Adventure :

Iron Armor 4 Ultra Run

Welcome to the new ultra endless runner game, Iron Armor 4 – Ultra Run!The game is based on a rich and genius man, who build his self a new shiny iron armor with the best man kind technology! The story began when e terrorist cell destroyed the most important bridge from the city! Your hero have to cross over all obstacles on the bridge and complete the run! You can upgrade your armor, from the shop you can buy new technology that provides you more speed and more jump power!Drones were sent off by an unknown man to attack the bridge. Fortunately, your iron armor has an amazing radar that was able to detect the approximation of strange machines or man interferences and now a few miles away from his beloved and protected city. In order to avoid a mass destruction and keep the the city safe you have to cross the bridge. It won't be an easy task, so you and your iron armor went in their direction with his best equipment, hoping it's not too late. Using his drivers, it will be easy to jump, but don't forget that there will be enemies shooting from the ground too, so your missiles will be really useful to destroy those without making yourself too vulnerable. This is the most challenging scenarios that no man can pass. You have to across the bridge in serious iron armor and became the hero! You have the Iron Armor with incredible powers to complete the task! You are not longer a simple man, you are a hero, so prove that you are worthy to wear that iron armor!No man can stand between you and your iron armor! Are you ready?

Multicraft syberia: story mode

Fight and try to survive! In a new interesting game Multicraft syberia: story mode is really a game of survival in the pixel and a cubic world. Cut down logs, сraft objects and weapons, fighting for the chance to survive! Wildcats zombies waiting for you at every turn, be careful and carefully! Second chance will not survive.Features- Further opening world- System change the cycle of the day- Many type of risky zombies- Different types of weapons and items- And many other featuresStart playing right now in Multicraft syberia: story modeTwitter: @LegendCraft_Ltd

Dream Catchers: The Beginning

Ever wanted to project yourself into someone else’s dream? Now you can! Plunge into this fascinating adventure and catch the dreams as they flow by.When Mia was hired to teach at a girls’ boarding school, she managed to stay close with her family back home. She wrote regularly to them, but for the past few months, there have been no letters. Her concerned brother then set out to find out why – and things were odd from the start. While driving to the school, he noticed a dark shadow that seemed to be chasing his car until it careened off the road and down the hillside. And when he finally arrived, he discovered that an unknown disease had struck Mia, the students and other staff – they fell asleep one by one and haven’t woken up. Join Mia’s brother in his investigation of this alarming situation. Search the premises for useful clues and hidden objects and resolve unbelievable tasks in both the real world and the dream world. Most importantly, wake Mia up and reveal the shocking truth about the Dream Catchers Order!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME! ● 77 head-spinning levels● 17 puzzling mini-games● 2 impressive worlds: dream and reality● 14 remarkable achievements● Google Play game services support____________________________Game available in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish___________________________COMPATIBILITY NOTES:***Note*** This game supports high-end smartphones and tablets such as Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.____________________________

Tasty! Ice Cold Slushy Maker

It’s a hot summer day…and what’s better on a hot summer’s day than enjoying a delicious, cool, refreshing slushy? Mmm…that tangy, fresh fruit flavor and crushed ice is that perfect treat! Have yiou ever wanted to make your own slushies, with your own flavors and toppings? Of course you have! Mixing and matching can be so much fun! The best part is that now you don’t have to work at a slushy counter to create awesome combinations…with Magic Slushy Maker!, you can make the cool treats drinks you’ve always wanted, exactly how you’ve always wanted to make them!Get started on the tasty drink fun by choosing your favorite cup! With so many options, there are so many fun choices! Pretty chill! Just think of all the cool combinations you can make for all the kids in their shorts and sandals! Next, add crazy straws with loops that make drinking slushies even more fun! Then choose your favorite cool colors and toppings to add the perfect finishing touch! A game as delicious as it is fun…that’s Magic Slushy Maker! FEATURES- Become a slushy expert!- Pick your perfect cup and straw!- Add colors and toppings to make the perfect slushy!HOW TO PLAY- Follow directions to select your cup and straw!- Use the touch screen to mix and match colors and toppings!- So many options, there’s never an end to the slushies you can make!

Land Sliders

Hungry for delicious burgers?Want to pick up cows with your UFO?Does the Tooth Fairy really exist?All dreams are fulfilled in Land Sliders, an addictive casual game with wild characters grabbing their favorite swag for high score and glory!

Banana king

Hey hey hey! time to run with the kong in banana king! eat bananas and avoid getting interrupted by obstaclesthe game is played in many worlds, help kong in banana king jumping and running and jumping and try to reach the last world before your friends even knowscollect as many bananas as possible to make monkey filthy rich with bananas Features:- 10 seconds from launching the game to playing it.- HQ graphics and kong character- more than a Hundred Level to end the game- a new runner banana king- Ride animals- One finger controlsRemember, this game might become harder than it looks.Keyword : Benji bananas, Blast monkey, Banana kong, Angry monkey, monkeyWe are not related to banana kong makers

Unicorn Dash: Jungle Run 3D HD

Help my cute and little pony unicorn run through this jungle to return to his home in unicorns island and help him in his evolution to a Pegasus and return to his princess in pony land.Help Unicorn pet to avoid different enemies attacks and obstacles and also collect some rainbow diamonds and to get his magical powers again and become extinct.How to Play:- Tap the screen to start and let baby unicorn jump and escape from zoo polices and animals catchers.- Run to the end of the magical forest to pass the level.Features:- Beautiful picture and animation of unicorn and jungle where you can ride.- 3D Simulation Game.- Pink fluffy and White Unicorn Dash can be played with your familly by boys and girls.

Weird Park 3: Final Show Free

TRY & BUY: UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME!The curtain closes on the Weird Park saga in this shocking third chapter of hidden object adventures. Take the role of an investigative reporter to find a disappeared child! Unlock the door to the alternate world and help Patrick break out of the trap set by a twisted imagination of Mr. Dudley! Solve all the puzzles and find all the clues as you explore strange worlds that defy everything you believe! Most important of all: the fate of Louis the Clown is in your hands... What will it be? – it’s you who decides! Don't miss this stunning final installment in the Weird Park trilogy!Features:• 45 locations• 4 eye-catching worlds• 13 highly animated characters• 19 hidden object scenes to enjoy• 34 mini-games to solveWanna know how it all started? Download Weird Park: Broken Tune and Weird Park: Scary Tales and enjoy the Show!

