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What colour do you want your Calculator to be? Tangy green Lime? Bright, cheery Cyan? Deep, rich Crimson? Choose a hue to match your mood, the season or even your favourite superhero.

• No adverts and in-app purchases
• Android Wear Support
• Calculation history
• Memory – MC, MS, MR, M
• Over 20 scientific functions
• Works with Complex Numbers
• Matrix and Graph Panel
• 125 mathematical and physical constants
• Over 170 World currencies
• Over 100 units for conversions across 13 categories
• Elegant multitasking with small Floating Calculator
• Configurable grouping separator and decimal point
• Express your style with Themes
• Copy, Cut and Paste expressions

Standard Calculator
Perform Scientific Functions – Sine, Cosine, Tangent, Logarithm, Power, etc
Insert Mathematical and Physical Constants
Works with complex numbers too

Programmer Calculator
Simultaneous input and display of Decimal, Hexadecimal, Octal and Binary
Supports Floating point and decimal numbers

Currency Converter
Real-time Currency Exchange rates converter for over 170 currencies
Works Offline too
Add to Favourites option

Units Converter
Convert between commonly used units across 13 categories
Add to Favourites option

Floating Calculator
Perform calculations while using other apps with a movable floating bubble on your screen

Calculator Begins is a full replacement for your stock calculator and we recommend you disable the one that came with your phone. If you long press your original calculator, and drag it to App Info, you can Disable it where you'd normally find Uninstall.

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