is laid, the first player must pick up an extra domino. In Mexican train the double zero domino is scored as 50 points.Draw gameIn a draw game (blocking or scoring), players are additionally allowed to draw as many tiles as desired from the stock before playing a tile. The score of a game is the number of pips in the losing player's hand plus the number of pips in the stock. Most rules prescribe that two tiles need to remain in the stock. The Draw game is often referred to as simply "dominos".Mexican train has arrived! Enjoy our dominos game with the full set of this game varieties! You can play domino online (Draw game, Block game and Muggins (All fives)) for free!

Parchis Horse Race Free

Simply and playful, this board game is adapted for all ages. With one's family, friends or against the computer, the goal is simple : Walk your 4 small horses and be the first to bring all of them into the stable ! Features : * Number of players : From 2 to 4. * Language : English, french, portuguese, corsu and spanish* Rate of the game : Adjustable* Computer : 3 levels of difficulty * Includes advertisement* No in app purchase


2 teams face off!You draw on the phone or tablet, while your friends watch on the TV and try to guess the word. You know, like pictionary! We've tried to keep everything neat and simple so that you can quickly get to play. Only one Android device is required.Kid friendly. Kid safe.No social media links. Your kids can't spam your twitter because they drew a bird.No links, period. You will not find 73 tabs open in your browser.No ads. We do not ask for any kind of login or email information.We’ve taken extra care in making the app very kid-friendly, both in the UI and in the word lists, to make sure the whole family can play together. The word lists are ALL kid safe.

Hidden Mahjong: Cat Tailz

Hidden Mahjong: Cat Tailz is a relaxing Mahjong game with beautiful artwork and music, set in the animal world. Solve 20 beautiful, hand crafted boards as difficulty increases. Can you become the mahjong expert?Main features:- New mahjong mechanic and unique power system- 20 hand-crafted backgrounds- Beat your best times- Daily rewards- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!This app is certified Actually Free© which means you get the full game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases.

Fairy Mahjong

Fairy Mah jong is a highly innovative and addictive 3 dimensions, skill-based, unique mah-jongg game. Combining outstanding levels, colorful graphics and great audio effects it is one of the most original and fun mah-jongg games on the Google Play.Fairy Mah jong combines mah jong and match three game-plays with accurate touch controls in a 3D environment.Playing Fairy Mah-jongg is very simple: find and match three of identical tiles. Match all tiles to complete a board.- 45 levels- Beautiful 3 dimensions graphics- Easy, normal and hard mah-jongg game modes- Great soundtracks and audio effects- Fun and addictive mah-jongg game-play elementsThis game does not use the classic mah jong tiles.Did you finished the easy mode? Play the hard mode.. It is much more challenging! ;)Download our another great match3 game called Artex Mah jongg:

World’s Biggest Mahjong

Play through the boards in any order you like.Choose by theme or difficulty level, then match pairs of tiles to clear the board.There are Trophies and Achievements to collect and dozens of Quests to complete along the way.Download free and enjoy hours of tile matching fun!▶ 400 challenging board layouts▶ Easy, Medium and Hard boards▶ Collect all 45 trophies▶ Complete all 57 quests▶ Unlock all 10 achievements▶ Choose from a selection of tile styles and backgroundsNEED HELP?

Block Puzzle Tangram

Block Puzzle Free Game is a puzzle game similar to Tangram, where you have to fit all the available blocks on the center board. No block can be missing!4 Difficulty Levels: from Easy to Insane! On Easy & Medium puzzles, no block rotation is available, and boards are smaller. On Hard and Insane puzzles you will have to ROTATE the blocks to solve the board - simply touch the blocks to rotate.Sounds easy. Are you up for the challenge? You will have to think a lot on this puzzle, as where to match the blocks without leaving empty spaces.All the hundreds of the puzzle boards are FREE. We will add more boards constantly, every month. It's simply the block puzzle king!Have fun!