Pirate Parrot. Treasure hunt

Entertaining game for children where the Pirate Parrot has to jump from barrel to barrel searching the treasure. On the searching, it has to try to pick all the fruits up, which will provide the necessary energy to keep jumping. Very easy to use, kids only need to tap on the screen for the Pirate Parrot jump from one barrel to another. If failed the jump, you can tap it again, but be careful! ... Only two jumps are allowed in each path of a barrel to another.

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter: Chronicles from Beyond is a thrilling tale set in 1930s America. The game tells the story of Dawn Harlock, an unusual red-eyed woman, who must return to her family estate on Iowa Island to investigate the mysterious death of her mentor, Professor Ashmore. It’s not long before Dawn discovers traces of horrifying experiments and has to come face to face with an ancient evil from another world.TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME!During the investigation, our protagonist begins to suspect that someone, or something, has crossed over into our world from another dimension and that her own mysterious past plays a large role in these disturbing events.Dawn will have to unearth the secrets lurking within a gloomy mansion, unravel the mystery of a grotesque experiment and find out what really happened all those years ago, when Professor Ashmore found her wandering aimlessly across the island.Will Dawn’s true identity prove to be the key to defeating the ancient evil from another dimension?• 41 hand-drawn locations scattered throughout a mysterious island!• 29 varied minigames!• 21 engrossing scenes containing hidden objects!• An enthralling story that will have your imagination running wild!• 28 exciting achievements to unlock!+++ MORE ARTIFEX MUNDI GAMES ! +++Grim Legends 2: Song of the Dark SwanTime Mysteries: InheritanceDeadly Puzzles: ToymakerGrim Legends: The Forsaken BrideTime Mysteries 3: The Final EnigmaTime Mysteries 2: The Ancient SpectresEnigmatis 2: The Mists of RavenwoodClockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink +++ WE ARE HERE +++

Christmas Santa Run

Christmas santa run! Christmas is coming, Help our santa to run and collect all gifts which is stolen from him by some evil. Hurry-up and collect as many gifts as possible from the snowy paths of Santa’s village as quickly as possible! Make sure that all good kids receive their presents just in time for the santa Run is a fun and addictive running game with one-touch gameplay and suitable for players of all ages, from kids to adults! challenging levels and awesome graphics and control will make sure to keep you entertained for hours and enjoy this Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. It’s the best adventure game for the family!Help our santa to jump all obstacles collect all gifts and run to finish in all levels, make this christmas and new year holidays awesome with this christmas santa run!!!Join the gift hunt, kids are waiting, and have the Christmas adventure of your life!!!Try not to miss any of the presents that you find on your run through the snow.***Features***- Simple and fun game mechanics- Beautiful graphics- Multiple obstacles- Smooth touch controls- Tap the screen to make christmas santa run.- Collect all the gifts for the christmas kids.- Run and finish all the levels.- Have the music and sound effects.- Lots of challenging levels***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to let the santa jump.2. Collect gifts as many as you can, without fall off the ice.3. Run to the end of the icy winter to pass the level.

Drop Hunt

Challenging game in a brain puzzle style. You will need to solve eighty exciting puzzle levels that are spread across four various locations - pizza, fridge, desktop, glass, to restore the ELEXIR. The amazing animation and challenging gameplay of "Drop Hunt" will engage you right after the first level.DROPS are moving together when you swipe! The task is pretty simple. All you need to do is to match colored droplets into their corresponding color jar. But, do you think it’s so simple? Try this puzzle quest and see whether you’re strong enough to achieve the game aim… This appartment is a brain workout. We are ready to offer you a oneoff puzzle game. Try it! What if you like it?Find “donuts” to solve hard levels. Avoid obstacles and get special elixir.Use “Stepback” to go back or use extra moves. Use arrow to Jump to other color jar. Unlock new elements in each new chapters!Access all the divine new content! Use all the available elements for current level getting into the next room and discovering new more adorable levels! Send us your level variant and we will include it in a new version.Use all your possible ways to solve levels for the best score! Share with friends. Let them to try to solve the puzzle in an easier way.Be prepared for next impossible challenge in the adventure of “Drop Hunt”.Simple one touch game play - swipe in different direction. Unlock special achievements:Diet, Loader, Blotch 10, Donut 5, Gipnose, AddStep 5, Voltage 5, Star 10, Marathoner, Polishing, RanTea, Guest, Run Race.Join an adventurous puzzle race to cure a little girl. Hunt for drops!In this FREE version:* Be ready to overcome 80 LEVELS in four DIFFERENT locations!* Train yourself with LOGICAL PUZZLES and brain teasers!* Have FUN with cute characters. Never get bored!* Enjoy cute animation and the AMAZING ATMOSPHERE!* Splash around & Get pop rewards!Any further questions feel free to Contact our support.

HideAndSeek[Story of Dorothy]

Dorothy, who fell asleep in the closet while playing Hide and SeekComing out of the closet after waking up, she couldn't remember why she was there in the first place.In order to solve this mystery, Dorothy started to explore the house.▼ A well-made horror game right on your smartphone!Solve the mystery using various items and hints.▼ A simple and easy-to-use interfaceGamers who are sick of tasking RPG games can enjoy this simple game.▼ various puzzles of Adventure RPG typesThe classic style will make you feel the nostalgia of old RPG games.▼ Regain the memories as you progress through the floors.Try to solve the mystery as you move up the floors of the transformed house.----개발자 연락처 :


LongStory is an episodic dating and adventure sim about love, romance, relationships and mystery. The LGBTQ+ friendly app lets players choose their appearance and pronouns as well as who, or even if, they would like to date any of the 5 dateable characters. Honest and authentic, the game has a story for everyone.- Make new friends and deal with bullies- Flirt, ask out your crush and go on dates- Find clues and solve mysteries- Make plans and text your friends"I really love this game and would certainly recommend it. The characters are vibrant and realistic. The plot is very interesting. I also really love how queer-positive the game is, regarding character design. Really great game!" "First of all, I rarely write reviews but I just had to for this game because it is so cute. I really enjoy being able to date whatever gender. That was what caught my interest the first time I saw the game on the App Store. The characters are interesting and the story is exciting. I can't wait for new episode releases!" Episode 1: As a new student at Weasel Heights you must navigate the social landscape, make new friends and face old enemies while trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of the owner of Locker 1224 Episode 2: When you find yourself involved in some serious conflict and drama between Hanniferjane, you must decide whether or not to help. As things get more serious with your crush, you have the opportunity for a first date. Episode 3: There’s a jukebox dance party going down at Weasel Heights but things are more complicated than they seem. You start to learn more about Colin, and the big secret he’s keeping. Fly solo or bring your crush and dance the night away. Episode 4: There's a new (old) student at Weasel heights and they're causing a commotion. Friendships ares strained and relationships are tested. It seems no matter what you do, you can't escape the drama.

