Download Bingo Gem Rush: HD Blitz Bash! apk

Bingo Gem Rush: HD Blitz Bash is a fast and frantic arcade-style take on the classic game. Race to daub as many Bingos as you can before time runs out and get bonanza high scores! This video bingo game delivers the intensity of a bingo hall concentrated into a single intense board!

Game Features:
☆ Play for FREE: No card limits or game limits. Play when and where you want.
☆ Use Facebook Connect to compete for leaderboard rank! Crush your friends like bejeweled candy clans!
☆ Bring game changer Power Ups to blast through cards! Choose from powers like the Multi-Daub, Freeze Time, or the awesome Instant Bingo! Discover combos to skyrocket your scores and crush the competition!
☆ Rush Gems: Hit these power gems on the card for mega boosts like guaranteed ball calls!
☆ Speed and high scores! Clear cards as fast as you can rush with the Ball Changer: blast ahead to the next ball and blitz through for more points! But watch out, because choosing wrong will cost you time. You need both speed and precision to blast to high scores!
☆ It’s Bingo like you’ve never seen it! HD Power graphics, animations, and pulse-pounding sounds immerse your senses in daub frenzy!
☆ Play online or offline: update your scores on your own terms, without having to be constantly connected to play.

Bingo Gem Rush: HD Blitz Bash is a game like no other. Bring your daub skills and get ready to test your brain and reflexes!