Download Ancient Shark Megalodon 3D apk

Have you ever imagined being a blood thirsty shark? Now, it’s your chance to know that feeling. In this game, you live life as hungry shark and explore the depth of ocean. Even if you are the controller of underwater world, you have to survive in this aquatic world filled with tasty fishes and other perilous carnivores. To dominate the sea world is not an easy job, you have to survive as long as possible by eating everything that gets in your way! Now control your beast with easy simulator controls, and remember not to let the ocean be quite.

Game features:
-stunning and optimized HD graphics
-realistic animation of ocean scene
-limited life blood
-different camera angles
-introductory guides
-large free-roaming aquatic world to explore
-sensitive and intuitive touch controls
-vivid blood thirsty shark models

Wanna see this aquatic world through the eye of hungry and angry shark? Come and join the Ancient Shark Megalodon 3D!