Riddles of Egypt

A terrible Darkness awakens in Egypt! Can you unlock ancient puzzles and solve devious riddles to defeat this evil?Ancient Egypt, the Age of Pharaohs. Darkness threatens the land. The Order of Priests trick this evil energy and confine it deep underground, there to slumber in the eternal subterranean night..Egypt 1932, a time of adventure. After 3000 years, the evil is awakened – now only you can stop it! Ancient puzzles guard the mighty Crystals of Power. Journey to the Port, Oasis, Temple, Pyramid and finally the Sphinx itself to collect the pieces needed to defeat the Darkness once and for all.FEATURES:- Investigate 5 unique worlds filled with deadly traps- Over 75 clever puzzles and mini-games to solve- Earn rewards for 17+ achievements- Track your progress as you collect Crystals of Power- Vivid graphics and a seductive soundtrack- Up to 5 hours of captivating puzzle play- If you like adventure / escape the room / hidden object, this is a game for you!

tchoupi patine

tch oupi patine tro troDans ce jeu gratuit de dessin animé en francais vous avez une mission. Vous devrez sauter pour éviter les obstacles et collecter des bonus C'est la seule façon de réussir les différents niveauxil parait simple mais il demande beaucoup de concentrationFeatures:- much more different Levels- Clean and colorful graphics- Smooth user interface- Phone and Tablet support- Nice Music and sound effects- Play for all ages- Game is free, no purchase required.- This is a very enjoyable game!!

Cube Escape: Case 23

In Cube Escape: Case 23 you need to investigate the mysterious death of a woman. Collect all the evidence in the room and discover the gateway to Rusty Lake. It's the best world escape you ever play.Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube.Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them.Cube Escape: Case 23 is the fifth episode of the Cube Escape series and the story of Rusty Lake. We will unfold Rusty Lakes one step at a time.

Shiver: The Lily’s Requiem CE

Play a FREE trial of this immersive, high-quality game! Then pay once & play forever offline!It’s your first day as head doctor of the Blackwill Hospital but trouble starts before you even enter the building! A young woman collapses on the street, attacked by someone – or something. Can you uncover what’s causing the woman’s strange symptoms?• CAN YOU FIND A CURE?You play Dr. Thompson, returning to the sleepy town of Blackwill after 17 years. Things take a strange turn when you come across a woman begging for your help!• INVESTIGATE THE BLACKWILL CURSE!As you treat her, you realize she may be connected to your past… and you may be the only one who can save her from the strange illness that also claimed her mother.• UNRAVEL THE MYSTERY BEHIND THE STRANGE ILLNESSJourney through various locations filled with puzzles and hidden object games to solve! It’s up to you to find the answers to save the young girl.• RELEASE BEATRICE FROM THE SIREN’S SPELL IN THE BONUS CHAPTER!Collect hidden black pearls and earn achievements throughout the game. Then, enjoy exclusive extras such as captivating wallpapers, a concept art gallery, and more!• Find thousands of hidden objects, plus solve tons of mini games and puzzles!• Unlock this incredible Collector's Edition to gain access to all of the amazing bonuses and additional gameplay!*** Discover more from Big Fish Games*** Visit Big Fish Games, a leading developer, producer, and publisher of puzzle, adventure, casual, card & casino games!

Wondy World

PLAY, CREATE AND SHARE your own levels in CREATIVE MODE and travels through the 6 worlds of adventure with over 100 different levels in the ADVENTURE MODE. A whole world of adventures and levels, with over 50 different objects, more than 300 missions to complete, 60 different enemies and traps. LOOKING FOR ACTION AND CAN CREATE YOUR OWN LEVELS? If you want to create your own levels, share them with friends and playing levels from your friends, here you find everything you need, creatively very easy to use, very approximate and tutorials to guide you through the process of creation. And if what you want is to play on your own levels and pre, have the adventure mode at your disposal more than 100 different levels in 6 different worlds, between which you will find scenarios grass, desert, ice, candy and fire. With over 50 items and power-ups, more than 300 missions and fun. Remember, if you want action and adventure have in the adventure mode. DO YOU LIKE THE ACTION AND ADVENTURE GAMES? This is your game, thanks to our creative mode users can develop their own levels, up to 6 different user, so 1000 players can create 6000 different levels, imagine how many levels you can get to play. In Adventure mode, plus you can live thousands of adventures due to bonus levels and mini-games. In the mini-live epic adventures and endless bonus levels you will discover hidden secrets and more maps. There are three game modes, Random, By Name and Qualification. In random levels appear like any player, giving equal their ranking in qualifying. You can search by name levels and in Qualifying friends will beat you in a duel against each trying to surpass the levels of your opponents and getting glasses to mark your progress and overall classification. STILL UNDECIDED? TOP 5 REASONS YOU WILL DOWNLOAD THE APP 1. You can create your own level, share and play to your friends. In creative mode, in addition, you can organize your own levels and objects of the creator. 2. Have 6 different worlds with over 100 different levels to play. Plus, you can experience new adventures in bonus levels and mini-games. 3. You have more than 50 items and power-ups to make the game more fun, such as the "Double Axe" makes the object smaller enemies and big heads! 4. With so many missions you will never get bored, hold over 300 missions and infinite levels for you to demonstrate that you are the best player. 5. You will qualify and you will become legend and is playing so qualifying will show all your friends how good you are and prove to the whole world. Want to know more about the application? . Have questions, opinions, reviews or something? . If you have not liked our application, feel free to download our other apps like Dragon or Pet Free Bowling and enjoy your content.