New to Android for 2015! Former iTunes #1!Mastersoft's Chess game is 100% Free and has one of the World's best Desktop PC chess engines crammed inside! * 100% Free but with one IAP if you wish to remove the adverts.* 4th in World Micro-computer Chess Championships.* 100 Graded Levels from Novice to Grandmaster.* Coach Training Mode guaranteed to improve your game.* Rating Mode that evaluates your ELO rating and progression.* 2 Player Mode.This engine finished 4th in the World Microcomputer Chess Championships and is not available in any other Android chess game. Designed by chess champions to play like a human opponent, Mastersoft Chess will take you from Novice to Grandmaster level! Features stunning high resolution sets by renowned Chess designers.Easy to play but difficult to beat, this is pick up and play chess at its best!As previously supplied by the World's biggest OEMs, and now available for FREE thanks to the power of the Google Play Store!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS:"It truly is close to flawless and is by far the best mobile Chess game I have played on any platform."- PDA 247.AWARDSHP Choice Strategy Game of the YearSmartphone Magazine runner up.Various levels, board styles and breathtaking Retina Display chess sets combine with an outstanding World beating chess engine to offer you a great playing experience and an ever increasing challenge.Whether you're just starting out or else a seasoned pro, Mastersoft Chess has something for you!BEGINNERSHint facilityCoach mode showing best moves and biggest threatsBuilt in coach to monitor your progressTraining levels that dumb down your Android device.Take back a move if you change your mind!Your phone checks that your moves are allowed.Simple intuitive uncluttered interface that lets you concentrate on your game.NB If you are new to Chess then please ensure that the coach is turned on in options and that the lowest difficulty level is selected.GRANDMASTERSA unique engine unlike any other - plays interesting and sometimes quite aggressive chess.Designed to play like a human opponent - right up to Grandmaster level!Opening Book of over 23000 moves!100% Full Chess rules including enpassant, castling etc.Thought analysis (main line, depth and score).Setup position (including castling rights, enpassant and side to move)Move forward / backward to any point in the current game.Includes Standard Chess Book Sets in addition to the realistic ones.In depth statistics.ELO rating system.100 levels of increasing difficulty.OTHER FEATURESHuge collection of stunning high resolution chess sets in both 2D and 3D. Makes the most of your phone display!Boards constructed from the real thing - Oak, Ash, Marble, Slate and more!Online play.Save and load games.Realistic sound effects.Adjustable piece movement animation.Auto saving of your current game.Great for novices but will grow with you and still offer a challenge at Championship level.100% FREE!


Mahjong is a free solitaire matching game which uses a set of Mahjong tiles. The goal of this pyramid game is to match open pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the board, exposing the tiles under them for play. This board game includes 96 tables. A hint functionality also exist to help you when being stuck on a difficult table.A refresh functionality is exist to help you refresh Mahjong tableYou will be challenged to eliminate all pieces from the Mahjong board.Mahjong involves skill, strategy, and calculation, as well as a certain degree of luck.If you enjoy puzzle game, you will surely enjoy playing Mahjong !

Hidden Mahjong: Wolves

Jump into the world of these beautiful yet mysterious animals."Wolves" features lupine-themed HD graphics, beautiful artwork and music! Solve 20 beautiful, handcrafted boards as difficulty increases. Can you become the mahjong expert?Main features:- New mahjong mechanic and unique power system- 20 handcrafted backgrounds- Beat your best times- Daily rewards- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!This app is certified Actually Free(c) which means you get the full game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases.

Mahjong Shanghai Free

Shanghai is the original Mahjong Solitaire provided by SUNSOFT with various stage, high quality graphics, easy operation, and many modes that keep you from being bored.Also it satisfies both beginners and advanced players.This is perfect for your vacant time! The rule is very simple!!Remove pairs of mahjong tiles with matching patterns from piles stacked in various configurations.We have also innovated sharply-etched tile with suited 3D background image, easy operability by touch interface, and over 1200 stages are available.Also, newly added a mode that you can compete with other players in whole country at no charge!!You should try right now!!

Farkle Online

Farkle done the way it should be: extremely simple to play for both new and experienced players, while still being incredibly fun!Farkle Online brings a new, very clever and intuitive gameplay layout of this classic dice game. It lets you enjoy a simple, fast-paced and exciting dice game with your friends and family!

Four In A Row

FOUR IN A ROW looks simple enough. But don't let the sunny graphics and background of green pastures, flowers, and rainbows fool you! If you don't pay attention and strategize, you are doomed. Yes, DOOMED! In this exciting connect the dots game, only the STRONG WIN.Challenge your brain in this deceptively simple game for Android. FOUR IN A ROW is reminiscent of the once popular - now retro - 1970s game. Play against friends, artificial intelligence, or conquer the world one player at a time in this new FREE DOTS GAME for ANDROID! Are you smart enough to color match four coins in-a-row and win?HOW TO PLAY FOUR IN A ROW- On the screen is an empty grid. - Each player is assigned a color, either RED or GOLD.- Players take turns, placing their COLORED COIN into an EMPTY SPACE in the grid. - The first player to place FOUR of their colored coins in a row - either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally - wins the game! Here are two COOL TIPS to IMPROVE YOUR GAME: 1. In your first turn and early on in the game, place your coins in the empty spaces in the center of the board. From this position, you can open up more options for a potential win via vertical, horizontal, or diagonal four-in-a-rows!2. Did you know three in a row is almost just as deadly? Head off your opponent and block them before they connect the lines, making three coins in a row. If you can keep the damage down to maximum two in a row, then you are doing well.MULTIPLE GAME MODE OPTIONSA challenging FOUR IN A ROW game is always at your fingertips.- PLAYER VS PLAYER : Compete with your friend on the same device. No Internet connection required for local game mode. - PLAYER VS COMPUTER : Choose from three difficulty modes - EASY, REGULAR, and DIFFICULT. You can play without an Internet connection in Player vs Computer game mode.- PLAY ONLINE : Challenge a friend in Google+ or be matched with a random player who is currently online and playing the app. An Internet connection IS required to play online game mode.FOUR IN A ROW maximizes this simple gaming concept in a well-designed free app for Android phones and tablets. Connect with your friends and loved ones in this entertaining family game!


