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Colorful Sketchbook Kids

One image back consists of various topics of burning hot , supports two versions of English and Korean , is coloring the content is more substantial , it can be fun to play .The painted and clean with a rainbow colored pencil and colored pencil of fourteen color theme ten insects , fruits , animals , musical instruments , dinosaurs , flowers , fish , birds , vegetables, vehicles , and it is decorated with painted eight .It is not a baby coloring simple , to remember together the name and appearance and biological thing which I change enjoy the free time of children through Al record over Loch sketchbook that is made of precision background illustration Cool I can .- Effects of Coloring appIt is possible to grow the aesthetic sense naturally while stimulating the sensitivity of children , select the color directly , to learn the sense of color .So that it does not draw to have a tool such as crayons and pencils , and does Mase Li adheres to the hand and can be many times not to be able to paint only once one piece and is , Coloring further various you can see .

ABC Preschool Sight Words

Helps toddlers and preschool children to learn the English alphabet and well over 100 easy words in a fun and interactive puzzle themed environment. Kids will learn the name of each letter as well the phonetic sound that it makes then interactively play with objects that start with that letter.From the award winning developer of children's fun and educational early learning software. There are 130 English words to learn altogether and each word is pronounced by a native speaker. Each word is presented as a cute cartoon style picture that needs to be placed in the matching shaped hole on the board to reveal its sound. This App helps very young children to develop their hand eye coordination, shape recognition and puzzle solving skills in a fun and interactive environment. It's a unique early learning game with realistic sounds and high resolution quality cartoon style pictures which toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarten age children will enjoy.ABC Preschool Sight Word Puzzle Shapes is different to other early learning educational apps because it has:• high quality cartoon style images that look great on modern High Definition (HD) and retina displays of both tablets and smart phones• authentic and funny sound effects for every word being learnt• written name and clear pronunciation of each word from a native English speaker• intuative drag and drop interface that's easy for little fingers to master• covers all the letters in the English alphabet from A to Z, their phonetic sound and 130 example words for practise • increasing difficulty as your child progresses from simple dragging of a shape in the easy level to multi-shape drag and drop in the hard level• no advertising• A great introduction to the English alphabet and simple English words for non-English speakers. The buttons and controls can be configured to support any of the following languages: English, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Italian, Persian, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian, Swedish, Thai, Norwegian, Malay, Greek, Finnish, Dutch and Danish. (Note: Word and letter pronunciation is only available in English)ABC Preschool Sight Word Puzzle Shapes comes with a selection of free letters that can be easily upgraded through a single low cost in-app purchase to enable all letter puzzles. By upgrading from the free app to the full version you’ll also be entitled to all additional words and features added in future releases.Puzzle games have traditionally been a fun and early education learning tool for tots, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, and early school age children and are a stimulating game for girls and an exciting game for boys.• 2 year old and 3 year old children can practice their hand eye coordination and shape matching skills as they progress through the letters on each level as well as exploring the word sounds• 4 year old and 5 year old kids can learn to read, write and pronounce the word names on completion of every puzzle (NB: English language only)We hope you and your children enjoy playing what we believe is one of best early education games for toddlers and preschoolers.

Learn JavaScript

Have fun and learn all the fundamentals of JavaScript with SoloLearn! Learn all the basic features of JavaScript programming: ways to make your website more interactive, change website content, validate forms, create cookies, and so much more.Complete a series of exercises and hands-on practice sessions, designed to guide you through the process of creating your own JavaScript code in an entertaining and educational way totally FREE.Have fun learning the fundamentals of JavaScript, while collecting colorful points and competing with other players from all over the world!Further your career - or simply gain a new skill - while playing along with SoloLearn’s engaging FREE JavaScript tutorial.

Hiragana – Read and Write

Learning Hiragana is not as difficult if you learn it incrementally. Too many people try to cram everything overnight; they get frustrated or they forget in a week. Alephbet Hiragana contains organized lessons designed to let you read complete words and phrases as you go that will give you the practice you need to make it stick. As you enter the practice session after each lesson, you can comfortably and confidently read words that contain only the Hiragana you have learned so far.* Learn all 46 Hiragana in record time* Ten lessons that cover pronunciation and reading tips* Practice reading with carefully chosen words that you can actually read* Write Hiragana on the popup view* Listen to the audio examples to perfect your reading* Comprehensive Practice Mode to test your knowledge after the lessons

First Kids Puzzles: Dinosaurs

Kids from 2 to 6 will have fun solving their first puzzles. With 15 different puzzles, nice sound effects, beautiful graphics and 3 levels of difficulty, this game will entertain your children while improving their motor skills. On each shape, a letter is written. On level 2 and 3, children have to put the shapes in the right order, so that they will learn the alphabet. Letters are pronounced when shape is put in the right place. The 3 first puzzles are free, the others can be bought inside the game. Now includes a parental control question to ensure that the additional levels are not purchased by mistake.This game is part of your "Learning is fun" educational game collection.

Series 1

Series – where learning and fun are combined. This new, highly educational game teaches your child about the world of relations. In this game your child learns to arrange objects in a series based on various principles such as shape, color, size and quantity. The game develops primary math concepts such as size and quantity, visual perception skills, such as visual differentiation, fine motor skills and with parental assistance can develop language skills.Series 1 is designed for children aged 3.5+Series 2 is designed for children aged 4+Series 3 is designed for children aged 4.5+HOW TO PLAY: The game consists of several boards. Each board contains 5 items that are all part of a series randomly placed in a row. The aim of the game is to create a series, by dragging each item into the correct square above, from left to right. `Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.

Endless Reader

As a follow-up to Endless Alphabet, set the stage for early reading success with Endless Reader! This app introduces "sight words", the most commonly used words in school, library, and children's books. Kids need to recognize these words by sight in order to achieve reading fluency. Recognizing sight words is advantageous for beginning readers because many of these words have unusual spelling, cannot be sounded out using phonics knowledge, and often cannot be represented using pictures. Kids will have a blast learning sight words and their context and usage with the adorable Endless monsters. Each word features an interactive word puzzle with letters that come alive, and then a sentence puzzle with words that become what they describe. See the word "dog" as a barking dog, and the word "up" reach for the sky! ** NOTE: You must be online and have sufficient disk space while running the app to get all words you purchase in the app. ** Features: - 6 words free to try with additional word packs available for purchase.- Delightful animations reinforce sight recognition of words in a fun and interactive way. - Word puzzles reinforce spelling using lower-case letters and the sentence puzzles teach definition and usage (in addition to sight recognition). - Endless Reader was designed with your children in mind. There are no high scores, failures, limits or stress. Your children can interact with the app at their own pace.