Amazing Wire

Creeping... slinking... gliding... I am a weird wire with a weird hobby of sneaking through tiny holes!- From the maker of Amazing Brick & Amazing Thief -

Pirate Island Survival 3D

Survive on a desert island full of dangers! Meet wild animal, hunt or fish to provide yourself with food, craft tools and weapons with Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D!Live the life of survivor trying to make this island his home! Enjoy peaceful island views - picturesque ocean, tropic forests and mountains. The only goal is to survive! Explore pirate survival island full of mysterious places such as sunken pirate ship and caves full of treasures! Salvage survival tools and weapons that may help you to explore the island! Hunt wild animals to make it your next meal, find weapons to protect yourself from predators, quarry resources and craft useful tools using special workshops. Use your survival skills to stay alive, avoid battling against furious island predators and discover the secrets of Pirate Island with amazing survival simulator in 3D! Hunt, fish or gather plant food to stay alive, build shelters to hide from predator and enjoy peaceful life on a desert island with Pirate Island Survival 3D game!Are your ready for ultimate survival experience? Control your character with a joystick, move around the island or swim in the ocean to find treasures, weapons and tools that would help you to survive! Be accurate, tropical jungles are full of predators and other wild animals ready to attack! Find or craft weapons such as guns, bows or hammers to battle for your life against animals! Dive into the atmosphere of realistic desert island and explore wilderness! Use your exploration, battling and survival skills to stay alive with Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D!Don’t forget to mind character’s indicators. If one of these drops – there is no chance to survive! Quarry recourses to craft tools – fishing rod, axes, guns, weapons and other which could be really useful! Build shelters to hide from island predators and try to turn this survival island into your home! Find pirate’s treasures and live the life of real survivor to the full! Enjoy your time spending time – hunt for wild predators, swim the ocean, explore pirate ships and caves to find treasures playing Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D!Pirate Island Survival 3D features:- Ultimate island survival simulator in 3D- Amazing crafting system – craft weapons, tools and even furniture for your shelter- Huge pirate island to explore – wild predators to hunt, sunken ships full of treasures, plant food to gather and more- Health, energy and fullness indicators for your survivor- Swim, hunt, battle and explore - do anything you want to stay alive!Explore the wilderness playing Pirate Island Survival 3D! Spend time on lost island full of dangers! Upgrade your hunting, battling skills and explore this place to make it your home! Discover secret places, search for pirates’ treasures, find or craft weapons and other useful tools and stay alive at all costs with ultimate survival simulator in 3D! Are your going to sit idly waiting for help? Choose the lifestyle of a real survivor – hunt animals, battle against predator and build shelters to ride from sun or rain with Pirate Island Survival simulator in 3D!Try also other games from our survival series - Siberian Survival: Cold Winter and Tropical Island Survival 3D!

Safari Craft – survival island

This a new dangerous sandbox block game survival simulatorA new attractive "Safari Craft: exploration and survival island" world showing you it's colors! Inspired by legendary craft universe, this game capture you into dangerous adventures - ninja and his servants hunting for survived!Your hero name is Po - he is a miner and builder, must survive at lease five nights. To survive he need collect resources for crafting of weapon, armor and for building of a shelter.Every night Ninja summon such monsters as Golem - strong and can kill you with 3 hits, Spider - running fastly and jumping everytime, Zombie - slowly walking, loudly groaning and croaks, Skeleton - attacks from distance, and many many other creatures hunting on you. Your shelter must be lasting enough to repel the enemies attacks.After the sunset you could go search for adventures. Don't forget discover the caverns and you'll find costly resources for crafting of weapon and armor.Also your hero can feel hungry, so don't forget feed him. You need search a food in the world, or you could build a house for him, grow up a garden and raise cattles to survive in this dangerous world.Features of the game:- Voxel world- Changing between day and night - Survival and Creative mods- A lot of blocks, weapons, armors- Lots of biomes- A lot of monsters and animals- Flight- Hunger- Craft with modes

Jungle Rescue

A thrilling adventure through the dangers of the Jungle to save your princess.Do you miss the good old simple and fun games from the 80s? Then this game is for you. Bringing you back the classic gaming experience!Jump from liana to liana without touching the snakes. Dive into the dangerous wild river. But watch out for alligators and sneaky piranhas. Then head to the temple, avoid the deadly statues and their deadly fireballs. Finally, save your princess by avoiding the guards and traps surrounding her. All this and much more surprises !Endlessly loop again and again, as everything keeps getting harder !Features:- Fun retro gaming experience - Pixel Art Graphics- 8 bit sounds & music- HD display support for phones & tablets- 4 unique landscapes- Never-ending run

Dragon Pixel Warrior

Dragon Warrior is a mobile adventure is brand new story about Super Saiyan in 8-bit style.You have characters to select that name Goku and Vegita and more.A simple run game Pixel Runner!run and avoid monster!bear of Scary are seeking you.Make survival!

Sniper Fox Hunter 2015

Sniper Fox hunter 2015 is a firts person shooter game. It has grass, mountains with a very realistic environment. It has ultimate hunting adventure lovers you will love this amazing first person sniper shooting game.Easy to use, 3-step zoom to zoom button, you can use the following command to move right. You have unlimited ammo. The tasks you must complete to pass to a new level within a certain period of time.You have two sniper rifle. Live shooting experience with realistic animations with sniper rifle The feeling has. One of them eyeing the air course with a lot of bullets bullets animation.The Games you real 3D graphics, sound effects and offers a wonderful experience with the real environment.Top game features * 3D graphics and sound effects* First Person Shooting* Real-Time Jungle Environment* Efficient arms control* Multi-touch enabled.* No connectivity required while playingHow to play* User-friendly touch and drag to rotate the axis of the game* Camera zoom to get the right shots* Shooting accuracy and skillDisclaimer This free game contains advertising.Note: The Sniper Fox Hunter 2015 game is a game made for entertainment only animals not intended to actually aim to hunt or kill ABSOLUTELY orientation.For any questions, please write us. With best regards..

Love Tangle / Shall we date?