Abalone board consists of 61 circular spaces arranged in a hexagon, five on a side. Each player has 14 marbles that rest in the spaces and are initially arranged as shown at left. Play alternates between the players one move at a time, with the Abalone black marbles moving first. For each move, a player moves a line of one, two or three marbles one space. The move can be either in-line (serial in respect to the line of marbles) or broadside (parallel to the line of marbles), as illustrated at right.An Abalone player can push their opponent′s marbles which are in an adjacent space to their own with an in-line move only. They can only push if the pushing line has more marbles than the pushed line (three can push two or one; two can push one). Marbles must be pushed into an open space (i.e. not blocked by a marble of either color) or off the board. The Abalone winner is the first Abalone player to push six of the opponent's marbles off of the edge of the board.Enjoy the Abalone Game..Note: free game

Backgammon King

Backgammon is the oldest board game played by many people from the Bronze Age to modern times.The origin of many board games.There still is popular in many countries.[Rules]All stones come in to their headquarters, you can remove the stone.You pulled out all his stones than your opponent to win in the first game.If you come up with only one stone at a Cannes party, you can get your own stone.[Features]Single Player: 4 levels of difficulty support2 Play: Offline Friends and charged with a mobile deviceMultiplayer: Online battle with the worldSimple and comfortable graphicsHomepage:Facebook:

Ghost Blitz

---------------------------------------------------------------The world-famous game “Ghost Blitz”, played by millions of people, is now available for the smartphone and tablet! „Ghost Blitz“ is a game for all ages and for all occasions! Can be played alone or with friends, on the road or on a party – now “Ghost Blitz” is always there when you need it! The game rules are very simple and are great for kids as well!“Ghost Blitz” is a reaction game.The player with nimblest fingers and with in a flash mind will win the game!Players accumulate points by being the first to grab the correct item. At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins!The game features- HD graphics, cool sounds and atmospheric music- online multiplayer (playable cross-platform on iOS/Android/Amazon Fire OS) and hotseat game mode for up to 6 players- special online “vs. World” mode- single player game mode- four A.I, levels, achievements, local and global leaderboards, profiles & statistics, chat “Ghost Blitz” is available in following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian and RussianAlready downloaded? The ghost Balduin is awaiting you!

Red Reactor – 2 Players

Red Reactor is simple 2 players game for kids base on the classic game of Slap Hands (also known as Hot Hands, Red Hands, Tap Hands, dual hands) with best scenario. It's a game for girls and boys who'd like to play reaction games. Challenge your friends to check who's the first one to get red hand! How to play Red Reactor :- Each player stands on each side of the device.- On the game starts, one player is the attacker and the other is the defender- The attacker tap to attack and the defender tap to retreat on right time- The attacker tap will get 1 score and keep attacking role if the attacker hit on the hand of defender on 10 seconds. If not, the role of 2 players will be swapped together.- The defender should tap retreat to avoid the attacking. The defender will lost a shield if he retreat without attacking. Lost all shields that a free hit will be granted.- The first player to reach 10 scores wins the gameHave fun playing with Red Reactor !


DREAM ABOUT BEING A MILLIONAIRE?OR EVEN A BILLIONAIRE?WELL YOU CAN AT LEAST FEEL LIKE ONEWHEN YOU PLAY THIS GOLD COIN PUSHER GAME.Money! It makes us feel good sometimes.So it's time to get rich!Imagine the VIP type of gambling with all the gold coins!It's time to break the bank. Enjoy it for the time when playing this fun game.This is the amazing life of a millionaire, billionaire, or ultra super wealthy!THIS IS THE HOT NEW CASINO COIN PUSHER GAME!GET IN LINE WITH EVERYONE AND DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GAME APP TODAY!THIS AWESOME GAME IS SO FUN AND ADDICTING!IT COULD BECOME YOUR FAVORITE GAME TO PLAY!IT'S FAST ACTION AND SIMPLE MOVES!IT'S SO EASY TO PLAY!ANYONE CAN WIN!THE BEST COIN GAME HAS ARRIVED!You will drop coins onto a platform so that the coin pusher will help the coins drop down.This might remind you of those token machine games you can find at the carnival or the circusor those coin games next to the slot machines at the hotel casino floors in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macau.As all this happens, you will be able to win prizes, special bonuses, and free giveaways!