Preschool Kids Match the Jewel

Match the Jewel is a simple yet exciting matching game for preschool kids and older. With 89 different actual existing gems found from around the world, not only does this app teach matching abilities but also their names. Designed from a parents perspective, there are no buttons or links to confuse the child. There are also no scores or levels, which makes it easy for children to put the game done when the parent says time up. The colors, design and sound effects have been selected from the viewpoint of keeping children amused. "Kinderpan" series specifically targets preschool children to learn and enjoy while taken into consideration the parents perspectives. They are all designed to be simple to maneuver yet highly creative aiming to bring joy for children and parents world wide. * Free download * Contains no advertisements, so children will not be able to leave the confines of the application.

German French Translator

This free app is able to translate words and text from German to French, and from French to German.Best app for easy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary.If you are a student, tourist or traveler , it will helps you to learn the language! This translator contains the following features:- Translate words and sentences- Translate from clipboard- Simple and user-friendly interface- Instant search- Instant startFreie Übersetzer aus Deutsch nach Französisch und von Französisch nach Deutsch.Traducteur gratuit de l'allemand vers le français et du français vers l'allemand.

Princess Puzzles

The Princes Puzzles is a wonderful puzzle game for children. Many thoughts were invested to provide this educational and entertaining app at the same time.The game offers several key features:✔ The square pieces of the puzzle challenge the kid much more than the traditional jigsaw puzzle. This mode helps the child to focus on finding the next adjacent small piece instead of focusing on finding piece's location based on its shape.✔ A limited number of pieces are displayed for selection at a time. We have developed a special smart algorithm which decides which of the missing pieces to show during the play time. ✔ The game tracks the child's progress, and adjusts the complexity of the puzzle accordingly.✔ The child can select the number of small pieces in the puzzle. 4, 9, 16, 25 and 36 small pieces are available (36 pieces available on Tablet only).✔ A smart hint system is developed to decide when the user needs help. After a predefined number of multiple successive errors, the puzzle is displayed in black&white color to help the child proceeding. The hint disappears after succeeding one piece. The hint algorithm may also decide to show the hint constantly in some cases.✔ A cute interactive chick animation is displayed every several puzzles to provide more fun while playing the game.We, at Forqan Smart Tech, have always sought to provide the best for your children through applications designed, and directed each age group separately, our belief in the feature each evolutionary stage passes by your son, but in order to lend life skills and the mentality to learn and grow and play correctly and properly, and to communicate with his peers and the environment surrounding it.

Chat to Learn Korean – Eggbun

Yes, the best way to improve your Korean is to live in Korea.Unfortunately, you couldn’t live there? Don’t worry. Here is the best alternative.Korean is the most context-based language in the world. Of course, sentence structure is also as important as English. However, without context, without a certain situation, the grammatical knowledge doesn’t help in Korean.The Eggbun promises to be your Korean conversation partner. Just install this Korean learning app, follow the curriculum and chat with Lanny in Korean.The real Korean based on a wide variety of context and situation.✔ Communicate like a native Korean speaker with Lanny (라니)✔ From the Korean alphabet 'Hangeul' to real-life Korean conversation✔ Guided Conversation to unguided communication✔ Strictly organized curriculum by the Korean language expert✔ Know what to say in the unexpected future situation.✔ More than words, culture notes✔ Authentic Korean materials and cultural content✔ Korean listening trainer✔ Real-person audioSupport

Cars Coloring Book PINKFONG

[Cars Coloring Book PINKFONG] is filled with kids' favorite cars. Kids can decorate their own cars with various colored pencils and fun stickers, which will help them to explore and express their creativity!- Check out a collection of kids' beloved carsThere are 10 different vehicles kids can enjoy, including fire trucks, police cars, and excavators.- Use a variety of coloring tools28 colored pencils and various fun stickers are available to inspire kids to express their creativity in rich colors. Paint buckets will help kids to fill different areas with colors instantly in just one touch.- Play and learnColoring is more than just fun. It can stimulate kids' brain development and creativity, and expand their understanding of colors and vocabulary.- Share with friendsAren't you curious to hear fun stories about your kids' favorite cars? Try sharing them with other friends on your social networks.- Enjoy for freeColoring pages, colored pencils, paints and stickers are all available for free.

Animal Memory for kids

The best matching & learning animals memory game for kids!All chapters for free now."Animal Memory for Children" is a cute memory game with animals, especially designed for young preschoolers. Over 50 animals and animations. Learn all animal names in English and German.HIGHLIGHTS:- Great educational game for kids to sharpen and improve their memory in a fun way- Lovingly designed graphics with an extraordinary attention to detail- More than 15 animals and 15 animations in every chapter- Rewarding system with learning effect- Three levels of difficulty- Simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy to play MEANINGFUL PASTIME:"Animal Memory for Children" will sharpen and improve your child’s memory in a fun way while discovering exotic animals such as tapirs, flying frogs, meerkats or puffins within three available chapters: Asia, Africa and North Pole. All chapters have a high level of re-playability.THREE DIFFERENT LEVELS OF DIFFICULTY:Different levels allow you to choose a challenge that is right for your child.`


BrainPOP ESL™ is a comprehensive English language learning program that uses engaging animated movies to model conversational English. The movies and related features are leveled, building upon each other to reinforce vocabulary and usage. New concepts are presented within everyday situations, helping to provide context. BrainPOP ESL's structure enables students to master the language in a step-by-step process, giving them the confidence they need to read and speak English. The app offers 18 free lessons across all skill levels, and the following upgrades are available via in-app purchase:Level 1: Includes all 30 beginner lessons, designed for those with little or no prior English.Level 2: Includes all 30 intermediate lessons, for those with a growing understanding of English.Level 3: Includes all 30 advanced lessons, for those who have some mastery of English.Full Access: Includes all 90 BrainPOP ESL lessons, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced. BrainPOP ESL site subscribers can log in directly from the app at no additional cost.

BookBox French

Read smart. Head start. BookBox brings you animated stories in French language with a scientifically proven read along feature. Watch your kids have fun while they are subconsciously improving on their reading and language learning skills.Also Available in: English, Spanish, Hindi, MandarinComing soon in : Gujarati.