“Would you be my better half?”A sparkling and heart-pounding romance is about to begin! Once entering the luxurious apartment which becomes your new residence, you gradually find yourself being trapped into a love triangle with high-profile men. Who will be your beloved one to fulfill your dream and complete your life? This is the otome game that delivers you the most stunning, inspirational love story! About Story:You are a credited scientist and researcher of wildlife conservation in Kaleido City. Your story begins when you move in to the luxurious apartment called Lilac Court, where many celebrities reside, as you take a position in the new workplace, Kaleido National Animal Institute, to save endangered species. Once you move in, you get to know many handsome and mature residents. Then, two men get close to you and begin to fight over your heart. As your heart wavers, you’ll make a decision to choose one, whom you can chase your dreams together with. Untangle the bittersweet knot of a love triangle, and find your best man!Attractive men you’ll fall in love with:●Ryan Gray “I want you next to me. I want us to be together.”This charismatic bartender works in the palatial hotel’s bar. He approaches you in a princely, sociable manner, but he sometimes behaves playfully to tease the girl he deeply loves. He seems to have a true dream underneath his gentlemanly smile. He is an elder brother of Cody.●Cody Gray “I won’t let anyone take you away from me.”This famed, ambitious actor became excessively successful in the city. He is optimistic and slightly prideful, but very passionate towards acting. He sometimes shows a little shyness to the girl he is fascinated by. He is a younger brother of Ryan.●Miguel Hernandez “I want to stay with you and watch you smile.”This hottest athlete is a professional swimmer who’ve won a gold medal before. Being a gold medalist, he is considered as a hero by the people in the city. He is calm and considerate to others while being stoic to himself. It seems he is hiding something with his gentle smile. Nolan is his best friend.●Nolan A. Zarek, Jr. “Be more confident, because you are the one I chose.”The highly recognized, elite lawyer of the city is such a smart, diplomatic, and diligent man. He is sarcastic with a sharp tongue, but his true heart is caring and attentive. He seems to have some kind of complex. Miguel has been his best friend for a long time. ●Many key characters will perfect your life in Kaleido City! A lovable pet dog, a caring fashion stylist, an eccentric scientist, a polite resident manager, the owner in cowboy fashion, and more!Main Features:●FREE TO PLAY!●Landscape display and beautifully illustrated graphics take you to the lifelike swooning otome world!●Multiple episodes and endings for each male character! Win the ultimate story by choosing the best choice of actions!●The gorgeous fashion coordinating avatar experience awaits you! Do you like cute, sexy, sporty, or elegant fashion styles? Find your boyfriend’s favorite trend, dress in the perfect matching outfit with him, and nail your fashion!●Extra mini-games to enjoy and flourish your main love romance! Pop’n Sweet Café, the cooking game offers you lots of reward stories, and Gacha-Slot games bring you many premier prizes! All of these will definitely maximize your romantic voltage level!●Many seasonal events offer you many sweet episodes to boost the intimacy level between you and your better half! Get exclusive event stories, premium photos, and adorable avatar items to enrich the gameplay!About NTT Solmare Corporation:We are a Japanese game production company, focusing to bring Japanese visual novel dating simulations, and otome games to the world!

Jungle Chase of Wolf

Jungle Chase of Wolf is an adventure of one of super heroes. In this heat jungle, he must run with chase of monsters to get target coins and save the world. On the jungle, he can get magnet and magic item to transform to a wolf.++++++++++How to play+ Tap to start+ Swipe Left, Right button to turn left, right+ Drag forward to jump over monster++++++++++Features+ So much levels and maps and to be continued+ Very cute graphicsLet's goo and enjoy

Tree vs Zombie Warface

GAME STORYTree vs Zombie Warface is a small planet with life of tree and zombie warface. Plant defender separated from zombie. A story like classic game Zombies vs Plants. An old story from plant vs monster but a new game.ZOMBIE VS TREE FEATUREOver the course of evolution. Tree vs Zombie Warface have changed. You touch at a point on the map of plant defender, those trees that will shoot this point. Tree vs Zombie Warface retains some old features too: Zombie walk and zombie attack - Plant defend on its line.NEW CHANGES COMPARED TO PLANT VS MONSTERZombie vs tree, they can shoot, slash or bite. A fascinating challenge. Each level. Plant defender: Tree and Plant war will have different positions. Zombie will also change:Boy zombie, Rocket zombie and Swat zombie . You have to change the play.CHANGELESS OF PLANT VS MONSTERZombie vs tree too but they only eat. And tree vs zombie too. They only shoot. Plant defend and zombie attack.COME ON! Fight and finish the war of zombie vs tree.

Zap Bee Machine

Zap "Tap" Bee is a fun and addictive game, suitable for all, the second collection "ZAP" Owpoga!Especially for children who like easy games!If you like to party this is the game for you!In Zap Bee Machine, you play as a bee in the manufacturing machine Doctor. Owpoga!How to Play: Touch the screen, that's all.Features:* You should pass the 5 levels to complete a match.* Each level has speed and specific points.* Fun and friendly graphics and a random selection of songs!* The higher reach greater its ability to display.* Beat your score!* Beat the scores of your friends!* Hours of fun and challenges!Please leave your comments and indicate our products, it is a way of contributing to social causes without spending anything, or nothing. The resulting income will have a percentage share of charities and non-profit or dynamically and act for better living conditions.

Cat Diamond Adventure

Join this mysterious cat's world, brings tons of fresh challenges!It's aim is to complete the assigned goals in given moves or times.How to play:- Match 3 or more identical diamonds.- Match three or more same diamonds until the board transparency.- Match 4 diamonds can win lighting booster.- Match 5 diamonds can win a color diamond.- Complete the assigned goals in limit moves or times.- Eliminate the diamonds quickly can get extra scores.Game Features:- Mysterious cat scene.- 200+ of well-designed levels - each one is unique and full of fun and amazing challenges!- Combination of different advanced diamonds.- Various obstacles which bring you even more fun.- Easy and fun to play, challenging to master.- Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!

Modern Police Dog Training

. So, get ready to start the full smother adventure with police dog training in one of the brand new police dog games with dog training feat to become a valiant police dog trainer. MODERN POLICE DOG TRAINING edition is definitely going to impress you. Believe it! One of the best 3D dog simulator game for kids,boys and girls.It’s a crazy training dog simulator for those who loves dog training. The game play is cop dogs training. All police dogs must become professional at basic acquiescence training. So, in this game you are going to train police german shepherd trainee dog. You as a trainee police dog suppose to jump, run, and pull off crazy fearless obstacles, avoid hitting anything within the given time. You objective is to chase and complete all 10 different daring and exciting levels in which you will face a variety of challenges. Imagine what does a police dog do while training? Jump through ring circles, and catches the criminals, cross over the nasty hurdles etc. So do the the same with your trainee dog. Run fast to complete all 10 fascinating missions. Amazing sounds and real dog animations are included. This dog animal simulator has been designed for all dog lovers. Just download it now and have fun!Features: Enjoy german shepherd trainee dog. Realistic dog jumps and stunt animations. Breathtaking police training environment. Fabulous feat levels with amazing dog. Interesting barking sound effects with the stunts. HD console level graphics with smooth game play. For all king of android devices.You must had experienced this kind of dog training games but this police dog training game will give you a unique experience.