Businessman – Monopolist

Do you want to become a monopolist and rule the world?Welcome to “ BUSINESSMAN – MONOPOLIST ”: the best modern board game for classic “ MONOPOLY ” lovers that you will find free on web and application stores.The perfect interface, 3D design and fun sound effects will let you feel yourself as a powerful businessman, who deals with the world business challenges. Roll the dices, travel around the world, buy countries, trade your property, win auctions, catch the opportunities, buy houses and hotels, charge fees and run the world as a real BUSINESSMAN. The aim of the game is to become monopolist among the all players and to make as much money and property as you can. You will earn money each time your opponents land on your property. When you own all properties in one color group, you allowed to buy houses and hotels. The rent of the property with houses or hotels are much higher.Don’t forget you can trade the properties with your opponents. Be lucky on chases and chances, try to escape from jail.So go ahead, become a businessman and act wisely not to become bankrupt.Enjoy and have fun!!!


Classic Vector Pinball Game.4 New Table.Enjoy It.Thank You.

Family’s Game Travel Pack Lite

Discover a wide game set ;★ Chess (2 players)★ Draughts (2 players, AI available)★ Reversi (2 players, AI available)★ Peg Solitaire (single player, with leaderboards)★ Master mind (single player, with leaderboards)★ Mahjong Solitaire (single player, with leaderboards)★ Sudoku (single player, with leaderboards)★ Petits Chevaux (2-4 players)★ Memory (1-6 players)★ Animal Battle (2-4 players, AI available)★ Squares (2-6 players, AI available, with leaderboards)★ Tic Tac Toe (2 players, AI available)★ Connect Four (2 players, AI available)★ Battleship (2 players, AI available)★ Klondike (single player, with leaderboards)★ FreeCell (single player, with leaderboards)★ Spider (single player, with leaderboards)★ The King Pile (single player, with leaderboards)★ Russian Bank (a.k.a. Crapette, 2 players, with leaderboards, AI available)★ 4 Aces (single player, with leaderboards)★ 40 Thieves (single player, with leaderboards)★ Yatzy (1-6 players, with leaderboards)★ Air Hockey (2 players, AI available)★ Passe Trappe (2 players, with leaderboards)Note : This application is the lite, free to download version. It is supported by advertisements. The full version comes with no advertisement and exclusive goodies.Authorizations : This application requires internet acces to display advertisements and offer optional Google Games online features (online save and leaderboards).

88 Bingo – Free Bingo Games

Better odds than Bingo Bash or Bingo Blitz! Play free Bingo online with thousands of players in our themed rooms: Vegas Room, Pharaoh's Room, Olympus Room, Mahjong Room and much more!MORE BINGOSWin more Bingos than other Bingo games! Collect loads of FREE COINS each day.FUN POWERUPSUse an array of game-changing powerups to help you win! Collect FREE powerups each day.EXCITING THEMED BINGO ROOMSDaub your way through each of our 26 exciting themed Bingo rooms featuring high quality graphics & sounds:* Let loose in the Vegas Room* Discover the treasures of Ancient Egypt in the Pharaoh's Room* Meet the gods and goddesses of Greek Myth in the Olympus Room* Up the stakes in the Mahjong Room* And much more!"The BEST Bingo game I've EVER played and I've played them ALL. " - Christine* This product is intended for use by adults for amusement purposes only.* Success at social casino gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

Jarnicoton !

Vous aimez les jeux de lettres ?A coup sûr, Jarnicoton ! va vous plaire.Jarnicoton ! oppose 2 adversaires.Le jeu se compose d'un sac de lettres et d'un tapis par joueur.Il consiste à former des mots par ajouts successifs de lettres et,quand l'occasion se présente, à en subtiliser un à son adversaire.C'est le fameux : Jarnicoton !La partie s'achève lorsqu'un joueur pose un mot sur la 8ème lignede son tapis. Le vainqueur est celui qui totalise le plus de points.