BabyFirst Video Educational TV

Learning is Fun with BabyFirst Video: Educational TVBabyFirst Video is the safe and fun way for preschool children and toddlers to start learning and exploring! From the hit TV channel BabyFirst, BabyFirst Video provides hours of award-winning shows for your kids to enjoy.Created by experts in child development, education, and psychology, the #1 rated BabyFirst Video app is the perfect way for grown-ups to safely introduce their children to learning through electronic media. Choose from dozens of high-quality channels and hundreds of episodes designed to aid learning. With oodles of new shows added on a regular basis, the fun never stops with BabyFirst!Find or discover your favorite BabyFirst characters and cartoons:•  Harry the Bunny, Peekaboo, VocabuLarry, Tillie Knock Knock, Bonnie Bear, Hide and Seek, The Notekins and many more!✰ Overview of the BabyFirst Video: Educational TV App Features•  Free to download•  Ad-free•  Child safe design: you control what your child sees•  Available in multiple languages•  Created by experts in child education✰ BabyFirst Educational TV: Available in Seven LanguagesBoth the video content and Parent Control module for BabyFirst Video Educational TV are available in the following languages: English (American and British), Spanish (Latin American and Castilian), French, Portuguese, and Mandarin.♥ Protect Your Child with BabyFirst VideoBabyFirst’s child-safe design provides a secure and educational platform for children to engage with electronic media. With the BabyFirst Video Parent Control module you decide what your little one watches, while the simple navigational interface means your children can play independently and safely. To find more trusted applications from the BabyFirst family search "BF123" in Google Play!→ Stable broadband connection is required.→ Video quality is dependent on your data connection.→ Users are advised to test with free videos before purchasing a monthly subscription.BabyFirst Video is packed with premium content that allows your toddlers to discover the wonderful world of learning. Children and grown-ups alike will love the BabyFirst cartoons and shows that are designed to entertain and educate in equal measure. What’s more, with a wealth of captivating channels to choose from, you will always be able to find something that makes learning fun and exciting.

123’s: Numbers Learning Game

Entertaining Education with the 123's: Numbers Learning GameWhen it comes to numbers and counting, everyone has to start somewhere. Thankfully, here at BabyFirst we have just the thing to help your little ones climb those first steps on their way to preschool stardom! With our 123's: Numbers Learning Game for kids, numbers and counting have never been so much fun – as our friendly Penguin guides your kids every step of the way. Our fun counting game is so easy to use, that even a baby can tap and swipe their way to success – getting an enjoyable education at the same time. What’s more, with a little extra training under their belts, children will develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Take a look at some of the terrific training and teaching features from our 123 Learning Game: •  Exciting, interactive animations•  Full audio for sounding out individual numbers•  Visual association to help kids learn how to count•  Fully optimized for Android devices BabyFirst is a global TV network made specifically for babies, toddlers and smaller kids. With a strong educational background and a wonderful range of academically minded apps, learning takes on a whole new dimension. This means that the 123's: Numbers Learning Game from BabyFirst provides a fun and playful way for kids to reinforce the basic building blocks they will need to excel in kindergarten, preschool and in life. Tots and toddlers will simply love learning their 123’s with BabyFirst, so why not download our fantastic numbers learning game today!To find more trusted applications from the BabyFirst family search "BF123" in Google Play!

LEARN EVERYWHERE WITH WORLD-CLASS EXPERTS Learn anytime, anywhere! Pick up your lessons where you left off for a continuous learning experience. Log in to watch expert-taught courses in photography, graphic design, business training, web and interactive design, 3D animation, audio, and much more. • Access to all course videos (indexed by subject, software and new releases) • Sync your course history across all your devices • Stream course videos directly to your TV via Chromecast • Auto-play an entire course or watch individual videos • Share courses across social network apps • Edit and view playlists • Download full courses or view courses offline • Get personalized course recommendations • Continue watching courses where you left off `? You can browse our free courses and videos – and see what learning with our world-class experts is all about. Supported Devices:All Android phones and tabletsOperating systemAndroid 4.0 or later

Big Kid Life: Firefighter

Big Kid Life: Firefighter - A Fingerprint Network AppEvery kid dreams of what they will do when they are a Big Kid. Big Kid Life embraces themed role-play, while teaching kids new skills. Big Kid Life Firefighter is appropriate for 4-7 year olds. Rampaging Fire Monsters are on the loose in Big City –chasing kitties, scaring puppies and setting things on fire! Don’t worry, you are a firefighter – you can do something about it! Use your special backpack hose to drench Fire Monsters, use ladders to climb past obstacles, and save kitties and puppies – all while practicing your skills with numbers, shapes and symbols. Learning content: • Color and Shape Identification • Number Sequencing and Sorting • Great Than/Less Than Recognition • Counting by 10s • Numbers 50-100 The first level of Big Kid Life Firefighter Lite is free to and additional levels are available for purchase for $2.99.Big Kid Life Fire Fighter is part of the Fingerprint Network of games for Learning and Play. Fingerprint offers a range of features to support the whole family including: - A Shared Family Account makes it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children under a single account. - In-App messaging lets kids and parents to send one another fun and encouraging messages. - A curated Game Catalog suggests new Apps based on your child's interests and learning levels.

Jelly Jamm 2 – Videos for Kids

► Jelly Jamm is a TV show for your little one. ► Episode 27~52 included in this app.► Download VODs just 1 time, and you can watch the Jelly Jamm even offline mode! Watch the show on-the-go! ► You can take Selfie with Jelly Jamm Friends! Camera features included ! ► Story LineMusic! Fun! and Friendship! Join Bello and his Friends in their comedic adventures as they learn to live in harmony on the magical Planet Jammbo - origin of music in the universe.※ Download 2 episodes for Free. Additional episodes available through in-App purchase ※ SmartStudy is an official licensee of VDK

Crapoks: Geo Atlas

Where is Denmark, Colombia or Nepal? Is the Great Wall of China near Beijing or Shanghai? Is Dubai a city or a country? Who does this flag with a white cross and a red background belong to? Be the best in geography and follow the Crapoks, who are looking and studying our planet... in order to conquer it! Through 3 game modes et 36 levels, discover where are located the 182 countries, capitals, and monuments of the world; identify and memorize the flags of all the countries! • 37 monuments • 180 flags • 12 famous mountains • 182 countries and capitals 3 GAME MODES • Precision: You are asked to find a country. Touch it on the map! • Quiz: 3 hints to guess 1 country. Which one is it? • Drag n'Drop: Place the elements to their location in the world CONTAINS 3 MINI GAMES • Major League Crapoks Baseball • Tam Tam Crapoks • Olé Toro