Welcome to the world of ShipAntics, a fun-filled puzzle adventure game mixed with crazy cartoon action, stuffed to the gills with weird and wonderful characters!ShipAntics stars a madcap crew of seafaring adventurers. In a last gasp effort to save his beloved Barnacle, Captain Fred transforms his ship into a floating school of excellence, sort of. Your job is to help Otto and Amanda as they venture into the unknown and sail for the horizon, solving mysteries and puzzles along the way.ShipAntics is comprised of three separate chapters. Chapter 1 is free to play, Chapter 2 is available as a low cost in-app purchase, with Chapter 3 to follow in the coming months.Includes four language versions in one app: English, French, German, Spanish PLAY & EXPLORECan you solve the mysteries of the good ship Barnacle? You’ll need your wits about you to solve the riddles and navigate the dastardly puzzles!Do you have what it takes to help keep this ship afloat.Investigate each room on the ship and search for hidden surprises along the way. Discover secret objects and hidden creatures. WATCH & LAUGHLaugh along with the comical antics Otto, Amanda and the rest of the crew in episodes of cartoon content integrated into the game.Want to watch the cartoon content without playing the game? Select the ‘Appisodes’ feature. EARN REWARDSWin stars for each puzzle solved, each hidden creature discovered and every secret item found.Earn new clothes for Amanda and Otto, and customize their outfits in-game. UNLOCK CHAPTER 2 WITH A SIMPLE IN-APP PURCHASE: In the latest chapter, Amanda, Otto and the crew of the Barnacle travel to the mysterious Kiki Island in search of the fearsome Kiki Beast! Packed with loads of new characters, locations, puzzles and surprises, chapter 2 the Search for the Kiki Beast is a whole new adventure, just waiting to be explored!

Fairy Tale Mysteries

Try the remastered edition of the wonderful, classic adventure game!When evil Puppeteer kidnaps souls of innocent children, you're assigned your first mission as Brothers Grimm's investigator - find a way to defeat the malefactor and bring rescue to all in need. Follow the trace of magical events to discover sorcerer's blind spot. Use it to defeat him and bring home all who have been lost!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHIN THE GAME!Once upon a time, there was a man who went from town to town with songs and poetry, capturing the souls of children. From generation to generation, the tale was told. But every fairy tale has its true bitter beginning. Now a new evil has visited the town of Arbourshire, and children have been going missing. A mysterious puppet theatre seems to be at the centre of their disappearance. The town is in an uproar! A mob roams the streets and the Brothers Grimm have assigned to you the task of discovering the truth behind the Fairy Tale Mystery! Discover the truth behind the myth and save the children!• Investigate your first case as Brothers Grimm detective!• Rescue kidnapped children!• Resolve mysteries hidden in 19 Mini-Games!• Find clues in 22 Hidden Object Scenes!• Defeat the soul-stealing Puppeteer!• High-end, immersive gameplay, optimized for tablets and phones! +++ WE ARE HERE +++

London Subway Surfer FREE!

London Subway Surfer FREE! is Game In super Adventure's world,Tap buttons to move and jump and runner! London Subway Surfer is a very funny puzzle monster like zombie on Androidthe Best games target amazing adventure for your Android. Enjoy the platform castle Awesome levels that we made for you! The little man has to pass various tests and beat Demon to save the princess halloween finally.The lovely scenes vary very fast. So you must get ready to deal with tt buy fireballs, lightning weight throws and other items in the shop .Guardian Subway Train London Game running Amazing this fun and adventure game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for. Like games cars and trains like Fish and like games monkey and flowers and like moto .and super subway ninja Your goal is to overcome all difficulties and defeat all enemies to rescue the princess.Driving realistic subway train is fun! Explore London metro being a subway train driver, transport passengers from one station to another and upgrade driving skills! Enjoy London Subway Train Simulator – great 3D game for all train and metro lovers!Download the game Guardian Runner : Rush For Android ! And Challenge your friends to beat a high score as your runner at the railroad tracks at top speed while . That's simple and addictive games Extremely smooth controlsEarn points transporting passengers and prove your worth as London subway train driver! London underground is crowded with passengers! Be a real metro train driver with London Subway Train - great app for those who loves subway and train games!How To Play: Become a real engine driver in new tram! Drive your own tram and reach your destination. Enjoy the ride and have a good time!FEATURES of London Subway Surfer FREE : Great tram driving economic game- Huge city with heavy traffic, transport accidents and more to explore- Amazing 3D graphics- Challenging delivery missions- Various cargo to transport – luggage, cars, logs and more-Extreme driving experience- Modern speed train to drive- Detailed passengers to pick up and transport to the current tram station- 4 characters to choose.- Amazing power-ups: magnet corner, jetpack, super jump and score multiplying- Different scenarios to play in.- Trucks and nozzles to avoid!- Lots of obstacle-dodging fun!- Real London Subway lines and stations- 3D virtual world - System of semaphores and speed limits- Classic platform game style.- Cute characters and many different enemies to defeat.- Well-designed graphics and cool sound effects.- Many worlds and levels to explore.- Collect coins and other valuables along the way to increase your score.- Easy to control.halloween is lost in the adventurous world. Help you get out of there!But beware: There are many problems waiting for his girl running and character to jump.Explore different worlds, collect Money and starfall and tap to jump over the obstacles!Download the game Guardian Runner : Rush For Android ! And Challenge your friends to beat a high score as your runner at the railroad tracks at top speed while . Download free game London Subway Surfer Temple now. It's FREE!This will be the last SURF game you will ever need!Explore London subway today!

