Download Car Tow Truck Simulator 3D apk

– Heavy Tow Truck Driver 3D 2015

This tow truck simulator brings you an amazing city tow truck parking entertainment among the latest releases of truck simulator 2015 games. Experience the car transporter frenzy in a realistic with your container truck in a city with different interesting towing truck scenarios.

Rescue people in the city as they stand on the streets calling for emergency with their cars needing a repair job. At a corner stands a police officer calling your transporter truck to come and tow away an illegally parked car with your big truck. Drive your car transporter to that spot and help out that lady with the damaged sports car to get it to a repair shop. Be a responsible citizen with your container truck to tow away the illegally parked vehicle at the center of the road where the traffic got jammed because of it.

So enjoy this truck simulator 2015 game equipped with realistic tow truck scenarios and a cool truck speed driving 3d casual gameplay.

Key Features

– 3 Luxury Big truck vehicles
– Realistic transporter truck simulation.
– 10 levels of exciting tow truck parking.
– Realistic urban car transport environment.
– Engaging & challenging towing truck scenarios.
– Smooth realistic gameplay.
– Optimized graphics

Download Heavy Tow Truck Driver 3D 2015 now to add to similar tow truck simulator games in your mobile device for an engaging truck speed driving 3d experience.

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