Pirate Scribblebeard Draw Free

Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure Free - A Fingerprint Network AppNew to Android devices!Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure FREE by Kidoodle - Your child's drawings come to life as they tell the story!Your child draws and their drawings come to life! Join Oscar, Josephine and Pirate Scribblebeard in this groundbreaking, animated, drawing app that encourages creativity!∙ Winner of the Best Entertainment App of the Adobe® AIR® App Challenge∙ "Creative, fun and silly. ∙ Mom's Choice Award Gold Seal for Ages 3 and up∙ Wired Magazine’s GeekDad Top 10 Digital Toy Box Essentials » Exercises fine-motor skills and encourages those hesitant to draw» Encourages creativity and imagination through drawing and storytelling» Child's drawings become part of delightful animated cut-scenes as they complete the story» Oscar, Josephine and friends narrate each page and encourage your child with quirky and humorous animations» Easy to jump right in, no intimidating big blank page» Hours of engagement and a single purchase gets you 14 more pages and all future updates for free!» Designed with love by parents. Tested, played with, and approved by children 3 to 10 years-old (1st through 5th grade)______________________The Fingerprint Network______________________Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure is part of the Fingerprint Network of games for Learning and Play. Fingerprint offers a range of features to support the whole family including:- A Shared Family Account makes it easy for kids and parents to share a device and allows parents to track the game play and learning of multiple children under a single account.- In-App messaging lets kids and parents to send one another fun and encouraging messages.- A curated Game Catalog suggests new Apps based on your child's interests and learning levels.- Parent Controls keep In-App-Purchase behind a parent gate.______________________Reviewers agree______________________∙ "This app is fantastic" - Parenting Magazine∙ "Check out this app and be ready to swab the decks, hoist the main and have some piratey fun" - Wired Magazine Geek Mom∙ "Everything about this app is so perfectly designed and just right for both kids and design-snob adults.. Creative, fun and silly. ______________________Our Mission______________________Creativity is critical to our world. Here at Kidoodle, we believe we can help your child keep their natural creativity alive by making products that encourage your child’s imagination and allow them to create in magical ways!____________________________________________We care about Children's Privacy____________________________________________We do not transmit personal information about your child. We include a parent-only area in our app with links to articles about creativity, education, and children. We offer one in-app-purchase option and it is protected by a parent-only password.

Goumy Sort

Based on the famous abacus game, Goumy Sort teaches the youngest how to sort shapes and colors, in an amusing and progressive way.Tikids education suite for kids allows your children to develop their competences and abilities the way they want, thanks to single and clean apps that focus on one or two abilities. These apps get inspiration with the free Montessori workshops.Tikids applications are self explanatory, with a strong will to help children grow successful. Without any interaction required with the parents, the child instinctively “knows” how to use the applications. He is therefore aware of its own progression.Educative application is one thing… If on top it’s playful, that’s even better! Tikids applications are like games for children, which means they are even more motivated to play and succeed.An application designed for a young child has to fit ergonomic principles. Therefore, when in the application, the children is in an ad-free, secure environment. In addition, tactile interactions are adapted to the child’s age, and thus his motricity. After Goumy Sticks launch, Goumy Sort is the second apps of Tikids education suite, which aim is to help children acquire competences thanks to digital assets, in perfect autonomy. The apps of this suite will be linked with each other in a consistent way with a competences tree that will enable parents follow the progression of their children.

Peekaboo, I See You! for Kids

Now available in 6 languages!The classic kids’ game comes to life with this animated and interactive guessing game app! This stimulating and charming app features Peekaboo, the playful blue character from the hit TV series, Peek-a-boo, I See You! on BabyFirst. Peekaboo hides behind common objects and gives hints and clues to help babies and toddlers figure out where he is hiding!The sweet and simple game is designed specifically for the minds and fingertips of young children. Not only will this game keep your child’s attention, but it introduces the fundamental concept of object permanence in a fun and friendly way! Peekaboo keeps kids occupied while encouraging basic awareness and reasoning skills in tots!★ Created by child development experts★ Tested by babies and toddlers★ Nurtures humor and the element of surprise★ Introduces the concept of object permanence★ Includes dozens of fun animations★ Encourages coordination and development of visual and sensory perception skills★ Allows children to interact with their virtual environment by swiping and dragging objects on the screen Now your child can play along in the car, store, at home, or anywhere else with this interactive mobile game. This engaging and amusing game is sure to result in plenty of giggles and surprises as Peekaboo rolls, bounces, somersaults, and tiptoes into the hearts of little ones. Your child will be entertained, stay busy, and most importantly, they can interact with a cheerful character as they are introduced to fundamentals like reasoning, awareness, and perceptive skills!About BabyFirst: BabyFirst is a global TV network made just for babies, toddlers and parents. Developed by educational experts, all BabyFirst content is designed to introduce babies to basic building blocks from numbers and language to music and art. Look for BabyFirst in the U.S. on Comcast, DIRECTV, Dish Network, AT&T U-verse, and more. To find more trusted applications from the BabyFirst family of apps, search ""BF123"" in the Google Play Store.


◆ Major design and contents renewal. User friendly simple and easy design, perfect for phone users! ◆ Kids WORLD offers new sections, Song & Dance and Story Books to help our users to enjoy educational contents◆ World’s largest Kids Educational APP without commercial AD◆ Downloaded by more than 30,000,000 children and moms!◆ Kids WORLD is the world’s largest kid’s app portal, which provides qualified contents to help children develop well-rounded abilities, including EQ, creativity and language.◆ Kids WORLD includes more than 3000 Contents ◆ 1. Various popular and educational animations2. English learning (ABC, phonics, English musicals, etc),3. Children’s classic stories 4. Natural Science 5. Various kids’ interactive games (puzzles, coloring, matching card games)6. Various different workbooks ◆ Special Features ◆1. 500 coins are complimentary to discover and watch up to 50 animations in Kids WORLD!2. Download contents for free, coin charges only after 30 seconds of view3. Downloaded contents can be viewed without WiFi4. Free ‘Kids Play Zone’: Kids Album (take a photo with characters), ‘Toy Book’ (paint, puzzle, sticker book)5. Kids Safety lock setting prevents unintentional payments or deletion of downloaded contents.6. Contents are regularly updated 7. Coin Event are available to earn free coins. ◆ Info ◆ Kids WORLD is operated by coin system. The purchased coins are usable only in the device where payment was made, and they are not transferable to a different device. Subscription allows you to use in different devices if you log into account where monthly pass was bought. ◆ Kids WORLD contents are continuously updated. ◆ Contact Mail ◆

Cozmic Zoom Lite

This is the free demo version of Cozmic Zoom. Some features are only available in the full version.Cozmic Zoom is a fascinating insight into the cosmos, between the infinitely large and the infinitely small.Based on accurate scientific data from the best sources, Cozmic Zoom will take you on a journey through the world of particles and atoms, the cells of the human body, the planet Earth and the Solar System, the stars and the Milky Way, the distant galaxies, up to the edges of the known universe, with a simple swipe of the finger.While enjoying the trip, you can also learn amazing facts and improve your knowledge about astronomy, biology, cosmology, physics, space, and much more.Cozmic Zoom was inspired, among others, by the famous documentary film Powers of Ten.“Exploration is in our nature. We began as wanderers, and we are wanderers still. We have lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean. We are ready at last to set sail for the stars.”― Carl SaganCome on, let's sail to the stars... To infinity... and beyond!