Geometry Surfers Run

Geometry Run: Lost Square is lost in the world of geometry and needs help to find his way home. This is a new and exciting adventure game from a team of top hit game app makers. Rescue Squares from the spikes and monsters before he crumble into pieces! Fly and flip your way in the fun and challenging spike obstacles. Easy to play but hard to master; flex your fingers and try! The goal here is to keep Square safe and under control while avoiding all obstacles including falling spikes... And of cos find his way home. Run your way through story of jumping meltdown! Simply avoid all the spikes and triangles. Square only Geometry Surfers is given us a mission to venture together with geometry square around the word. The many given story has brought this is new and exciting adventure game a popular among gamers.Geometry Run: Surfers Square are made by a team of top hit game app makers. Surf & jump together with Squares from the spikes and monsters through the jungle, beach, subway before he crumble into pieces! Fly and flip your way in the fun and challenging spike obstacles. Easy to play but hard to master; flex your fingers and try!Surfers Square is lost and needs your help to find his way home. The goal here is to keep Square safe and under control while avoiding all obstacles including falling spikes, swinging bomb... And of cos enjoy the venture of life.Surf & Jump your way through story of jumping meltdown! Simply avoid all the spikes and jelly triangles. Square only has one goal: to venture all the world & paradise! This geometry dash is a rhythm based game. Jump through jelly enemies and try to control your rush.Are you ready to dash through an adventure path with Square? This is so simple yet guaranteed an addictive game. The more you go the more saga the game becomes.Geometry Surfer Features:◆ Facebook Sharing◆ Leaderboard◆ Bouncy music◆ Characters Selection◆ Interesting Layout◆ Totally Free!◆ Suitable for family, including kidsOur mission is to bring you the best entertainment! Bring Geometry Surfers back today. Surf & jump with squares. This simple one touch game play that will definitely enlighten your days and of course kill your free time!

Halflings Inn

Halflings InnGet this free app and experience the story of one halfling chef and his epic quest to regain a stolen special ingredient! Mobile café meets high fantasy in a time management game with a generous helping of cuteness!Bobo Buttkins the halfling runs Halflings Inn, a modest food & beverage business in a quiet halfling town. Suddenly, trouble strikes - a mysterious evil figure has just stolen Bobo’s special ingredient! Bobo must roam Midgaard as he pursues the thief over hill, over dale, through bush, through briar, etc. Unfortunately epic questing is expensive, so Bobo must find customers to feed along the way.Guide Bobo and his ragtag band of caterers across Midgaard as they attempt to regain Bobos’s special ingredient. You will visit the tranquil elf-home of Splitsvale, scale the forbidding heights of the Impaired Visibility Alpine Range, and venture into Gloomweald, which may sound like a tourist attraction but is actually a smelly forest in need of an exterminator. Onward!Gameplay:Help Bobo and his busy assistants serve the hungry denizens of Midgaard in their traveling restaurant. Work your way through gorgeous fantasy locations while facing catering challenges as you attempt to serve the “colorful” locals. With customers like evil goblins and ravenous wolves, no one ever said that life would be easy (or long) for the proprietor of Halflings Inn!Hire and level up stalwart companions to help you run your mobile inn. Your heroic assistants include the sturdy dwarf Boring Larchbuckler, the pecunious elf L. Ron Half-Alien, and The Great Gandolfi, conjurer extraordinaire! Think strategically as you upgrade Bobo's inn into a legendary mobile restaurant renowned across all Midgaard. Perform well and you will have a chance to attract famous customers like the supremely annoying Begonia Satchel-Buttkins or even the mysterious thief who stole Bobo’s magic ingredient!Features:- Challenging strategy & time management - A lighthearted wacky fantasy parody with extra dose of cute- Encounter colorful fantasy staples like elves, dwarves, goblins, trolls, and giants- Take your mobile inn to nine awesome locations across Midgaard- Upgrade your inn for faster service and better rewards- Unlock, hire and level up your heroic assistants- Complete all quests to earn more gold and unique items- Get visits from VIP characters and earn bonus coins!“Halflings Inn” and related materials by Skyboard Apps are parodies of “The Hobbit” by J. R. R. Tolkien, and of its cinematic adaptation “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey”, released by New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Wingnut Films. Skyboard Apps exercises the right to fair use of any relevant copyrighted works for the purposes of parody.`**

Vampire Legends

40% OFF VAMPIRE LEGENDS IN LIMITED TIME OFFER!TRY FOR FREE AND UNLOCK THE FULL VERSION WITHOUT LEAVING THE GAME!BASED ON THE FIRST DOCUMENTED CASE OF VAMPIRISM!Vampire Legends: The True Story of Kisilova is an adventure game that will shake you to your core!62 hand-painted areas depicting remote lands of 18th century Europe!18th century Europe: fifty years after a great plague had swept the land of the Habsburg dynasty, the subjects of the Emperor are in danger again. A series of horrifying, unexplainable deaths occur in the remote Serbian town of Kisilova. Fearing that the plague may be striking again, the residents begin to flee their homes.Discover the source of dreadful evil!Summoned by the Prince of Württemberg himself, Imperial emissaries come to Kisilova to investigate the horrible events and prevent further deaths.36 challenging mini-games and 21 scenes with hidden objects!The heroine and her companion have to lead an investigation, question the witnesses, explore every nook and cranny in the town and solve many puzzles.14 intriguing characters to meet during the investigation!Will they be able to uncover the secrets of the local dignitaries and discover the identity of the hooded stranger trying to thwart their plans?The fate of Kisilova and the Empire lies in your hands!

Looking for Laika

This game is difficult.The aliens abducted your puppy Laika in this epic side-scrolling puzzle adventure.As Astronaut it is your duty to go and save your best friend! Bounce and Jump from planet to planet through different worlds and dimensions!The one tap mechanism makes this platformer fun to play on any device!Both an arcade mode and story mode make this game complete!Beat the worldwide Hi-scores, or dive into the compelling story!• Combining a platform game experience with one-tap gameplay!• Follow the cute story of man and puppy!• Both Story and Arcade mode!• Storm the High-score charts!• An action-packed one-tap puzzle platformer!

3D Banana Robot Run

Help robot to collect banana. We play is going to show his ability to play by next to another slip and get all the coins around. Jumping and running to catch up to the all the coins in the minion sky.Tip of the gold coins. As a surfer, you have to put all your effort to reach all of them. Press once to shoot at the rivals with his weapon ninja. The scenario will change from Temple, the metro and the Castle. You must evade the entire construction and railroad to keep alive. Do not put in shock; otherwise, all currencies will be lost.The game also offers free coins and free special items throughout the game to boost the ability to surf. Coins can be used to pay for many reassessments. We are going to try to have fun!

