Download 3D Compass for Wear apk

Please note – Some watches e.g. Moto 360v2 and Huawei Watch do not have compass sensors.

• Choose from multiple color themes.
• Choose between 2 heading modes – True heading (based on True north) and Magnetic heading (based on Magnetic north).
• Supports the latest power-saving ambient mode features of Android Wear 5.1.1.
• Self-calibrates as you use.
• High contrast design improves readability in sunlight.

• Requires access to location coordinates to calculate True heading.

• Please allow for some time for the Wear app ( 4MB ) to synch over to your Android Wear device after installation.
• For Wear devices with built-in GPS, the use of True Heading mode may cause the built-in GPS to be turned on for up to 2 minutes, when Location information is not available from the paired phone.

Any suggestions or feedback are warmly welcomed.
Please send me an email if you would like to help with translations. Thanks! 🙂