Download Aviator Timepiece apk

Watch face design and inspiration
The watch face design is highly influenced from the 1940’s automatic pilot watches. Similar to cockpit instruments it shows a simplistic design, reduced to the essential and with a clear objective: the readability.

The project
Aviator Timepiece was initially a personal project for my self-instruction. I am a hobbyist programmer. I was satisfied with the final result and so I decided to publish the app for free via the Play Store. I hope you will find it cool! Please take this into consideration if you want to give a rate to the app.

✈ Sweeping second, minutes & hour hands
✈ Adaptative design for watches with a chin (like Moto 360). Ticks and hands length adjust if a chin is detected.
✈ Power reserve indicator (battery level indicator).
✈ Day of week, day of month
✈ High contrast ambient mode
✈ Android Wear app companion. Change the watch frequency, colour and more.

Future Improvements
I will try to continuously improve the watch face but with no guarantee. The improvement that are currently under evaluation are:
✈ Code refactoring and performance improvement
✈ More settings
✈ Improved design for square screen devices
✈ Add a Android Wear setting activity.
✈ I’m open to suggestion if you have any idea..

I'm looking for beta tester to try new versions before they are released.

The watch face is made to function with Android Wear devices with a minimum version of 5.0.
The application is not compatible with smartwatches running other operating system like Samsung Galaxy Gear.