Let’s Create

Houses, Trees, Ships, People… Toddlers create their very own artwork using assorted shapes and materials. Let’s create is a kids game that helps develop creativity, spatial cognition, visual perception skills, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, imagination, and executive functions such as planning and organizing. It is designed for children aged 3+.HOW TO PLAY: Each board features assorted shapes and materials that can be used to create a world of images. Drag the elements shown on both sides of the board into the center to create objects, images and scenes.`Children and toddlers are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.

Animated Puzzle for Kids

Specially designed for very young children, through those animated puzzles, children will be able to travel across the entire world and discover animals from each region. Polar bears, desert camels, Pacific Coast sharks, asian panda bears, australian kangaroos, and so many more.. Feature Highlights: * Bright, colorful, wooden jigsaw puzzles, each with 10 - 15 pieces * Nine puzzles featuring animals from regions all over the world * Touching a piece temporarily removes all the remaining pieces, making the board easier to see * In every puzzle, some of the holes in the board are animated before and after the correct piece is put in * Teaches about animals, geography, climate, and habitats * Enhances visual and spatial skills, as well as hand-eye coordination On completing a puzzle, the child hears a congradulatory musical phrase and the sound of applause. The finished puzzle contains both objects on the board and objects that were pieces of the puzzle. The outline of each piece is clearly distinguishable in the finished puzzle, and the animated scene will be enjoyed by parents and children alike. 2 puzzles are free, 7 others can be bought within the application, all in a single package.

Pororo Talk

Now, you can make special memories with Pororo outside of TV. Present your children with special experience to interact with Pororo, now available outside of TV!♪♬ Receive 15coins instantly upon installation ♬♪※If you didn't receive the 30 coins, Please check your network status.※Ring-ring~ Find out what is available through Pororo Talk!★Enhance your children's language ability by taking conversations in various place, situation, and special days. - From conversation in restaurant, restroom, and kindergarten to daily routines including having breakfast, going to bed, and brushing teeth. Grow your children's language skills naturally by talking with Pororo about daily routines!★Set a time to receive Pororo video calls.- Have Pororo call you directly by setting prefered time and setting. Choose a theme for conversation to receive a call!★Play musical instrument with keypadsFun sounding keypads allow children to interact and familiarize with numbers. Explore your children's curiosity!

Top 20 Horse Breeds 2 FREE

Arabian, Appaloosa, Icelandic, American Saddlebred, Mustang, Tennessee Walking Horse, Paso Fino and many more! This educational game uses 58 photos to teach you to recognise the world's top 20 favourite breeds of horse, with lots of interesting spoken facts about each wonderful animal.* Entertaining game to teach you about the world's top 20 favourite breeds of horse* 58 photos* Lots of interesting spoken facts about each breed* Race Mode to test your memory* Slideshow Mode to show you all the photos and facts in sequence* Easy on-screen gestures for Facts, Race Mode, Race Results, Slideshow Mode, Story Mode, Zoom and Pan Mode, Quiet Mode, Wikipedia and Help."Top 20 Horse Breeds" features Race Mode, which asks you questions at speed to test your memory. At the end of the race, you can check how well you have done relative to your other races. Slideshow Mode shows you all the photos and facts in sequence. Simply slide through the images with your finger on the screen, both horizontally and vertically. Zoom and Pan Mode allows you to magnify the photos and see more detail. Quiet Mode allows you to play this game with or without voice prompts. And you can quickly jump to the relevant page on Wikipedia for more information.The paid version of this app has much higher resolution photos than the free version. The free version has lower resolution photos and does contain advertising but no push advertising. No internet connection is required.

Complete the Series 3

. The game develops primary math concepts such as size and quantity, visual perception skills, such as visual differentiation, fine motor skills and with parental assistance can develop language skills.“Complete the Series 1“ is designed for children aged 3.5+.“Complete the Series 2“ is designed for children aged 4+.“Complete the Series 3“ is designed for children aged 4.5+.HOW TO PLAY: Complete the series by dragging the correct object placed at the bottom to the missing place in the series above. `Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.

Montessori Words &Phonics Free

Based on the proven Montessori learning method, Montessori Words helps kids develop their reading, writing and spelling skills by building words using a phonics-enabled Movable Alphabet. This evaluation version offers 9 words (3 in level 1, 3 in level 2 and 3 in level 3). The open-ended movable alphabet with phonics-enabled letters is available with no limitation. This lite version does not contains ads (not good for kids!). ➜The iPad/iPhone version was mentioned in the New York Times, Wired's GeekDad, and was awarded "Editor's Choice Award for Excellence in Design" by Children Technology Review.Montessori Words helps kids learn and understand two fundamental concepts: • First, the app helps kids understand that words are made up of sounds/phonics (phonemic awareness). For each word, your kids can touch the empty rectangles where letters must be dragged to complete the word, and hear the sound the corresponding letter(s) produces. • Secondly, the app helps kids memorize the phonics associated with letters by providing a phonics-enabled alphabet where kids can touch each letter and hear the associated phonic.Montessori Words allows you to select words according to their difficulty or sound categories. • Level 1 displays a three-letter word with no difficulty for beginning readers (CVC words).• Levels 2 and 3 offer more complex words that contains more complex phonics (as long vowels sounds or blends). • Alternately, your child can choose from 44 sound categories--choose words that contain a specific sound (for example, long a, “k” sound, and so on).To create an enjoyable experience, the app also includes sounds, animations, and interactive visual effects that are displayed after a word is completed.Choose capital, lower-case, or cursive letter display for a greater challenge.Montessori Words also features a movable alphabet that allows open-ended activities for young children learning their letters.Overview: • 9 word-image-audio-phonics combinations appropriate for ages 3/4 to 8 to help kids develop their reading, writing and spelling skills. • Uses the proven Montessori learning method (Phonemic Awareness and Phonics). • Phonics-enabled Movable Alphabet (touch a letter to hear its sound/phonic). • Touch letters of a displayed word to hear the phonics used in the word. • Select words according to difficulty (3 series - from CVC words to complex words) • Choose capital, lower-case or cursive letter display. • 21 fun and colorful interactive visual effects are displayed when a word is completed. Visual effects animate and change as they follow your child’s touch. • Packed with animations and sounds to create a fun and enjoyable experience! • Also included is a Movable Alphabet that allows open-ended activities for young children learning their letters. • Children can play alone or with a parent. Includes instructions on how to use the game as an educational tool.

Dolphins and fish

Do you like fish, dolphins, mermaids or sharks? This free kids game is for all boys and girls who like to draw or paint. We have a coloring book filled with lots of free coloring pages of fish, dolphins, sharks, sea horses, mermaids and other animals from the sea for children.