Mystery of Neuschwanstein

!This app supports only English and German language!A world famous castle, the mysterious unsolved death of a romantic king and anonymous hints pointing to a murky network of conspiracies - what more does a journalist need to guarantee a gripping story - maybe even with Pulitzer potential? That is why Sarah Hamilton, investigative writer for the magazine “Facts & Fancy”, does not hesitate one second, when she receives evidence that there is something strange going on at the famous Neuschwanstein Castle, popular tourist attraction and last home of the doomed fairy tale king Ludwig II of Bavaria. Follow Sarah and her newfound acquaintance, the historical criminologist Professor Adler, on an exciting puzzle-adventure game which will take them on a dangerous quest for the truth behind one of Germany’s most high-profile cold cases – the unsolved death of king Ludwig II.Accompany Sarah and Professor Adler through the stunning rooms, halls and cellars of the historical building and solve challenging riddles, entertaining mini-games as well as beautiful hidden object scenes in the search for clues.What does really lie behind the civil façade of the castle’s elegant steward Beatrix von Lohen? Is the Italian construction supervisor Salvatore Francetti really interested in renovating the castle – or are his intentions of a much more destructive nature? When the first body shows up and hooded men can be seen slinking around the castle grounds, Sarah and Professor Adler realize that their adventure has taken a potentially deadly turn.- An exciting crime story based on historical facts- Two likeable main characters on a dangerous quest for an elusive truth- Challenging puzzles, brain-teasers and hidden object scenes- Beautiful hand-drawn scenes- Atmospheric soundtrack with English and German Voice Overs

Goo Blaze Adventure

Help blazo to collect more coins while avoiding money.FEATURES:★★★★★ 105+ Challenging Levels Survival★★★★★ Different Game Modes★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ Simply Game★★★★★ lovely game for Kids a allDISCLAIMER:We are not affiliated in any way to Blaze and the monster machines trademark owner. This application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines, please contact us directly.This Game have no relation with Blaze and the monster machines cartoon or games, we are not the makers of the cartoons and we don't claim any relation them.

Arctic Eagle

From deep in the arctic circle, a young Eagle begins his flight. You must help this giant bird thrive and survive in these harsh icy conditions. Your duty is to prepare him for life in the real world. This small eagle is ready to fish for salmon and hunt down rabbits to build up his strength. When he is big enough, the Eagle will be ready to challenge all the enemy bosses. This 3D wild animal simulator allows you to take control of this ferocious Arctic Eagle as he freely flies around to hunt his enemies. Help him grow up to fight the big animal bosses. The 5 bosses include Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Killer Whale, Wolf, Sea Lion, and Moose. Find your bird mates and start your thriving family. The 3D map is realistic and massive so take your time to explore all the areas to find all the bosses. Ultimate animal simulation at its best. The more you play, the more your animal grows, the stronger he becomes. Packed with super fun sounds for your gaming enjoyment. Survival is the name of the game.Game Features:** Dynamic weather and time of day. The longer you survive, the more changes you will experience.** Fast paced and Continuous action game play** Refill your energy by hunting and fishing** Survive the arctic elements like freezing rain and snow ** Defeat all 5 Arctic Bosses** Bosses include Polar Bear, Orca, Sea Lion, Wolf, Wild White Fox and Giant Moose** Huge Open World 3D Map`We would love to hear from you. 

Please be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators. We agree that the app is not perfect, and we welcome your constructive criticism. It helps us improve. Please email us suggestions. At Wildfoot we are looking for things we can do to improve the app. Now stop reading and help your Eagle get huge!

Easy Adventure 2.0

As easy as you want it to be.(Chapter 4 added)

Mr Cean Run Adventure

Mr Cean Run Adventure - New free running & jumping game.Collect coins, avoid different obstacles to complete all levels.Easy to play just touch the screen to jump!It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!Mr Cean features:- Nice graphics- Easy to play- 3 level packs and 105 levels- Game is free, no purchase required

Adventure Panda Jungle Run

"Adventure Panda Runner" is an adventure game . There are some boost Powers in the game like the speed zone start rabbit , speed zone and snail , the super jumping zone also the best jungle graphics.How to play Adventure Panda Jungle Run:1‣ Install the game .2‣ Run it .3‣ Select the level (Easy , Medium , Hard) .4‣ Tap The screen to start running then tap again to jump .5‣ Clear the level to go to the next jungle place .6‣ Enjoy and give us a feedback .Features of Adventure Panda Jungle Run:• Beautiful graphics and good jungle backgrounds . • The game is easy to play by children and adults .• Very entertaining and addictive .• There are a lot of jungle stages so you will have plenty time before finishing all levels .• It become very difficult on advanced levels .★★★★★Please rate us and provide your feedback for the further improvements★★★★★Note : If you have any suggestion or question please kindly send us a private message or contact us via email below.

Wonderful Farm

How to relax with your phone & your tablet? How to enjoy a beautiful life? Discover Wonderful Farm. It is FREE to play.Let’s join Wonderful Farm where you can:- Grow your crops, harvest your farms.- Raise your cows, get your milks.- Breed your fishes.And then how you get your product made? Let’s do it with the factory where we can make a cake, bread or produce cheese & milk, etc. Selling these products in your store with friendly staff. Building your city by completing plenty missions. Discover the fantastic adventure.“Life is so beautiful, enjoy it”

Adventure Time: Masters of Ooo

Play the game inspired by the Adventure Time episode, “Dungeon!” Enter the Dungeon of the Crystal Eye and embark on the ultimate adventure!EXPLOREExplore gobs of dark chambers full of evil creatures and diabolical traps! Skeletons, bugbears and other monsters will relentlessly chase you and a multitude of traps such as poisoned arrows and floor spikes can jack you up.COLLECTCool gizmos abound in each level and will help you on your journey. Pick up skateboards, invisibility cloaks and other whacky things while stockpiling keys, gems and crystals.COMBATThe demon cat, the bucket knight and other powerful foes stand in your way. Fight each of them in an intense mini game utilizing every amazing move you have!GADGETSUse radical gadgets like the Shoes of Ooo to propel you to victory!Do you have the skills to find the Crystal Eye?*******************************IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS:You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, and are activated when you input your Google Play account password, without the need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting the authentication settings within your Play Store settings (Google Play Store Home > Settings > Require authentication for purchases) and setting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutes or Never. Disabling password protection may result in unauthorized purchases. We strongly encourage you to keep password protection turned on if you have children or if others could have access to your device.This game contains advertising which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in the Settings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-based ads.********************ADVENTURE TIME and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © 2015 Cartoon Network. A Time Warner company. All Rights Reserved.

Terraria World Map

The official World Map Companion App for tablet and smartphone devices, to accompany the Xbox ONE and PS4 versions of Terraria. Download for free to see where you are in your console game session in real-time, and to help you figure out where you’re going and what kind of interesting (or scary!) stuff is all around you ... All without having to pause your play!