Download Breathing simulator apk

This app allows you to obtain important skill – managing your own breath, in all its variants and spectra. This very important skill allows you to enhance memory, increase the strength of the will. It’s useful for swimmers, deep divers, yoga, martial arts and other systems, as well as health-building practices, such as for example by Frolov breathing, and is especially useful for pregnant women.


1. You can find the description of the parameters for the following breathing techniques in the app:

      – Classic square breathing;
      – Relaxing breathing;
      – Activate breathing;

2. Possibility to set the required time frame for each phase of breathing.
3. Soundtrack.
4. Saving of previously applied settings.
5. Metronome.
6. Possibility to off pause between inhale and exhale.
7. Nice design.
8. Program can be used for special breathing exercises – pranayama.

Write to us about the desired improvements or found defects/bugs.