Peekaboo Goes Camping Game

The game of Peekaboo comes to life in this app! Meet Peekaboo, the lovable blue fellow from the hit TV series on BabyFirst. Help your baby or toddler guess where Peekaboo is hiding – behind his tent, a rock or other places on his camping journey. Be sure to check out the book companion called Peekaboo Goes Camping Book! Game Features: - Sneak peek at Peekaboo Goes Camping Book - Explores hand eye coordination - Offers a fun age-appropriate guessing game - Tested by babies, toddlers and parents - Multi-device support About BabyFirst: BabyFirst is the leading TV network made just for babies, toddlers and parents. Developed by educational experts, BabyFirst shows inspire a variety of developmental skills.

Angelina’s Gift for Ms. Mimi

Angelina and her friends are going to throw a super surprise birthday party for their teacher, Ms. Mimi. But when things go very, very wrong, what will they do? Read along with this interactive story to see how Ms. Mimi’s birthday party ends up. As with all Speakaboos stories, animation, read-along text and touch-screen interactions are included to improve reading comprehension.`Each of the 150+ premium titles in the Speakaboos library is kid tested and designed to motivate children to read more. Providing a wide variety of high-interest topics helps children discover stories around their personal interests and keep them engaged with reading. About Speakaboos:- Motivates reading by engaging kids with text, improving comprehension, and building confidence.- Stories & songs for children of all ages including nursery rhymes, fables, and fairytales.- Classic books such as The 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella, Belinda’s Halloween, and Wheels on the Bus.- Curated library of kid’s favorite topics like princesses, monsters, animals, music, and more!- Speakaboos storybooks are available anytime, anywhere - via mobile apps and the Web, online or offline.PARENTS & TEACHERS LOVE SPEAKABOOS FOR THEIR CHILDREN!- “My 23-month-old daughter and I love to cuddle up and read your stories, especially the ones about fairytales and princesses. Thank you for creating such a fun, kid-friendly, safe experience for pre-schoolers!” - Ashley B., KY- “My 5-year-old son is a reluctant reader, but Speakaboos stories on monsters and animals have really engaged him and he wants to read more books as a result! He also loves singing along with the nursery rhymes” - Karen D., CA- “My children love Speakaboos. I teach Kindergarten and this is a great educational resource for our reading center and storytime. We recently did a lesson on Aesop’s Fables and Speakaboos was perfect!” - Lisa E., NCPRAISE FROM EDUCATORS AND MEDIA- Awarded National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.- Received an A+ from Education World.- Named “one of the great websites” by the American Library Association.- Described as an “impressive,” “indispensable,” and “valuable” resource for learning and literacy by Parenting, Kidscreen and Publisher’s Weekly.- "Speakaboos will be a very handy tool while traveling. We have put in quite a bit of air and car time this summer and it doesn’t take long before our active preschooler gets bored watching back to back movies. Speakaboos offers a good, more interactive alternative." (GeekMom). SPEAKABOOS BUILDS AND SUPPORTS LITERACY FOR CHILDRENSpeakaboos’ educational methodology encourages literacy and learning by focusing on high-interest stories and contextual interactivity, as well as through features including:- Read-along word highlighting, which promotes word recognition among young readers.- Clickable words so children can hear the way words are pronounced.- Rich illustrations, sound effects, and music that keeps kids entertained.- 3 modes of play depending on reading level: Read To Me, Read & Play, Read It Myself.- If you like Reading Rainbow, Scholastic Storia, FarFaria, Learn with Homer and MeeGenius, you'll love Speakaboos books.SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS FOR SPEAKABOOS - READ ALONG, SING ALONG STORIES FOR KIDS- Subscription is offered on a monthly, or yearly basis and gives unlimited access to a rainbow of stories & songs.- A 1-month subscription costs $4.99 and 12 months costs $49.99 or equivalent local price.- Payment will be charged to Google Play account at confirmation of purchase.- Subscription for the Speakaboos library of books will automatically renew.- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and may be canceled at any time by going to ‘Account Settings’ after purchase."

Animated Puzzle 1

Enjoy this new, exciting puzzle format, incorporating animation and movement into the classic puzzle game. In this new game a child creates an animated scene by reordering the puzzle pieces. The game helps develop spatial cognition, visual perception, hand eye coordination and with parental assistance can also develop language skills through naming the objects in the pictures or by creating a story out of the scene. Animated Puzzle 1 (4 parts) - Is designed for children aged 3+. Each board features a 2 by 2 square grid. Animated Puzzle 2 (6 parts) - Is designed for children aged 4+. Each board features a 2 by 3 square grid. HOW TO PLAY: To assemble the puzzle, slide each part of the scene into its right place.`Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.

Kids Tangrams Lite

This game is an adaptation for kids of the famous Tangram game. Rules have been simplified (no rotation needed at all) to allow every kids to solve all the Tangrams. With colorful shapes, smooth animations, peaceful background music, your kids will have fun to solve the 4 (36 in the full version) different Tangrams we've created.

My House

Playing house is one of childhood's favourite activities. My House offers your child an opportunity to virtually play house by designing and decorating their very own home. My House helps develop imagination, visual perception and fine motor skills, and with parental assistance can also develop language skills through the creation of a story. It is designed for children aged 2+.HOW TO PLAY: Each board features a background scene which is a part of a house, for example: a bed room, a bathroom etc. Press and drag the elements shown below into the background to design each part of the house.`Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.

Talking Siro Hutos Lite

Introducing Siro: The lovable character from Hutos & Friends comes to life on the iPhone and iPad. Designed by the award-winning team at Cotton Interactive, Siro can recite numbers and the alphabet, along with many other things by touching on the menu of choices. Intended for 1-6 year olds to enhance cognitive skills while learning to count and reciting the alphabet through this interactive app. ★ Look at poetry and play with! ★- Poetry and tell me with a numbers game.- To learn the alphabet with poetry, come on.- Poetry I paint the shape well.- Hi good at poetry.- Poetry and tell me with a color study.- Poetry and dancing along to the music.- The children love poetry.-----------------------------------------------------------------