This app is Japanese rules of Mahjong game.How to play, please refer to the Wikipedia


Three games in one !! wonderful.********************************Game YAMS Classic :********************************The goal is to string combinations using five dice to win maximum points.For that you have the right to three dice rolls per turn. Each jet you are free to raise all the dice or just the ones you want.The following combinations are possible :- Get more dice with each side: the sum of the dice each face is recognized. A bonus of 35 points is obtained if the total of 6 faces jets is at least 63 points.- Three-Of-A-Kind : At least three dice the same : Sum of all dice.- Four-Of-A-Kind : At least four dice the same : Sum of all dice.- Small Straight : Four sequential dice : 30 bonus points.- Large Straight : Five sequential dice : 40 bonus points.- Full House : Three of one number and two of another : 25 bonus points.- +/- : the difference between the 5 dice obtained in the more and less is count.- Yams : All five dice the same : 50 bonus points for the first Yams and 100 bonus points for the following. The first Yams can be recorded at any time, the following Yams are recognized only if the face of already obtained Yams was obtained to search the number of dice.***********************Game YAMS 50 :***********************Make the most of YAMS in 50 dice rolls.*****************************Game YAMS CHRONO :*****************************Make the most of YAMS in 120 seconds.

Play Domino

FREE Play Domino app lets you play domino online on Android phones and tables with hundreds of real domino players using a central internet domino server. Play dominoes, chat, compete and improve your skills and rating!Play Domino app offers 3 versions of online dominoes:1. Five-up (also referred to as Muggins or All Fives)2. Draw (or open variation)3. Block (or closed variation)Dominoes is a 2-player game of skill using 28 dominos where each player gets 7 or 9 dominos at start.The goal in dominos is to be the first to get the agreed-upon number of points (100 - 500).Five-Up VariationIn Five-Up, points are scored during the playby making the exposed ends of the domino chain total to a multiple of five. The winner at the end of each hand also scores points for all the pips remaining in the other player's hand. Players can select 7-bone or 9-bone hand variations.At the beginning of a dominoes game, the hands are dealt by random shuffling of tiles and distributing 7 or 9 tiles (also called bones or dominoes) to each player.The remaining dominoes are placed in the boneyard to be drawn from by a player when a tile cannot be played from his hand. If this is the first hand of a game, the player with double six must play it first (also see options below - random 1st hand). If no one has the double six, the call goes out for double five, then double four, and so on until one of the players can produce the called for tile. Players then take turns. In subsequent hands, the winner of the previous hand starts the next game.The first player to use all of own tiles wins the hand in a game. Once the winning piece is placed on the chain, the hand is over and the players expose their remaining pieces to be counted in the scoring. No further plays can be made by any of the players. It is possible for the game to reach a dead end, where all play is blocked and no tiles may be played. This outcome is called a blocked or jammed game.If a player does not have any tiles which have a number of pips that matches one of the exposed ends of the chain, that player must draw from the boneyard one tile at a time until he/she draws one which may be played.Draw Variation As opposed to Five-Up variation above, points are not awarded during play for making multiples of five. Points are awarded only at the end of each hand.Each player tries to match the pips on one end of a tile from his/her hand with the pips on an open end of any tile in the chain. If a player is unable to match a tile from his/her hand with a tile in the chain, the player passes his/her turn. Each player may play only one tile per turn. If a player cannot match a tile with one in the chain, he/she must draw from the boneyard until the tile that can be played is drawn. If there are no tiles left in the boneyard, the player passes his/her turn. The first player to get rid of all dominoes wins the hand. If none of the players can make a play, the game ends in a block. If a hand ends in a block, the players turn the tiles in their hands faceup for counting. The player with the lowest total wins the hand and earns the points (1 point per pip) of all the tiles left remaining in his opponent's hand. The player who first reaches the agreed-upon number of points (100-500) or more is the overall winner.Block VariationThis variation is similar to Draw variation above, except no player can draw from a boneyard. If none of the players can make a play, the hand ends in a block. The players turn the tiles in their hands faceup for counting. The player with the lowest total wins the hand and earns the points (1 point per pip) of all the tiles left remaining in his opponent's hand. The player who first reaches the agreed-upon number of points (100-500) or more is the overall winner.As this is an internet domino game, Internet connection is required. WIFI connection is not strictly necessary - will play well with 3G connection. Play Domino automatically reconnects if connection is lost

Backgammon King Online

Play the popular backgammon game online for free!- Play live backgammon game against opponents around the world.- Get *FREE* chips every day! Play backgammon and bet on your chips.- Compete in tournaments, and see your ranking compared to the top players in the world.- Easy and convenient way to play with your friends and compare your ranking.- Chat with opponent while playing.Have fun! :-)