Learn Korean. Speak Korean

▶ speak Korean with perfect native accent, in no time!▶ record your voice and hear what an amazing progress you do everyday.▶ tap to listen, tap to record, compare and learn, have fun with it!▶ immensely boost your confidence to go out and talk to people▶ do it in an Easy and Fun way that skyrockets your knowledge of Korean language like you’ve never dreamed before ***** “I am speaking with perfect Korean accent hundreds of useful phrases only days after having used this app - my friends jaw dropped when they heard how well I could speak Korean". ***** “There’s something immensely satisfying in hearing yourself speak with perfect accent in a new foreign language - it’s magical” You will find in this application: √ the fastest navigation possible in an Android app√ the most useful real life phrases to get YOU ready for conversations√ professional native speakers√ great voice clarity√ quiz questions to test your knowledge and set records√ really easy to use and innovative interface with “Fluid” technologyBONUS - your children will discover a new language: • let them play, record and learn• the app will store ALL their recordings• listen to their recordings and see how well they’ve done.iTALK METHOD - 5 GOLDEN RULES:1. ALWAYS LEARN PHRASES, NOT INDIVIDUAL WORDS:▶ Meaning: Phrases are easier to remember, because they have meaning, they paint a picture, they tell a story.▶ Speed: When you learn phrases instead of a word, you're learning how to use that word correctly, and it’s much faster. When we're children, we learn with phrases, groups of words, not just one word by one word by one word. Word by word is slow.▶ Pronunciation: In real life some groups of words are said as though it were a single word, in one breath-group, without pausing. If you stop to take a breath in the middle of the phrase, you are not saying it correctly, and you risk being misunderstood.2. LEARN WITH YOUR EARS AND WITH YOUR EYES▶ Listen, listen and again listen is the magic key to speaking excellent Korean▶ Listen to how the native speaker speaks some words more strongly with different loudness, speed or pitch. These strong words are about new or important information. Without the correct stress on words, Korean listeners may understand the wrong meaning. ▶ All our materials are written and spoken so you can hear, see and learn fast3. USE REAL LIFE PROFFESIONAL MATERIALS▶ This will help you to be immersed as soon as possible in the foreign language environment. ▶ All the recordings you will listen to are made by native professionals.4. LISTEN TO YOUR OWN VOICE▶ Self-recording is the best approach for reviewing and eliminating diction and pronunciation and grammar errors from your speech. It develops Self-Awareness, which in turn lends itself to Self-Correction.▶ Studies have shown that we focus most on voices that are similar to our own, therefore, by listening to your own voice the learning process is greatly accelerated. ▶ You can record your own voice, compare it with the native recordings and exercise until you speak with perfect accent5. WORK WITH A MODEL▶ Pronunciation deteriorates easily, so the longer you go without checking yours against a native, the more likely you are to revert your mother language speech habits. ▶ Check your pronunciation often until good speech habits are firmly established in the new language.Use this application to achieve all these and more while having fun with it!

Cyberchase 3D Builder

AN AWESOME 3D GEOMETRY GAME FROM CYBERCHASE! Introducing a 3D puzzle game starring Buzz and Delete from CYBERCHASE.Bumbling bots Buzz and Delete accidentally zapped the houses in Botopolis totally flat. Help rebuild the town by turning 2D shapes into 3D structures.REBUILD NEIGHBORHOODS8 unique levels with increasing challenges.CONSTRUCT BUILDINGSOver 70 flat 2D shapes transform into 40 3D structures.MATCH THE PICTUREStack, re-stack and rotate shapes until they match your goal structure.SHAPE CHALLENGEAs levels increase, select which 2D shapes will make your goal structure.EARN STARSThe faster you complete each building, the more stars you earn. Replay buildings and levels to score a faster time. At the end of the game, a surprise awaits.LEARNING GOALSCYBERCHASE 3D Builder is designed for children ages 6-9, but it is truly a game for all ages! Players will understand how 3-dimensional geometric shapes are made from simple 2-dimensional shapes (such as squares, triangles and rectangles). The game also helps develop spatial reasoning skills and the ability to visualize and manipulate objects in 3-dimensional space.Touch screen technology, coupled with a fully interactive visual display, offer a direct connection between tactile learning and 3D visualization. Throughout the game, Buzz and Delete provide audio support, and players can also tap the Help button for more assistance.ABOUT CYBERCHASE 3D BUILDERCYBERCHASE 3D Builder was produced by THIRTEEN in association with WNET and in partnership with PBS KIDS. Game design and development by Curious Media.CYBERCHASE, the Emmy Award®-winning math series for kids 8 to 11, shows kids that math is everywhere and everyone can be good at it.This game was funded by a grant from the Department of Education and is designed to supplement national standards for first and second grade math curricula.Find more CYBERCHASE games and videos online:

Row Your Boat

Sing along to the classic Row Your Boat in an all new interactive adventure! 7 engaging mini games to inspire your child’s imagination! Enjoy special moments as you play together and teach your child new skills!Move through the river and meet all kinds of sea friends like dolphin, sea lion and starfish! Tap interactive friends like beaver and goldfish to see what they can do! Make your way down the stream in a row boat or submarine! Sing along, play instruments and learn on the way! Enjoy 7 fun-filled & engaging games with educational value.It’s Paint Time Take out your paint brushes! Spark your child’s creativity with 19 coloring pages, 33 magic brushes, 20 stickers & more!Plenty of Puzzles Jigsaw puzzles to reinforce your child’s logic and fine motor skills. Choose from over 16 different puzzles! Memory MatchFind the matching piece! Improve your child’s memory, concentration and motor skills with this exciting memory game. 1-2-3 CountHelp your child learn to count with this animated counting game! Who knew counting could be so much fun? Peekaboo FunCan you spot the hiding star fish? This stimulating peekaboo game will help develop your child’s hand-eye coordination and early sensory perception. Maze ManiaHelp the starfish find the way to his friends! Choose mazes from 2 different difficulty levels (easy and hard) and get ready for hours of fun! Find Hidden ObjectsYour child will love this interactive and challenging game! Finding hidden objects is a great way to enhance image recognition and logical thinking skills. What's inside:> 7 fun and educational mini games including Paint, Puzzles, Memory Match, Counting, Peekaboo, Maze and Hidden Objects. > Interactive sing along with animated animals and sea creatures. > 5 different water-themed scenes - river, ocean, underwater, arctic and tropical! ABOUT TabTaleWith over 850 million downloads and growing, TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love. TabTale’s interactive storybooks provide an exciting reading experience for the most beloved children's stories. Each book inspires young children’s creativity and imagination. Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover more outstanding apps.Follow us: @TabtaleCONTACT US Let us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * This App is free to play but certain in-game items may be purchased for real money. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.Please consider that this App may include third parties services for limited legally permissible purposes.

Kids Write ABC! – Free Game

A FREE, FUN writing game for YOUNG CHILDREN that teaches your child how to Write! No Ads! Tablet Support!This is a kids write abc and 123 app! One of the top kids writing apps on the Google Plays tore!This fun game teaches your kids how to write whilst also developing their understanding and recognition of colors! Kids have to first PICK THE CORRECT COLOR from one of the 8 options at the bottom of the screen, then WRITE THE CORRECT LETTER/NUMBER. "Kids Write This!" uses writing recognition to determine if your child was able to replicate the strokes required to correctly write the desired letter/number.All 26 letters and numbers 1 to 9 are included! Your child is rewarded whenever they use the correct color to draw the correct character. Professional voiceovers and high quality images help to re-inforce the letters and numbers as your child learns to write. Kids also earn stars to add to a "high score", and kids will find endless hours of enjoyment in trying to better their high score!Even Adults will enjoy the challenge of beating the countdown clock and obtaining their own high scores!Your child will see a gradual increase in their score as they develop their writing technique and will therefore be able to complete more written challenges in the allocated time. Additional time is granted each time your child correctly writes the correct letter/number, therefore improving their competitive skills too!7" and 8" and 10" Tablet Supported!!!*** FEATURES ***★ All content is 100% FREE★ Kids learn how to write the letters of the Alphabets★ Kids learn how to write all the numbers from 1 to 9★ Kids learn to how to identify common colors★ Kids learn how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet and the words★ Kids learn to associate words with their images★ Kids receive rewards (better scores and additional time) each time they complete a challenge!★ Cute and Colorful images of each Voiceover!★ Animation of each word when your Kid correctly completes the word. They will love the animation!★ Voiceovers to help your Kid to learn how to say each Letter and Word★ High Quality Images★ Kids and Parents love it!★ Building writing skills has never been soo much fun★ Professional voiceovers recorded in production studio★ 7" and 8" and 10" Tablet Supported!!!Your Child will love the bright colors, unique sound effects, exciting animations and learning to write. Give it a try! You won't regret it!Building strong English writing skills has never been so exciting for preschoolers and toddlers. Complexity of this app is perfect for ages 3 to 10! Although even Adults will enjoy pitting themselves against the clock!

6 Minute English for BBC

6 Minute English for BBC is a free application for English learners. PROGRAMS INCLUDED: 1. The English We Speak: The English We Speak is your chance to catch up on the very latest English words and phrases. In under 3 minutes, we help you stay ahead of the pack by giving you 'must have' phrases that you can use in your everyday conversation. Amaze your friends, impress your teachers and delight your parents with these fantastic words and phrases. 2. Words in the News: Welcome to our weekly news video section. In each programme one of our presenters tells you a story from the week's news.We also teach five useful words and phrases that you can use in daily life.Join us and impress your friends, family and colleagues with your new language! 3. 4. Pronunciation: There is a system of symbols for writing the sounds of English. We have a guide to these symbols and also videos to show how to pronounce each of the sounds. 5. Drama: Bookmark this page so that you can find and follow all of our dramas. Our latest drama is Gulliver's Travels. It's based on an original story by Jonathan Swift. There's a new episode on this page every Friday.You can also listen to our versions of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. We will add The Race and Frankenstein soon. 6. News Report: Listen to our new series which features authentic news stories. 7. Lingohack: Get up-to-date with the latest news and understand it too with Lingohack. Listen and watch genuine BBC World news bulletins and learn key words and phrases that help you make sense of the news.

GP Training App

The GoPro Training AppGet to know the world’s most versatile camera. The GP Training App gives retail sales associates the power to inspire their customers and educate them on the entire GoPro ecosystem. It features everything you need to know about the GoPro camera lineup, mount and accessory guides, how to videos, edu games and more. Join the GoPro movement. Get the sales tools you need. Spread the stoke.

What’s Diff 1

What’s Diff (What’s different) - Finding out about the odd one out. Enhance your child’s cognitive, language and visual perception skills, in particular visual differentiation skills.In What's Diff 1, the image differs due to a bold visual difference (for example, color, placing, family, etc). The game is designed for children aged 3+In What's Diff 2, the image differs mainly by a complicated visual difference or a conceptual difference. The game is designed for children aged 3.5+In What's Diff 3, the image differs due to mainly conceptual differences and fine visual differences. The game is designed for children aged 4+HOW TO PLAY: Drag out the odd image to the blank square at the right side of the four images.`Children are fascinated with the wonderful, exciting world around them. With the touch pads revolution a whole new world of games is evolving - opening new horizons for the very young. Thus, young children can now enjoy colorful, exciting new games, helping them acquire new cognitive and fine motor skills.

Objectif Bac S

⇒ L’application Objectif Bac S gratuite et entièrement actualisée pour le Bac S 2016 reprend la globalité du programme sous forme de QCM et de mini-cours avec des fiches de synthèse sur tous les points importants du programme du Bac S ! • Maths • Physique/Chimie • SVT • Philosophie • Histoire / Géographie> Pour chaque réponse, une explication détaillée ! Des vies à gagner, des boucliers pour se protéger des mauvaises réponses…∞ Par alerte, de nouveaux QCM et des mini-cours sur le Bac S te seront envoyés régulièrement. Un simulateur de résultats te permet d’évaluer ta note globale au Bac S ! ** L’ensemble du contenu est rédigé par des professeurs de l’Education Nationale.

Read & Play Kids Stories Songs

jajajajan is an educational children’s app that lets kids watch, read and listen to animated stories.Read, Learn, play, and dance!A new tablet and smartphone educational app for kids. Jajajajan is a new app in kid's education for smartphone and tablet. Experience communicating better and fostering your child's curiosity while playing in Prince Jajaja's kingdom.* Kids StoriesAnimated traditional folk/fairy tales and original stories can be enjoyed - just like watching a cartoon!* Kids SongsChildren’s songs from around the world featuring various musical arrangements! = World Fairy Tales =Three Little Pigs    ★FREEThe Little Match Seller ★FREEJack and The Beanstalk ★FREELittle Red Riding HoodCinderellaThe Dog and Its ReflectionThe Golden AxeThe North Wind and the Sun= Japanese Fairy Tales =Kasajizou ★FREEOmusubi Karolin (Rolling Rice Ball Story)Momotaro (Samurai Boy's Story)Kachi-kachi Mountain= Original Stories =Welcome to the Snowman’s Party!= Kids Songs =Oh Vreneli        ★FREELet's clap our hands    ★FREEThe other day I met a bear ★FREEBobbin winding      ★FREERed ShoesLittle foxRabbit DanceSesame misoYankee DoodleUnder the chestnut treeTwinkle twinkle little star[Ages]0 – 8 years old[Information]If certain songs or stories cannot be viewed, there may have been an error when downloading the videos. If the download/install button does not re-appear, please uninstall and then re-install this app.When the app is re-installed, the bookshelf may be reset, but any purchased storybooks can be downloaded again for free by clicking on the “Confirm Purchase” (i mark in the bottom left corner).For any other questions/issues with the app, please refer to the following:Help PageOther inquiries